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Status Update May 13th, 2013

Posted by Justin Barwick (Creator)

Shipment hit the Kansas City Hub at 6:30PM tonight and is slated for delivery tomorrow I will try to get off in time to receive the package if not able due to work will make request for early day Wednesday to get shipment ;)


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    1. Lyle Marc Isbister on

      The sound stutter thing just sounds like small drama. But we haven't had an update in a week! If I could have this delivered before June 3rd it would make my year.

    2. Missing avatar

      Macarthur Inbody on

      The "sound stutter" stuff he never once talked with the devleopers about it, and then threw a hissy fit when the developers were like "what the hell? Why is this such a big deal? Why didn't you tell us?"

      You can see it all here.

      He has never once appologized, he never once said he was wrong. He never once said anything back to them. The guy is a huge dick and asshole to the _free_ developers who bust their asses working on the thing, and then he thinks they do that as a right, and that they should be glad that they're getting screwed over. Not paying the developers and trying to publically shame them when they say you didn't tell them anything which you clearly didn't? Way to go guys, way to fucking go.

    3. Nicholas Kager

      I also would like an updated shipping date if at all possible. I really didn't mean any disrespect with my last comment just over excited. Best of luck to team GCW!

    4. Missing avatar

      Brad on

      Really appreciate the updates!

    5. Jsantos

      what is the probability of shipping by Summer (June-September)? Honest Question, and I really don't mean any disrespect.

    6. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on

      Any updates for the SE's?

    7. Karl Letting on

      Is it too late to change my GCW-Zero Colour, from white to black?

    8. Riesz Williams on

      Nicholas, I agree with you 100%.

    9. Eric Valenzuela on

      Ah- just found the GCC toolchain on the website! :D
      Time to get compilin'!

    10. Eric Valenzuela on

      Lovin' what I'm hearing!
      Can't wait to get my hands on this... Also, will you have a GCC toolchain for dingux available to everyone, or just developers?

    11. Norghat on

      I understand your point Nicholas, but i think a couple of days more or less won't make a difference. They still have work to do on the unit (flashing, testing,...) so we won't put our hands on our units soon... :)

    12. Nicholas Kager

      Sweet!! But Dude seriously??? Take the day off if you have to!!! Get it done man! Isn't this you're job as well? You've taken a quarter million dollars of people's money! I understand unavoidable delays.This should not be one. Not picking them up at the soonest possible date you are able to is blasphemy. Have you seen you're estimated delivery date? I know it's just an estimate, however could you please even lie to us and at least sound like you're excited to get us our GCW's. Wow that was a little harsh coming from me but seriously,"I will try to get off in time to receive the package if not able due to work" Would you not be able to pick your child up from school because of work? This is your babey is it not Justin?

    13. Harrison Wood on

      It's finally happening. :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Pepijn Blom on

      So, then comes the testing and flashing? When do you expect to be shipping to backers (in Europe)? You mentioned it before but I think you've had a few delays since then so an updated ETA would be nice. I really appreciate all the updates these days though!

    15. Fei on

      Thanks for all your status updates :)

    16. MadDes on

      Hurrah ! #cheers