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Final Address Change & Address Confirmation

Posted by Justin Barwick (Creator)

GCW Zero - KickStarter Units

This form is for GCW KickStarter backers. 
Thank you so much for believing in the project and helping us get fully funded.  We have reached the address confirmation phase.  Please input your information in this form.

Please fill out address changes and final address confirmation here:


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      Andrew Tuseyev on

      i accidentally missed this update. should i fill this form or from this time it doesnt matter?

    2. Missing avatar

      waselynck ulrick on

      hello Justin,

      i'd like to have some information about my gcw zero , i'm very happy to receive the console this month :) for instant i wait for an answer

      see you

    3. Rogers on

      @Justin, First of all sorry for my poor english! You will send the tracking codes for us? I bought an SE and KS. Thanks for all!

    4. Missing avatar

      Richard Sean Davis on

      Thanks Justin.

    5. Michael Kargas on

      Well, I sent my details today but for username I put my full name (because of the old email confirmation from the purchase there it was). I didn't try to resubmit with the email username because it could cause confusion (but all the rest details even amazon transaction id are correct).

      Anyway,. I also ask in a comment to wait if submission are close or after the end of June because I will also be out for holidays. It's not easy to know how much shipping will be delayed.

    6. Marco on

      @Vincent: I don't think thats paranoia, I thought the exact same thing. A confirmation shortly before the GCW ships would be nice, so that one can double check the adress.

    7. Missing avatar

      Vincent Longo on

      Will we get a confirmation once we have submitted the form? My paranoia will set in that I have my Zero being sent to somewhere other than my home.

    8. Missing avatar

      Tom Sindoni on

      Thanks Devon, @Justin Barwick, I changed the person I am sending it to to Todd Gill. Please see the updated address.


    9. Karl Letting on

      @Justin Barwick, i have filled out and sent the the confirmation address form but do we need to fill in the, 'KS Backer Username' & 'Amazon Payment Transaction Number' details as i don't know what mine are and these don't have the red * next to them?? Or is the email address enough to tie your details to your order?

    10. Missing avatar

      Devon Wagner on

      Tim Sindoni: If you have the link for when you posted the form, there was an link to go back and revise the draft thenresend it. Check your history for it with the keyword "forms".

    11. Missing avatar

      Tom Sindoni on

      Hi Justin,

      I entered my details in and confirmed but just realised i need to send it to another address, is there a way i can change it? The email was on my work computer which im away from at the momemt. It was under the nam Tom Sindoni. Thanks!

    12. Missing avatar

      Ninad on

      Ok, I have 2 emails IDs one linked with Kickstarter and other with Amazon Payments. In the form I submitted my kickstarter email ID. Would this case any issue?

    13. Missing avatar

      Samm on

      Macarthur Inbody. There's nothing "sneaky sneaky" going on. Goal is met. Justin confirmed it.

    14. Missing avatar

      Macarthur Inbody on

      Why is it that goal #4 was never checked off? I clearly can see the amount gained being _more_ than that amoount. And yet it wasn't, you better fix that, or when it comes it better come with a screen protector. That's some sneaky sneaky shit that's going on there. I just remembered to check

    15. Birgir on

      Im not sure what my ks username is I always log on with email but this link says so is zorkeh my user name or ?

    16. Mike Villasuso on

      Sorry if this has been posted before, but is there any T-shirt sizes chart around somewhere?

    17. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Abrams

      Patrick: You know, the sad thing is that Google most likely already has that information, whether you gave it to them or through other means.

    18. Missing avatar

      VampierMSX on

      why is this made so difficult? I'm not going to give Google my details since I do not agree with googles privacy terms and conditions I agreed with KS terms and conditions. You already have all my information through kick-starter.

    19. David Iglesias (ditman) on


      You can find your Transaction ID by logging-in here:

      The "Description" field of this payment was:
      Justin D Barwick


    20. Jacob Hawk on

      I didn't put my Amazon transaction ID in the form, should I fill it out again with the ID or would that cause more confusion?

    21. Missing avatar

      jxv on

      On the form, can you change "Amazon Payment Transaction Number" to "Amazon Payment's Transaction ID"?

    22. Justin Barwick Creator on

      We are shipping via USPS

    23. Dan Chubaty on

      what kind of shipping method will you guys be using (to ship to Canada) USPS? or something else? may need to provide a different address depending on that.

    24. Missing avatar

      Samm on

      Form Filled!

      Thanks Justin!

    25. Missing avatar

      Samm on

      Nice! Getting closer.

    26. Verena on

      As I could not know the exact date of shipping, I cannot wait at home until whatever finally arrives - that's of course a problem with all Kickstarter projects. Please postpone the shipping to me as I mentioned it in the google docs form. Thanks.

    27. Harrison Wood on

      Understandable, if it makes the whole process easier for you then we should all complete the form.

    28. Justin Barwick Creator on

      Yes use your amazon payments e-mail in e-mail address field.

      I would you prefer you did as it makes my life easier instead of having a spreadsheet for each pledge level.

      It also confirms your address is correct and current. Also I have recieved numerous address changes in the last two months and it would be easier then rummaging through e-mails etc which could lead to delivery mistakes.

    29. Donald Coleman on

      Just realized those two fields in my first comment are optional... Brain's waking up slowly this morning!

    30. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Abrams

      Will you be sending out a confirmation/tracking number for each or just another update? I'm not concerned since you've been great on the updates (I had one project that's nine months late and only had two updates during the last five months of that, and only one related to project completion and shipping). Still, my geeky hands can't wait to use this...

    31. Harrison Wood on

      I will fill out the form, but why do you need this again when the survey has already been filled out a few months ago?
      Granted it was a few months ago but the completed surveys should be enough if circumstances have not changed, right?

    32. Donald Coleman on

      Very excited to get the GWC Zero in my hands!

      Would be helpful to let people know which email to look for and where to find their username if they log in with Facebook. The Amazon payments email doesn't say GCW Zero anywhere and instead has Justin Barwick in the subject.

      Should I be using my email address for the username field?

    33. Justin Barwick Creator on

      I would you prefer you did as it makes my life easier instead of having a spreadsheet for each pledge level. It also confirms your address is correct and current. Also I have recieved numerous address changes in the last two months and it would be easier then rummaging through e-mails etc which could lead to delivery mistakes.

    34. Mysticmaus on

      Does everyone need to fill this in? , I thought i already filled in a survey... ??