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An Open Source Gaming Console 
Built by Gamers for Gamers...
An Open Source Gaming Console Built by Gamers for Gamers...
1,680 backers pledged $238,498 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Justin Baze about 2 hours ago

      When do you expect to ship the remaining Kickstarter units?

    2. Creator Justin Barwick about 2 hours ago

      When I posted the link it still stated out of stock at the time, That is great that they are now showing in stock. I don't understand your discontent and anger towards not only me the developers which do this for free for the most part with occasional donations and payments from me or anyone who disagrees with you and it has escalated and de-escalated over time not only here but on the forums.

      Everyone who made a pledge has their own voice and can voice their own opinions and concerns they don't need you to do this for them. Your pledge was fulfilled long ago so was your warranty issues. Why do you feel the need to come here or other forums to stir the pot all the time it does no good for the community that is behind this project.

    3. Creator Justin Baze about 3 hours ago

      Actually the page you posted says in stock!

      As for KS shipping, I didn't ask if you were still shipping units. I asked if all units were shipped. If all the units are not shipped as of now, when will they be?

      There is concern and discontent warranted because you said, "We are still shipping units and warrantied units and plan to be completed as I said in last update before or right at the time all retailers are restocked."

      You clearly said,"right at the time". That time is now.

    4. Creator Justin Barwick about 3 hours ago

      @Justin Baze
      That's great news just did a search of ThinkGeek Website doesn't come up in search and actual page says out of stock… Last I heard from them they had received the stock last week and would get it process in warehouse then list it for sale as soon as they did.

      As for KS shipping it is continuing and people are getting tracking numbers all the time some choose to come and post about it others do not. I also stated completion would be around the time stock was going to vendors. As I have asked in the past please quit trying to stir the pot or cause concern or discontent where it is not warranted.

      As you can see right below your current post two more just got their units and so have others in the last few days and weeks.

    5. Creator Justin Baze about 4 hours ago

      ThinkGeek just emailed me and said they have units in stock.

      Are all Kickstarter orders shipped like you told us they would be?

    6. Creator Ruben de la Torre 6 days ago

      Yep also huge thanks from me for the proper customs declaration. Saved me 25€ and a 55Km ride!

    7. Creator DVC Ak1rA 6 days ago

      Got my tracking code Aug15 and recieved the package yesterday. Thanks for the customs declaration!

    8. Creator Justin Barwick on August 26

      @Justin Baze

      1. By privacy laws alone there would be no way I could provide proof that all units have or haven't shipped. Furthermore, as has been pointed out on previous occasions, you are not involved in any of GCW's daily operations and have no knowledge of what has or hasn't transpired on any given day. Without that knowledge, you're in no position to make claims of what is "true" or factual regarding GCW's business operations. Such statements are pure speculation and serve only to confuse, not to help.

      2. As for your claim that all vendors have been stocked, that is not the case. Think Geek hasn't received their inventory yet. Their shipment is currently en route- not stocked. I also stated in the past that KS fulfillment would be completed on or around the time all vendors were being stocked. We are still shipping units. About 4 days ago one of our Backers posted a comment here stating they got their tracking number and soon they should have the actual console.

      3. Please stop trying to cause drama and cease making false accusations without proof. I’m sure you could use your time more constructively towards helping support the GCW Zero owner/developer community? Such positive efforts would also benefit our KS Backers who are still waiting for their consoles by helping make the platform even better and more exciting for them on the day their Zeros arrive. Continuing to make further unfounded accusations or conspiracy theories helps no one in any way. So please do something positive for the community or refrain from making comments at all unless you have verifiable proof to back your comments.

    9. Creator Justin Baze on August 25

      Why haven't all of the Kickstarter units shipped yet? Retailers are stocked.

      I am going to post this every single day until ALL Kickstarter units are shipped and proven to be shipped. Justin Barwick is a liar.

    10. Creator David Meggyesy on August 20

      May 8th from Justin: "Your package should go out Saturday or Monday"
      August 20th. No tracking, No reply, No updates.

    11. Creator Beate Bernhardt on August 19

      Got my USPS tracking!! Yes! Looking forward to have this in my hands!! :)

    12. Creator Justin Barwick on August 17

      @Justin Baze Not all retailers are stocked nor do you have direct knowledge of daily goings on at GCW HQ and as you can see right below your post Ruben stated he got his tracking number I would consider that is proof units are indeed shipping. As I have stated in the past not everyone is verbal or posts in the comments section.

      I have provided abundant proof to those who need to know the daily goings on over and over and there was never a doubt we would have stock it was just a matter of when hence the reason for no updates as we where awaiting the batch to be completed and shipped here then to vendors before announcement was made that is not an uncommon practice.

      You have taken to chastising me here for supplying vendors units and the complete opposite on Dingoonity asking why haven't there been updates and when will they be stocked.

      As for all developers they are open source developers that choose to develop for the GCW Zero as many open source developers have. Zear is part of the core team that made the GCW Zero a reality.

      You asked the same questions over and over on the forums and the complete opposite in others there for you were banned for you repeated actions/violations of the forums rules nothing more nothing less to state other wise and try to drag any forum admin into this is ludicrous and wrong. I have paid a lot of open source developers for there efforts towards making the GCW Zero better or given developers units as a gift with no stipulation that they have to develop for it. This does not make them a employee in any form or fashion.

      Unless you have proof factual proof please quit making slanderous remarks and attacking everyone that doesn't agree with your line of thinking. So I ask once again do something constructive for the community that surrounds the GCW or refrain from making unfounded comments with no factual proof as you are not, nor have you been involved in the daily operations.

    13. Creator Justin Baze on August 17

      When you tell your backers that all Kickstarter units will be shipped by the time or right at the time the retailers get stocked, that makes it directly related to this Kickstarter.

      Once again, you didn't come through on your word so why aren't you giving an updated timeline on when the Kickstarter units will be shipped? Retailers are getting stocked and you haven't fulfilled your end to your Kickstarter backers.

      Yes, I was banned from Dingoonity by your paid employee Zear for asking why the GCW Zero web site and the Facebook haven't been updated with new retail stock information. The reason why they won't post new information is because they know you can't be trusted and instead of taking your word, they wait until the retailer ACTUALLY has stock because you've lied so many times in the past to everyone involved in this project.

      When are all of the Kickstarter units going to ship?

    14. Creator Ruben de la Torre on August 16

      I got my UPS tracking - hooray!
      Can't wait to tinker with it and make some apps for it :)

    15. Creator Justin McDonald on August 15

      yep, waiting on Australian Customs right now.. hoping they get through, have already sent them the email with the original receipt number for the customs payment..

    16. Creator DVC Ak1rA on August 15

      Over one year ago,...

      Status Update July 6th, 2014

      Hey guys, after shipping out most of the "final 14" confirmed units this week before the post office closed for the holiday, we're now headed into our final projected week in which we expect all shipping to be completed.

      All appears on track to meet this date, give or take a couple of days if absolutely necessary as we're still finishing the vetting of confirmation emails.

      On that note, I can't stress enough that no one, absolutely no one need worry about being forgotten, ignored or "slipping between the cracks". A number of you have asked for personal confirmation of being (rightfully) listed among the remaining Backers with console shipment pending.

      We'd love to do that but for the greater good have chosen to maintain our focus on the ongoing shipping process as the matter of greatest importance. Please bear with us on this decision, at the end of the day your console's delivery ASAP trumps all other expenditures of effort and productivity. We've poured enough resources into making this happen and resolving unforeseen crisis at the expense of reduced profits. That's a sacrifice we're willing to make to fulfill all your pledges with the utmost commitment.

      I can assure all who have sent us their address confirmation submissions to the email account we created for that sole purpose that you are present and accounted for on our fulfillment list. Unless your email submission is returned to you as "undelivered" immediately after being sent, then we have received it and that means we've got you covered. Guaranteed. We haven't provided individual response emails due to the extra time that would require, resulting in delayed shipping.

      I think we can all agree that getting your Zero into your hands as quickly as possible is the highest priority. It certainly is on our end. You've waited long enough to enjoy the console you pledged to receive and we'd hate to make you wait even longer for the sake of individual confirmations! If you haven't received your shipping notification yet, it's not because you slipped off any list or spreadsheet. It just means your console's shipment is still pending.

      As mentioned in prior updates and comments, through the address confirmation emails we received, we unexpectedly discovered more units remained to be shipped in addition to the previously stated "confirmed" numbers. These additional consoles are being checked, processed and shipped while we go through the emails so we can't precisely state their numbers until all emails are reviewed.

      That's why we're refraining from adding them to the "final confirmed" count. It can change by a unit or two on any given day depending on the emails reviewed so posting the additional numbers would be more confusing than helpful. That said, fulfilling all pledges right around our target-timeframe is on track because these additional numbers are low enough, so no worries!

      Whether you're among the "final" confirmed pledges tallied in Updates or among the pledges we're now confirming were falsely declared "shipped" by the fulfillment company we fired for misconduct, your GCW Zero will be mailed out to you well before July draws to a close. Crossing that finish line will be a great moment for everyone who supported and believed in this project, enduring the stumbles, delays, frustrations and many, many months of waiting to finally reach this goal. Backers, you guys have displayed the patience of a saint and we humbly thank you with all our hearts. You guys are awesome.

      There will be no Backer left behind, that's a promise.

      Really looking forward to sharing the next Update! It will announce full completion of console shipment within the next 7-10 days (again, I've added a few extra days for wiggle-room just to keep the bases covered while we finish reviewing emails). I've been confidently assured of this and am comfortable in officially confirming it. I really want to see you all enjoying the Zeros you pledged for so long ago- you deserve it.

      Thanks to all for enduring the imperfections and we're truly happy knowing all KS Zeros will be on their way to our remaining Backers in a matter of days.

      Best wishes as always,

    17. Creator Justin Barwick on August 14

      I have clarified the price by just going to the website he has included a Class 10 MicroSD 16GB card with adapter as a bundle and given free shipping for $175.00

      The 128GB version is the same thing but with a Class 10 128GB Card with adapter for the external memory slot.

    18. Creator Justin Barwick on August 14

      @Justin Baze Please unless it is related directly to the KickStarter there is no reason to post about it here. On other forums you posted why wasn't I getting consoles to retailers and why wasn't I letting customers know when they could get one. You play both sides of the coin just to cause drama and discontent. In some cases that has gotten you banned from certain forums.

      I will make some links to actual forum posts once again please quit trying to cause drama and bring in other things not even related to this KickStarter.

      Not that it matters but the whole iControlPad 2 - The open source controller fiasco was made by CraigX of iControlPad not Mark as Craig never created it as promised and filed bankruptcy and left Mark as the scapegoat to deal with the aftermath but that is neither here or there and has no place in these comments.

      As for his pricing we give every retailer a MSRP of $139.99 to $169.99 other retailers have sold as high as $190.00 plus shipping it is their choice at the end of the day what they choose to charge.

      Here are forum post links:

    19. Creator Justin Barwick on August 14

      I did not create a new version if it has 128gb that would be his creation and his creation alone. As for how a retailer runs his business as long as it does not hurt a customer it is his choice.

      As my last reply just yesterday they are and people will show up or not show up on the forums or comments section and post about it.

    20. Creator Justin Baze on August 14

      Also, to make matters even worse, has jacked his pricing up again because of the shortage of retail units!

      So now Barwick and are profiting from this unfinished Kickstarter. That doesn't sound fair to me and I'm sure to the rest of the backers still waiting.

      Let's not forget that is Mark Linkhorst which is the creater of the Kickscammer Project,

      So many people have profited off of this Kickstarter but it's really sick to see Barwick hooking his crooked friends up for profits when Barwick is not doing what he has promised for the umpteenth time.

      No more excuses!

      Why is it taking you so long to send out so few units but you have time to help your friends make a quick buck? Your backers deserve answers!

    21. Creator Justin Baze on August 14

      Looks like ithic has white units for sale now and also 128gb version of the GCW Zero. Other retailers are receiving units as well.

      When are all Kickstarter units going to be shipped? You've obviously been able to coordinate selling units to all of these retailers and creating a new version of the GCW by adding memory, why haven't all of the Kickstarter units been shipped like you told us they would be?

    22. Creator Justin Baze on August 13

      When do you expect to finish with the KS shipping?

    23. Creator Justin Barwick on August 13

      As you saw from an update by KS comment warrantied units have been shipped and are being shipped. Justin McDonalds units have been shipped all be it last 5 days in Sydney Customs. Also KS units are being re-flashed tested and shipped.

    24. Creator Justin Baze on August 13

      @ Justin Barwick - Are all Kickstarter units shipped yet? has been preselling units and they are expecting to ship this week(the 2nd week of August)

      Now I see Extreme Hardware in the UK is selling units on eBay -…

      You told us all Kickstarter and warrantied units would be shipped before or right at the time all retailers are stocked. It looks like that time is right now so can we have an update?

    25. Creator Beate Bernhardt on August 11

      i really want my console...i wrote emails and pm.. justin you answered a few but still no shipping confirmation or anything.. :/ so bad!!

    26. Creator Justin Baze on August 7 says they will be able to ship new units next week which they are taking preorders for now. Does that mean that all kickstarter units have shipped?

    27. Creator Justin Baze on August 5

      The arcade idea is good but it limits people like you and I to donate money. Qbertaddict needs to set up a crowd funding site or something.....

    28. Creator Justin McDonald on August 5

      perhaps a fundraiser event at your arcade?
      (set for a day that normally wouldn't be busy so as to not affect your business adversely)

    29. Creator Justin McDonald on August 4

      as would I, I personally think he should start a new series of videos and ask for donations, shouldn't have to sell his collection, use them in videos instead,

    30. Creator Justin Baze on August 3

      @Justin Barwick - Maybe a donation page would be a good idea. I would donate some money to him.

    31. Creator Justin Barwick on August 2

      Yes Qbertaddict was the first to show off everything the GCW Zero could do. We pray for a quick and full recovery for him. We plan to send him some consoles once we get our stock to assist him with his bills.

    32. Creator Justin Baze on August 2

      qbertaddict played a crucial part in making the GCW Zero what it is today. He is sick and is selling some of his handheld collection. Here is a link on Dingoonity if anyone is interested.

    33. Creator Brad Haughn on July 31

      Looking forward to getting my warrantied unit soon then. Thanks Justin. Been using my brother's unit meanwhile as his is working and he doesn't have time to use it at the moment.

    34. Creator Justin Baze on July 29

      To add to what Justin Barwick said, the last I heard from retailers, they were estimating to get new units around mid-late August. I don't know if that still holds true but it would be nice if Justin Barwick would give us REAL information instead of referring to an update that he never gave here on Kickstarter.

      If you're still waiting for a unit, I would post a message here on this message board every day until your unit has shipped. The last official update was from 3 months ago and it said he was trying to wrap up the Kickstarter pledges then. It shouldn't take 3 months to ship out a very small number of units unless there are other issues that he hasn't been honest about.

      And there is NO EXCUSE for not replying to PMs or emails.

    35. Creator Mauri Rotinen on July 29


    36. Creator Justin Baze on July 29

      There was never an update here on Kickstarter that said all KS units would be shipped "before or right at the time all retailers are restocked."

      I'm sure your Kickstarter backers would appreciate that information in an official update.

    37. Creator espresso on July 29

      Please don't get me wrong but why will my unit be sent to me after ALL retailers are restocked?
      On the campaign page my level of support was described as, I quote "This level of support or above guarantees you one of our first round of consoles shipped, ..."

    38. Creator Justin Barwick on July 29

      We are still shipping units and warrantied units and plan to be completed as I said in last update before or right at the time all retailers are restocked.

    39. Creator espresso on July 29

      After sending several emails to GCW I still haven't received my console, nor have I received an answer
      I backed 155.- USD and the backing level description told me that I would be included in one of the first rounds of consoles shipped.
      After 2 and almost a half years I now request an official statement regarding this issue.

    40. Creator Ruben de la Torre on July 26

      I just liked to report that I still have heard nothing. I also get no responses via PMs from Justin. I hope I will hold the GCW one day in my hands.

    41. Creator Stephen Sandford on July 21

      @Justin Barwick
      Thanks for getting back to me and addressing this so quickly.

    42. Creator Stephen Sandford on July 21

      Got excited when I received the "Verify mailing address" email a couple of months back. Now I'm quickly approaching the 1 year anniversary of sending my unit in for repair and getting depressed again. :'(

    43. Creator David Meggyesy on July 16

      May 8th from Justin: "Your package should go out Saturday or Monday"
      June 17th. No tracking details, no package, no reply to follow ups.
      @Justin Barwick Still alive in there?

    44. Creator Valerian Robert on July 7

      Never received a tracking code or a reply to my emails sent around may 12th...

    45. Creator Philip Weinke on July 2

      Same here. Received tracking code on April 29th. Asked about the status on June 15th and Justin said that he'll "look into it today". Still no response.

    46. Creator Philipp Riegger on July 2

      Still waiting for my GCW-Zero. At least a reply to one of my many emails would be nice.

    47. Creator Taran Montaperto on June 28

      Still waiting on mine even though I've provided proof of the local postal service confirming it was returned to Justin.
      No communication... Just more waiting...

    48. Creator DVC Ak1rA on June 27

      Nothing happened since 29. Apr 2015. No communication. Only excuses and lies.

    49. Creator David Knight on June 24

      @Michael DiGirolamo It's open source, check for updates to the firmware here:
      There's no release milestones list so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

    50. Creator chibi-nah on June 23

      Still waiting…

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