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An Open Source Gaming Console 
Built by Gamers for Gamers...
An Open Source Gaming Console Built by Gamers for Gamers...
1,680 backers pledged $238,498 to help bring this project to life.

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      Justin Baze about 8 hours ago

      Still dodging the question, "Why are the Kickstarter units taking so long to ship?"

    2. Creator Justin Barwick about 8 hours ago

      Prototype was using non open source factory provided blob not open source which we will not use as it defeats the purpose of an open source OS/Consoles and once we got complete working open source USB OTG not the demonstration of basic USB OTG with minimal uses.

      We realized in one event that it was causing overheating and also after the over heating the device was unusable so precautions were taken to ensure it would not damage other units.

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      Justin Baze about 9 hours ago

      I'm the necessary evil, remember?

      So the console is only 3 years old eh? Weird because here is the video for the USB OTG working from March 2013…

      Here is the prototype video from April 29th, 2012.…

      Just because you were 8 months late in releasing the GCW Zero doesn't mean that it's not 4 years old. The GCW Zero has been around longer than you claim. You tried to debunk me last time with telling us that there was an update made to an emulator but you didn't bother to check which year it was updated, you were off by 1 year.

      So you'll take your time and go into detail about some questions but not others, why is that? You are CLEARLY dodging the question, "Why are the Kickstarter units taking so long to ship?"

      I bring up GWW because they've been expecting units for over a month and you've told them the units are tested and should be ready to ship soon. It's the same BS you give to the Kickstarter backers.

      Why do you find it necessary to dodge the most important of questions and lie to the people that trusted you?

    4. Creator Justin Barwick about 13 hours ago

      @Justin Baze why do you find it necessary to try and stir the pot and make up theories and conspiracy theories. There are numerous times you have made up these theories only to have them proven wrong by facts that are presented. You also chastise me when the console is not in stock and why is it not in stock.

      As for facts the GCW Zero did not start shipping till June 2013 which would make it 3 years old in about a week and a half. Also the demand for the GCW Zero is still high therefore the statement that it is dying is not a true fact.

      All units that are stored are pulled and charged on a regular maintenance basis and tested before they leave. Numerous others got there units from November to now from GWW and other vendors over 70 so one or two units with faulty batteries does not make pattern or an issue.

      Also the one with the issue could be a failure to charge it completely etc. I have one coming back right now and will have the battery and charging IC tested to see if we have an issue there when it arrives and replace the battery or unit as needed as we have brand new batteries if that is the case. If it possible that a couple units having a bad charging IC and when testing we did not see the battery drain and the battery still had a charge therefore it was tested as good. We won't know until we get the unit back and can verify what exactly the issue is.

      On another note the USB OTG we had one instance of the USB OTG overheating the unit therefore the driver was pulled from the test OS and GitHub as a safety precaution. It's not a matter of the developers not having the skills it just takes a lot of work to take something that is close sourced and make it open source. Also the USB OTG driver that was tested was a driver that was paid development by GCW.

      As for the warranty on the battery from a year to six months it was changed back in September of last year so there is no coincidence between the two units presenting issues now and the warranty change.

      The developers have worked their butts off and provided a very robust OS that is great for open source gaming and emulation without them the GCW Zero would have never existed.

      We listed the USB OTG and Analog/HDMI TV-Out as part of our risk and challenges for a reason as we knew they would be the most challenging part of the OS development and most time consuming.

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      Justin Baze about 14 hours ago

      I wonder what's going on with the GCW Zero battery issues. I first noticed that one of the retailers changed their warranty on the GCW Zero but only on the battery. It was 1 year like everything else but it is now only 6 months. Next there was the Kickstarter backer, Luca Donaggio and when their unit arrived, the battery was dead. There is a post on Dingoonity of someone else who recently got a retail unit and their battery was also dead. Is that a coincidence or do new units have a faulty battery?

      GWW has been waiting for units for over a month now and they've said that the units are tested and will hopefully ship soon. Why would Barwick wait to ship units to a retailer(let alone the Kickstarter backers that have been waiting for over 3 years now)?

      Maybe he doesn't have any units to ship? or maybe all he has left is faulty units with bad batteries? I don't think it's a coincidence that the battery warranty was changed and there are 2 very recent known major issues with brand new units regarding the battery being DOA.

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      Justin Baze about 15 hours ago

      I honestly don't believe that USB OTG or TV Out will ever work. This console is 4 years old. It's losing traction every day. Why would someone invest their time into such an endeavor? The GCW Zero is old news. The current developers admit that they do not have the necessary skills to make the USB and TV Out work. The only way I see making this happen is if someone is paid to do the job. That's assuming that the correct hardware was put into the GCW Zero in the first place. The USB OTG was working but it could have burned the unit up. Maybe that's not a software issue?

    7. snkweb 1 day ago

      +1 benstarter. TV out and USB OTG were part of the deal. Still waiting for these features too !
      Maybe we'll have some day an unofficial update for this, made by a talented programmer fan of the GCW (??!) ...

    8. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze 1 day ago

      GCW has had over 3 years to stop lying and just be honest but he still hasn't learned this life lesson. I wish more people like you benstarter would've stuck around to publicly stand up against the way GCW treats their backers and customers. There were too many people standing FOR GCW so he continued/continues to hide and not be honest about why it's taking so long to ship so few units.

    9. Missing avatar

      benstarter 3 days ago

      I don't think that a lack of respect is the issue here. I would just like to see a change of strategy on behalf of the GCW team re. support and communication. I can sympathize with the fact that a business plan can fail and fulfillment of promises can be become impossible. We are all humans and can fall short of our own expectations. But in that case: JUST SAY SO. Be honest about what can still be achieved, wrap up what you have done so far. Get USB OTG support and TV out into the firmware with highest priority and release the ***damn update.

    10. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze 4 days ago

      Do we really need to be so harsh? It's actually ONLY been almost 2 years since a firmware update, haha. The developers say they are working on a new update but I don't know what else there is to update besides the video out and USB. The GCW Zero is over 3 years old now. It's an outdated device with a community that is slowly going the way of the Dingoo. Both are great devices with poor execution and creators that don't have respect for the people that once believed in them.

      There are Kickstarter backers still waiting for their units. Why haven't they been shipped yet? Justin Barwick refuses to answer that question. Why?

      GWW is still waiting for retail units and have for over a month now. Their site says, "All units have been tested and should be ready so ship soon". GWW used to care that the Kickstarter units hadn't been shipped yet but now they don't mind making a few bucks off the Kickstarter backers that are still waiting. What a great community this is!

    11. Missing avatar

      benstarter 4 days ago

      "We will bring you regular firmware updates ...". Care to elobarate what you mean by "regular"? I guess every three years also counts as regular. Re. batteries: forget about all the tales and mysticism about charging cylces, optimal storage temperatures etc. Current Li-Ion batteries age quickly and there is nothing you can do about it. If you get a unit with a battery that was manufactured three years ago, then you are out of luck.

    12. Missing avatar

      Helene 6 days ago

      Hi, do you have on remaining units to be shipped to kickstarter backers? I'm still waiting for my tracking number. Thanks in advance...

    13. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on May 19

      Is there a web site to answer this question, "And why is it taking so long to ship Kickstarter units? You admit to shipping them slowly but you still refuse to answer this question."

    14. Creator Justin Barwick on May 18

      How to take care of your Li-Ion rechargeable battery:

      When you first receive the console from us, you must first fully charge the battery
      before using it. This is very important due to safe ty concern during transport. The
      industry standard is never fully charge a battery when it leaves the factory. This is
      just like your cell phone battery, the instruction is always asking you to charge it first
      before using it.If you plan to store the Console for awhile, then following the instruction below:

      1. We recommend once every 2 months to recharge the battery in console to keep it fresh.

      2.Storage environment: You should store the battery at room temperature 65̊F or lower at 65% humidity (If you feel cool and dry – is a good indicator).

      3. It is best to recharge the battery after each usage. There is no memory effect so make it a good practice to recharge the pack after each usage or end of each day if you use the battery daily.

      4. Never drain the battery till the protection board shut it down as that will decrease the battery capacity and shorten the life of the battery.

      5. Do not leave the charger connected to the battery for more than 8 hours as once the charger detect battery is full, there is no charging current and the charger will actually start
      draining your battery very slowly.

      Information taken from:

    15. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on May 18

      If a battery is completely dead after 8 months of not being used, it's because you are using cheap batteries. I've never heard of any electronics with batteries shortening a warranty on only the battery because of charging patterns. It might be a thing but I've never heard of that.

      One of the reasons I bought a GCW Zero was for the TV Out and USB. I'm not the only one. If it's a "portable" gaming device then why did you bother with TV Out? I play it more sitting at home than anything and I'd like to play it through my TV. Retailers do not make it clear that it is a risk. Open source isn't an excuse for not having something working 3 years after shipping the first units.

      Daphne was released on May 10, 2015. Where did you see that it was updated on May 10th of this year? That thread hasn't even been posted in since March 30th, 2016. There are posts in the development section but only by a few people and there's a reason the posts are in the development section. I believe the last real release was from February 22, 2016, Alex the Allegator 4. That's almost 3 months ago. There are very few developers working on anything for the GCW Zero but you don't do them any favors by not supplying vendors with units and stalling on the last few Kickstarter shipments. PR is supposed to keep people interested with valuable information. You don't even try.

      You might want to update the GCW Zero web site because if there are units for sale somewhere, you should direct customers to them instead of links that say the GCW Zero is out of stock forever or whatever is going on with the Extreme Hardware web site. Why are there so few units for sale? It's been dry for a while.

      And why is it taking so long to ship Kickstarter units? You admit to shipping them slowly but you still refuse to answer this question.

    16. Creator Justin Barwick on May 17

      When his unit was shipped it was tested/flashed and was working with no issues and taking a charge. Why would I pay to ship a unit with a DOA battery be realistic now it is just another expense send a new battery and pay shipping.

      As for warranty change on battery we can't control how often a battery is charged or how the unit is stored etc if left in a hot/cold area or car it will and can effect the battery. Just a week ago I got a message from a guy who said he hadn't played with his unit in 8 months and now his battery was dead and needed replaced we can't control when or how a battery is charged.

      HDMI/Analog TV Out and USB OTG were listed as risks and challenges and yes they will be implemented. They are features we intend to implement and will implement they don't prevent the device from working and doing what it was made for which is an Open Source Portable Gaming Console.

      Here is exact excerpt from risks and challenges:

      Risks and challenges

      The operating system on the Zero is still under development. The essentials are all working today: the buttons, d-pad and analog stick, 2D graphics, audio, SD card, networking via USB.

      Other things need tweaking, as USB host mode (to be able to connect USB peripherals), TV-out (analog and HDMI) and vibration are still being worked on.

      We will bring you regular firmware updates, so early adopters can expect more and more functionality with each new release.

      Another thing that we are still working on is the OpenGL driver. Unfortunately, we will not be able to release this as open source. People who only want a fully open source system can simply leave out the OpenGL driver though; the 2D graphics system (Linux framebuffer) works fine without it.

      The Wi-Fi module itself uses binary firmware, but the driver that runs on the MIPS CPU is open source. Every other driver we are using is fully open source and that source will be published on github as soon as the first unit’s ship.

      Out of those risks OpenGL and WiFi which were the biggest hurdles and they have been met and made the use of applications/games/emulators a reality. As I said above yes we still intend whole heartedly to implement USB OTG and HDMI.

      As for Extreme Hardware he does sell via Ebay which looks like he still has nine units left at this point.

      May 10th, 2016 Daphne was updated with new fixes/features so as I stated things such app/games/emulators are showing up or being updated etc.

    17. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on May 17

      What a coincidence that you changed your battery warranty to only 6 months and then you send out a Kickstarter unit that has a batter DOA. How is that possible? These units are supposed to be tested before being sent. How old are the Kickstarter units being sent out?

      No promise was made? GWW has been changing their expected delivery date for the last month. It says early May still and we are on the backside of May now. The units are tested and ready to ship, they just aren't shipping eh?

      I don't know which retailer had stock in Europe because nothing was showing up through the web site. The only questionable retailer is Extreme Hardware but you need a password to get into their site which is "coming soon". The other retailers clearly show that there is no stock.

      As for the HDMI/USB OTG, I'll check out the FAQ here on Kickstarter.... It says, "Currently we are working on implementing USB OTG: the hardware supports it and support for it will be added in a future OS update"

      So does that mean something is still working on it? It's been a long time since you've mentioned anything and the developers don't talk about it at all. You did say it is going to be released though so you are liable for your own words. I was simply saying that retailers that are claiming to have USB OTG and HDMI are not clearly stating that these functions do not work or even "are a work in progress". That isn't fair and is FALSE ADVERTISING.

      As for Games/Applications/Emulators being released.... We can check out the dingoonity GCW Zero Release Index. The last post was April 6 which reported that there were no new releases the month of March and there has been nothing released in April or May so far. That's 2.5 months of no releases.

      OS Development is ongoing? I don't think anyone cares about anything else other than the HDMI and USB working. There hasn't been a new OS update for 21 months. What else could they be working on that the average user is going to benefit from? At this point GCW should be paying someone to develop what you need for the HDMI and USB to work. You have a responsibility to implement these features.

    18. Creator Justin Barwick on May 17

      David Meggyesy & David Marrott seemed to be resolved and on there way now and Luca Donaggio is being sent a new battery.

      No promise was made or details given when more units would be shipped to all retailers one retailer had stock in Europe till about a week ago so how could it be an empty promise. Yes we had issue with GWW getting stock but that is not a matter or subject for here as it is not related to Kickstarter in any fashion.

      As for HDMI/USB OTG if you look at FAQ here an developers notes on forums this is Open Source software keyword being open source which means it is always being worked on and improved and is not released until tested. We had USB OTG once before but testing showed it needed work.

      Games/Applications/Emulators are being updated and released about once a month or so and OS development is ongoing.

      As for shipping of Kickstarter units we have shipped more this week and should they choose to acknowledge that here that is on them to do so. For those who have no received their console yet you are not forgotten and we are shipping them slowly.

    19. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on May 17

      If the GCW Zero isn't already dead, it's dying fast. There is no communication about when more units are going to be sent out to retailers, just more empty promises.

      The GCW Zero Facebook has more people asking when they can buy a new units and no one answers them. There's one comment on there from someone who wanted to buy a GCW Zero but there hasn't been stock for a long time so he bought a GPD XD instead. is still waiting on units and have been for over a month. If all units have been tested, why haven't they been shipped? This is the same exact runaround that the Kickstarter backers have been dealing with for over 3 years now. Also, has the wrong specs up on their site. Didn't anyone bother to tell them that the battery is only 2200mAh?

      Also, I think they are false advertising by stating that the "connectivity" includes HDMI out and USB OTG. Neither of these features are working and there is no timeline as to when ( IF ) they will ever be working. The GCW Zero is 4 years old. It's unfair to claim that it has these options when it clearly does not.

      Are these features even being worked on?

      The lack of communication (PR) and following through with promises has tarnished the GCW Zero name and it's only getting worse with time.

    20. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on May 15

      Any news or updates for GCW?

      All retailers are out of stock of GCW Zero units and have been for over a month now. has updated their site multiple times changing the next "backorder" date. They've been waiting and expecting stock for the last month. They have reported that the units are tested and ready to ship yet they haven't shipped. has only had parts for many months now and in the last month they've sold out of all parts except the GCW Zero shoulder buttons. is still "preselling" units and have been for many months. And of course, Kickstarter untis are still waiting to be sent which puts us at 3 years and 2 months after the original estimated delivery date.

      This is what we all see on the outside. How are things going on the inside? Any news? Updates?

    21. Missing avatar

      Luca Donaggio on May 11

      Mine has arrived, but unfortunately the battery is dead :(

    22. Missing avatar

      Christophe Remandet on May 10

      Monthly update : still nothing in sight.

    23. Ruben de la Torre on May 9

      If anyone from Europe is interested; I like to sell my white unit which is still in mint condition and has the new improved D-Pad. 99€ incl. Shipping sounds reasonable I think.

      I also have a spare (improved) D-Pad which I also like to sell for 5€ incl. Shipping.

      Just let me know :)

    24. Missing avatar

      Natural20 on May 9

      Still never received anything. I really don't expect to at this point.

    25. Andreas Maier on May 7

      Still waiting... Always reacting when i am told to tell my shipping address but still waiting

    26. Missing avatar

      Luca Donaggio on May 4

      Mine is finally arriving! According to tracking it's awaiting custom clearance.

    27. Missing avatar

      VERES Jérôme on April 30

      I am the last one with anything ?

    28. Creator Justin Barwick on April 14

      @Justin McDonald Yes we got his unit in late January as I explained to him it was on the bench and the engineer has replaced the battery and charging chip but no joy and a replacement PCBA was the next thing to happen. I replied to him not more then 3 days ago.

    29. Justin McDonald on April 14

      Hi, sorry to pester, I got an email from a customer of mine,

      (who I'd sent one of the very last units you sent me)

      "Hey mate not sure if you remember me. I sent my GCW zero to get fixed under warranty. They have had it for over 3 months and never reply to my emails and sent a email to Justin to make a complaint and haven't heard anything back. Are they always this bad? Lol"

      can supply the name if asked.. but first name is Kris

    30. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on April 13

      Thank you for the information on the numbers. Are there still plans to have someone acting as PR for GCW?

    31. Creator Justin Barwick on April 13

      @Justin Baze The number was more like 50 units in February 2016 and to date only 22 remain to be shipped with 5 more still floating around the globe in limbo that I know of currently.

      As for 5% kick it forward we have backed projects on kick starter and backed other projects related to Linux and donated close to 80 GCW Zero's to developers and also other causes like Wounded Warrior fund and coordinated events here in Kansas City with consoles, t-shirts, and other items for raffles and prizes. So yes we have kicked it forward and intended to continue doing so.

    32. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on April 13

      I was just wondering if you wanted to share how many units are left to ship....

      Also, here's another question I've asked in the past and I don't think it was ever answered. You pledged 5% of the profits to Kicking it Forward. Was there any money ever handed over to them?

    33. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on April 12

      You claim to not be dodging questions but I keep asking how many units are left to ship and you refuse to answer. Why is that?

    34. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on April 8

      I believe that if you had less than 23 units to ship that you would be proud to share that I am wrong and more importantly that you have less than 23 units left to ship. You keep refusing to answer the question, "How many units are left to ship?"

      Because you refuse to answer the question, it would be fair to assume that you actually have more than 23 units left. There's no reason to not answer that question unless you are ashamed of how much progress you haven't made.

    35. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on April 7

      "I have not dodged any questions I stated we are still shipping you gave the number of 23 not me I gave a rough percentage"

      If you are going to call me out for my math skills, I would appreciate it if you were to correct me with an honest answer as to how many units are left to ship. You claim to give a "rough" percentage but you clearly said, "I've completed 98.5% of all pledge gifts".

      I've been reporting that there are 23 units left to ship for months now and you just decided to call me out for it? If I'm wrong then give me and your backers a solid number. That seems pretty fair to me.

    36. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on April 6

      In December's update you said, ". I've completed 98.5% of all pledge gifts and intended to make it 100%."

      Through Kickstarter you had 1567 units sold.

      If you completed 98.5% of 1567 units that would leave 23.5 units.

      So how many units are left to ship today?

      I understand things happen but you aren't being honest and open about what those things are. Why not just tell us why you haven't been able to ship?

      You always reply to me with a long message but you don't ever answer these questions.

    37. Creator Justin Barwick on April 6

      @Justin Baze I have contacted Daniel directly to clarify his address and such I don't know why he got sent that message there was one other Daniel that sent me a PM giving his address and I replied to the PM via my phone either way something went a wire and the issue is being addressed and taken care of as Daniel never sent me a PM here only two messages I sent out.

      I have not dodged any questions I stated we are still shipping you gave the number of 23 not me I gave a rough percentage and in my status update I said it would be unfair for me to give a firm date as things can and do happen as I outlined in my second to last reply some of the issues and what I have done to resolve them.

      Continuing to ask the same question doesn't change the facts you have no proof if I'm shipping or not shipping consoles you state I have not but have no proof it is just a theory. I have made a promise and have continued to fulfill the promise everyone who pledged for a console will get their console. If I keep pace we should see complete fulfillment in near future.

    38. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on April 6

      The update from February says, "If for some reason you have not sent me a PM with your current complete postal mailing address please do so as soon as possible."

      You clearly knew that Daniel hadn't received a unit in January. Why weren't you contacting him directly through PM if you needed more information?

      You keep dodging my questions so here we go again....

      You said about 23 units were left to ship in December 2015. How many units are left to ship now? Why haven't you been able to ship the remaining 23 units in the last 3 months?

      You said there was a shipping issue but that it was resolved and shipping would continue. You had enough confidence to PROMISE that shipping would be completed by Mid March. What happened between January and Mid March that stopped you from fulfilling your PROMISE?

    39. Creator Justin Barwick on April 6

      @Daniel I only see two messages both which I sent. In February I posted a status update I requested anyone who had still not received a unit to PM me here with current postal address to catch up with anyone who had still not received a console.

    40. Missing avatar

      Daniel on April 6

      @Justin Barwick What private message are you referring to?
      I have only received two messages from you. The first one that you had issues with your phone and LinkedIn. The second one I got you said the following:

      Jan 12, 2016
      I apologize for not getting back with you to confirm indeed I have your address change/Confirmation. Our goal is still to finish shipping of all units by the end of January 2016 and get you the product you backed and deserve.

      Once again my apologies for the delays I can never apologize enough for all the issues and delays.

      My interpretation of the above message is that you already have my shipping address and I can't see any request for me to answer this message.

    41. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on April 5

      "We are still shipping consoles and addressing issues as they arise not as quickly as I would like but it is being done. "

      Ok, but why? You still refuse to give a clear explanation as to why you haven't finished shipping. I understand that they may be a few stragglers that weren't necessarily your fault and I understand that there was a shipping issue here and there. But what about everyone who has does exactly what you asked them to do? Why haven't you shipped their units yet?

      You did promise every backer that they will get a console but you also promised you would be finished with shipping Mid March and then didn't and you still don't have an explanation as to why.

    42. Creator Justin Barwick on April 5

      @Justin Baze Yes at one put I was shipping consoles for GWW and also shipping units to backers at the same time which he paid for me shipping them for him this was well over a year ago and addressed then. I don't see how that directly ties him to GCW. I also don't see that he was a backer correlates to him as a vendor. E-mailing him then and now is uncalled for and not needed.

      I consider every backer important and valuable to the existence of GCW as a company without them the company would not exist and without the developers the GCW Zero would just be hardware. I don't consider you a necessary evil but a backer just like the rest here on KS.

      I think at times you give half truths or conspiracy theories to try and stir the pot as I have stated in the past. Just like the comment you left about Dingoonity in your previous post you didn't have all the facts and posted anyways.

      I hold no grudge and value you as a backer I just wish you would be constructive and helpful versus trying to stir the pot and posting things you don't have full details on. Daniel is one example he has never contacted me via PM letting me know he never got a console or a current postal address.

      Taran Montaperto has had a console shipped twice both times it was lost by postal service and one is in limbo on it's return. I just got refunded for Luca Donaggio so I will ship him a new one.

      Even espresso had a lost unit and it was finally returned and reshipped and he received it there are lots of issues and most if not all are addressed. We are still shipping consoles and addressing issues as they arise not as quickly as I would like but it is being done. Unlike other campaigns that folded I have continued to communicate and ship consoles versus going dark and doing nothing. As I promised before every backer that made a pledge will get a console.

    43. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on April 5

      "They are not tied directly to the KS project or GCW as a company other then being a re-seller. "

      Actually, Joe from thegww was a backer of this Kickstarter project. When he first started selling the GCW Zero over a year ago, I asked if he realized that there were still MANY backers waiting for their Kickstarter unit? He said he didn't know that there were still backers waiting so I wanted to make sure he realizes RIGHT NOW that he is making a profit off of Kickstarter backers that still don't have their units.

      You can say that he has nothing to do with GCW or Kickstarter but that isn't entirely true. Let us all remember that when he first started selling units, you were packaging and sending them directly to their individual customers from GCW HQ instead of shipping out individual Kickstarter units to backers that had been waiting a very long time. Necessary evil eh?

      You should consider me the necessary evil! I've told you for literally years now that when you finish shipping the remaining Kickstarter units that I will disappear. I am a backer of this project and I believed in you and gave you money just as every other backer here has. You made an awesome little handheld gaming system but you still treat your backers with disrespect as you have for a very long time. It's my right as a backer to follow this project and stay involved until every last unit has been shipped. That is the necessary evil.

      How about some honesty? How many Kickstarter units are left to be shipped? You said about 23 units were left to ship in December 2015.

      Why haven't you finished shipping the remaining units left? You said you resolved the shipping issue back in December and would continue shipping but that was over 3 months ago. Are there other issues you aren't being honest about?

      Have you been unable to ship because you don't have the money to ship more units?

      Have you been unable to ship because you don't have any units to ship?

    44. Creator Justin Barwick on April 5

      @Justin Baze which someone would label as an attack it was not warranted or called for a re-seller/vendor has nothing to do with this KS they are just that a re-seller/vendor.

      They don't need to be pestered or questioned as to what they are doing or not doing as they are not tied directly to the KS project or GCW as a company other then being a re-seller.

      As for what is happening on Dingoonity might want to read reply I just sent and all the facts.

    45. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on April 5

      Once again, no explanation as to why you refuse to ship the remaining Kickstarter units.

      I didn't attack a reseller. I asked how he felt about making a profit off of these backers that are still waiting for their unit to be shipped which he never replied. He is making a profit while people have paid for their units over 3 years ago and are still waiting.

      You might want to check out the latest Dingoonity post where it shows you lied to one of your customers and sent them a faulty replacement unit. Way to go!

    46. Creator Justin Barwick on April 5

      @David Meggyesy got to the bottom of your console and where it is once we got the unit back I put it on bench to be tested as it had been lost numerous months and wanted to make sure it was OK. the battery was dead but it should have been given a priority to have battery replaced and be shipped out immediately for dropping the ball I apologize. I will get it out this week with a brand new battery installed and fully tested.

      @Justin Baze attacking a re-sellers/vendors via e-mail for selling a product just as you have attacked others in forums etc is not warranted or needed. The GCW Zero has new ports of emulators, games, and applications coming out about every two weeks so to say it is dead is a weird statement.

      Open source development takes time and effort to put down the development team as you have for the past three years and others is what has gotten you banned on numerous occasions from forums. I've also explained to keep GCW viable it is a necessary evil to keep supplying re-sellers/vendors consoles to keep going not a choice I like but one I must do.

      @Daniel You never responded via private message as requested awhile ago in updates to confirm your postal mailing address and that you had not received a unit as I have explained in previous updates with the issues we had with shipping company that was to handle all over seas packages and to private message me if you did not get your pledge reward and current postal mailing address.

    47. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on April 5

      @ Daniel - Here is one of the places where your unit has been sent to,

      Justin Barwick has been able to send 2 shipments of units to them in the last 2 months and they are already expecting to be restocked a 3rd time in mid April. I've emailed Joe at thegww and he didn't bother to respond about how he's making profit off of this Kickstarter project and that there are still backers that have been lied to and have had promises broken time and time again.

      Justin Barwick refuses to give a clear explanation on the reasons behind him not shipping the remaining units. He's unable to ship single units to Kickstarter backers that have paid over 3 years ago yet he is able to send hundreds if not thousands of retail units out to retailers in the last 3 years. Not only that, the GCW Zero is damn near dead. There hasn't been a firmware update for almost 2 years now and there is no word on video out or USB otg. The GCW Zero used to be something exciting but it's old news now and that shows by the lack of posts on the "unofficial" GCW Zero message board Dingoonity. There are still a few very talented developers working on new projects but the GCW Zero is well past it's heyday and because of Justin Barwick, you missed out.

    48. Missing avatar

      Daniel on April 5

      How can you still be shipping out consoles?! Some people got their units late 2013.
      Every update I get from this project is always the same "We'll be shipping the last consoles soon".

      And no, I haven't received any console yet.

    49. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on April 2

      "Just fulfill your obligation, ship the product, and finish this farce. This is ridiculous."

      There has to be more going on here than he has told us. Almost 4 months ago he said that 98.5% of the units had been shipped which is about 23 units. If there were truly only 23 units left, why haven't they been shipped? It seems like it would be pretty easy to ship only 23 units.

      Are you ready to be honest with your backers Justin Barwick? What is going on and why haven't you been able to ship the last 23 units?

    50. Missing avatar

      Erick Brown on April 1

      It's inexcusable and absurd that shipments are STILL incomplete. Nearly 2 years ago, on July 6th, 2014, the "final 14" were being shipped. Just fulfill your obligation, ship the product, and finish this farce. This is ridiculous.

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