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An Open Source Gaming Console 
Built by Gamers for Gamers...
An Open Source Gaming Console Built by Gamers for Gamers...
1,680 backers pledged $238,498 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Michael DiGirolamo 2 days ago

      *Popcorn munching intensifies*

    2. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on March 14

      I disagree with your definition of a scam. You guaranteed these backers one of the first rounds of shipping consoles and that is not true. Also, you never added everyone's name on your web site so you haven't fulfilled your obligation to me. Not to mention you promised to ship out an etched glass to all Special Edition orders but you either often forget what you promise or you are just straight up lying.(call it what you want)

      I have every right to contact any one I feel necessary. GCW has an open line of communication with retailers but you choose to ignore your Kickstarter backers. That is a scam because you are making money off of these backers that have already paid for their "guaranteed first round shipped" unit.

      Do you really think it is fair that a retailer knows when to expect his units but these backers don't have any communication whatsoever? It's not fair no matter which way anyone looks at it.

      I'm still planning on submitting this project to Kickscammed and I would encourage anyone and everyone to submit comments to it. You constantly accuse me of making up lies but there is plenty of proof of you lying multiple times to backers, retailers, PR and developers so get off your high horse. I promised you that I will follow this Kickstarter project through until you finish shipping ALL consoles. It's been 4 long years and you've ran out of excuses. Instead of lying or giving excuses now you just feed lines like, "we will get the matter resolved as quickly as possible." Lies, Lies and more Lies.

      How about instead of shipping units to retailers that you finish your obligations to your Kickstarter backers that paid over 4 years ago?

      You've only made a comment because I've been messaging Dream Esper and your son. Otherwise you'd still be hiding in the hole you've dug yourself. You don't like my methods but they are efficient unlike what you do which is just hide in your hole until you feel it necessary to attack me rather than communicate with the backers that are still waiting. Some people don't appreciate my methods either but there are some that do whether you want to acknowledge this FACT or not.

      Here is a list of backers still waiting for their units because I know you are so unorganized and really don't care to keep a running list of backers still waiting....
      Antonio Sañchez Llinares
      englebert nicolas
      Luiz Lugato
      Niklas Freybier (2 units)
      Christophe Remandet
      Kai Bavendiek
      VERES Jérôme
      Timo Eggers
      Andrew Moeren
      Andreas Maier
      Andrea Boscato
      Sky Dreamer
      Gordon G. Hall

    3. Justin Barwick Creator on March 14

      @Justin Baze your message was sent yesterday and addressed today by my son and the information relayed to me. In order to constitute a scam I would have never shipped one console out to any customers and just absconded with the money with no intent of ever producing a product or ever shipping a product. On the contrary the majority of the consoles have been shipped and will continue to ship as promised until anyone who has not yet relieved one gets their console.

      You have taken this way to far and involved people such as Dreamesper and other retailers not to mention attacked forum members and developers that do not agree with you to the point you were banned from the forums. You also make up outlandish lies about things you know nothing about nor do you have anything to back the lies.

      Your latest spout of hey he is buying pinballs etc in actuality those were donated on loan to the Arcade no money was exchanged instead of cyber stalking my personal life and other parts that have nothing to do with this campaign please do something constructive. Also why are you harassing a re-seller which has nothing to do with the campaign? The only logical reason is to be a bully he doesn't deserve to be contacted or harassed in any fashion or form.

      I owe you no explanations Mr. Baze as I fulfilled your backer pledge and have also gone above and beyond to appease you and also tolerate your outright conspiracy and lies. As to the other backers still waiting for their consoles they will be address based on your list and private messages and shipped in due order. I owe them answers not you and I'm more then happy to address them with them not you. I apologize to those of you still waiting and we will get the matter resolved as quickly as possible.

    4. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on March 14

      Seeing that there new backers still popping up, I'm going to be submitting this GCW Zero Kickstarter project to the Kickscammed site. Once that is complete, I will let everyone know and I would ask that everyone make a post explaining their situation on the Kickscammed web site.

    5. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on March 14

      I've messaged Justin Barwick through KS PM and the email address. No one cares to reply. I've emailed the newest retailer dreamesper .com and he doesn't seem to care that he's making a profit off of the Kickstarter backers that are still waiting. I've asked dreamesper if he could relay a message to GCW and ask them for a response. He's asked that I don't email him anymore and that I take it to the forums for further discussion so he we are.

      Dream Esper is getting 100 units by the end of this month. The Kickstarter backer list keeps growing and GCW is choosing not to respond to the Kickstarter backers still waiting. I hope the profits that Dream Esper is making are worth it knowing that GCW has scammed over 20 Kickstarter backers.

    6. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on March 13

      Here is a list of backers still waiting for their units:
      Antonio Sañchez Llinares
      englebert nicolas
      Luiz Lugato
      Niklas Freybier (2 units)
      Christophe Remandet
      Kai Bavendiek
      VERES Jérôme
      Timo Eggers
      Andrew Moeren
      Andreas Maier
      Andrea Boscato
      Sky Dreamer

    7. Missing avatar

      ipetts on March 13

      Add me to the list please Justin.

    8. Sky Dreamer on March 12

      I'm also still waiting on my unit, no indication of any kind of shipment heading my way so far.

    9. Missing avatar

      Andrea Boscato on March 9

      I'm waiting for my unit too. I've been given a tracking number, but it never departed the US. Or at least, according to our postal service, it never entered the country (Italy).

    10. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on March 7

      Here is a list of backers still waiting for their units:
      Antonio Sañchez Llinares
      englebert nicolas
      Luiz Lugato
      Niklas Freybier (2 units)
      Christophe Remandet
      Kai Bavendiek
      VERES Jérôme
      Timo Eggers
      Andrew Moeren
      Andreas Maier

    11. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on February 28

      Justin Barwick can afford to buy new pinball machines for his arcade but chooses not to finish shipping the Kickstarter units. He doesn't even bother addressing when he plans on finishing shipping which shows that it isn't a big concern to him. It's been a long 4 years. Just admit you aren't going to finish shipping the units or say when you plan on shipping them so this can be put to rest already.

    12. Missing avatar

      VERES Jérôme on February 17

      @ Justin Barwick or his son
      Could you convert my pledge to preorder on dreamesper webshop ?

    13. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on February 17

      It's not so much about having the GCW Zero as much as it is that Justin Barwick is a crook. He took these people money and blew it. Now he is making more money by selling this product to retailers and not offering any information to backers. He had plenty of spare parts which he could've been selling to make money to refund these backers yet he gave the spare parts to the retailer for free so that the new retailer can make a profit.

      Justin Barwick is a fraud and deserves to pay for his crimes.

    14. Michael DiGirolamo on February 15

      Honestly I would just cut my losses and get a GPD XD or a GPD Win since they have a lot more functionality. VIDEO OUT for example.

    15. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on February 14

      Here is a list of backers still waiting for their units:
      Antonio Sañchez Llinares
      englebert nicolas
      Luiz Lugato
      Niklas Freybier (2 units)
      Christophe Remandet
      Kai Bavendiek
      VERES Jérôme
      Timo Eggers
      Andrew Moeren
      Andreas Maier

      Here is a list of backers that all they got was the excuse "It's lost in the mail"
      Gordon G. Hall
      Taran Montaperto

      That's 19 units to ship out to backers and 2 that were told that their unit was lost in the mail.

      There's a retailer told he will get 100 units in March. Why haven't the Kickstarter backers been given any information? There are backers that can't get a response from PM'ing Justin Barwick. E-mail his son and ask his son for an update,

    16. Missing avatar

      Jacob on February 13

      I received mine but it never really worked. I put off asking about getting a working unit because other people received nothing. After the latest update I finally asked since they seem interested in actually finishing this project.

      My first message was sent on 2nd of Feb, followed up with another on the 6th. I am yet to hear back.

    17. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on February 10

      The last update was very disheartening. GCW is selling 100 units to the newest retailer. If GCW had plans to finish shipping the Kickstarter units from this batch, that would've been said in the last update. That just means there are no plans to finish shipping Kickstarter units yet GCW is raking in more money from our pledges.

      It's obvious that GCW has run out of money. Otherwise they could ship out the remaining units or offer a refund. GCW had spare parts to sell to raise money to help this situation but instead they gave these spare parts to the Dream Esper store for FREE. Now this new retailer is selling these spare parts and getting to keep the profits. Here is a list of items that were given to the store and the price that they are charging for them:

      Replacement Bezel: $8
      Carrying Case: $12
      Replacement Casing (white): $12
      Battery: $15
      D pad Membrane: $5
      Replacement Casing (black): $12
      LCD Placement Holder: $8
      LCD Replacement: $15

      If GCW felt responsible enough to finish shipping the remaining Kickstarter units, they would've sold these items themselves to raise money. There has been a lot of people asking where to buy spare parts so there is a demand. Not only does the new retailer get 100 units(which should be shipped to backers) but he gets hundreds of dollars worth of spare parts for free.

    18. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on January 29

      The newest vendor is expecting retail units in March as confirmed by you. You've sent him spare parts very recently. When do you expect to finish shipping the Kickstarter units? Looking at all of the details here, it seems like you don't plan on finishing shipping the rest of the Kickstarter units. You have open conversations with your new vendor regarding any questions he has but you choose not to address the Kickstarter backers that paid you over 4 years ago.

      You don't believe your Kickstarter backers deserve respect. That's sad as the creator of this project and as a human being.

    19. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on January 28

      Happy 4 year anniversary everyone! I remember 4 years ago like it was yesterday. Justin Barwick had presold 150 "special edition" units that were supposed to be delivered 2 months prior to this Kickstarter campaign starting. He also presold 300 retail units to 3 different retailers and collected the money for them. After the shipping date had passed he realized that he didn't have enough money to produce 450 units so he started this Kickstarter campaign. 4 years ago it was funded!

      Congratulations on getting your project fully funded! Here we are 4 years later and Barwick refuses to communicate with his backers. Today would be the perfect day for an update to let everyone know when they can expect their unit. Please?

    20. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on January 27

      to Michael Feige, did you read the 20+ comments from backers that haven't received their unit yet? Many of them are asking when they should expect their unit and Justin Barwick has never answered them. Do you think that is fair?

      Do you also think that it is fair how many times they have been flat out lied to? They were asked to send in their address time and time again and were told their unit would be shipping out soon but that didn't happen.

      I do see where it says be respectful and considerate but I do not consider lying to be either. Justin Barwick is and has been in constant contact with a vendor. Do you think it is fair that Justin Barwick can tell a vendor when to expect stock but he chooses not to address backers that paid for their units over 4 years ago?

      Here is some information from Kickstarter to creators of projects:

      "People will reach out during the course of the project with questions about your project. These may range from wanting clarification on delivery dates to more specific technical questions.

      You should do your best to answer these kinds of questions promptly and, in cases where other backers are asking the same information, publicly with a project update or through your Project FAQ (located under the FAQ tab on your project)."

      Justin Barwick has not done this. Now regarding your point, here is another statement taken from Kickstarter to backers:
      "Some projects won't go as planned. Even with a creator's best efforts, a project may not work out the way everyone hopes. Kickstarter creators have a remarkable track record, but nothing's guaranteed. Keep this in mind when you back a project."

      I operate multiple small businesses so I understand that things happen that cause delays, believe me, I deal with it weekly if not daily.

      Lastly, and this is what I've been stressing since day one when he failed to ship out the units he presold on another site before starting this Kickstarter:

      "What should creators do if they're having problems completing their project?
      If problems come up, creators are expected to post a project update explaining the situation. Sharing the story, speed bumps and all, is crucial. Most backers support projects because they want to see something happen and they'd like to be a part of it. Creators who are honest and transparent will usually find backers to be understanding.

      It's not uncommon for things to take longer than expected. Sometimes the execution of the project proves more difficult than the creator had anticipated. If a creator is making a good faith effort to complete their project and is transparent about it, backers should do their best to be patient and understanding while demanding continued accountability from the creator."

      Justin Barwick has been everything except transparent. He has a responsibility to be open and honest about what is going on. He still refuses to answer why he can't just ship the remaining 20 units(which he does not have and will not admit). He has a long track record of being dishonest not only to backers here but other retailers and that is well documented on Dingoonity and Facebook.

      I'm simply demanding continued accountability from the creator as is my right to do so, especially when the creator CHOOSES not to address the issues. You and I can go back and forth all day long but at the end of the day there have been multiple people that have been thankful about what I have done and have continued to do. You may not appreciate my efforts but you got what you paid for. There are plenty of people that have not and I'm standing up for those people. Like it or not, I'm here until the day all units have been shipped and as I've said all along, once that has happened, I will disappear. Respect and 'consider' them apples.

    21. Missing avatar

      Michael Feige on January 27

      to Justin Baze:
      Did you read that little hint below the "Post Comment"-Button? It states "Be respectful and considerate".

      There are a few things to 'consider' here:
      1. This is Kickstarter and not Amazon, there are no actual contracts between you and the project owners, who are simple private people.
      2. Things can happen in time. If you would have asked nicely and not accompanied by accusations you might have gotten a reply that satisfies you... I did.
      3. It's not like you spent a fortune on this. I think that the time you spent on your comments and plan on spending is worth more than a proper Handheld would be.


    22. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on January 27

      Tomorrow marks the 4 year anniversary of when the GCW Zero was funded on Kickstarter. Barwick still refuses to update backers through Kickstarter but he continues to have conversations with he new retail vendor. That is not fair.

      Seeing that tomorrow is the 4 year anniversary, I'll be posting anything and EVERYTHING to piss Barwick off. It's the least that he deserves. I would suggest anyone else who is fed up with how Barwick has treated them to do the same.

      So Barwick, it's your choice.... Do you want me to bombard this message board with information that you don't want posted or are you going to man up and post an official update with relevant information?

    23. Kevin Kthulhu on January 26

      Still waiting for my shirt, shot glass and decay.

    24. Missing avatar

      Gordon G. Hall on January 25

      worst project ever. game system, lost in the mail, or so they say. Have fun with our money.

    25. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on January 19

      You choose to have open conversations with your new vendor but you choose NOT to address your Kickstarter backers. That's not a conspiracy theory or me trying to stir the pot. It's a cold hard fact. It's been 4 years since these backers have paid you in full. Why do you choose to ignore them?

    26. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on January 16

      @ Justin Barwick - Was your nephew found safe?

      You've claimed that you've been quiet because you've been dealing with your families situation. You've been able to communicate with Dream Esper and you were even able to send him spare parts to sell in his store.

      Why still no communication with your backers that paid you 4 years ago?

    27. englebert nicolas on January 5

      i hope we receive missing units this year

    28. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on December 30

      I was mistaken. Justin Barwick didn't supply units to the vendor. The units that are for sale were from a shipment made last year that needed to be cleaned and fixed.

      I might be wrong about that but I am correct that Justin Barwick refuses to update his backers.

    29. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on December 30

      Justin Barwick supplied one of his vendors with new retail units yet he doesn't have enough respect to comment on why he can't send Kickstarter units. I emailed the vendor to let him know that there are still plenty of Kickstarter backers waiting in case he didn't realize that.

      @ Justin Barwick- What's up?

    30. Luiz Lugato on December 13

      Hi Justin Barwick,

      For long 4 years I and other guys who sponsored the project are waiting for something we paid.

      Justin, you could give us a nice Christmas present and send us our consoles :) and finally give to Justin Baze (thank's guy) his well-deserved vacations!!

    31. Missing avatar

      Daniel on December 1

      This is getting ridiculous.
      I pop in here every once in a while to see if there are any news (read excuses) to why my console hasn't been shipped.
      It's been almost _FOUR YEARS_ since the estimated delivery date
      Every time there's something new that's hindering you from sending the last units you supposedly have. If you had the units they would have been shipped already. Please don't treat us (your backers) like we're idiots.
      You did an update October 4 2014, posting an image as proof of units you were going to ship and judging by the comment section, some actually got their units. Why can't you post an update now with an image of the " last 20 units" you have to send? How long can that take you?
      5-10 minutes tops and just get it out of the way. It would be a lot easier and quicker for you than coming in here trying to defend yourself.
      The reason why you're not doing this is because you don't have any units to send.

      I was a little hopeful in April when you sent a message to verify my address and then later in August updated with "We are still working on getting the last few units shipped expect update in the next couple of weeks and your tracking number."
      Since then I haven't heard anything from you. No updates, messages or tracking number.

      So enjoy my $155 pledge. I've given up on this and accepted that I'm not going to get my console.

    32. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on December 1

      When do you plan on finishing shipping units? Why don't you just admit that you don't have any units to send?

    33. Justin Barwick Creator on November 30

      @Justin Baze I don't have issue if you want to scour the web aka stalk me that is your choice just don't bring things that aren't directly involved with this project here in the comments section. If it doesn't revolve around this project such as the arcade it doesn't belong here unless it is directly linked to this project.

      As for Shapeway buttons it has been explained numerous times they are not linked directly to GCW they were designed by a forum member and yes he does like us and support us with his unique designs which provides for better play-ability and enjoyment of the GCW Zero. It is posted on forums and I believe the GCW Zero website where to purchase them if someone wants to buy them.

      Finally I explained yesterday even though you don't care about the situation that is going on right now with my family and the fact I have a missing family member. As always I'm committed to finishing this project and shipping the final remaining units to backers and will continue to do so until the last one is shipped.

    34. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on November 30

      Something else I'd like to point out to you Justin Barwick is that I promised you that I wouldn't be going anywhere until all Kickstarter units have been sent. You have to admit that I'm one of the few that haven't gone back on my word and left. You first had Pardue come aboard as PR which obviously didn't last. Then you had PR Craig Strother. Craig said that he would be the person of contact for this Kickstarter campaign and I quote, "Thanks to all for bearing with me, I won't stray from this forum, your interests or your concerns." But he did stray.....

      I won't be going anywhere and I will scour the web to get any information I possibly can to share with your backers since you feel like you don't have to.

      Shame on you Justin Barwick.

    35. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on November 29

      Did you ever think that maybe the reason I scour the web for information is because you aren't being honest and open with your backers?

      For example, Shapeways is now producing new start and select buttons, along with new analog caps. You should be proud that someone is doing something with the GCW Zero. There should be an official update to share this information but you know if you did post an update you'd have 20+ backers harping on you for not sending their units yet, AS THEY SHOULD.

      You'll share information about your missing nephew and then claim that this is the reason why you have been quiet. Well why were you quiet between June 19th and August 2nd? or how about August 28th and October 8th? October 10th and November 10th?

      I'm sure you have plenty of excuses, as always! But the fact is that there are 20+ backers still waiting for their GCW Zeros and you aren't shipping them and you refuse to tell anyone why you aren't shipping them.

    36. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on November 29

      I hope your nephew is found safe.

      You just wrote a long reply back and it didn't have any information regarding the status of you finishing the Kickstarter shipments. Why do you choose to waste your time replying directly back to me when you have backers that are asking questions?

      Conspiracy theories? So are you just holding onto the remaining Kickstarter GCW Zeros for fun or am I correct that you don't have any units to send? Why not just be honest with your backers? I know it's not your strong suit but every day is a new day and if you wanted to clear the air, you could tell everyone what is going on. Instead you hide and pop up once in a while to accuse me of making up conspiracy theories.

      Why do you choose to treat your backers with such disrespect?

    37. Justin Barwick Creator on November 29

      @Justin Baze as much as you try to theorize or come up with conspiracy theories the fact remains your not an active part of GCW nor do you know the inner workings or what is going on. You daily spy on me trying to come up with theories scouring the web for any details you can twist or drum up a conspiracy theory.

      Most retailers only buy twenty to forty units at a time at a price that has not changed from the beginning for retailers other then before we had a set price for early adopters that was only time price fluctuated and the last retailer that ever bought 10's of thousands of dollars worth was ThinkGeek before their policies changed when bought by Gamestop and they could no longer carry the GCW Zero.

      As for why have I been quite even you should know this as often as you scour the web for information almost stalking my personal life and other businesses. My nephew is missing and other things happened just before that before Thanksgiving with him so I have focused my time trying to find him and praying he is OK and alive.

    38. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on November 29

      There must be some big issues at GCW headquarters with this huge lack of communication. I started thinking about something.... I'm assuming I am correct when I say that there are no GCW Zeros to send to backers and that Justin Barwick is waiting for a new batch of retail units because he has already sold the Kickstarter units to retailers. I would assume Barwick is strapped for money because he hasn't been able to purchase a new batch of units from his manufacturer. In the past we know that Barwick has asked retailers to prepay for their units and then he takes their money and they have to wait for their units, sometimes many months longer than expected. Barwick's situation must be more dire than I originally thought. First off, retailers know they can not trust him because he has proven himself a bad businessman after taking THOUSANDS of dollars from other retailers (actually, 10s of thousands.....) and then lying about shipping dates and then demanding a higher price than originally quoted, etc..... He must be having a really hard time trying to get retailers on board for this reason but the other reason might be that the GCW Zero is just not in demand anymore. If the GCW Zero was in demand, why wouldn't Justin Barwick sell them through is own web site and make a much bigger profit? The GCW Zero site still says that we will be able to purchase new units from the site but it has never been offered. If Justin Barwick isn't willing to pony up his own money to sell units on his own site, why would a retailer want to jump on board?

      @ Justin Barwick - Any clarification or communication would be appreciated, as always.

    39. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on November 27

      @ Justin Barwick - Why do you feel like you don't need to answer your backer's questions?

      Everyone is wondering when they will receive their GCW Zero and you refuse to answer. Amazingly, Surkow has been actually doing something with the GCW web site and Facebook. He's still too lazy to remove the dead links to "buy" a GCW Zero on the main site for some reason..... What's another 9 months with broken links eh?

      But he did say there would be new units stocked in the UK and US sometime in the future. I have no doubt that you are waiting for those units to be able to finish shipping to backers that are still waiting. I just don't understand why you have to show such disrespect by cowardly withholding information.

    40. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on November 23

      There are 19 people but 20 units to be sent as Niklas Freybier is expecting 2. I've counted every person that has said they are still waiting for their unit since April 13, 2016.

      On April 13, 2016 Justin Barwick said he had "to date only 22 remain to be shipped with 5 more still floating around the globe in limbo that I know of currently."

      If he had units to send, he would send them. I've said it before and I'll say it again.... He has sold all Kickstarter units to retailers and hasn't been able to purchase more. There's not enough interest from retailers for him to purchase his minimum amount required by his manufacturer.

      He has a big arcade cabinet collection he could start selling to pay for a new batch? or how about refunds?

    41. Missing avatar

      Niklas Freybier on November 23

      We are still waiting here in Germany for our 2 devices :\

      Think there might be more than 10-20 left, hmm?

    42. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on November 18

      @Christophe - On a lighter note, I appreciated your monthly updates!

    43. Missing avatar

      Christophe Remandet on November 18

      Aaand that's six months + since last address confirmation and as I dreaded, another disappointment to add to the long list already

    44. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on November 17

      Exactly, "But for few units it must be much more expensive or not allowed"

      He's been trying to get vendors on board to stock the GCW Zero. I know for a fact that he had the "game in stock" store signed on and they were waiting for their units for quite some time. They had a link on their page and everything that said it would be stocked soon. Then one day the link was taken down and I emailed to ask if they would be stocking the GCW Zero and they said that they are no longer going to be carrying the GCW Zero because of issues with the manufacturer not delivering.

      I am willing to bet that Justin Barwick was trying to find other stores to stock the GCW Zero so that he could get the minimum number of units required to order but wasn't able to. He was probably relying on this new batch to fulfill the final backers that are still waiting. If he had the units in his hands, he would ship them out to the final 10-20 Kickstarter backers.

      This scenario makes a lot of sense for multiple reasons. He's always had an issue shipping large numbers of units out in a short period of time. It would make sense that shipments have been delayed because he is always waiting on the next batch. He sells some units to retailers and then sends a few Kickstarter units out. When retailers are ready to restock, he would order more units and repeat.

      That's the sad part about all of this. If he was just open and honest, the backers would be way more understanding. It's better to be given bad news than to be given complete silence.

      This is just my opinion about the situation. It may not be true but I don't see any other scenario and Justin Barwick doesn't have enough respect to tell us why he hasn't been able to finish this Kickstarter.

    45. Michael Kargas on November 17

      >I believe that he has sold all of the remaining units to retailers and can not afford to purchase >minimum amount of units that his manufacturer is requiring.

      That's an interesting situation actually. So if it was a thousand or few hundred units it would be ok in massive order. But for few units it must be much more expensive or not allowed? What could one do in that situation?

    46. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on November 17

      There are still backers waiting to receive their units. I am still "arguing" with Justin Barwick to be honest about why hasn't been able to finish shipping, as I have all along.

      I believe the reason that Justin Barwick hasn't been able to finish shipping is because he doesn't have any more units to ship. I believe that he has sold all of the remaining units to retailers and can not afford to purchase the minimum amount of units that his manufacturer is requiring. I've asked for an explanation multiple times and he has dodged this question time and time again. What other reason could he possibly have for not shipping the few units left?

      I've been "arguing" with Justin Barwick for over 3.5 years now. I did receive my unit but I am dissatisfied with how Justin Barwick continues to disrespect his backers. We were all told, "This level of support or above guarantees you one of our first round of consoles shipped" This couldn't have been further from the truth for most of us and to top it off, Justin Barwick refuses to communicate.

      I've had multiple people thank me for asking the hard questions and trying to get answers. Talafas just thanked me on November 8th. That person is still waiting and we don't really know how many units are left to ship because Justin Barwick has never been honest when answering. As an example, back in June 21st, 2014 we were told there were only 29 units left to ship.

      Please do not worry about me. If you want to worry about someone, worry about your fellow backers that are still waiting for their units. When all units have been shipped, I will stop "arguing".

    47. Michael Kargas on November 16

      I am a little confused here. From time to time, I am wondering what's going on with that old project, are people still waiting for the units? Is this case put to rest?

      And I enter the comments and it's still some Justin Baze guy arguing about this for two years and the creator not being able to send the last 50 units? If over 1000 units were send what stops them sending the last?

      And that guy Justin Baze, how do you find the energy to fight in these threads for two years? Did you got your unit btw?

      I don't know, this is surreal, no offense to anyone, but I am wondering why the same song is played for so long and when it would just take to ship 1% of the units and get over with your lives?

      I wish this was over so that more energy is spent on the community and releases/drivers.

      p.s. I bet I will come here at 2017 or 2018 and the same thing will be happening. I am especially worrying about mr Baze who is just fighting this for two years. That's just crazy dude :)
      p.p.s. In other newsflash, maybe NMS and Sean Murray's dissapearence will go on for 2020 :P

    48. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on November 14

      Funny that you'll waste your time asking Kickstarter to remove my comments instead of answering questions from your backers.

      The GCW Retro-Cade shares the GCW brand with the GCW-Zero. The GCW Retro-Cade opened up right after the Kickstarter campaign. To say they are not related is another lie that Justin Barwick has shared with us all. Like I said, you should sell some arcade cabinets and refund the backers still waiting. Kickstarter can not prove that the arcade was not funded by this Kickstarter and is standing behind Justin Barwick. That's pretty pathetic Kickstarter! Kickstarter does not care that there are still backers waiting almost 4 years later. Nor do they care that Justin Barwick has not been open and honest through this Kickstarter campaign. Justin Barwick is the kind of creator that has given Kickstarter a bad name. Justin Barwick is a liar and a SCAM ARTIST.

    49. Missing avatar

      Justin Baze on November 12

      "To constitute a scam...." Keep telling your self that Barwick. Here's how to define a scam, :a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit;

      Just because you EVENTUALLY ship out units does not mean it is not a scam. There's plenty of evidence of you scamming the retailers where you took their money and then promised shipping dates which you didn't fulfill until MONTHS and MONTHS later. You made a quick profit and then did your thing.

      As for the Kickstarter backers, instead of sending them units, you sold them to retailers and now you have nothing to ship. That is a scam. You promised, "This level of support or above guarantees you one of our first round of consoles shipped". This ABSOLUTELY constitutes a scam because this is not true. You scammed these backers by asking them to give you money to get a "first round" of units but instead you made a quick profit and sold their units to retailers. It's been 3 years and almost 8 months. The GCW Zero is dying. There is very little support left as the community has died. Look at the pathetic GCW Zero web site. Do you know how many people go to your web site to "buy" a new unit and see all of the broken links? These links have been broken forever. There are people asking where new units will be available for purchase and when. You don't give any answers.

      You are scamming these Kickstarter backers that are still waiting. They deserve answers.

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