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An Open Source Gaming Console 
Built by Gamers for Gamers...
An Open Source Gaming Console Built by Gamers for Gamers...
1,680 backers pledged $238,498 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Michael F 5 days ago

      Got my tracking number on 14.Oktober 15.
      But until now no changing of the Status. :-(

      Since 14.Oktober the status is: "PRE-SHIPMENT INFO SENT TO USPS"

      Is there someone with similar problems?

      Justin, can you tell me, whats going wrong here?
      Or should I just wait?


    2. Creator Justin Barwick on November 23

      I will look into your tracking number David you should have already gotten the console. Also more units will ship this weekend.

    3. Creator David Meggyesy on November 23

      Still nothing. Tracking number supplied has since "expired" or something similar.

    4. Creator Justin Baze on November 16

      What's the hold up now Barwick?

      Why is it that when most retailers have no stock that it seems like ZERO progress is being made shipping units to Kickstarter backers? Just get this over with and get the rest of the Kickstarter units shipped!

    5. Creator Felix Gruber on November 15

      Send a PM with my delivery address (which didn't change over the years) on October 1st, but still haven't got a reply.

    6. Creator Christophe Remandet on November 14

      September 9 : Sent as asked delivery mail (which hadn't changed in 2 years, mind you)
      September 17 : reply : it might ship the next weekend.

      We're November 14...

    7. Creator Daniel on November 11

      Still haven't received any GCW-Zero. Since it's been 2 and a half years since estimated delivery I'm just going to assume It's not going to happen.

    8. Creator Jesús Escudero Solís on November 4

      Hi Justin,

      I send back my console for repairing some months ago. Could you tell me if you are dealing with the repair of the defective consoles?

      Thanks a lot.


    9. Creator Justin Baze on November 3

      That's a shame that people aren't getting replies once again. I was hoping that Justin Barwick's shenanigans were finally over.....

      I hope this all gets wrapped up before the end of the year but I remember hoping the same thing last year.

    10. Creator Marion Brennan on November 3

      @Kai Bavendiek I'm in the same boat. Sent a PM to Justin on the 11th and still nothing.

    11. Creator Kai Bavendiek on October 31

      Is there any feedback for the PMs?
      I sent a PM because I have not received my Zero yet.
      The 10th was three weeks ago...

    12. Creator Justin Barwick on October 26

      Ithic is now carrying spare parts in about 2 weeks will get there shipment...…

    13. Creator Justin Barwick on October 26

      The developer working on HDMI and USB OTG is working in his spare time taking a closed source driver and making it an open source driver is not an easy task to complete.

      I'm very proud of the development team and what they have achieved working on this in their spare time most of the work being free labor with donations here and there for what they have done.

      As for spare parts and soon and Extreme Hardware will be carrying the Bezel Screen replacement, LCD and d-pad/button underlay membrane.

      As for replacement d-pad and buttons that is still under works as we are commercial 3D printing a design then testing then printing again till we get it perfect a big thanks goes to GMayer for all his hard engineering design work for this.

    14. Creator Justin Baze on October 26

      It would be great to get an update regarding the video out or the USB. Last we heard there were a couple of new team members brought on and these areas were going to be worked on.

      Also, you have been mentioning new buttons for years now. Is that still happening? Along with new buttons, are there going to be spare parts available for purchase?

    15. Creator Michael DiGirolamo on October 26

      I would also like to know what's going on with the hdmi out? Or at least when we're getting another firmware update.

    16. Creator Justin Barwick on October 16

      David Meggyesy, espresso I have seen three packages with no movement and I'm contacting USPS to figure out the issue. We are trying to wrap this up right now final testing to insure no issues and packaging of them for shipment. Everyone should start seeing a tracking number via e-mail or PM in the following week.

    17. Creator Guillaume Ayoub on October 12


      I've tried to send a mail, but there's an automatic message asking for PM in KickStarter. I've sent a PM on August, never got an answer.

      Please, what can I do to get my console?

    18. Creator David Meggyesy on October 11

      @espresso Same here. Sept 2. "Pre-shipment info sent to usps".

    19. Creator Justin Baze on October 7

      Is the USB and TV-Out currently being worked on? Back in June you said that you had a new team member that was going to be working on it.

    20. Creator espresso on October 4

      Got a tracking number at the end of August / beginning of September. It says: Pre-shipment info sent to USPS.
      Never received a package.

    21. Creator Justin Baze on October 2

      Back in June you said a couple new team joined and one of them was going to be working on the TV out and USB. Did that not pan out?

    22. Creator Bryan Gillingham on October 1

      @Justin Barwick Thank you for the response and info. If I had the technical know-how to volunteer work on these features, I definitely would. Like I said, I have been enjoying my GCW-Zero and will continue to do so. For now, I'll just keep checking these updates for any progress of these features in the future. Cheers!

    23. Creator Justin Barwick on October 1

      @Bryan Gillingham They were listed and risks and challenges and no they have not fallen to the waist side. The core items have been more focused on such as the kernel and the GPU as they are what makes the console tick and made it the awesome thing that is capable of so much.

      We are developing everything open source most of these items are closed source so it takes time to perfect them and make them work properly even the demo we made of HDMI at PaX Prime 2013 only worked on specific TV.

      We also ran into issues with the USB OTG while testing it and have continued work on it. Our main developer that started the work with USB OTG left the group and that does happen with open source but we are still working on all facets of the the OS. If anyone wants to volunteer to assist you are welcomed and encouraged.

    24. Creator Bryan Gillingham on October 1

      Hi Justin,
      I'm happy to keep receiving updates from this kickstarter. I've been enjoying my ks unit for a while now, (I was one of the lucky ones who got one of the first batches without any button or d-pad problems). But for every update I've been receiving, I'm disappointed that there is no information being released on when some of the missing features are going to get in.
      Features like HDMI-out, and USB OTG support specifically.

      The original KS campaign promised these features, and the official website still mentions these as well. But they are still not functional. When are these actually going to be implemented? These features definitely make this unit stand-out against the competition, and I hope that support for this doesn't fall by the waist side.

      Can you guys comment on what is happening with supporting these features?
      Thank you.

    25. Creator Justin Barwick on September 30

      We are trying to wrap up the last ones if you have not received a tracking number or address confirmation email by October 10th. Please private message me here or the address change email.

    26. Creator Marion Brennan on September 30

      Still waiting. Emailed my details as requested this April and July of last year. Absolutely no contact from the GCW team.

    27. Creator Talafas on September 30

      Still waiting for my unit. Never got a tracking number or any kind of feedback.

    28. Creator Mike Villasuso on September 29

      To add on to the goodwill of this campaign: I received my unit more than a year ago (around june I think) I was one of the first three hundred backers. My unit had a dead pixel on the screen. I returned it and received another working properly in the following months (around october) I reside in Mexico. So I´m happy to see this came around all right. :)

    29. Creator David Price on September 24

      Received my Zero this week along with the t shirt cup ball & carry bag. Thank you Justin for getting this out. I'm now looking forward to playing some old school games. :-)

    30. Creator Jaakko Niemi on September 23

      My console was shipped on Aug 29th and arrived at September 8th. It now works pretty nicely.

    31. Creator Justin Baze on September 20

      When do you expect to finish shipping all of the Kickstarter units?

    32. Creator Robin Gfatter on September 17

      Every blue moon I remember this project and peek into the comments. Nice to see Justin posting here and that others have received their consoles after such a long time.
      In the meantime, I am (patiently, but disillusioned) waiting for mine to ship...

    33. Creator yzykom on September 12

      I just received my Kickstarter Edition yesterday (09/11). I did not expected it any more.

      The sending of the package seems to have failed twice sin 2014. It was returned to the sender.

      Justin just kept sending me a mail for re-checking my postal address. The third time was the good one. The console is great for my retro gamming use. Thank You.

    34. Creator Philip Weinke on September 11

      Just picked mine up from customs.
      Wrong color but after all that time I don't even care anymore.

    35. Creator Justin Baze on September 9

      Those weren't answers to my questions.

      How many SE units are there? Are there more than 150? You always talked about the Special Editions as being limited to 150 if I remember correctly....

      When do you expect to finish shipping all of the Kickstarter units? You've spent a lot of time shipping to retailers and once again, the Kickstarter backers are getting screwed without any explanation. Do you know how many units you have left to ship?

    36. Creator Justin McDonald on September 9

      yep, I got my warranty replacements too, thanks very much for that, all tested and working fine, 1 lucky lone white unit and 7 black ones.. packed far better than I did too :-D customs were a bit of a pain but all sorted now.. most are already spoken for, have noticed that GCW Zero's are going for crazy money on Ebay now.. Justin Barwick has delivered on his word, after all the issues, dramas etc between us he has managed to still be friendly.. if you do it again I'm sure you will be better organized, you have a great product, just need to have a little more transparency

    37. Creator Justin Barwick on September 9

      @Baze got two SE units 1 white and 1 black from my personal units. I have 10 in total now 8, not including prototypes from each run we did while building the GCW Zero. ED will be getting the 10 he pre-ordered back during early adopters in his next shipment.

      As stated before units are shipping as you see below people are getting them.

    38. Creator Justin Baze on September 9

      Were there more than 150 Special Editions created?

      When do you expect to finish shipping the Kickstarter units?

    39. Creator Christophe Remandet on September 8

      Still nothing...

    40. Creator chibi-nah on September 8

      Got the console this morning. Thanks :)

    41. Creator Justin Baze on September 7

      So how many SE units are there? You said there was 150 yet you've been selling them to and he is reselling them for $200+.

      When are you going to finish shipping the Kickstarter units? You've made time to ship multiple packages to retailers so I'd think you'd want to finish this Kickstarter sooner than later especially since the last update we got was "We are still shipping units and warrantied units and plan to be completed as I said in last update before or right at the time all retailers are restocked."

      Also, this guy on Dingoonity could use some communication from you since it seems you've left him in the dark with a broken unit.

    42. Creator Justin Baze on September 4

      Retailers are fully stocked and some have been restocked and are in the process of being restocked.

      When do you expect to finish shipping the final Kickstarter units?

    43. Creator Justin Baze on September 2

      I want to know when all of the Kickstarter units will be shipped for multiple reasons. The first would be that you guaranteed the backers of this project the first round of units shipped which did not happen for many. If you can't follow through with what you say, you can at least give an updated timeline on when you expect all of the remaining units to ship. I've asked this question multiple times and you are choosing not to answer. You do this quite often which isn't really fair to your backers and it certainly does not do anything positive for this project or community.

      My second reason is that you've said that as soon as all of the Kickstarter units have shipped, Craig Strother will take an active role in being PR for GCW. I'm interested to see what he has to say as PR because right now there is no active PR present.

    44. Creator Justin Baze on September 2

      When do you expect to ship the remaining Kickstarter units?

    45. Creator Justin Barwick on September 2

      When I posted the link it still stated out of stock at the time, That is great that they are now showing in stock. I don't understand your discontent and anger towards not only me the developers which do this for free for the most part with occasional donations and payments from me or anyone who disagrees with you and it has escalated and de-escalated over time not only here but on the forums.

      Everyone who made a pledge has their own voice and can voice their own opinions and concerns they don't need you to do this for them. Your pledge was fulfilled long ago so was your warranty issues. Why do you feel the need to come here or other forums to stir the pot all the time it does no good for the community that is behind this project.

    46. Creator Justin Baze on September 2

      Actually the page you posted says in stock!

      As for KS shipping, I didn't ask if you were still shipping units. I asked if all units were shipped. If all the units are not shipped as of now, when will they be?

      There is concern and discontent warranted because you said, "We are still shipping units and warrantied units and plan to be completed as I said in last update before or right at the time all retailers are restocked."

      You clearly said,"right at the time". That time is now.

    47. Creator Justin Barwick on September 2

      @Justin Baze
      That's great news just did a search of ThinkGeek Website doesn't come up in search and actual page says out of stock… Last I heard from them they had received the stock last week and would get it process in warehouse then list it for sale as soon as they did.

      As for KS shipping it is continuing and people are getting tracking numbers all the time some choose to come and post about it others do not. I also stated completion would be around the time stock was going to vendors. As I have asked in the past please quit trying to stir the pot or cause concern or discontent where it is not warranted.

      As you can see right below your current post two more just got their units and so have others in the last few days and weeks.

    48. Creator Justin Baze on September 2

      ThinkGeek just emailed me and said they have units in stock.

      Are all Kickstarter orders shipped like you told us they would be?

    49. Creator Ruben de la Torre on August 27

      Yep also huge thanks from me for the proper customs declaration. Saved me 25€ and a 55Km ride!

    50. Creator DVC Ak1rA on August 27

      Got my tracking code Aug15 and recieved the package yesterday. Thanks for the customs declaration!

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