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An Open Source Gaming Console 
Built by Gamers for Gamers...
An Open Source Gaming Console Built by Gamers for Gamers...
1,680 backers pledged $238,498 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Justin Barwick about 20 hours ago

      1. Shipping is not delayed again and packages and pm to those who need to confirm an address etc are being sent or replied to.

      2. Please leave others such as developers and other backers out of your comments because clearly your dispute is with me not them. As with all sites there are broken links from time to time and they will be resolved.

      3. My statement I made was referring to fact your pledge gifts have been received and you are asking about the status of others as I've said in the past any backer can voice their own opinions and ask questions for themselves they don't need you to do this for them.

      4. As for the buttons/dpad that relates to the smaller ones we had made after the issue arose at beginning of the Kickstarter and as far as I know anyone who did request those did get them shipped to them. The new buttons that are for sale are by a community member and I'm not making any money on them nor did I have direct influence other then testing and trying to make them a reality by helping any way I could.

      As for doing the right thing I am doing it by continuing to ship consoles and complete this Kickstarter the wrong thing would be just to walk away. I'm not chastising you I'm just stating a fact the backers have their own voices and can comment on their own they don't need you to stand up or comment for them on their behalf.

    2. Creator Justin Baze about 22 hours ago

      You have a responsibility to keep all of your backers updated. You haven't answered my question as why shipping has been delayed once again. You set yourself a goal and failed and you wonder why I'm asking questions? Throughout this whole campaign you have lied to your backers. You've gone into hiding like a coward instead of being honest about what's going on.

      How about when you do miss your own shipping goal, you make an official update like you are supposed to do?

      You haven't finished your obligation to me as an early adopter or for this campaign. As an early adopter I am still waiting on my etched glass that you promised to send to all early adopter backers as a way of saying thanks for putting up with your constant lying/delays. Also, you said when you had new buttons made that you would be shipping them out to anyone who requests them. Instead you are selling them through a web site. Lastly, I don't see my name receiving credit on your web site like you are supposed to do.

      Actually, your web site is a bit of a joke. Have your trusty developers/volunteers given up on you? When going to the retailers section there are broken links and plenty of retailers that won't do business with you anymore because you are so shady. It's been like that for months now and nothing has changed. There hasn't been a firmware update since August of 2014. That was about the same time that the last update was made to your site.

      When this Kickstarter project is finally finished there is plenty of information on these pages to show the kind of person you are. You've never cared to do the right thing and just be honest and open.

      Instead you chastise backers like me who've stood up to you and have asked you to do the right thing.

    3. Creator Justin Barwick 1 day ago

      I have responded to anyone messaging me via PM. I've answered your questions more then once in the past about retailers one minute you chastise me for supplying retailers the next for not supplying retailers.

      Justin Baze I have fulfilled my obligation to you as a backer long ago for early adopter and the campaign. As I have stated in the past no one needs you to speak for them they can express their concerns here if need be. So please unless you can state something productive or helpful please refrain from posting here as all you are trying to do is stir discontent.

      Other units have shipped and are shipping to backers and will ship till every backer has gotten their pledge reward.

    4. Creator Justin Baze 1 day ago

      Typical Justin Barwick behavior....... He sets a very realistic goal, doesn't follow through with his goal and then disappears. Really Barwick? Why can't you just be honest and open about what's going on?

      Retailers were also supposed to get their GCW Zeros at the beginning of February and that didn't happen either. has been saying for weeks that they will have stock on February 4th. Their web site has now been updated once again and it now says February 20th.

      How can it be a coincidence that both Kickstarter and a retailer have been delayed with the same time line?

    5. Creator Christophe Remandet 5 days ago

      Shipping sure isn't done yet.
      It has come to a halt on my end... again, not-so-surprisingly before even getting a shipping number

    6. Creator Justin Baze 6 days ago

      Today, February 4th, now say that they should have units next week, February 10th. You must be busy preparing retail units but you still haven't said how you are doing with shipping the remaining Kickstarter units. How is it going? You set a goal of shipping all units by the end of January and now we are past that with no update but retailers are getting information as to when they will receive units. Why can't you treat your backers with the same respect?

    7. Creator Justin Baze 7 days ago

      Well did you finish the shipping as you had planned? On January 6th you said, "I have limited time with priority set forth to ensure completion of shipping."

      You claimed to have around 23 units left to ship in December. If you had shipped 1 a day since January 6th, you would've completed shipping on January 29th. I can't imagine you not having 10 minutes a day to ship 1 unit per day. I see in the past month you've said that there are multiple retailers expecting to receive units. is claiming to have units to sell by February 4th. I hope you are not busy preparing retail units before you finish shipping the Kickstarter units but it wouldn't be the first time that you screwed over your backers by making retailers a priority. I also see that you've been pretty busy at your retro-cade but that's no excuse since you set a goal to ship all units before the end of January. You've had plenty of time to finish shipping.

      What's the status?

    8. Creator Justin Baze on January 31

      Here we are the last day of January. How is the shipping going? Last we heard, over a month ago, the goal was to finish shipping by the end of January.

    9. Creator Justin Barwick on January 30

      @Espresso Like it was shown in video each KS unit was Charged, Flashed, and tested before it was shipped to you so you would have the latest firmware and applications on it.

      I apologize the finger print should have been wiped off by a lint free cloth. I'm glad you got it after it being lost and then found and finally shipped again to arrive safely in your hands finally.

    10. Creator espresso on January 29

      I have received my unit. I was a little puzzled as there were fingerprints on the LCD screen of the unit... is that normal for a unit fresh out of the factory?
      I can't help it but I am under the impression that my unit is actually somehow "used".
      But keep in mind... this is only an impression!

      I am now left with wondering whether I should use the unit or sell it on ebay. After all that has happened I somehow lost my enthusiasm and think the unit would be better off with someone who really appreciates it.

    11. Creator Luca Donaggio on January 27

      Tracking number received, my unit has been shipped!

    12. Creator Justin Baze on January 26

      These shipping issues are all normal shipping issues. You made it sound like there was 1 "issue". You said, " I wanted to resolve the issue before taking risk with more. " I've asked what you are planning on doing different on the new shipments to ensure that they don't have the same "issue" and you don't answer.

      It sounds to me like you are exploiting these shipping issues and using them as an excuse to hold off on shipping any more units. You aren't being honest and open as to why you haven't been able to finish the shipping in the past month. It wouldn't be the first time you've exploited 1 small issue to halt shipping.

      You set a goal of finishing with shipping before the end of January. You said, "I did what I did to ensure no more lost packages occurred " What exactly did you do? It sounds to me like the only thing you did was not ship any more units.

      I don't understand how you say there are about 23 units left to ship and you still haven't shipped them. On December 23rd you said, "It seems it is resolved or will be resolved and we will resume shipping". Then why haven't you resumed shipping? With so few units left to ship, it seems like you would be so anxious to get the rest of the units sent unless there was another issue which you aren't being honest about.

      The remaining backers have sent their address confirmations. You've confirmed that you got them. It really should only take 5-10 minutes to package and label each package. Why haven't they been shipped yet? Are you still planning on finishing with shipping before the end of January? Why should backers have to PM you to ask for you to keep them apprised of the situation? If you can't meet your goal, you should be making an update stating why and when you plan on finishing without anyone asking. This has unnecessarily happened multiple times and if you took this Kickstarter a little more serious, you would acknowledge that and be upfront about the situation.

    13. Creator Justin Barwick on January 26

      Examples of the issue which caused me to halt shipments the last item that was shipped was mid October 2015 the examples are failure to deliver is one another is rejection via customs and also occasionally the USPS just messes up and it ends up in a warehouse for lost packages or gets lost things like this do happen. The comments by backers have proven that this does occur and is being resolved and addressed.

      Philip Weinke and a few others had a package rejected and it took from 9 months to a year to arrive back. These things do happen to packages and I've been in touch with those that were affected about it and the people still that have not received their pledge gift.

    14. Creator Justin Baze on January 26

      Shipping was delayed for a very valid reason which you haven't given. You said there was an "issue" but you refuse to answer what that issue is or was. Not to mention, this "issue" is what has delayed shipping for only 4 months, not the last 3 years. You've proven yourself dishonest and you are more shady than you give yourself credit for. I'm going to retype everything I typed earlier in my comments that were deleted but without a link.

      I told you I'm not going away until all units have shipped regardless if people want to voice their own opinion or not. You spend more time contacting Kickstarter trying to get my comments removed than you spend time on shipping the remaining units. Way to go Barwick!

    15. Creator Justin Barwick on January 26

      Let me clarify a few things on the unit in question the failure was the silicon underlay that detects pressure to the contacts it failed. He didn't pay for the repair in any way other then shipping as you would do with most things you send in for warranty. Do repairs take time yes they do as we are a small team with one electrical engineer that assist when he can and it was under estimated how long this repair would take.

      As for how it has relevance to the KickStarter I'm unclear as it is not related to shipping of the units or why shipping was delayed. Shipping was delayed for a very valid reason backed up by comments made here by those who were affected by it.

      As I've stated in the past if a person wishes to post a comment with a concern/complaint they are more then welcome to do so they don't need you to be their herald they have their own voices and can express their own concerns/complaints.

    16. Creator Justin Baze on January 26

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    17. Creator Justin Baze on January 26

      Justin Barwick has enough time to ask that my comments be removed from kickstarter but he doesn't make time to send out the remaining units. I showed a post from Dingoonity from someone who sent in their unit last August and Justin Barwick kept lying to him about shipping dates, much as he does here with the remaining Kickstarter units.

      How is your January shipping goal going Justin Barwick? Are you waiting for retail units to come in so you can send the remaining Kickstarter units?

    18. Creator Justin Baze on January 25

      Does that mean you aren't going to be meeting your January shipping goal?

    19. Creator Justin Barwick on January 25

      Michael F was resolved as of today and hopefully once he sees movement he will state so here so will David Meggyesy as of tomorrow. As for the repair unit tekkaman it was shipped today also but it has no relevance being posted here as it does not concern the KickStarter or pledges made to it.

      If someone wants to voice their own opinion or concern here in comments or in another forum they have every right to do so they don't need you to be their herald or defender they can type/speak for themselves.

      I did what I did to ensure no more lost packages occurred if it was one here one there I would have been OK and said this is a fluke occurrence but it wasn't it was six packages that disappeared and I tracked them down or made insurance claims to resolve those. Philip Weinke can attest to such as his was first to disappear it took exactly one year from the packages rejection at his countries customs to arrive back here and then be shipped back but he got his console as promised.

      I've continued no matter what the cost or time to make sure everyone get their console they were promised. Has it taken longer then I wanted hell yes it has and am I sorry for this you are darn right I am sorry and regret it has taken so long to finish this project. I’ve not given up nor do I intend to in any way shape or form until the last person who pledged gets their console.

      I’m working on two fronts one to make sure everyone who made a pledge gets their console that rightfully they deserve but also to keep GCW alive so the community and developers actually have a console to develop for in the present and future.

      It’s not an easy tight rope to walk. I have made great mistakes and I own up to that but I have learned from them also. I’m staying in touch with everyone that private messages me here and keeping them apprised of the situation and acknowledging address changes etc.

    20. Creator Justin Baze on January 25

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    21. Creator Justin Baze on January 25

      5 days to reach the goal of shipping the remaining units by the end of January.

      How is that goal going Justin Barwick?

    22. Creator Michael F on January 25

      For me, no changing until now. :-(

    23. Creator Justin Baze on January 22

      One more week until January is over. Justin Barwick should know now if he will be able to reach his goal of shipping the remaining units before the end of January.

      How is the shipping process going? Hopefully you can take time away from shipping retail units in order to make time to ship units to backers that paid you 3 years ago.

    24. Creator Luca Donaggio on January 21

      Let's hope that all shipping "difficulties" are solved, now that @espresso's package has seen movement.

      Still waiting for a tracking number, though ...

    25. Creator Justin Baze on January 20

      What exactly does it say for movement? Where did it start moving from is what I'm wondering.

      I still think Barwick owes an solid explanation as to what the issues were since it has held up shipping for over 4 months.

    26. Creator espresso on January 20

      There's movement. Package seems to be on its way.
      I'll keep you posted.

    27. Creator Justin Baze on January 19

      Justin Barwick hasn't had time to ship the remaining "23" consoles but he has enough time to secure a deal to sell more retail units.

    28. Creator Justin Baze on January 16

      @ Justin Barwick - You say that you haven't been shipping units for over 4 months because there were 6 units that have had no movement. There was some sort of issue that needed to get figured out and be rectified before shipping the remaining units. You claimed that you were close to figuring out the issue and you told these 6 people that they should see movement weeks ago. There hasn't been any movement yet and no one has come forward to say they received a new shipping notification.

      I think you have a responsibility to explain what this issue is (or was if you have figured it out) and how you've fixed this issue to ensure that the last (approx.) 23 units won't have their units lost in space.

      This issue has been holding up shipping for 4 months and these people paid you almost 3 years ago. I don't think it's too much to ask for details considering your goal is to ship the rest of the units before the end of January and you haven't had any explanation or any inclination to give any details.

    29. Creator espresso on January 16

      No movement.

    30. Creator Justin Baze on January 15

      @ espresso, Michael F, David Meggyesy - Has anyone seen any movement on their units?

    31. Creator Christophe Remandet on January 12

      Well at least some of you still got the presumed USPS notification. All I got was this "i'll try to get it shipped this week end''

      That was in late November, mind you.

      Talk about an "early shot". I'm starting to feel more like a lambda customer than a backer.

    32. Creator Luca Donaggio on January 12

      I just received an answer to my PM from Justin Barwick!

    33. Creator Guillaume Ayoub on January 12

      Same as Justin, espresso, Luca, Felix, David, etc. No package, no tracking, no message after many PMs and mails.

    34. Creator Justin Baze on January 12

      @ Justin Barwick - You have 4 backers requesting that you reply with a confirmation that you've received their address confirmation. Why do you feel the need to ignore what your backers are asking?

      You've had many communication issues and you've had issues in the past with receiving messages. Wouldn't it be worth 30 seconds of your time to reply to each person? These backers have been waiting for 3 years. If you can't reply to each person, why not have your PR Craig Strother do it?

      Something weird is going on at GCW. There hasn't been stock for many months. Extreme Hardware was supposed to be getting stock a while ago but still hasn't. WillGoo is trying to get units but hasn't been able to "finish a deal" yet. DragonBox says they have about 80 units sitting in their shop but they need to go through every unit and clean them because they are all filthy and they are still having issues with buttons so they don't feel comfortable selling dirty broken units. The GCW Zero web site hasn't been updated for a long time. ThinkGeek and Geeks with Wives are confirmed to no longer be selling the GCW Zero yet they are still on the GCW Zero web site. There hasn't been a firmware update for 16 month. But there are new 3d printed buttons we can buy!

    35. Creator Luca Donaggio on January 12

      Same here: no answer to my PM with shipping address and, obviously, no tracking info.

    36. Creator espresso on January 12

      Just an update: No package, no tracking, no message from Justin Barwick...
      here we go again

    37. Creator Felix Gruber on January 9

      Still waiting since October for a reply to my PMs regarding my address confirmation.
      At least a short reply that you noticed these PMs would be nice.
      I’m starting to wonder if I will ever get my GCW-Zero.

    38. Creator Justin Baze on January 8

      There is no way to reach all backers as a backer. The only way to communicate is through this message board which Justin Barwick asked that, "Instead of posting in comments please send a PM with current postal mailing address. "

      He doesn't want backers posting because then we might learn how many units are left to ship. We would also get to hear how many times other backers have been told their unit would ship and then didn't, multiple times.

      I think the more active this message board is, the better. If you don't have a unit, let your voice be heard here. I don't think it will make Justin Barwick ship units any faster but I think the pressure of having this board blow up is pressure enough to start taking this serious, or at least consider it.

      Is it a coincidence that retailers are out of stock and have been for several months and during this time not 1 backer has received their unit?

      If there REALLY was a shipping issue since August, why wouldn't Barwick just come forward and tell us what the issue was? The "6" backers that have been waiting for movement on their units since August deserve to know what happened and why there was such huge gaps of communication back from Justin Barwick.

    39. Creator espresso on January 8

      Is there a way to reach all backers except here? I am just curious if it's really us 6 like Justin claims or if there's more like us. Scrolling down a bit and counting it seems that there's more like us.

    40. Creator Michael F on January 8

      I have the same problem like espresso.

      USPS says since October 14, 2015: "Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS".
      No changing until now.

      No console, no answers :-(

    41. Creator Justin Baze on January 7

      I know USPS has issues but I don't understand how a package was shipped 4+ months ago and somehow gets lost until Justin Barwick starts looking into it. Wouldn't USPS just return the package to the return address if there were issues? I highly doubt it is sitting somewhere and has been for 4 months and now has somehow reappeared, but maybe?

      2 weeks ago Justin Barwick said, "It seems it is resolved or will be resolved..."

      What exactly is the issue? Justin Barwick says that he has been looking into it for 4 months yet there is no explanation as to what happened. There should be some kind of explanation at least given to espresso and the other 5 backers that have had tracking information for 4 months without movement.

    42. Creator espresso on January 7

      I can only repeat myself time and time again. I have not received any tracking number. I already told you that I received a tracking number once at the end of August from USPS saying "pre-shipment info received". That never changed.
      You always accuse me of making false statements. How about you making false statements?
      You said I should receive tracking by the 6th. Now you say this week.

      Maybe you're right... maybe the email with the tracking got stuck somewhere.
      So what about all the others that are left with no tracking? Have you guys received anything?
      What about the others? Have

    43. Creator Justin Barwick on January 7

      @espresso to clarify your package was shipped and a tracking number was provided as promised. Please don't make a false statement saying you never received one. Yours along with David Meggyesy with 4 others had issues. I have been working to resolve the issue and as I stated in a private message to you if you didn't see movement this week please let me know.

    44. Creator espresso on January 7

      And here we go again.
      In reaction to my last comment I was promised to receive tracking. Nothing received so far.
      I can only quote what I have quoted before:

      "You get an early shot at an awesome gaming console. This level of support or above guarantees you one of our first round of consoles shipped, including all of our current open source games and software, and access to the GCW website for regular software updates and support."

      I was promised to receive my console by the end of September after retailers get restocked.
      Care to elaborate?

    45. Creator David Meggyesy on January 6

      @Justin Barwick: Care to elaborate on the "six in limbo"? What exactly is your definition of "resolved"?
      For example, I haven't received anything yet. I've had no contact other than the vague update on Dec 24th. Tracking is still sitting at: September 2, 2015 - Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS.

    46. Creator Justin Baze on January 6

      It literally only takes a max of 30 seconds to reply to an email. If you've completed 98.5% as you've said, you would only have about 23 units left to ship. At 30 seconds to reply to each email that would be under 12 minutes.

      These backers have been waiting for almost 3 years. You have at least 1 backer asking that you give a simple reply to their email stating that you've received their address. I don't think that's too much to ask. You've been extremely irresponsive with PMs and emails and when something goes bad, there is always a lame excuse. I bet your spam folder is just crazy full, right? ;-)

      No one wants to hear about how busy you are working a day job that pays your bills. These backers worked a day job to be able to send money and in return, "This level of support or above guarantees you one of our first round of consoles shipped". You've had time to deal with vendors and have sold hundreds of units after taking money from these people and forcing them to wait 3 years.

      Do you really not have 30 seconds to reply to each person after all you've put them through?

    47. Creator Justin Barwick on January 6

      My apologies on not responding to PM and emails. I have limited time with priority set forth to ensure completion of shipping as I work a day job that pays my bills. I do see messages with address etc and will respond with tracking once your unit ships as a response and confirmation.

    48. Creator Justin Baze on January 6

      I wish that Justin Barwick could realize that communication makes such a difference. If there are truly only around 23 people left, he should be able to reply to those people to let them know that the address was received and to reassure them of his plans. Communication has never been his specialty nor priority which is unfortunate.

      My fingers are crossed that everyone will have their units shipped out by the end of January...

    49. Creator Luca Donaggio on January 5

      @Justin Baze: I understood all the problems Justin Barwick has had which caused (or, at least, contributed to) this huge delay, I'm not criticizing his behaviour. What I'm criticizing is an almost total lack of communication on his side: I've sent a PM as instructed before Christmas with my postal address (for the Nth time, and it never changed), but I got no replay from him. I was expecting at least an "OK, got it, you're on the list", nothing more!

    50. Creator Justin Baze on January 4

      Try to give Justin Barwick one more chance to do what he says he is going to. His goal is to ship everything out by the end of January. He says he has completed 98.5% which means he has about 23 units left to ship. Shipping anything around Christmas time can give issues so it might be better that nothing was shipped in December.

      I know that his goals in the past have slipped right through but I'm hoping this time is the real deal for everyone still waiting.

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