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An Open Source Gaming Console Built by Gamers for Gamers...
Created by

Justin Barwick

1,680 backers pledged $238,498 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Dzianis Astapenka about 10 hours ago

      Also waiting...

    2. Creator Mauri Rotinen 2 days ago

      Still waiting...

    3. Creator Justin Baze 5 days ago

      Congratulations Justin McDonald!

    4. Creator Gordon G. Hall 5 days ago

      Still Nothing, Nothing!!!!!!

    5. Creator Justin McDonald on May 16

      This reseller is just hoping for his promised replacements to ship, won't be able to order more at the moment, baby is due really soon

    6. Creator Justin Baze on May 13

      Resellers are expecting stock towards the end of May / start of June.

    7. Creator Macarthur Inbody on May 13

      What'sgoing on here why are all of the resellers showing out of stock? oes this mean that the gcw-1 is going to come out very soon?

    8. Creator Philip Weinke on May 13

      Got my tracking code on April 29th.
      The status hasn't changed from "PRE-SHIPMENT INFO SENT TO USPS" though.

    9. Creator Justin Baze on May 12

      Has anyone received a shipping notice in the last 2 months?

    10. Creator Todd Bradbury on May 12

      Havnt recieved any of the additional things that was meant to be delivered with the special edition more expensive one. No idea if any one else has.

      Doesnt overly matter though since my Gcwzero has been broken for a year now, dpad went only solution was to send it back but that could take forever looked around but no one can fix it in Uk so rip gcwzero :( Oh and the usb connector for it broke just doesnt charge or transfer data on pc anymore with it so its dead, so sad.

    11. Creator Florian Wieser on May 8

      @Beate Bernhardt: Gogo, get your gcw so we can finally play together :)
      @Justin Barwick: check out beates information please, we backed together, I got my gcw but she never received hers! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask

    12. Creator Justin Baze on May 8

      Justin Barwick hasn't logged in since April 28th. Has anyone received a shipping notification in the last 2 months?

    13. Creator Beate Bernhardt on May 7

      @ Justin i already wrote you a pm, an email and so on.. never received any information.
      Last and first pm you answered was back in august 2013! you have all information you need from me! please send my gcw!

    14. Creator Justin Baze on May 7

      @ David Meggyesy
      @ Ruben de la Torre
      @ David Guerrero

      Have any of you received any information on when your units might ship?

    15. Creator David Meggyesy on May 4

      @Justin Barwick Emailed that address twice with current postal address. Once at your prompting in February and again a few days ago. No confirmation received. No console received either.

    16. Creator Ruben de la Torre on May 3

      @Justin Baze
      I am still waiting and did my Address confirmation already years ago.

    17. Creator David Guerrero on May 1

      No tracking number yet

    18. Creator Antonio Sánchez Llinares on April 29

      I'm waiting the handheld yet... no tracking number and not info about it :(
      I'm writing to

    19. Creator Gordon G. Hall on April 28

      Address has not changed, nor has the email address.

    20. Creator Justin Barwick on April 28

      If for someone has not received their console or an e-mail for confirmation of current address or a tracking number but never received package due to customs rejection or just not receiving it please e-mail

      We are trying to resolve any and all issues whether it be tracking the packaging and finding out what the issue is or mailing a console out console once we receive it back due to inaccurate address or rejection by customs. If you have an issue please e-mail me at so we can get all issues resolved.

    21. Creator Justin Baze on April 28

      Justin Barwick is stating that he has shipped every Kickstarter unit that he can right now. The only people that are waiting for a unit are people that need to confirm their address or people that had issues with their shipments(lost or returned for some reason).

      Is there anyone waiting for their unit to be shipped?

    22. Creator Justin Baze on April 28

      Can anyone confirm that they've received their GCW Zero since the first week of April? Has anyone received a shipping notification in the last month?

    23. Creator Justin Baze on April 26

      I have a question.... When ThinkGeek ran out of stock I signed up to receive an email when it was back in stock. I just received an email tonight and it says,
      You had previously requested to be informed when the product below
      returned in stock at ThinkGeek. Unfortunately, new stock has not
      arrived and we have decided instead to discontinue the product.
      We apologize for the inconvenience."

      What does this mean for the GCW Zero?

    24. Creator Justin Baze on April 26

      I believe you said you were having new D-pads and button made a long long time ago. Did that not happen?

      Because the new improved D-pad is still being tested, I am assuming that it wasn't used in the newest version of retail units. Would it be wise to just wait on purchasing a new unit until this new D-pad is installed by the factory?

    25. Creator Justin Barwick on April 22

      @Philip Weinke
      I remember contacting Philip I had to recieved his console back and would ship it the following week now. I apologize Philip I dropped the ball on getting it back out with trying to fulfill units and dealing with returned packages etc you were not taken care of but I will resolve matter ASAP.


      1. Any business in order to survive must find vendors and supply chains to keep the business going that is just the nature of things. Look at Ouya and pebble and a lot of other projects that had deals with retailors and vendors before they fulfilled all kickstarter pledges. Do I agree with this not at all but in order to keep the GCW alive it was a nesscary evil.

      3. You have made numerous unfounded accussations and right out slander against me since before this campaign even started. If I was not attempting to complete this Kickstarter and make good on promises I would not have continued to ship consoles and would have just walked away.

      Please stop making accusations and guesses as to what is going on. Your pledge was filled long ago and I have to focus on the end goal which is to get consoles out and then work on making this the best console ever for those that own one and those that will own one.

      If you have a warranty issue or suggestions for the console I would be more then willing to listen to any suggestions you have.

    26. Creator Justin Baze on April 22

      Philip, I can answer the question for you. Justin Barwick doesn't have respect for the people that give him money. You're not the only one that he has done this too and you are not the last. Instead of shipping out consoles that were bought years ago, he was busy making deals with retailers to get more money. Not only that, he's been busy fulfilling Geeks with Wives orders. If you want to know where your GCW Zero is, ask Geeks with Wives because they've sold many units since August and Justin Barwick has handled shipping them out.

      A pathological liar is someone who tells lies habitually, chronically and compulsively. Sound like someone we all know?

    27. Creator Philip Weinke on April 21

      @Justin Barwick, my console has been returned to you back in August last year as it has been rejected by customs due to missing papers. You told me that you would reflash it and send it back on the next saturday with the CE badge and all the paperwork required to pass the customs. I haven't heard anything from you since then. When will you ship it eventually?

    28. Creator Justin Barwick on April 20

      @Erick Brown I did not critique a backer questioning shipping status. I stated that just because no one has come on comments section the last 45 days and stated they received their console does not equate that consoles have not and are not shipping as was stated in the comment above.

      I also stated that questions only related to development of the OS or enhancements to hardware or fulfillment of this Kickstarter would be answered. As stated we are shipping consoles and will ship till all are fulfilled on some I'm awaiting updated address or awaiting for package to return as that country rejected the package.

      I will reship it once received with any paperwork requested by that country if they give a reason for rejection other than customs fees were not paid. Those that gave updated addresses are shipping and will continue to ship.

    29. Creator Erick Brown on April 20

      @Justin Barwick

      You're not in a position to critique backers questioning shipping status. We were promised a full update more than half a year ago on October 8th, 2014. Where is that update??

    30. Creator Justin Barwick on April 20

      @Justin Baze Yes consoles have shipped in the last 45 days some shipped Saturday. Just because someone does not come on KickStarter and announce they received their console does not equate that consoles have not shipped and are not shipping.

      Matters not related to development of the OS or enhancements to hardware or fulfillment of this Kickstarter such as company dealings with other companies or vendors will not be discussed here as they are business matters.

    31. Creator Justin Baze on April 20

      Have you shipped any Kickstarter units in the last 45 days? How many Geeks with Wives units have you sent in the last 45 days?

    32. Creator benstarter on April 20

      Excellent news. Thanks a lot, Justin, for your quick reply.

    33. Creator Justin Barwick on April 20

      @benstarter 1. Yes we are still working toward implementing promised features at a slower pace but yes I will be funding and have funded the devs with small stimpents for all the hard great work they do and will continue to do so. I'm still seeking a specialist for the USB portion to finish the beta driver we have for USB OTG and HDMI driver.

      2. The official D-PAD is almost done and in testing refinement phase and we will announce it once it is perfected completely.

    34. Creator benstarter on April 20

      Can we please return to more productive topics on this forum? I think at this point we can assume that Justin Barwick is doing his best to keep shipping devices alongside his full-time job and struggling with his personal issues; although I realize that this will not be good enough for all those backers that have been waiting for more than two years(!) now. So here are two questions to which I would appreciate an answer: (1) Will there be funding for the developers to finally implement all promised features in the firmware? (2) Will there be an official D-pad replacement that backers/customers can order?

    35. Creator Justin Baze on April 18

      Here's an interesting find... was a reseller of units and was one of the first to invest in the GCW Zero. Here is a post that they made from last month,

      "Well, I'm trying to get more GCWs since November, but sadly, Justin handles that very similar to the Kickstarter: Promises, excuses, nothing happened.
      Apparently, my units have been shipped a few times already, but they seem to vanish somewhere all the time... "

      Justin Barwick, why do you have to constantly lie to the people that support you?

      Why haven't any units shipped in the last 45 days? What is really going on?

    36. Creator Justin Baze on April 16

      It still appears that no units have shipped within the last month and a half. Why?

      Justin Barwick is making time to send out individual units to Geeks with Wives customers. Why isn't he shipping the rest of the Kickstarter units?

      Hey Craig, feel free to give us the information you promised us when you took the PR job.

    37. Creator Daniel on April 15

      Ohh I had totally forgotten about this.
      But yeah... Haven't gotten any console either.

    38. Creator Stephen Sandford on April 14

      @Justin Barwick
      I've been sending you private messages through Kickstarter but haven't received a reply from you for several months. Can you please let me know you might have my non-functional GCW Zero repaired and returned to me?

    39. Creator Justin Baze on April 12

      Thanks for pointing that out. Although, I never saw you posting anything when Justin Barwick missed ALL of his deadlines. I think you're the only one left on Team Barwick.

    40. Creator Alan Clarkson-Dodds on April 12

      You've missed a couple of days Yertle. I thought you had committed to asking questions *every* *single* *day*?

      C'mon man, if you promise your backers you have to deliver. Stop slacking off!

    41. Creator Justin Baze on April 10

      Why is it taking so long to ship so few units Justin Barwick? You make time to ship individual units for Geeks with Wives customers. How many units have they sold in the last few months? Have you sent more Kickstarter units or more Geeks with Wives units? I think these are all fair questions.

      I'll just keep asking questions every single day until we get solid answers with some proof. It's been over 2 weeks since someone has came forward and said that they received their GCW Zero. Have any units been shipped in the last month?

    42. Creator Vinh Lam on April 9

      Still waiting...

    43. Creator Justin Baze on April 9

      Why haven't any units shipped within the last month?

      As Justin Barwick pointed out, the last time someone reported that they received their unit was March 25th. That means it was shipped a few weeks before that date which I believe was the last time any shipments have gone out.

      Is it really a coincidence that retailers are out of stock and we haven't heard anyone say that received a shipping notice within the last month? In the last month we've had quite a few people state that they are still waiting.....

    44. Creator Justin Baze on April 8

      You are not answering my question so stop trying to FAKE an answer.

      Have any units shipped within in the last 30 days?

      I'm not chastising you for there not being stock for vendors. I am showing that there is no stock at vendors which probably means you don't have any more units to send out.

      You are sending out the sales from Geeks with Wives, right? They take the order and you send out each individual unit, right? So why would you be sending out individual units for a retailer but not sending out Kickstarter units?

      Do any other backers have a problem with the Geeks with Wives situation?

    45. Creator Justin Barwick on April 8

      @Justin Baze numerous people have stated the got there console on March 25th SoFox stated he got his console and that is just one. As for stock I have enough to complete shipping the last of the consoles for KS as stated in my last update here in the comments on March 31st.

      As for retailers we still run small batches at the factory another 1000 units are in final stages of completion. Please once again quit making accusation's and speculations of matters you have no knowledge of and are not involved in. As I stated March 31st also As for stocking of vendors one moment you bash me for supplying vendors with stock and the next you chastise me for their not being stock at vendors.

      I'm addressing your question and have addressed your last questions also therefore there was no need for Criag Strother to address them as I already have addressed them.

    46. Creator Justin Baze on April 8

      We haven't heard of anyone receiving a shipping notification for about a month now. Have any units shipped in the last 30 days?

      Coincidentally Geeks with Wives has been out of GCW Zeros for about the same time. Geeks with Wives is a retailer but they are not actually handling any units. They take the orders and then the units get sent from GCW headquarters. It's not fair that Justin Barwick is resupplying retailers let alone shipping individual units out for this certain retailer.

      I do believe that everyone will receive a GCW Zero but I have a feeling that Barwick isn't being honest about what is really going on. I would bet that there are no more GCW Zeros to ship because he has sold all the stock he has through retailers.

      Where is Craig Strother when you need him?

    47. Creator Marion Brennan on April 7

      Still waiting. Sent the address confirmation email back in June and haven't heard from the GCW team since.

    48. Creator Gordon G. Hall on April 7

      Still waiting also.

    49. Creator Philip Weinke on April 7

      Still waiting...

    50. Creator chibi-nah on April 3

      Still waiting…

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