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An Open Source Gaming Console Built by Gamers for Gamers...
Created by

Justin Barwick

1,680 backers pledged $238,498 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Justin Baze 2 days ago

      It still appears that no units have shipped within the last month and a half. Why?

      Justin Barwick is making time to send out individual units to Geeks with Wives customers. Why isn't he shipping the rest of the Kickstarter units?

      Hey Craig, feel free to give us the information you promised us when you took the PR job.

    2. Creator Daniel 3 days ago

      Ohh I had totally forgotten about this.
      But yeah... Haven't gotten any console either.

    3. Creator Stephen Sandford 3 days ago

      @Justin Barwick
      I've been sending you private messages through Kickstarter but haven't received a reply from you for several months. Can you please let me know you might have my non-functional GCW Zero repaired and returned to me?

    4. Creator Justin Baze 6 days ago

      Thanks for pointing that out. Although, I never saw you posting anything when Justin Barwick missed ALL of his deadlines. I think you're the only one left on Team Barwick.

    5. Creator Alan Clarkson-Dodds 6 days ago

      You've missed a couple of days Yertle. I thought you had committed to asking questions *every* *single* *day*?

      C'mon man, if you promise your backers you have to deliver. Stop slacking off!

    6. Creator Justin Baze on April 10

      Why is it taking so long to ship so few units Justin Barwick? You make time to ship individual units for Geeks with Wives customers. How many units have they sold in the last few months? Have you sent more Kickstarter units or more Geeks with Wives units? I think these are all fair questions.

      I'll just keep asking questions every single day until we get solid answers with some proof. It's been over 2 weeks since someone has came forward and said that they received their GCW Zero. Have any units been shipped in the last month?

    7. Creator Vinh Lam on April 9

      Still waiting...

    8. Creator Justin Baze on April 9

      Why haven't any units shipped within the last month?

      As Justin Barwick pointed out, the last time someone reported that they received their unit was March 25th. That means it was shipped a few weeks before that date which I believe was the last time any shipments have gone out.

      Is it really a coincidence that retailers are out of stock and we haven't heard anyone say that received a shipping notice within the last month? In the last month we've had quite a few people state that they are still waiting.....

    9. Creator Justin Baze on April 8

      You are not answering my question so stop trying to FAKE an answer.

      Have any units shipped within in the last 30 days?

      I'm not chastising you for there not being stock for vendors. I am showing that there is no stock at vendors which probably means you don't have any more units to send out.

      You are sending out the sales from Geeks with Wives, right? They take the order and you send out each individual unit, right? So why would you be sending out individual units for a retailer but not sending out Kickstarter units?

      Do any other backers have a problem with the Geeks with Wives situation?

    10. Creator Justin Barwick on April 8

      @Justin Baze numerous people have stated the got there console on March 25th SoFox stated he got his console and that is just one. As for stock I have enough to complete shipping the last of the consoles for KS as stated in my last update here in the comments on March 31st.

      As for retailers we still run small batches at the factory another 1000 units are in final stages of completion. Please once again quit making accusation's and speculations of matters you have no knowledge of and are not involved in. As I stated March 31st also As for stocking of vendors one moment you bash me for supplying vendors with stock and the next you chastise me for their not being stock at vendors.

      I'm addressing your question and have addressed your last questions also therefore there was no need for Criag Strother to address them as I already have addressed them.

    11. Creator Justin Baze on April 8

      We haven't heard of anyone receiving a shipping notification for about a month now. Have any units shipped in the last 30 days?

      Coincidentally Geeks with Wives has been out of GCW Zeros for about the same time. Geeks with Wives is a retailer but they are not actually handling any units. They take the orders and then the units get sent from GCW headquarters. It's not fair that Justin Barwick is resupplying retailers let alone shipping individual units out for this certain retailer.

      I do believe that everyone will receive a GCW Zero but I have a feeling that Barwick isn't being honest about what is really going on. I would bet that there are no more GCW Zeros to ship because he has sold all the stock he has through retailers.

      Where is Craig Strother when you need him?

    12. Creator Marion Brennan on April 7

      Still waiting. Sent the address confirmation email back in June and haven't heard from the GCW team since.

    13. Creator Gordon G. Hall on April 7

      Still waiting also.

    14. Creator Philip Weinke on April 7

      Still waiting...

    15. Creator chibi-nah on April 3

      Still waiting…

    16. Creator Kaj-Michael Lang on April 2

      Got mine after customs robbed me. Device seems to work fine.

    17. Creator Justin Baze on March 31

      How many consoles have shipped in the last 20 days? Yes, people are receiving consoles but they are overseas so you sent those units to them WEEKS ago. There is no good reason that there are still people waiting for their unit when you continue to supply vendors. Nice to see you finally log in after 20 days. Are you really too busy to give weekly updates? At least better communication? Taran says that you aren't even replying to messages. Do you really have to wonder why people don't trust you? Communication is the key.

      Where is your PR man of the hour Craig Strother? We haven't heard from him for over 2 months.

    18. Creator Justin Barwick on March 31

      @Baze Consoles are still shipping and people such as SoFox and others have mentioned they received their console in last couple of days.

      As for stocking of vendors one moment you bash me for supplying vendors with stock and the next you chastise me for their not being stock.

      Each batch of Zero's is about 1000 to 2000 piece run and a run is just about completed now so stocking of units to vendors should be soon.

      As for those still waiting we are continuing to ship consoles and also reship to those people consoles which we returned for nonpayment of customs fees or rejected by that countries customs such as in Taran's case once I receive the actual console back I will verify your address and reship it. I apologize for an inconvenience and your patience in this matter and everyone who pledge for a console will get one.

      Please quit making accusation's and speculations of matters you have no knowledge of.

    19. Creator Justin McDonald on March 31

      I've been asked by a fair few people whether I have any available, unfortunately though I sent 8 faulty units to Justin Barwick who said he'd send me replacements the next day over a month ago, still waiting.. So now I'm answering my attempted customer's follow up emails..

    20. Creator Justin Baze on March 30

      For those still waiting, here's something to think about... The only retailer with units is GameSeek in the UK. All other retailers are waiting for more units. Justin Barwick hasn't logged in for 19 days. I think he sold all of the Kickstarter units to retailers and is waiting for more before sending any out. Geeks with Wives says they are expecting more on April 1st. Geeks with wives doesn't even handle shipping the units. Justin Barwick has been shipping the units that they sell. I do believe that everyone will eventually get their unit but it could be a while.

      Miss you Craig Strother!

    21. Creator Taran Montaperto on March 30

      Still waiting on my unit, and haven't heard anything from anyone regarding it, even though I've made contact multiple times with proof that it was failed to be delivered and returned to sender.

      When am I going to get it???

    22. Creator Ruben de la Torre on March 29

      I am also still waiting for my Unit. I was interested in making and porting games for this Device but i guess it is now pretty much dead anyway? Does anyone at least know some android alternative with quality?

    23. Creator Niklas Freybier on March 28

      I wonder how many people have already got a GCWZ and how many are still waiting? ... xx'

    24. Creator Justin Baze on March 27

      Justin Barwick hasn't logged into Kickstarter since March 11th.

      I wonder how often Craig logs in to Kickstarter. Did he go running with his tail between his legs?

    25. Creator Robin Gfatter on March 27

      Still waiting... or better: have stopped waiting.
      and have stopped using Kickstarter since then. :/

    26. Creator Felix Winter on March 27

      Still waiting...

    27. Creator Peter Thomas on March 25

      For those late to the party the best place to go for help and news about the newest releases is the dingoo GCW forums:

      GCW Download page is a great spot as well:

    28. Creator Peter Thomas on March 25

      @ Sofox

      We all go through it lol. It's quite the emotional roller coaster from when you first see those scratches until finding out about the second screen,

    29. Creator Sofox on March 25

      Just got my GCW! Worried for a second about the screen, but then I read on the manual that it has a 2 screen protectors, so once I took that off it looked perfect. Just finished charging it and ready to try out.

    30. Creator Branden on March 24


      Yes it does sound like a similar issue. The only problem is I can't get my GCW to go in to USB Mode/Flash Mode... I've tried holding down the reset button forever and I've tried turning it on while holding down select. Nothing gets the GCW to be recognised by the computer or by the Rescue disc.

      Starting to wonder if the power circuit or something is gone.

    31. Creator Matthieu Panigot on March 22

      Still ... Waiting ...

    32. Creator Karolis Stašaitis on March 22

      I got my just recently! Yay!

    33. Creator Florian Wieser on March 21

      @branden: have you tried to reflash the gcw to the newest firmware version?

      don't forget to put your console in flashmode ;)

      I had a similar problem:

    34. Creator Stefan Schirmer on March 21

      I got mine this week too. Had to get it from the customs, but didnt need to pay anything.
      So far i really like it. :)

    35. Creator Peter Thomas on March 19

      @ Robert Elander

      its been awhile since the topics been discussed, but there were a lot of great links shared for cheap silicone on the dingoo boards.

      Topic: D-Pad and buttons sticking issue

    36. Creator Jaakko Niemi on March 18

      Still no sight of mine.

    37. Creator Robert Elander on March 18

      I got my console a few weeks ago and it works great. I have a minor problem with 'sticky buttons ' but overall it's a great game console. Thanks! :)

    38. Creator Kaj-Michael Lang on March 18

      Mine is on the way, stuck in stupid customs at the moment.

    39. Creator Mauri Rotinen on March 16

      Still waiting for my Zero

    40. Creator Peter Thomas on March 15

      @ Branden

      Your best bet for help is here:…

    41. Creator Anthony Ogden on March 14

      Mine has arrived 14/03/2015, only plugged it in to charge so far and uncertain whether to keep it or sell on, but might be rude not to at least try it after all this time, although my android gaming tablet is probably way more powerful after all this time. Good to finally receive something though, nice that you include a stress ball ;-)

    42. Creator Branden on March 14

      Hi all, I received my GCW Zero on 25/2/15 and I was really happy with it for about an hour or two while it worked. That was until it needed a charge. Tried using the cable that came with it and the red charging light would go on for about 10 seconds and then turn off. Tried another mini-ussb cable I had laying around the house from some other device and it turns the red light on for about 5 minutes or so and then turns the light off.

      At no time can I get the device to turn back on again. Plugged in, not plugged in using any of the cables I have. I get the red light on for a short amount of time and then nothing. I've tried the reset switch with it plugged in and not plugged in.

      Nothing seems to bring it back from the dead.

      It was awesome for the short amount of time I had it but it seems that my GCW has some sort of fault in regards to charging and/or power.

      Anyone have any tips or solutions? Justin hasn't got back to me yet unfortunately.

    43. Creator Gordon G. Hall on March 11

      Still no sign of it.

    44. Creator Steve De George JR on March 11

      If your screen is scratched, it's probably the shipping screen protector. I believe there are two layers to it. The final layer scratches SUPER easily. The actual screen does not. I removed it after a while. If you can easily use your fingernail to scratch it, it's the protector.

    45. Creator Chris on March 10

      Received my Zero today! Very happy that it's finally in my hands :)

      For those that are still waiting as I have for such a long time - have faith. I know it's been a very long road, but the end will come soon.

    46. Creator Alex Boxall on March 10

      GCW Zero Etched Glass? :) I know with people out there who still haven't received the handheld itself, this is a bit of a pipe dream... But seriously... I'm still holding out hope...
      My scotch would love to join me while I game.

    47. Creator Andre Lanvermann on March 7

      Heyho, i still wait for mine. Will now write a message directly to Justin because my Adress changed.

    48. Creator Justin Baze on March 5

      Looks like is now out of GCW Zeros. has now been restocked but we already knew that when Justin supplied GCW Zeros to Link's Kickscammer project ( )

      When's the next shipment going out to ThinkGeek?

      How many people are still waiting for their Kickstarter GCW Zero?

    49. Creator Peter Thomas on March 5

      @ willy feumba

      Have you removed both protective screens? I only ask because this question comes up a lot, and 9 times out of 10 people weren't aware that there were 2 screens.

    50. Creator willy feumba on March 5

      hello i have get my gcw today by mail but the screen is too much scratch, it look like already use can have you a solution about this ?

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