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A 4X space themed board game for 3-5 explorers, playable in under an hour.
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Colonizing System Sol was doomed from the start. The initial steps of leaving Earth1, centuries ago, were full of hope. The thrill of exploration and discovery was met with fierce competition between factions. The former sentiment propelled humans further into the universe, while the latter manifested in wasted resources, war, and destruction. Over three hundred years after the first moon walk, the human race had made it to the edges of the system, and in doing so, had used all the resources needed to sustain life for the next hundred. It was the twilight of everything, save one fissure of possibility…

Helios Expanse places you in control of an extrasolar faction of humanity, competing for galactic supremacy against its rivals. Explore the board using movement, expand your empire by colonizing planets, exploit your advantages by moving up the technology track, and exterminate your competitors by moving up the military track. Helios expanse is for 3-5 players and is an hour of fast paced game play!

  • This Kickstarter is unique for us in a number of ways. First off, it will only run for a short period of time (8 days). The game is finalized, and so if you are interested in getting it early (backers and retailers too) this is how you can do it. Also, this game is a departure from the narrative driven games we have done (and will continue to do). However, the tight mechanics and Euro themed style of play for this game are gorgeously simple to learn, but strategically fun to work through as the game progresses. Also, for the first time, this rule book will be translated into German and French. We hope you love it as much as we do!


  • 60 min / 3-5 Players / 14 years
  • A 4X game play experience in less than 60 minutes
  • Fast to learn and easy to teach
  • Action / Movement Programming
  • Area Control / Area Influence
  • Hand Management
  • Variable Powers
  • Scalable Game Board

Helios Expanse contains everything you need for three to five players to start their galactic empire. Featuring a double sided player board, Faction Cards, Action Cards, Subterfuge Cards, Damage Cards, Colony Cubes, Spaceship Standees, and Tracking Discs.

**Note that all assets shown are a work in progress, and subject to change during these final weeks of development.**

 There are five Rounds in a game. Each Round has three phases:

  • Phase 1 – Mission Planning: The players play their Action Cards into a common Compiler Stack in the center of the table, or exhaust their Subterfuge Cards (Ruse and Recon) to perform special actions.
  • Phase 2 – Mission Operations: The Action Cards played in the Compiler Stack are performed.
  • Phase 3 – Status Report: Each player shuffles their Action Deck and places it to the right of their Faction Card. Ruse and Recon Cards are refreshed, and the new player turn order (initiative) is determined.

For more on how to play, watch Twist Gaming’s video here:

To see how far we've come in development, take a look at Bower's interview at GenCon.

Faction Cards add a layer of asymmetrical ability for each player. With a Faction Card, a player may gain abilities such as added Military Strength when being targeted, or looking at face down Ruse Cards during Mission Planning. We recommend removing Faction Cards during your first time playing, or with younger players. However, these cards keep game play interesting and varied.

Click here to read the rule book.

The plan for this game is to be sold in retail. However, since we have always appreciated the community here on Kickstarter, we would like to give all of you the opportunity to get this game before it is available to the rest of retail.

As a small business ourselves, supporting local game stores is very important to us. Retailers, please contact us directly at  for information regarding our retail special for Helios Expanse.

This project is free of customs/VAT for backers in the US,CA, EU, and AU.

With 12 successful Kickstarters under our belt, we have learned a lot about what it takes to get our games into your hands. One of the biggest things is how varied the cost of shipping can be. As such, we will be charging shipping after this Kickstarter concludes, according to the actual costs incurred to ship to your area. We will do this through Kicktraq’s post-campaign pledge manager.

There are two reasons we do this. First, it allows us to provide a lower rate on the actual pledge levels, and structure a much tighter budget for the campaign and stretch goals, since we do not have to estimate for shipping costs. Second, the funds raised for the project are 100% for the actual project itself, rather than being partially inflated by shipping costs that may not be accurate.

The numbers below are based on regional averages, and are subject to change. These are only estimates and they may increase or decrease based on the final box size and weight, and also the current postal prices at the time of shipping.

  • USA: The average of $15 to most states.
  • CANADA: The average of $15 to most cities.
  • EUROPE: The average of $20 to most countries.
  • OCEANIA: The average of $20 to Australia, and the average of $30 to New Zealand.
  • Rest of World: The average of $40 to most countries.

Unfortunately, import laws and customs have made it impossible for us to ship to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.

Meet our crack team of rockhoppers!


  • Development: Julie Ahern, Jonathan Madison
  •  Design: Shawn Macleod, Twisted Flyer Games


Writing Content

  • Writing: Julie Ahern
  • Editing: Julie Ahern, Walter Barber, T.R. Knight

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Risks and challenges

As with any project produced overseas, there can be unforeseen production delays, shipping delays, and customs delays. We've learned all about (and experienced) delays and ways to manage or avoid them. We know that some delays can’t be predicted or avoided, so we do our best to plan extra room in our schedule. This way we can give you the best estimate for when we can get our game into your hands - because we want you to receive our products as much as you do! Thank you so much for your help making our dreams a reality!
- The Greenbrier Games Team

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