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Update June 28th, 2013

Posted by Justin Barwick (Creator)

Everyone if you have an SE with Sticky D-Pad the three options are:

1. Send it back and we will replace it with a new smaller one for you.

2. Request a replacement D-Pad and once we get them from Factory we will mail it to you.

3. You can use the work around youtube video Relay01 has posted which shows how to use Silicon lube to resolve the issue.

We will be changing out the D-Pad on the few SE units we have left 30 or so to ship and 150 which will be used for warranty replacement if they are needed once we recieve the new smaller replacement D-Pad from the factory.

KS buyers once the issue was seen at my cost all units were sent back to factory to have the D-Pad replaced at the factory to insure they were done correctly and would be warrantied by factory.

Those units ship back to me today and should be here some time next week. I apologize for the delay but once this was seen we had to resolve the issue ASAP.

As for exact date of shipping they will start to ship once we get them back from the factory...


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    1. Guillaume Lombardo on

      do you have an estimation for the shipping because I leave on vacation from 13th of july to 20th of august and I'd hate for my console to be shipped back because I'm not here to receive it... Is there a way to change the shipping address or to postpone the shipping?

    2. Francis Levesque on

      Don't worry about it Justin, what's a few days/week more at this point :) We are awaiting for an amazing product, lots of people are a bit anxious to get their hands on their units most assuredly. But it'd be alot worse if they received a defective unit, or DOA. I'm sure you're amazingly busy between all of this. Take your time, don't get gray hair over it, I hope!

    3. Jsantos

      Thanks for the information, just need to know, is End of Summer 2013 for delivery still a realistic goal, or are we looking at Thanksgiving 2013? appreciate you response on this matter. thanks again

    4. Missing avatar

      static0verdrive on

      Keep up the good work!

    5. Justin Barwick Creator on

      @Ryan Leslie, Jonathan Welsh, Shannon Gates

      We had already started flashing some of them and when the issue happened my main concern was to get it resolved as quick as possible and be proactive about the issue versus reactive.

      Should I have posted it immediately yes but to be honest my main concern was correcting the issue with SE and making sure the SE issue would be resolved and the KS models would not have the issue.

      I work a full time day job then most of the night usually till about 1am to 2am then go back to day job by 7:30AM each morning. So the window to resolve the issue was small and my main concern for not an early heads up I do apologize.

    6. Ra Williams on

      Thanks for taking care of that before I got it!

    7. Ryan Leslie on

      Yeah, I concur with @Jonathan Welsh, but I also agree with @Shannon Gates, I wish you would have at least given us a heads up on that decision.
      Also, this means the flashing has not even been completed on those yet either, so even more of a delay huh?

    8. Missing avatar

      Jonathan W on

      While I am disappointed by another delay, I do appreciate your efforts in ensuring you deliver a quality product and the regular status updates, which ultimately is far more important to me than getting it quickly.

    9. Missing avatar

      Shannon Gates on

      I wish you would have given us a quick update when you decided to ship them back...

    10. Missing avatar

      Philippe Aemig on

      Am totally cool about it ! Thanks for doing this

    11. Josh on

      Justin -- thank you for maintaining this level of transparency throughout the production process. I know this was probably a difficult decision, but it was the right one. The extra effort you and the GCW team are putting into this project is definitely appreciated.

    12. Missing avatar

      Raygan Kelly on

      Just to be clear: this applies only to SEs.

      Justin: you may want to create an email list for SE specific announcements so as not to confuse the KickStarter backers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Dakota Brink on

      Thank you! I'm sure this will help your reputation in the future when people are looking to buy a console. :) They can rest assured for quality.

    14. Missing avatar

      Samm on

      Cool. Thanks for the update Justin!