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Status Update June 18th, 2013

Posted by Justin Barwick (Creator)

   We are wrapping up shipping the SE aka Early adopter models today/tonight. We then will commence/continue flashing and rigorous QA/QC testing of the consoles as some of the first SE models that shipped exhibited issues with the D-Pad sticking which seems to resolve itself with regular gaming use after 6 to 8 hours.

Once that is completed we will ship KS models as we do the QA/QC process and if a big enough batch is done we will hand over to a fulfillment house as we get batches done.

Either way we will be shipping on a regular basis till all pledges are fulfilled....


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    1. Missing avatar

      Pascal on

      @Justin But you should get back the USA import tax you initially paid if you re-export the Zero'es to EU right ? Even if EU's ones are most probably higher, that should still be better.

      And it seems you have a German guy in your team, why not send a batch from China directly to EU and let your European team members ship to us ?

    2. Mike Armour on

      Whats the plan for those of us who live a little more out of the way, like New Zealand. Will ours just be shipped out as they are ready ?

    3. Josh on

      Try contacting Justin using the link to the right side of each of the Kickstarter project pages. He is usually responsive to emails and can most likely set up a special arrangement with you for delivery.

    4. Alan Clarkson-Dodds on

      Benstarter if it's coming via mail, you should be able to have your mail held at the post office shouldn't you?

    5. Missing avatar

      benstarter on

      Thanks Matt. I would very much appreciate another chance to change my postal address shortly (a week or so) before my order is actually sent. Otherwise, with the shipping date being as open to speculation as it currently is, I cannot guarantee that anyone will be there to receive the parcel -- in which case it will bounce back to the US and things will get really annoying and expensive.

    6. Matty Moose on

      Benstarter I think that's fair as well. From recent info it looks like GCW can process 200 / week max. Last update there was new info about bringing a fulfillment group in for packaging and shipping. This can increase that number but it seems like the time-intensive part of the process is QA/QC. So lets say 250 / week. That's about 7 weeks to get the KS units out (mid-August)..

      This is all speculation of course.

    7. Missing avatar

      benstarter on

      Hello Everyone. Sorry, but I am not happy with how this is developing. I have filled in the "Final Address Change & Address Confirmation" just two weeks ago, assuming that shipment was imminent. Notwithstanding the great effort that goes into this project, I am discontent with this whole situation. I feel that what is needed at this point (a full three months after the initial estimated delivery date) is a new estimate and a full commitment by the GCW Zero team to make that date.

    8. Justin Barwick Creator on

      @Howard Knibbs we are working that right now it looks like even if we did that. I then would have to eat all of the import taxes which would drive the shipping costs per unit well over the $20.00 alotted for shipping.

      As I stated before it is costing me $23.40 to $27.40 per package sent to the EU for the SE model even though I only charged $20.00

      We are trying to devise a way to alleviate this...

    9. Missing avatar

      Howard Knibbs on

      @Marcus : Agreed, I just want Justin to confirm that is still the intended approach

    10. Marcus Hermansson on

      @Howard Knibbs If they dispatch them from Evil Dragon, Germany there will be no import taxes because you don't pay import taxes within EU.

    11. Missing avatar

      Howard Knibbs on

      So is it still the plan for the European backers' units to be shipped to Evil Dragon reseller in Germany, who will then dispatch them from there, so we avoid any customs import taxes?

    12. Louis Martinez on

      So, to be clear, you're going to game for 6 to 8 hours on everyone's units? ;-) J/K All the transparency on here is super cool. I look forward to this bad boy. Keep up the great work!

    13. Isao Takahashi on

      how many KS models are there?

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. Stephen Sandford on

      200+? Oooo, hope I make the first batch.

    16. Missing avatar

      Samm on

      I appreciate the quick reply Justin :)

    17. Justin Barwick Creator on

      Opppssss missed a question yes we should be finnished well before summer is over

    18. Justin Barwick Creator on

      I consider a big batch to be 200+ as for order yes it will be shipped in order of when you pledged hence your backer#.

    19. Jsantos

      will you be able to fulfill all Kickstarter Pledges before summer end? appreciate your kind resonse

    20. Missing avatar

      Samm on

      Excellent! Thanks for the update Justin. Quick question. Are you shipping the KS units by order of who pledged?

    21. Missing avatar

      Bart on

      Nice, that sounds like a good timeline! Thanks again for the update! As for flashing, can't everyone with basic computer knowledge do that if you tell them how.. perhaps an intern? ;)

    22. Harrison Wood on

      Great, it sounds like my order is moving up the list.
      A silly thing to even mention since the orders will probably ship based on how early they were ordered, but I hope I don't get pushed to the back of the list because of my surname, you know being a "W" and everything! :P

    23. Rezo the Red Priest on

      Could I have an estimate of how many units will be shipped out on this first big batch? Thanks!
      Cheers for the jolly good news!

    24. Justin Barwick Creator on

      I figure to get a considerable batch flashed and rigorous QA/QC we should send out first big batch by
      June 24th or 25th, 2013.

      The big issue is finding people with knowledge and skills to be able to flash consoles and paying them
      as I now pay the developers monthly for the work they do since we raise these KickStarter funds.

      It make the budget tight also I only charged $20.00 for shipping and have found out with SE that it is actually
      costing between $23.95 and $29.95 to actually ship the packages abroad.

    25. Missing avatar

      Bart on

      Sounds good! Do you have any ETA for completion of KS models? Because at this pace, I'm not sure if that will be very soon. Seems SE models took just over a month for 150? Including some last issues probably, but still. If any EU hands can help speed things up let me know!