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Alejandra O'Leary is starting a Kickstarter campaign to record a special 5 song live E.P. and Video at GBS Detroit this October.
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GBS Detroit

42 backers pledged $1,140 to help bring this project to life.

We hit our goal!!!!! Now what?

Hi All,

Guess what, we hit our goal of $600 in the first few days of our kickstarter. Yaaaay!!! Thanks so much to all of the backers who have made Alejandra's GBS Detroit session possible. Now, here's a new kicker, What do we do with the extra money? 

Well here's the deal.

We want to set a new goal of $1,000 and so we can make this project as ultra-cool and hip as possible! To sweeten the pot, we've added 1 more signed and framed lyric sheet as well as Alejandra O'Leary Rock and Roll Band t-shirts for backers who pledge $50 or more. (If you already pledged $50 or more don't worry, you'll get a t-shirt too. We're cool like that). 

Plus, we still have 5 more seats available for our studio audience, so get in there and reserve your spot now.

Thanks again to all the backers and we'll talk to you soon!

GBS Detroit and Alejandra O"Leary

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