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An Open Source Gaming Console 
Built by Gamers for Gamers...
An Open Source Gaming Console Built by Gamers for Gamers...
1,680 backers pledged $238,498 to help bring this project to life.

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Trying to wrap up final fullfillment of KickStarter Pledges


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Mini Status Update 11/20/2014


I'm out of the hospital and recovering slowly by doctors orders I can resume to work tomorrow and also start shipping again Saturday. Anything I pack and send tracking for will not go out till Monday. Sorry for not being on here giving updates but I had a tough time with brochiial pneumonia and upper respitory infection barely able to function.

Mini Status Update October 4th, 2014


Hey Backers, our Full Update is in the works but will be submitted on Wednesday, rather than tonight, in order to be sure all arrangements with the post office for upcoming shipment have been squared away. I need to confirm their receipt of our parcels before I can make an announcement that will bring all of us a collective sigh of relief. As I promised, I won't declare any milestones have been met until they have literally, physically come to pass. I hate to have you wait even a few days longer for good news but I'm making sure that news is signed, sealed and delivered first.

As mentioned on the KS Comments board, a batch of 28 consoles were shipped several days ago and more Backers should already be seeing shipping notifications, tracking info and parcel movement. Additionally, the issues with customs holding up shipments have now been resolved and should no longer be a problem.

There have been mentions in Comments recently of GCW Zero-related promotions and media coverage as well as that of new retailers who have signed on with GCW and will soon carry the Zero too. I've declined to make official announcements regarding these developments out of respect for the Backers still waiting for their consoles as I understand doing so might cause them further frustration. We'll be talking about all of this in official Updates and posts as soon as all units have shipped in order to be as fair and respectful as possible to all of you who have seen this through to having your GCW Zeros en route or in hand.

Attached are photos taken today of remaining Zeros at GCW currently awaiting shipment. They're all here and will be on their way to their respective Backers very, very soon.

Best wishes, everyone. The full Official Update is coming this Wednesday.

Status Update July 6th, 2014


Hey guys, after shipping out most of the "final 14" confirmed units this week before the post office closed for the holiday, we're now headed into our final projected week in which we expect all shipping to be completed.

All appears on track to meet this date, give or take a couple of days if absolutely necessary as we're still finishing the vetting of confirmation emails.

On that note, I can't stress enough that no one, absolutely no one need worry about being forgotten, ignored or "slipping between the cracks". A number of you have asked for personal confirmation of being (rightfully) listed among the remaining Backers with console shipment pending.

We'd love to do that but for the greater good have chosen to maintain our focus on the ongoing shipping process as the matter of greatest importance. Please bear with us on this decision, at the end of the day your console's delivery ASAP trumps all other expenditures of effort and productivity. We've poured enough resources into making this happen and resolving unforeseen crisis at the expense of reduced profits. That's a sacrifice we're willing to make to fulfill all your pledges with the utmost commitment.

I can assure all who have sent us their address confirmation submissions to the email account we created for that sole purpose that you are present and accounted for on our fulfillment list. Unless your email submission is returned to you as "undelivered" immediately after being sent, then we have received it and that means we've got you covered. Guaranteed. We haven't provided individual response emails due to the extra time that would require, resulting in delayed shipping.

I think we can all agree that getting your Zero into your hands as quickly as possible is the highest priority. It certainly is on our end. You've waited long enough to enjoy the console you pledged to receive and we'd hate to make you wait even longer for the sake of individual confirmations! If you haven't received your shipping notification yet, it's not because you slipped off any list or spreadsheet. It just means your console's shipment is still pending.

As mentioned in prior updates and comments, through the address confirmation emails we received, we unexpectedly discovered more units remained to be shipped in addition to the previously stated "confirmed" numbers. These additional consoles are being checked, processed and shipped while we go through the emails so we can't precisely state their numbers until all emails are reviewed.

That's why we're refraining from adding them to the "final confirmed" count. It can change by a unit or two on any given day depending on the emails reviewed so posting the additional numbers would be more confusing than helpful. That said, fulfilling all pledges right around our target-timeframe is on track because these additional numbers are low enough, so no worries!

Whether you're among the "final" confirmed pledges tallied in Updates or among the pledges we're now confirming were falsely declared "shipped" by the fulfillment company we fired for misconduct, your GCW Zero will be mailed out to you well before July draws to a close. Crossing that finish line will be a great moment for everyone who supported and believed in this project, enduring the stumbles, delays, frustrations and many, many months of waiting to finally reach this goal. Backers, you guys have displayed the patience of a saint and we humbly thank you with all our hearts. You guys are awesome.

There will be no Backer left behind, that's a promise.

Really looking forward to sharing the next Update! It will announce full completion of console shipment within the next 7-10 days (again, I've added a few extra days for wiggle-room just to keep the bases covered while we finish reviewing emails). I've been confidently assured of this and am comfortable in officially confirming it. I really want to see you all enjoying the Zeros you pledged for so long ago- you deserve it.

Thanks to all for enduring the imperfections and we're truly happy knowing all KS Zeros will be on their way to our remaining Backers in a matter of days.

Best wishes as always,

Craig Strother

Status Update June 29th, 2014


Hey fellow Backers! It's Update time once again. Thanks for waiting one extra day. I wished for more shipping to be completed before posting this week and today more units have reached the post office for shipment.

> Numbers shipped:

As of today, 15 of the final 29 confirmed consoles have been dropped off at the post office for shipping the other 14 will go out Monday. What is left to be completed between now and our ultimate shipping completion goal in two weeks is the vetting and sorting of unexpected address confirmation emails and the shipment of consoles to all legitimate Backers therein. Some are indeed legitimate pledges from Backers our now-terminated fulfillment company claimed to have delivered to, when in reality they had not (hence our disposal of the "services" provided by that company). Other emails are a different story altogether. Without naming names, we have already received emails from Backers who have since proven to have already received their consoles as well as, outrageous as it is, address confirmation emails from individuals confirmed to never have been part of the KS campaign in the first place! Sorting out the con-artists is time consuming work, but we remain committed to meeting our goal of completely fulfilling any outstanding pledges in the next two weeks. We are sorry that some disingenuous people are slowing the process down, but we remain on track to meet our goal.

We promise that all who are owed a GCW Zero console will get one, absolutely no question about it.

> Power adapters:

As Justin Barwick stated, we began removing the DC adapter from GCW Zero packages back in late November/early December following multiple cases of EU/UK countries either cutting the power cords or rejecting or confiscating the package due to the power supply not being current-compliant for EU/UK territories. We are looking into finding a replacement adapter that will be CE/EU/UK compliant. Thus far, it seems it will likely wind up being a USB charger which we will mail out to anyone who requests one after all consoles are shipped out.

Alternatively, the console can be charged and powered via USB from your PC, or through a standard USB wall-plug charger. Using this method to recharge the Zero's battery is only marginally slower than using the DC adapter for this purpose. The Zero was designed to charge either way for the sake of personal preference, convenience and as a way of providing a backup option when one method is unavailable. For what it's worth, I've only used my power adapter once during my many months of Zero ownership. I much prefer the convenience, portability and versatility of charging via USB, but that's just my personal preference.

> Screen protector removal video:

As promised, Justin Barwick has provided an instructional video on removing the Zero's multiple screen protectors:

Next Update to be posted at the end of next week!

Best wishes,

Craig Strother