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Status Update and news

Posted by Justin Barwick (Creator)

For those who did not yet know we have partnered with Evil Dragon aka Michael of Open Pandora and their project to bring all of 3D Realms titles we have licensing for to be sold on the Pandora repo/app store under the GCW name.

Right now Duke Nukem, Hocus Pocus,Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, and Monster Bash are for sale under the GCW name now for the Pandora on their repo/appstore.

We feel this will be a great partnership and hopefully attract more commercial software companies to sell their games on our repo/app store in turn we will also sell them on the Pandora repo/appstore.

We also hope this will attract more homebrew/indie developers to the GCW Zero that had no clue we existed until we got this exposure.

Status update on progress we hope to have all GCW Zero SE models completely shipped on Tuesday 6/18/2013 and start the process of shipping the KickStarter models.

Another question was asked about shipping yes vendors will be shipped at same time as Kickstarter orders but will not be shipping their models till after all the KS orders are filled.


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    1. Mike Villasuso on

      Hey Justin, I moved to another country and now I need to pay the extra $20 for shipping. What´s your paypal address? How should we handle that? And btw, I hope the international shipping includes a tracking number cause many things disappear within the postal service around here...

    2. Adrià Amor on

      By the way, I would have love it to have the GCW for July when I am going to stay to Shanghai for a month but that doesn't sound like a realistic prediction. I hope to have more positive news in mid August when I will be back home. Anyways, all the energy for you Justin and Co, you are just a few steps to see the light after a hard, long and dark process. The cool part will start when all the SE and KS devices are successfully shipped and we can focus on talking about software and game licences (I think that easing the programming process for the GCW and attracting the indie game developers that get funded in KS are both a must for the shiny future).

    3. Adrià Amor on

      These are always good news but I'm not quite sure if it's so an amazing announcement some old licenses which have been freeware since their conception (for example the Vektar game included years ago with the purchase of a GP2X). I think that right now, after being patiently waiting for months, is time to put all your cards on the table and work as hard as possible to get all the devices to it's owners. Many of us will probably have more free time during the summer so it would be a pity not to have them to play on holidays (and should be also a priority for the SE as they will have more time available to improve the system to design and test more apps, games and emulators).

    4. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Abrams

      Wonderful news! I am a very patient man... until my geek side screams, "IT MUST BE MINE!!!" :D

    5. Justin Barwick Creator on

      I have a fullfillment company in line for the KS orders and will be hiring more people at a cost to assist with flashing...

    6. Rezo the Red Priest on

      Thus the long wait will be over soon. Thanks Team GCW.

    7. Harrison Wood on

      Justin, I hope you will be able to look into options for processing the orders more quickly, it is concerning that it has taken you this long to handle the initial 150 or so of the Special Edition units, with more than 1500 Kickstarter orders to fulfil afterwards.