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An Open Source Gaming Console 
Built by Gamers for Gamers...
An Open Source Gaming Console Built by Gamers for Gamers...
1,680 backers pledged $238,498 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze about 22 hours ago

      Has anyone tried sending Justin Barwick a PM? I just sent one asking him for an update after seeing how many recent posts have been made.

    2. englebert nicolas 1 day ago

      me too receive anything :(

    3. Missing avatar

      Kai Bavendiek on October 18

      I also didn't receive anything but address confirm mails. Still waiting, kind of.

    4. Luiz Lugato on October 18

      Here's more one without console, I received e-mails to confirm my address, but nothing about the shipping ...

    5. Missing avatar

      VERES Jérôme on October 13

      Me too, I never received my console--not even any communication about shipping or whatsoever...

    6. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on October 13

      If Justin Barwick had units to ship, he would have shipped them by now. He announced retail units should be coming out soon last month and I believe he is waiting for those units to be able to ship the remaining Kickstarter backer units. The American retailer he mentioned is I emailed them to ask the status and this is what they said, "We have some stock on the way. We are currently experiencing an issue with the manufacturer and hope they can clear the matter as soon as possible."

      I am willing to bet that when the retail units show up, he will continue shipping the remaining Kickstarter units. I've asked multiple times why he hasn't been able to ship the remaining Kickstarter units and he dodges the question every time. It would be in his best interest to just be honest about what's going on but he'd rather be shady than honest.

    7. Missing avatar

      Timo Eggers on October 13

      Here's another one without console. I never received my console--not even any communication about shipping or whatsoever...

    8. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on October 11

      Any plans for providing spare parts to a retailer? There are multiple people asking on Dingoonity

    9. Justin Barwick Creator on October 9

      @Natural20 I will look into yours and ship it soon if it has not been shipped.

      @Andrew Moeren Your console was shipped and I have sent you verifiable proof if for some reason customs rejected the console on your end I have never received it back.

    10. Missing avatar

      Natural20 on October 9

      Same here, never had any communication about my console. I'm really disappointed to be honest.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrew Moeren on October 8

      Well I've still not received mine and it's almost 2017.
      Vendors should NOT have been able to buy stock until after all the backers have been supplied. I'm close to pursuing this through my credit card company.

    12. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on October 4

      Happy October 2016 where there are still Kickstarter backers that have been waiting for over 3 and a half years. Any updates to share? You've decided to share more information with Dingoonity. Are you still expecting to stock retailers soon? Is that American retailer Games In Are you waiting until you get that shipment to ship the remaining Kickstarter units?

      How about you be honest and tell your backers why it takes SO LONG to ship SO FEW units?

    13. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on September 10

      Barwick just announced that there will be 40 units for sale through an American vendor soon and another 40 through a UK vendor after on Dingoonity.

      Why haven't you been able to ship the remaining Kickstarter units or even post an official update to inform your backers of any issues you might be having?

    14. Taran Montaperto on September 1

      Justin, I just read your comment from earlier this year:
      "Taran Montaperto has had a console shipped twice both times it was lost by postal service and one is in limbo on it's return"

      You know this is incorrect. It was shipped once, and Australia Post stated it was returned.
      You have so far failed to provide me with an update or a new shipping number.

    15. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on August 27

      You had multiple backers ask for an update because you still haven't finished shipping KS units. Instead of answering them, you'll respond to comments I made. I didn't ask you any questions. My comments are solid and there's proof backing them off whether you like it or not. How about you ship KS units instead of wasting your time replying to my facts? I'm sure you would ship the rest of the units if you had them to ship. I'm sorry but by now, there is NO OTHER LOGICAL REASON why you haven't been able to finish shipping a "few" more units.

    16. Justin Barwick Creator on August 27

      The exact quote was as follows:

      Anonymous: Have you guys just officially given up on video out?
      August 23 at 10:50pm
      GCW Zero: GCW Zero As development depends on volunteers who use their spare time for development, it might only happen after the current firmware re-architecture is finished. You can follow development at .

      You have brought up on numerous occasions nothing is being done when in fact commits are being done all the time

      We could make a driver for HDMI that might work on 1 of of every ten tv's capable of HDMI but without a KMS driver it will never work for all tv's so yes it will require special work and dedication as do the other areas being worked on currently.

      Here is from your second quote please follow the link for the whole statement:

      As I have stated in the past it is no secret you have a distaste for GCW and have tried to stir the pot on numerous occasions. For something to be dead no work or demand for the product would have to exist PCSX just came out and an update for FCEUX etc.

    17. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on August 27

      Regarding video-out, here is the latest statement from the GCW Zero Facebook, "As development depends on volunteers who use their spare time for development, it might only happen after the current firmware re-architecture is finished."

      Here is the latest statement from Dingoonity, "If you want people to work on HDMI and tv-out you'll have to find a developer with enough spare time to write a KMS driver."

      We have Barwick telling us that video out will happen yet the developers are saying they are not working on it, "it might happen" and that we'll have to find our own developer to write a new driver.

      In the meantime, there are no retailers selling new units, the GCW Zero "Buy" page is still full of broken links, we've passed the 2 year anniversary for the last firmware update and there are still Kickstarter units that need to be sent from over 3.5 years ago.... The GCW Zero is on a downward spiral.

      Here is a great quote from a volunteer to put us "backers" in our place, "Many volunteer developers feel alienated due to the expectation they are obligated to deliver. In reality, they don't have any obligation whatsoever to any of the people buying the devices (you pay for the hardware, you don't pay for development)."

      If there are any new retailers, I would hope that they include the above quote and that they aren't advertising video out or USB because it is false advertising.

    18. Andreas Maier on August 18

      still waiting for progress...

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel on August 17

      So what's going on here?
      @Justin Barwick, you wanted to double check my address back in April. Since then I haven't heard anything.

    20. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on August 4

      @Justin Barwick - As per usual, you missed another promised shipping date without explanation or apologies. Nice that you can finally show up 20 days past that date to say something or ANYTHING.

      As for my "outlandish" remarks, I'm sticking with everything I've said. You are a liar and you've proven it multiple times. It doesn't matter what you say, I don't believe you and neither do most of these backers.

      The PSX emulator was released after November 20016? Damn dude, that's pretty far in the future. Oh wait, did you mean 2016? Still in the future. You can't even proof your pathetic responses and you expect anyone to believe anything you have to say?

      The GCW Zero won't be around much longer. It's a 4 year old device and you've royally screwed it up by lying to backers and retailers. You say something is going to happen and then it doesn't happen, time after time. The quality of the GCW Zero has gone down over time and that includes the crappy button situation but it starts at the top with you not being able to follow through with what you say or being able to supply retailers with new units or even spare parts. You've failed your own community which dwindles more and more every day because of your actions.

    21. Justin Barwick Creator on August 4

      @Justin Baze As per usual you make outlandish remarks with no concrete evidence to back them conspiracies without facts are just that theories with no merit. The last consoles sold were in late April by retailers and the GCW Zero is not dying there are still very much in demand.

      As I have stated about Willgoo on Dingoonity no deal was ever arrived at so them taking pre-orders is a moot point. We have a new reseller in America and it will be announced soon.

      A few units had dust under the screen which can occur as it is not a completely sealed unit no used unit has ever been supplied to a retailer nor will there ever be one.

      Please stop spreading these conspiracies with no facts or proof. Spare parts have been supplied to retailers for resale and more will be and end users at request such as the membrane and batteries at cost of parts and shipping and some cases as warranty sent to a person if they don't want to ship it in and do it themselves.

      All actual firmware updates being committed on are in a private section of the github such as the PSX Emulator also which was released after November 20016.

      As for answer to your first question yes a few remain to be shipped and I'm working to get those shipped very shortly.

    22. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on August 1

      Justin Barwick refuses to even answer any questions about why he hasn't been able to ship the remaining Kickstarter units. He set a goal of July 15th which he did log in that day but didn't bother to explain anything. I doubt he will respond to any questions about anything.

      As for firmware, we are close to 2 years without an update to the Firmware. We've been told to look at the GCW Zero GitHub page to show progress. There has only been 1 update to the GitHub page in the last year, it was from November. The only thing in my eyes left to work on is the video out and the USB support but the current developers do not have the time or skill to work on them. The GCW Zero is losing it's appeal every day since the device is 4 years old. GCW has been unable to supply vendors with units for MANY MANY months. Dingoonity is very very slow through the GCW Zero section. The last major news item was the release of the Playstation emulator. We were promised that we would be able to buy replacement parts but that dried up pretty quick. We can still purchase after market buttons to MOD units ourselves but we can't buy parts if something breaks.

      I can't give any definitive answers to if or when the next firmware update will happen, but I don't see why someone would waste time working on the firmware when so few people will enjoy it especially if there are no more retail units for anyone to buy. The GCW Zero has been on "presale" through sites like Amazon and Willgoo for many many months. Some retailers won't work with GCW anymore for reasons like dirty units pawned off as brand new clean units and lying about when to expect shipments. The GCW Zero is almost dead and there isn't much proof to show otherwise.

    23. Michael DiGirolamo on August 1

      I would also like news on a firmware update.

    24. Zach Collier on July 31

      I was really excited about the project. The hardware is really good, with some of the best SNES emulation ever. I still use my GCW-Zero, which was one of the earlier-shipped US units, once in a while.

      If anyone is still looking at this comment section, are there any firmware updates beyond what's mentioned on the (official?) website at It seems like there have been no updates for years. I hope I'm just not looking in the right places. Please share if there's somewhere else to go.


    25. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on July 28

      How about some good news?

    26. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on July 25

      10 days past your deadline..... Do you have anything to share with your backers? Should we assume that you aren't going to finish shipping units?

    27. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on July 22

      Taken from the Kickstarter Creator Handbook:
      Backers appreciate regular, insightful, and honest updates. Don’t be hesitant to communicate delays or changes to your original plans — or to just check in. (If backers don’t hear from you for a while, they worry that you may be having trouble doing the work you promised.)

    28. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on July 22

      It's too bad that you'll never change Justin Barwick. You've missed your goal and now you refuse to post an update or comment like so many times in the past. This is just getting more and more pathetic. All you have to do is just be open and honest about what is going on.

    29. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on July 19

      You gave yourself over a month and a half to ship less than 20 units. You didn't ship all of the units and now you've gone in hiding once again. Every time you miss a goal you disappear. Your behavior is predictable and unacceptable.

      I stand by my "conspiracy theory" that you don't have any units to ship. For the last 9 months you've been struggling to get units to retailers. I wouldn't put it past you to have shipped the remaining Kickstarter units to retailers meanwhile trying to secure new units. You have 2 or 3 UK retailers expecting units soon, you are preselling units on Willgoo and Amazon and you can't finish shipping 20 units? Why is that? These backers that are still waiting trusted you with a lot of money 3.5 years ago. You have a responsibility to keep your backers informed of your issues.

    30. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on July 18

      Is it really too much to ask for an update on your missed shipping goal?

    31. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on July 15

      REPEAT POST:If you miss a goal, you have a responsibility to keep your backers updated.

      Once again, Here is a statement from the Kickstarter FAQ, "If problems come up, creators are expected to post a project update explaining the situation. Sharing the story, speed bumps and all, is crucial."

    32. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on July 15

      Today is the day! It's July 15th, the day Justin Barwick, once again, promised to finish shipping the remaining Kickstarter units. Have all the units been shipped?

    33. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on July 6

      Justin Barwick promised to finish shipping no later than July 15th. 9 more days and we shall see if he is able to keep his promise.

    34. Missing avatar

      Christophe Remandet on July 6

      Seems I forgot to do the June update. Well, here is the July one : Nothing.

      Just so you know.

    35. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on July 1

      Here's keeping our fingers crossed that he can keep the second half of his last promise and he ships the remaining units by July 15th.

      It sure takes a LONG time to ship 20 or so units. Wonder why?.....

    36. Taran Montaperto on June 30

      Still awaiting shipping confirmation.

    37. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on June 27

      So is this the end for the GCW Zero? No one will answer regarding new retail units.

      We are just under 3 weeks away from your goal of finishing the last shipments of Kickstarter units. Are you getting excited?

    38. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on June 24

      You have a few people asking now about when they would be able to purchase the GCW Zero on Dingoonity, Facebook and Twitter. They are getting ignored by both you and Surkow. If you want the GCW Zero to continue, it's not a good idea to let your social media ignore potential customers. It's bad enough that the BUY tab on the offical GCW Zero site has broken links and companies that have said they may never sell the GCW Zero again due to issues with dirty(new)units.

      I'm just trying to give you advice.

    39. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on June 21

      @VERES - It's not about luck. It's about the disrespect given by Justin Barwick that you are in this situation. But he promised to finish all shipping by the end of this month but before July 15th. Why he gave 2 dates, I have no clue but hopefully he sticks to his word for once.

      @Justin Barwick- You now have multiple people asking where they can buy a GCW Zero on Dingoonity and Facebook. One person from Dingoonity said they were trying to contact GCW Zero through Twitter to find out. Little do they know that Dingoonity, the GCW Zero Facebook and Twitter are all ran by the same person, not Justin Barwick. If you and your people keep ignoring the question, everyone will assume that the GCW Zero will no longer be for sale anywhere. Is that what you want to happen?

    40. Missing avatar

      VERES Jérôme on June 20

      I am the 719th contributor, I don't understand why so many people are more lucky than me.
      I would like to make a counter since many months.

      Unlucky contributor counter: 0 + 1(me) = 1*

      *Please decrease counter when you receive your unit.

    41. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on June 20

      When you finish shipping units, I will be gone. Until then, I'm going to post my questions until they get answered and push you to finish shipping.

      Why does it take so long to ship each unit? 20 units is not many units to ship and if you had the units in your hands(which I don't believe you do) you could easily box them up and get them ready to ship in a 2 hour period.

    42. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on June 20

      You still refuse to answer why it takes so long to ship units. The reason you are referring to was over a month ago, right? I understand your reason for not being able to ship between April and May but it's June now.

      Why does it take so long to ship each unit? You should be able to ship 20 units within 2 hours yet you are dragging this out further and further.

    43. Justin Barwick Creator on June 19

      In the update I gave a very detailed reason as to why things were moving slowly and why most if not all my time was being taken up not allowing me to ship consoles.

      I have fulfilled my obligation here on KickStarter to you long ago to include warranty issue you had at one time. I have no clue why you feel you are the spokesperson for other backers they have there own voices and can raise their own concerns they don't need you to speak for them.

      The reason you are not banned here is the rules and policies of Kickstarter differ it's almost impossible to get banned here. You being banned had nothing to do with friendship with some of the admins you just like to instigate stuff and stir the pot and cause drama on Dingoonity and after lots of complaints and requests by users of the forum you were banned from the forums.

      The site is still being revamped but is now up so people can visit all of this is done on spare time by webmaster we are not a big company. You complain it is down and complain it is up you just complain. You also complain when a retailer has stock and when they don't.

    44. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on June 19

      Offensive? It's offensive that you can't just be honest about what's going on. You had a situation and that situation is over and has been now for some time. I just don't understand how it could possibly take a month and a half to ship the remaining 20 units. You don't understand how that doesn't make any sense?

      You still aren't answering the question. Why does it take so long to ship each unit? It seems you could ship 20 units if you spent 2 hours working on it.

      The reason I was banned from Dingoonity is because the moderators there are your buddies. If I was such a bad person, why wouldn't I have been banned from Kickstarter? They have banned others for taking it too far. All I am doing is trying to get answers. I told you that I'm not going anywhere until you've fulfilled your obligations and I'm going to press you until it's done because that is my right as a backer.

      So you revamped the web site? Doesn't look like it. In the "buy" link you still have broken links and no one actually selling the GCW Zero. Why is that? You say there are still people wanting a unit yet you have no retailers from your web site. You have people asking on Facebook where they can buy one and they don't get answered. You don't seem to care though.

    45. Justin Barwick Creator on June 18

      I have tried to be civil and polite for over 3 years with you as you instigate and make up conspiracies to the point you have been banned from one forum and I would guess more.

      I gave any answer as to the delays and reasons for such if it's not an answer you like I can't change what has delayed me or took up the majority of my time to prevent shipping they were very valid reasons and for you to make little of them is very offensive to say the least.

    46. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on June 18

      Thank you for proving my point that you refuse to answer why it takes so long to ship units. You wonder why people doubt you? This is exactly why. You wonder why I think something else must be happening that you're not telling us about? This is exactly why. You owe it to your backers to be open and honest.

    47. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on June 17

      Amazing how you are so fast to answer some questions but you won't answer why you can't just ship some 20 units and be done with this. Why is it taking so long?

    48. Justin Barwick Creator on June 17

      Dingoonity actually provides most if not all of what is also on the migration should not have taken very long but has presented a couple issues.

    49. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on June 17

      I saw the site was down today but someone on Dingoonity said it's been down for about a week. You have someone trying to download something from the GCW web site and they can't do it. Maybe you should announce your site will be down for a short period of time so people aren't wondering why the site is down?

      As far as GWW, the last time I clicked on the GWW link from your web site, it said they were still waiting for units and should get them early May. Maybe instead of accusing me of starting rumors you should update your site so it doesn't show old links with old information? (as it has for the last several months)

      You still haven't finished shipping the Kickstarter units and you won't say why it's taking so long yet you are still able to ship multiple units to retailers. Amazing how you are so fast to answer some questions but you won't answer why you can't just ship some 20 units and be done with this. Why is it taking so long?

      As I've said in the past, if you were just open and honest with people then you wouldn't have me asking the same questions, over and over and over. Not only that, your backers believed in you enough to give you a lot of money and the least you could do is just be honest and say why it takes so long to ship every single unit.

    50. Justin Barwick Creator on June 17

      As I have stated in past instead of trying to cause rumors do something productive for the community instead of being negative and dreaming up unwarranted conspiracies. The website has been down for less then 24 hours so far it is being migrated to a new server and the site revamped some.

      The orders GWW still had were shipped and customers got them that was only one promised units and more units will be headed to Hardware Extreme soon.

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