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$615 pledged of $5,000 goal
$615 pledged of $5,000 goal

Recent updates

Welcome to the Bat Cave!

With two interviews in the past week (Chubstr and today's A.V. Club interview) I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of new traffic to the site as we look to close this out.  Anybody following the project can see that we've hit a serious wall.  Funding was strong right out of the gate and then it just stalled.  I'll still be able to engage in many of these activities in and around Chicago, but I'll also have to work instead of focusing full time on the project, which means less time for extended travel.

I'm writing this to anyone and everyone visiting the site in the wake of this new press coverage.  If this sounds fun or inspirational to you or if you just like the cut of my jib, please consider dropping off a dollar on your way by.  A dollar's not much, but if everyone who reads that AV Club interview puts a dollar in the hat, well...that would be a sum of truly Bruce Wayne proportions.

Thanks everyone who has supported this project so far and who will continue to support it into the future.  Let's bring it home with a bang!

Out of Pocket

I'll be out of pocket for a couple of days, visiting friends for the last time, enjoying NFL opening weekend and tying up loose ends.  I'll update when I can, but make sure that those of you who have already supported the project keep doing what you can to help, mainly getting the word out to anybody you think may be interested.  There are a few exciting developments coming down the pipeline and next week I'll be in Chicago and we'll really hit the ground running on the second half of this thing.  We're a long way away, but with just a little help we'll get there.  Stay positive and let's bring it home!

First Workout!

The first workout is in the books and I feel great.  That's right, I said GREAT!  Now, let me preface this by saying that I don't know jack about working out.  I'm a chubby nerd who is supposed to be a bean pole, so clearly I'm doing things the wrong way.  I've been reading a lot about working out, general exercise, fitness, nutrition, dieting, whoa, whoa, whoa!  These are not terms that your average male nerd loves.  I'm a lot more inclined to have opinions on which fast food places $0.99 value menu offers the best options than I am to tell you the bet way to get trim.  Finally, I had to enlist my trusty part-time, "gosh, okay, I'll help you of course" research assistant to put me on the right path.  She used to be a runner, she is a total badass, she occasionally laughs at me (occasionally means a lot, right? Do I have that right?).  With her guidance, I managed to put together a quick, simple workout that I can do now, while I'm locked away at my parents' house waiting to kick this thing off.  Just simple, "throw your own weight" around stuff that doesn't require a gym.  So this is what I did today.

25 sit-ups - 25 lunges - 25 push-ups - 25 sit-ups with 7 lb. barbell - 25 squats with 7 lb. barbell - a mile walk for cardio and cool down.

Not bad for a novice, right?

Let's see if I can even walk in the morning.

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Exciting Developments

I wake up this morning to find I have two more backers, including my second backer that I don't know from Adam, and the project is up to $230.  If we can hit $300 today then we're averaging a hundred bucks a day and that ain't bad, especially since I expect it to kick up steam after Dragon Con.

Another thing that happened this morning is Comic Book Resources released my press release.  CBR is the biggest comics news outlet in the world and them picking something up can give it some serious steam.  It's Dragon Con weekend, so it might take a bit for that steam to get seriously pumping, but it'll get there.

Oh, and in related news...

The Onion A.V. club has requested an interview.

That's...kind of a big deal.

Workouts start this afternoon!  Do you think Bruce Wayne dreaded exercise so much?

The New 52

Up to $145 on Day Two!  If I can reach $200 by day's end I'll feel really great, especially considering I'm far from the biggest thing going on in comics right now.

Yesterday, DC initiated a a company-wide relaunch of their entire comic line.  This new direction for DC sees both Action Comics and Detective Comics being re-numbered back to #1 and a host of other characters getting "edgy" new makeovers.  Batman, thankfully, remains largely unaffected.  DC will screw around with Superman, but even they aren't brave enough to mess with their top dog.

So yeah, given that we're almost to $150 less than 24 hours after DC changed the face of comics forever (or at least for a little while), I'd say we're doing alright.