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Update June 26th, 2013

Posted by Justin Barwick (Creator)

Yes the KS models will have the smaller D-Pad and buttons to prevent any sticking of them that appeared in some of the SE models that have been shipped.

We are working vigorously to get this done and doing vigorous QC/QA testing of each unit to insure they work right when they are received by you the user.

I apologize for the delays but want to make sure this does not continue to happen or be an issue in the future. As it has for other unnamed consoles recently in the news.


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    1. Ewan Milne on

      Do you mean that the KS units were built with smaller D-Pads or you will have to replace them all by hand?

    2. Missing avatar

      Samm on

      Thanks Justin. I really appreciate you trying to get us a perfect product, and for not just ignoring the sticky button issues that people have been experiencing.

    3. BITTON on

      Thanks a lot for updates and all your efforts to send us a perfect product.
      Nevertheless, do you have any idea when they will be ready and be shipped (more or less one month...)
      Thanks again

    4. Jsantos

      Appreciate the updates, with this development can you also give us an estimated timeline on when we can at least expect to receive our GCW-Zero

    5. Missing avatar

      Howard Knibbs on

      @Justin Barwick - Thanks for the update, I think you are definitely making the right decision. Am really looking forward to getting my Zero - fingers crossed not too much longer.

    6. Harrison Wood on

      It just seems to be a reality that the earliest adopters tend to encounter these issues.
      Thanks for the update, I understand if you want to take an extra step to ensure our KS units do not have the d-pad issue.

    7. Hendrik Oldersom on

      Thanks for the update!!

    8. Louis Lipp

      I would much rather wait for a fully tested, quality assured console. I appreciate your efforts!

    9. Trillsam Patrick on

      Thanks to informe everybody about new (one more) delay, but I guess that you could inform your customers about the starting shipping date too ?

    10. Stephen Sandford on

      Is there a new estimate as to when some of the Kickstarter units may start to ship?

    11. Grant Johnson on

      @Jamiel I'm an owner of an SE device, the variance between a painted dpad and a non painted one I doubt you will notice a difference with a picture. I doubt you would be able to tell the two apart if you were holding both in your hand. It's only a couple nm of difference, but enough to cause problems.

    12. Michael DiGirolamo on

      I wonder what console he could be referring too? Lol

    13. Missing avatar

      Shawn Haggard on

      Thank you!

      As an owner of a console with controller issues that was recently in the news, I greatly appreciate the extra time taken to QC/QA the dpad and buttons.

    14. Jamiel Almeida on

      thanks for the update, do you have pictures of how these will look compared to the photos we have seen?

    15. Missing avatar

      TROGO on

      Thank you for assuring your customers have a quality product.

      I for one, appreciate the thorough quality checks.