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Status update July 19th, 2013

Posted by Justin Barwick (Creator)
Just got off the phone with customs estimated date for customs clearance is July 22nd or July 23rd, 2013 then it should only take about 2 to 3 days till it hits Kansas City, MO then the really fun stuff begins.


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    1. Phillip Jolly on

      I am going to have to ask the same question. Can we change our shipping info? As a bit of time has passed since then.

    2. Missing avatar

      Robert Passaretti on

      I am in a similar situation to Jerin, can we still update our shipping info?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jerin Taylor on

      I may be moving to a new house soon, how would I update my info if I move before getting my GCW Zero?

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      Justin Baze on

      I think people would just like an idea of when the units will start to ship.

      Regarding the retail units for sale, is saying, "Our hope is to have units begin shipping somewhere around 1 August, and finished with the batch within 3-5 days of receiving shipment."

      Do you think you'll start shipping the Kickstarter units before that or are the Kickstarter customers going to receive their units after the retail customers at What about the other resellers? Will they receive their units before Kickstarter customers as well?

    5. Atsushi Hatsukano on

      Hi Justin,

      First of all thank you for your update.
      Don't worry I'm totally understood what you really want to say.
      Actually there is no queue # so no way to estimate.
      I think just keep update number of shipped is enough.

    6. Justin Barwick Creator on

      If anyone took offense or thought I was coming curtly or abrasive that was not my intent on the respose and I apologize.

      What I was trying to say was honestly with packages going all over the world and in the order a pledge was made giving an estimate would be really hard to formulate.

      Once you get a notification of shipping it should take between 10 and 21 days for anyone overseas to get the package these are just estimates I can get at

      Once again if anyone took it as offensive I apologize...

      The plan to mail to a couple vendors overseas is still being worked but at this point would not be cost effective as I would pay the bulk shipping then the VAT and then final shipping to destination any way we crunch the numbers it's an enormouse amount of extra money that was not planned for.

      We are still working the issue and trying to figure out a way to alleviate the excess cost and a way to make this happen.

      I understand VAT is a nusiance and expensive thing to deal with we deal with the samething with import taxes with our Customs.

    7. Juan Carlos Castro y Castro on

      I would like to change the shipping address (for one in the same city) - how can I do that?

    8. Ewan Milne on

      Well I assume it will take awhile to flash the units but since the European orders are being sent in bulk to one or two redistributors I don't see how they can be sent out based on how we ordered them!

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      Samm on

      Karl Letting, everyones CC was charged when the KS ended.

      Spence Good, Check your email. When I pledged. I received an email. Date of pledge is there.

    10. Spence Good on

      Is there anyway to find out when you pledged or do we just have to remember?

    11. Karl Letting on

      Have the CC already been charged for this KS?. Just that i got a new CC now and my old one i used for this KS is not valid anymore, cant remember if my old CC had been charged or not??

    12. Justin Barwick Creator on

      I understand everyone wants me to give a date but honestly how can give a ball park figure even as everyone is located all over the world. We will start shipping them as soon as we get them based off when you pledged.

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      Jake Essman on

      So after customs and all that, around when can the majority of us expect our consoles to arrive?

    14. Marcus Hermansson on

      Great news! Thanks for the update Justin!! :)

    15. BITTON on

      Hi, my english is not so great. So I'm not sure about what you write.
      Anyway, I leave France for 3 weeks on August the 3rd. Do you think my GCW will be arrived yet. If you are not sure, I would prefer you wait for the begining of September to send me mine, if it's possible. If it arrive when I'm not there it will wait for 2 weeks in my post office, then it will be send back to you.
      I can imagine howmuch work and howmany askings you have now, so thank you to take time to considerate my request.

      PS you understand that I am not so hurry, but I'm especially scared that my GCW gets back to you, or worse, that it gets lost in the post office (it happens!)

      Best regards,
      Raphaël BITTON

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      Samm on

      Awesome! Thanks for the update Justin!

    17. Missing avatar

      Bryan Pope

      Wow! Thanks for all of these updates Justin! Cheers!

    18. Tim Ellis on

      Déjà vu. ;)

    19. Harrison Wood on

      Wow, that's not that long at all.
      Seeing as they've cleared a batch of the systems before it stands to reason they will clear it faster this time!