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An Open Source Gaming Console 
Built by Gamers for Gamers...
An Open Source Gaming Console Built by Gamers for Gamers...
1,680 backers pledged $238,498 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Philip Weinke about 18 hours ago

      Same here. Received tracking code on April 29th. Asked about the status on June 15th and Justin said that he'll "look into it today". Still no response.

    2. Creator Philipp Riegger about 19 hours ago

      Still waiting for my GCW-Zero. At least a reply to one of my many emails would be nice.

    3. Creator Taran Montaperto 5 days ago

      Still waiting on mine even though I've provided proof of the local postal service confirming it was returned to Justin.
      No communication... Just more waiting...

    4. Creator DVC Ak1rA 6 days ago

      Nothing happened since 29. Apr 2015. No communication. Only excuses and lies.

    5. Creator David Knight on June 24

      @Michael DiGirolamo It's open source, check for updates to the firmware here:
      There's no release milestones list so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    6. Creator chibi-nah on June 23

      Still waiting…

    7. Creator Michael DiGirolamo on June 23

      Is a firmware update coming out soon?

    8. Creator David Knight on June 16

      @Justin Barwick
      Great to hear about the possible improvement to the GPU/VPU.

    9. Creator Justin Baze on June 14

      Hey Craig Strother - You have a PR emergency on your hands.

      Everyone should read this link here to show that the Kickstarter backers are not the only ones that Justin Barwick mistreats......

      I hope that Justin Barwick deals with this soon. There is the potential of having a big lawsuit against him and I would be willing to get that if a lawsuit does happen, GCW would be no longer. None of this would have happened if Justin Barwick was able to stop lying. Did these emails get lost in your spam folder as well?

    10. Creator Jaakko Niemi on June 13

      Still haven't seen reply to my emails sent in around June 5th.

    11. Creator Justin Barwick on June 12

      @Justin McDonald once again my apologizes for not checking the spam folder and seeing your two e-mails. As I said my bad for not checking and I apologize.

    12. Creator Justin Baze on June 12

      I'd like to share a quote about how Zear, one of the top developers for GCW feels about Kickstarter and all of our pledges.

      "How is KickStarter even related to anything but updates about the status of backer pledges?"

      Maybe he should realize that without this Kickstarter, the GCW Zero was dead in the water and all of the hard work he had done would've been all for nothing. You're welcome Zear.

      As for the PR situation, here is what Zear says about that....

      "Website/Facebook/Twitter is where the real updates happen, and we are in control of those sites. If me, Surkow or some other dev gets any update from Justin, be sure we will let everybody know."

    13. Creator Justin McDonald on June 12

      Glad to see Justin Baze is still bravely holding the flame too, the amount of times I've seen you attacked and still standing up for us (at times in particular me) are astounding, I'd love to buy/share a beer with you some day, and Justin Barwick too, the amount of times I've gone a little too far with rants and he's still managed to be civil afterwards, you sir are a gentleman, maybe not so great at organising a Kickstarter campaign (well more the fulfilment side) but clearly a good person at heart..

    14. Creator Justin McDonald on June 12

      Just got an email from Justin Barwick, thanks :-D

      Sorry for venting here too but I'm answering repeat emails every few days and getting more enquiries..
      So much so that for all new enquiries I'm starting to send out copy paste replies now.. Like this

      Hi, I ran out, sent Justin Barwick 8 faulty units to be replaced months ago, he still hasn't posted any replacement units though.. Sorry, soon as I get some I'll email everyone who requested some, and first in first served..

      Basically cause I can no longer expect most would remain seriously interested after not hearing updates back from me when I simply have none to give.. On a brighter note I'm slowly getting better at nappy/diaper changes :-P

    15. Creator Justin Baze on June 12

      Congratulations Justin McDonald on the new addition!

      As for Barwick not responding, that couldn't be true because he's been claiming that he returns emails to everyone that sends him an email. Why would he lie to his backers? :P

    16. Creator Justin McDonald on June 12

      (another typo)

      noticed he's been active and thought well maybe I'll stand more of a straight answer in a public forum?

    17. Creator Justin McDonald on June 12

      Oops, sorry for the typo (written on my tablet)

      ... Should be

      became a father for the first time,

    18. Creator Justin McDonald on June 12

      Hi guys loong time no comment, I didn't want to be negative and have sat on my fingers so to speak, I sent Justin Barwick 8 faulty units that he said he'd send replacement units for "within 24 hours" how many months ago now? In the meantime I've emailed him back and forth, he's become a grandfather and I on the 28th of May became a fan father for the first time, I've also had emails from people hoping to purchase one of the mythical 8 remaining units available to the Australian market, updating them on what I'm told by Justin, well I've had no response to my last 2 enquiries carefully spaced out over weeks to not cause offence and just now thought I'd check out these comments, noticed he's been active and the well maybe I'll stand more of a straight answer in a public forum?

      So please, do you have my replacement units?

      Can you please send them?

      If not please let me know so I can tell my customers

    19. Creator Justin Baze on June 12

      "Please stop attacking people who don't agree with your line of thinking or attacking those people who respond to a question you have asked and they have answered...."

      Here is what PR stands for because you and Craig obviously don't know.....

      Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization) and the public.

      If I could I would highlight "and the public" just for you and Craig.

    20. Creator Justin Barwick on June 12

      @Michael DiGirolamo We have a two new teams members that are joining the team to accelerate progress on several parts of the GCW Zero OS.

      One team member will be working on the HDMI/Analog TV out, USB OTG, and GPU/VPU

      The other team member will be helping with further development of the GPU/VPU.

    21. Creator Justin Barwick on June 12

      @Justin Baze Craig Strother made his acknowledgement that he was still in communication with me an being apprised of things. Peter Thomas asked him to comment on the matter even with no update.

      Please stop attacking people who don't agree with your line of thinking or attacking those people who respond to a question you have asked and they have answered.

      Everyone already knows your feelings on the matters at hand they don't need to be repeated over and over. I apologize to all KS pledges that have not gotten there unit yet and we will be working as quickly as possible to wrap up the final one as I discussed in last comment/update.

    22. Creator Justin Baze on June 12

      @Craig Strother- How can you call yourself the PR for GCW when you don't do ANY public relations? Did you know that PR stands for PUBLIC Relations?

      Also, a while back I asked about you being PR on Dingoonity. Zear, one of the main developers, doesn't recognize you as PR or spokesperson foe GCW. Here is the link :'s-account/msg122931/#msg122931

      So if you are the PR of GCW, why is this Kickstarter board(which you refuse to communicate to) the only place that you are doing your "public relations"?

    23. Creator Craig Strother on June 11

      Hi everyone. As Justin stated, I am and continue to be PR for GCW. With respect to our KS campaign, I've resolved to hold true to my last submitted statement that I'll next post when all KS pledges are fulfilled. The wait is frustrating and I truly hope that day will come soon. I've also refrained from posting about software, apps, etc. out of respect for those Backers still waiting. In the meantime, like Justin Barwick mentioned, I've kept in touch on a regular basis and have taken on other tasks apart from the comments board here. I am looking forward to assuming active duty here on the board as soon as I can. Until then, I'm watching and waiting with the rest of you. Best wishes to all.

    24. Creator Beate Bernhardt on June 11

      @Justin Barwick:

      I also wrote you a few times for adress information and updates.
      I only get one answer in the hole time...
      It is not fair that we wait such a long time without getting any information via pn or email from you. :(

    25. Creator Peter Thomas on June 11

      @ Michael DiGirolamo

      It gets asked quite often on the Dingoo boards. This is the most recent post I can find that includes a dev's response:

    26. Creator Michael DiGirolamo on June 11

      Any know when we get HDMI out?

    27. Creator Erick Brown on June 10

      @Justin Barwick

      "now that I have given the number you['re] pissed?"

      It seemed clear to me that he isn't happy with your lack of progress and/or your potential lies. Believe me, no one is upset about getting information. We don't get enough. We want reasonable progress and clear communication. We've been asking for YEARS.

      "to clear out over 3000+ emails"

      I hope you realize that if you provided communication through regular updates, you wouldn't HAVE 3000+ E-mails. Crazy idea here... but if you'd actually send people what they paid for, you'd have even less.

      "people e-mailed the address change e-mail five and six times"

      You disappear for extremely long periods of time (6+ months). Then, on the rare occasion that you do show up, you use the "invalid address” excuse. You've used that excuse multiple times and you've asked for address updates multiple times. What do you expect people to do when they have no idea what the status is after YEARS of waiting?

      "I do apologize if you feel I ignored you or anyone"

      I appreciate this apology but I want to see real change. I have been begging for more communication, more official updates (without hiding information in comments) for nearly two years now. Many others have done the same for even longer.

    28. Creator Justin Baze on June 9

      I agree with Peter. Also, I don't see where he said he wasn't going to be posting anything else until he is able to announce all KS shipments have been made. His last post does clearly say, "I know little more than the rest of you until I reestablish my regular depth of communication with Justin "

      Justin Barwick is claiming to talk with him weekly or bi-weekly which I would assume would be a "regular depth of communication". What's the hold up then?

      Like I asked, is Craig Strother strictly the Kickstarter PR or is he going to be doing more than just Kickstarter. Like I also stated below, there are multiple people asking where they can buy a new unit on Facebook and they are being ignored. If you want this thing to succeed, COMMUNICATE. That is what PR is supposed to do for you, you said it yourself. If you don't have a straight answer for them, at least address them. That's just good advice that you have been ignoring from me for almost 3 years now. The reason I have been trying to tell you this for years is because you've lacked so much communication AND I want this thing to succeed, believe it or not.

      If Craig is still going to be active in the GCW Zero community, he should be posting something. You can't tell me that in the last 4 months that there hasn't been 1 thing that Craig could've announced. There have been games, ports and emulators released for the GCW Zero. They could easily be discussed here. Instead the last 4 months have mostly been me bitching and everyone else saying, "Still waiting, where is my unit?"

      I would love to see a successor to the GCW Zero but this lacks the business sense to bring the GCW Zero to it's full potential.

    29. Creator Peter Thomas on June 9

      Craig's posted once from Dec 12th to today (6 months). It's hard not to form your own conclusions.

      If he's still actively involved it would be nice to hear from him (even with no update)

    30. Creator Justin Baze on June 8

      "he will not comment or take up PR roles until all Kickstarter units are shipped"

      I don't understand how you can call Craig Strother the PR of GCW Zero when he does absolutely nothing. Right now, there is NO PR. There are people asking where they can buy a GCW Zero on the Facebook page and they aren't getting any answers. Why not? Shouldn't Craig go answer their questions? That is what PR is supposed to do. There has been no activity from GCW on your Facebook for a while.

      Do you really expect to keep this business alive when you won't reply to potential new customers?

      Is Craig only allowed to be PR through the Kickstarter page?

    31. Creator Robin Gfatter on June 8

      Whenever I need a dose of disappointment, I come to this project.

    32. Creator Peter Thomas on June 6

      E.G. For every sale through reseller, issue a refund to remaining backer.

    33. Creator Peter Thomas on June 6

      If the bulk of the very few remaining are due to address issues, custom's etc - perhaps it would just be easier to issue a refund? Presumably they can reorder from a reseller when new stock becomes available (some of which can be refunded unshipped units).

      This isn't a question - just throwing some ideas out there.

    34. Creator Henning Strohschnieder on June 6

      Hey Justin, i havn't got my GCW yet. Thats crazy! When can i expect it?


    35. Creator Justin Barwick on June 5

      Craig Strother has always been the PR since he and I stated he was. He also stated he was not going to comment anymore until he could announce that KS pledges had all been shipped. I don't know where from what I stated below that he was not and has not been the PR person for GCW here on KS?

      You are the one who has demanded exact answers here and via e-mail as to how many units remain now that I have given the number your pissed? I can now give a clear number from replies in my last update as to how many actually remain and need shipped.

      Out of those some are the USPS/Fedex Issue, Rejection by customs or failure to pay customs fee rejection or invalid address all of those are awaiting for them to arrive and reship, and finally others are ones that never shipped or were marked by fulfillment company we used as shipped. The reason I did the update was to clear out over 3000+ emails where people e-mailed the address change e-mail five and six times and I wanted a accurate number.

      Please as always feel free to e-mail me and I will reply as quickly as possible as I have in the past and will continue to do for all those who e-mail me. Some e-mails get bounced back because my mailbox is full or go to spam folder. If that is the case please feel free to PM me here if no reply occurs after 10 days.

      I do apologize if you feel I ignored you or anyone and try my best to reply to all e-mails/concerns and also apologize it has taken so long to complete the shipping of final units.

    36. Creator Justin Baze on June 5

      Back in February you said, "As for a current count about 45 consoles still need to go out". That was almost 4 months ago....

      Now you are saying 50 units have to be sent still? Do you need help counting or what?

      You are correct when saying that Craig Strother said that he would not be making a comment until he has solid information. He did not say that he was waiting to take the PR role of GCW. Back in April 2014, he said "As GCW's new PR representative....". So he wasn't PR then? You approved that update before he posted it and he has also mentioned that he was PR in other posts.

      You say, "He stays up to date on a lot of events that are going on and made aware of changes etc. via our conversations." Why do your backers have to beg for an update yet you will talk to him weekly about "events and changes etc."?

      If we take all of the information you've ever given us, why does most of it turn out to be incorrect?

      I'm really disappointed and pissed off that you misled your backers almost 4 months ago stating that there was 45 to ship when that was clearly untrue. I thought you learned your lesson when you were telling everyone about the "final 14" left to ship

      or how about June 21st 2014, "In less than a month, all remaining Pledge Reward GCW Zeros will be en route to their respective owners."???

      It's time to finish this up. You've given enough excuses and I'm still willing to bet money that you don't have any more units to ship while waiting for most units. Why else would you not ship them? I understand there was some with shipping/delivery issues but come on, you have misled us so many time in the past without apology that this is just inexcusable.

    37. Creator Justin Barwick on June 5

      @Justin Baze

      1. For most part I do not man the Facebook page a couple of employee's and friends make posts on there of new events and ideas. Yes a post was made about relocating the arcade to another location then one of the people who help maintain the page made the suggestion of GoFundme.

      Once I saw the comment and I also saw your post at almost the same time I deleted that comment as it was not discussed with me before posting the comment.

      We didn't really start counting how many customers came into the arcade until a suggestion to make an event was brought up in late November 2014.

      2. The arcade nor any other thing in my personal/business life other than GCW Zero are part of the Kickstarter so I have no clue as to why they are brought up here or you address them. The arcade is not funded nor is it linked to this Kickstarter in any way.

      3. I do communicate directly to people who e-mail me and I replied numerous times to your questions in the last three days via e-mail. There is no update to give other then we are shipping consoles and repairing consoles that have warranty issues and will continue to do so as I stated in the last update and here.

      @Justin Baze and Peter Thomas

      As for Craig we talk on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and he is being a man of his word he made in his last statement which is he will not comment or take up PR roles until all Kickstarter units are shipped. This was brought up once before in January 2015 and was addressed then also. He stays up to date on a lot of events that are going on and made aware of changes etc. via our conversations.

      We are very close to completing the KS units hard number I have is about 50 units need to be shipped. Whether that be waiting for a unit to return from customs rejection/bad address or a dispute between USPS/Fedex dating back to October 2013 to May 2014.

      Both are stating a unit was delivered and neither of them owning up to the failure point as to why the KS backer is stating they never got the unit and where it is. Nor are they willing to provide insurance money to pay for the lost console.

      If nothing is resolved by the time we finish the KS shipments I will eat the cost for both the console, shipping, and ship those units also. No matter what everyone who made a pledge for a console will get a console.

    38. Creator Peter Thomas on June 5

      And even if they had a falling out of some kind, there is nothing preventing Craig from posting a departure announcement of some kind. Very strange indeed.

    39. Creator Peter Thomas on June 5

      @ Justin Baze

      Craig didn't strike me as the kind of person to bail. He was passionate about the device and was a huge supporter of timely, open and honest communication. (So much so he choose to volunteer his time in support of the project). I find his disappearance and lack of comment from Justin on it very odd.

      FYI: I think the customer post was on the Facebook page around April.

    40. Creator Justin Baze on June 5

      I don't recall seeing anything about the 1000th customer but I would imagine it would be hard to only charge $5.00 an hour in an arcade and make any money. I don't have arcades around where I live anymore so the best that I have is a Chuck E Cheese which is actually pretty cool. They have a lot of games and every game costs $.25. My 5 year old daughter and I blow through $20 in 1 hour. If I go to GameWorks further away, I can blow through $20 in no time at all.

      It's not our business decision on how much to charge but I am judgmental because Justin Barwick can post on Facebook and give updates and COMMUNICATE WITH CUSTOMERS, yet with this Kickstarter, he doesn't feel the need to communicate publicly at all. Why is that? Because he already got paid for this Kickstarter years ago and that money is long gone.

      And regarding my previous post, Justin Barwick erased his comment about asking people if they would give money to a GoFundMe page. Personally, I would donate to help because I do think an arcade is cool but at the same time, I would direct people over here to this Kickstarter page to show how he has treated people that have given him large amounts of money.

      So did Craig Strother bail or what?

    41. Creator Peter Thomas on June 5

      @ Justin Baze

      There was a post in April about "approaching" the 1000th customer. Haven't they been open over a year? That's roughly 3 customers per day. Seems like more of a hobby vs a viable business to me. Really makes me wonder how they have manged to stay afloat this long.

    42. Creator Justin Baze on June 2

      Has anyone had any contact from Justin Barwick for a while? He won't reply to my emails. Does everyone want to know what he is up to? Check out his GCW Retro-Cade Facebook page.

      He is considering starting a Go Fund Me page to raise money to help him move his arcade to a new location. Some people should be cut off from crowd funding.

      Come on Justin Barwick.... you have a responsibility to communicate with your backers and once again, you are failing.

    43. Creator Jaakko Niemi on June 2

      Yup, still waiting.

    44. Creator Valerian Robert on May 29

      Still waiting...

    45. Creator Felix Gruber on May 28

      also still waiting...

    46. Creator Dzianis Astapenka on May 25

      Also waiting...

    47. Creator Mauri Rotinen on May 23

      Still waiting...

    48. Creator Justin Baze on May 20

      Congratulations Justin McDonald!

    49. Creator Gordon G. Hall on May 20

      Still Nothing, Nothing!!!!!!

    50. Creator Justin McDonald on May 16

      This reseller is just hoping for his promised replacements to ship, won't be able to order more at the moment, baby is due really soon

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