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A weird-western card dueling game for 2-6 players that doubles as an RPG-like, campaign driven, solo / co-op for 1-4 players.
A weird-western card dueling game for 2-6 players that doubles as an RPG-like, campaign driven, solo / co-op for 1-4 players.
A weird-western card dueling game for 2-6 players that doubles as an RPG-like, campaign driven, solo / co-op for 1-4 players.
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    1. Stephen S Gibson Collaborator 2 days ago

      @Stephen & Megan: Yeah, no one is selling the expansion! Just the core game.

      I haven't gotten any new updates on shipping.

    2. Stephen Ball 2 days ago

      Surely that’ll just be the base game which has been out for ages. Presumably the US shipments are still on the ship as the last update said it was due to dock on the 23rd ;)

    3. Megan Brendlinger 5 days ago

      Grimslingers on the shelf at CoolStuff - :( - any updates on US shipping?

    4. Stephen Ball 5 days ago

      Well I hope Happyshops don’t make as much of a hash of this as they have done Gloomhaven. Looks like this may arrive first at this rate

    5. Colette Robinson 6 days ago

      Are the Deluxe box dimensions available somewhere?
      I’m reorganising my Kallax book case to make room for it and hoping it will fit on top of my Scythe Legendary Box.

    6. Bruce M 6 days ago

      any news on shipping?

    7. Shattuck Kuzmic on December 5

      I am completely naive about logistics, but it appears osaka express (US backers) might land December 17th, it would take a miracle to deliver before Christmas but maybe, hopefully before New Years? A Grimslinger can dream ;)

    8. Colette Robinson on December 2

      Woo hoo!!! :D

    9. Missing avatar

      David Holt on December 1

      Australian backers.
      The vessel carrying Grimslingers has arrived in Sydney.
      Just a question of when now. Waiting on customs, Aetherworks, Aus Post etc.

    10. Missing avatar

      David Holt on November 29

      @Colette Robinson No probs. Thanks for the info on the fulfilment service. I didn't know Aetherworks were doing it.

    11. Colette Robinson on November 29

      @David Holt, thanks for the intel.
      I have yet to get clarification from Aethorworks about which courier they will likely be using. Could be AusPost, could be DHL.
      If I miss the delivery, I would rather they use AusPost, as I can just pick it up from the local post office or arrange to have mail put on hold if I need to travel interstate at Christmas. DHL seems more complicated.

    12. Missing avatar

      David Holt on November 25

      @WeAreGeek check the latest update in the updates section on the main page of this project. The info is there.
      The ship is called the Xin Ning Bo and the website to track the vessel is

    13. WeAreGeek on November 25

      @David how do you know what vessel it is?

      Also please post a link, I always like to follow the route.

    14. Missing avatar

      David Holt on November 24

      For anybody else in Australia waiting for this game I've just checked marine and the vessel is already underway. It left Hong Kong on the 21st Nov due to arrive in Sydney on the 2nd Dec.

    15. Missing avatar

      David Holt on November 9

      Thx for the update on shipping. Looks all good for myself and others who live in Australia. If we're lucky we might get ours around Christmas or just after.

    16. WeAreGeek on November 8

      If it’s not shipped soon there’s no way this will make the December estimate...some kind of response good or bad on what the current situation is would be highly appreciated.

    17. Dermot McGlade on November 8

      @Mark - It said that it was two months before it was on the boat, not ready to ship. Just FYI! Don't wanna get my own hopes up of getting us soon either. I, too, am eagerly anticipating this to ship out to us!

    18. WeAreGeek on November 4

      Keen to hear an update on shipping as I pledged support for this with the intention of giving my reward level as a Christmas prezzie, it’s not the end of the world if it ends up running later though I would be good to know I’m not just relying purely on luck and good fortune.

    19. Stephen Ball on October 31

      @Stephen Gibson Thanks, I actually have the old duel although never actually played 7-8 player duel so just wondered

    20. Mark on October 31

      @GBG: how’s production going? The update two months ago said about two months before it’s ready to ship, which means just about now. I know Essen and busy and stuff, but keen to hear news about where this game’s up to due to excited anticipation :)

    21. Stephen S Gibson Collaborator on October 29

      @Stephen Ball: No it doesn't have the extra target cards. 8 player duels have been retired, I didn't hear much positive feedback from people about the 7-8 player duel.

      If you're ever in London, Ontario, Canada, I'll give you a copy of the old duels :P

      @Ken Cunningham: The PnP is up to GBG to put out, so I'd email them directly for an ETA if you want a specific response. There's a few parts of the VIP package that I personally need to do, and I'm not sure if they are waiting for me to do them before they release the PnP. (will chat with them).

      I'd wager it'll be released when people start getting their games. Right now I know GBG is swamped with essen and a new folklore kickstarter.

    22. Stephen Ball on October 29

      Does Advanced Duels include the additional targeting cards like in the original Duel game so that you can add it to the main game?

    23. Ken Cunningham on October 28

      How goes the PnP? Any eta?

    24. Kirkstarter
      on October 27

      Miniature Market just got the core game in as well. $20.99.

      Can't wait for our stuff to complete.

    25. Missing avatar

      Eli Salzgeber on October 26

      So somehow I forgot to finish he pledge manager (actually I was waiting for a paycheck, then forgot to log back in). Who do I need to contact about this?

    26. Missing avatar

      Mark Buzby
      on October 23

      The art and lore book sounds great Stephen. So do gun holsters on cats.

    27. Stephen S Gibson Collaborator on October 23

      @Hula: haha, thanks! Glad lots of folks are interested in it.

    28. Hula Mcula on October 23

      Grimslingers art book ! ... Stephen you have just made my day ... makes me even more determined to strap that gun holster on to my cat !

    29. Stephen S Gibson Collaborator on October 19

      @Kim: They likely got 5 copies of the core game. I believe GBG shipped core game into retail, as manufacturing for core started well before the xpac did. GBG is doing fulfillment all at once for this campaign, which means, even if you just ordered the core game, you'll still have to wait for the xpac to finish manufacturing before your stuff gets shipped.

    30. Kim Pierson on October 19

      Just checking but has this game shipped yet? I see my local game shop just received 5 copies and have not heard anything in sometime.

    31. Stephen S Gibson Collaborator on October 18

      @Daniel Kearns: I'm not sure what is the BEST way to reach GBG, but I assume either way you suggested should be fine. I sent them a message to check their email, hopefully you get a reply soon :)

      @Bryan: GBG or I will share an update soon!

    32. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kearns on October 18

      @Stephen S Gibson Is that via the contact form on the pledge manager or via another route? I have tried sending through the contact form and havent had a response.

    33. Missing avatar

      Bryan Vyrath on October 17

      Thank you for the comment and the update. I've sent some messages/emails with no response, I didn't think to check here for that (backing stuff is a new process for me). I hope for an official update soon; I didn't play the first Grimslingers and the game looks fantastic.

    34. Stephen S Gibson Collaborator on October 16

      @Ben: I appreciate you saying that! Always makes my day to hear people enjoy Grimslingers :D

    35. Ben on October 16

      Thanks Stephen for the info. Can't wait to play your game. One of our favorite games of last year!

    36. Stephen S Gibson Collaborator on October 14

      @Ben: GBG does not use Panda. As far as I know, everything is still on track for December, but this is just from what I've heard and is not an official statement from GBG. I've seen proofs from the actual production line and they look good.

    37. Ben on October 9

      Update please. Been over a month. Panda is pushing everyone's schedule out. Not sure if that's who your using but would be nice to know what's going on with this project. Since most of my kicks are being postponed until next year. Are we going to get this in December still?

    38. Stephen S Gibson Collaborator on October 6

      @Daniel Kearns: No worries, you just need to contact GBG directly and ask them to open your pledge.

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel Kearns on October 6

      Think ive managed to muck up on this one. Backed at the $29 level and i think ive missed the pledge manager (dont remember ever filling it in and when ive gone back through my inbox it was the one update email i didnt read!)

      When i log in to the pledge manager now i don't seem to have any options to do anything, have i lost what i paid? *i am fully aware this is my fault.

    40. WeAreGeek on October 5

      @Kurt, it can be slightly confusing when different projects/companies use the same term for another thing. The “Pledge Manger” is now essentially a pre-order site that’s been arranged to mirror this Kickstarter page.

      To me a Pledge is a confirmation of backing a project until it is successful, which also makes you a backer of the project as otherwise with your support it might not have been successful.

      Though the main thing is your still supporting the company and I hope you enjoy the game when you get it.

    41. Kurt Temmerman
      on October 3

      Did a late pledge in pm that closed a few days ago.

    42. WeAreGeek on October 2

      @Kurt I’m guessing you mean you put in a pre-order, since the campaign ended sometime ago it’s not considered “backing” though you should get yours around the same time as those who did pledge (backer) which going by the schedule should be December this year.

    43. Kurt Temmerman
      on September 30

      @creator I just backed core and expansion yesterday. So glad I still backed it. Are we gonna get it this year?

    44. Shattuck Kuzmic on September 30

      Is December still the expected delivery? The last update mentioned 2 months til they're on the boat which makes that Nov. The boat trip and customs could stretch into early January. Just curious. Proofs look great!

    45. Missing avatar

      Andy Richardson on September 15

      @Greenbriar - see you at GrandCon tomorrow :)

    46. Greenbrier Games INC 8-time creator on September 13

      @Stuart & Flaring

      Check your inboxes for replies!

    47. Greenbrier Games INC 8-time creator on September 13

      @Stuart & Flaring

      Check your inboxes for replies!

    48. Missing avatar

      Stuart Day on September 11

      Hello Greenbrier,

      I've sent you an email and a message here in relation to my pledge. Could you have a look when you have a moment please.

    49. Missing avatar

      Flaring Pain on September 9

      Did my pledge manager go through? This has been such a chore this time..

    50. Greenbrier Games INC 8-time creator on September 1


      Absolutely. You can make changes in the pledge manager up until it closes at the end of September. If you already finalized your pledge, we can unlock it for you. Shoot us an email at

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