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A weird-western card dueling game for 2-6 players that doubles as an RPG-like, campaign driven, solo / co-op for 1-4 players.
A weird-western card dueling game for 2-6 players that doubles as an RPG-like, campaign driven, solo / co-op for 1-4 players.
A weird-western card dueling game for 2-6 players that doubles as an RPG-like, campaign driven, solo / co-op for 1-4 players.
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    1. Bruce Hansen about 1 hour ago

      Is there a breakdown of what the card numbers on the backs of the dividers mean? Like where are the cards from?
      Also do the advanced duel cards go in here as well?

    2. RAJ
      about 7 hours ago

      See update 35:
      The Creator says:
      If you have not received a tracking email or package by 2/23/18, give us a shout at and we’ll help you out!

      I will shout when I haven't received the game by 2/23/18 :-)

    3. Stephen S Gibson Collaborator about 8 hours ago

      @All: Asked GBG for a shipping update and unfortunately they said they had no new information. The wait continues!

      If it makes anyone feel any better...I'm still waiting for mine too :P

    4. Stephen Ball about 9 hours ago

      Wondering this myself also, Happyshops have had it for nearly 2 months now and even if the majority were being fulfilled from Germany (which they obviously aren’t) it is only a few thousand packages so can’t see why it is taking so long now.... but then I have come to not expect any better from them.

      Guess I will have to wait until I get back from holiday now as it seems unlikely to be here in the next couple of days. Ah well

    5. Ben about 10 hours ago

      What in the world is going with fulfillment on this project. Based on the last update I don't think Greenbrier knows whats going on either. Are they shipping out like 10 games at a time. How long has this been sitting in a warehouse. I saw where this is now going to be in retail in a couple weeks. Emailed twice no response.

    6. Missing avatar

      David Holt about 21 hours ago

      Discard v deactivate pile question:

      Wasn't there a rule that over couple turns you would get your deactivated cards back for free? Seems like now you have to pay 3 EP.

      It seems to me it doesn't make it much different (other than by one card) to retrieving cards from the discard pile. So why two piles then, or am I missing something?

    7. Mellekai
      1 day ago

      @Stephen: Correctemente. :)

    8. Dan Janowicz 1 day ago

      Still waiting here in Illinois, United States. However, I had a big pledge with everything in it, so I’m betting mine will take some time.

    9. RAJ
      1 day ago

      @stephen ball
      Yepp.. I pledged for the whole set...

    10. Victor Ahlbom 1 day ago

      Still waiting here in Sweden too :/

    11. Stephen Ball 1 day ago

      Ditto. Guessing you both pledged for more than just the expansion also?

    12. Mellekai
      1 day ago

      @RAJ: At least we are not alone and it seems a general problem with the fulfilment. :) Let us play the waiting game then. :)

    13. RAJ
      1 day ago

      the same here. I also stiil wait for a trackingnumber or parcel to arrive (netherlands)...

    14. Mellekai
      1 day ago

      Nothing here at all. :)

    15. spotincubus 1 day ago

      Somebody receive his playmate ? What is look like ? : )

    16. Mellekai
      3 days ago

      Germany, silence around my gaming lair, no parcel nor tracking number, watch continues.

    17. RAJ
      3 days ago

      Still no parcel (or tracking) ...

    18. Missing avatar

      Sonja Ljostveit
      3 days ago

      Recieved my game her in Norway today, but the core game have been damaged during shipping :-(

    19. Ben 4 days ago

      Still nothing.

    20. Ken Cunningham 4 days ago

      I did take a peek at BGG but Grimslingers: Advanced Duels forums are empty so I can here. Thank you for the quick reply!!!! I just finished playing solo and it very impressed. Great game!!!

      Any update on the PnP? I sent a KS pm GBG but they haven't replied in a week, I understand they are probably still busy with shipping.

    21. Stephen S Gibson Collaborator 4 days ago

      @Ken: No, discarding wind does not affect the first part.

      And yes, the 3 EP you lose in the first part will also affect how much DMG you take if you don't reverse the stream.

      ALSO! If you have a BGG account, it'd be good to post questions there in the rules section.

    22. Ken Cunningham 4 days ago

      And does the 3EP I lose in this card also count against me when figuring how much EP I am missing.

    23. Ken Cunningham 4 days ago

      Question about the Which King Simulation skill card Devil's Breath. Does discarding a Wind spell also effect the -3 HP and -3 EP in the first line of the card effects?

      I am assuming this only applies to the addition damage created by missing EP Points.

    24. Vivian Circle
      4 days ago

      Is Fun Again Games fulfilling this?

    25. neko_cam 5 days ago

      No divider in the ultimate storage box for the characters in the character pack or the collector’s promo pack? That’s unfortunate :(

    26. Mellekai
      5 days ago

      Germany, no tracking number, no parcel yet.

    27. Colette Robinson 5 days ago


      I can’t upload anything here, I posted some pics in the Board game geek group on Facebook last night :)

    28. Stephen S Gibson Collaborator 5 days ago

      @David Holt: Yep! Well, you only put passives there that say "keep" or "place" this card in your passive space.

    29. Missing avatar

      David Holt 5 days ago

      Found it, I think lol.
      Items have "passive" meaning they stay in your play area and provide abilities.

    30. Missing avatar

      David Holt 5 days ago

      Haven't had a chance to play yet or read through all the rules so can someone clue me in on what the "passive space" is for on the player mat. I get all the rest.
      Is that where you play your spells?

    31. Ben 5 days ago

      still nothing.

    32. .j.e.n.n.i.f.e.r. 5 days ago

      Please share some pictures.
      I'm Brazilian, not sure when I'll receive.

    33. Driftwood Ship 5 days ago

      @Victor you may be onto something. I backed at the Ultra level and picked up the duels box so maybe folks with “more pieces” were sent out after the orders with just the cores/expansions went out? Maybe? Probably incorrect but who really knows lol. Pretty sure some folks with the deluxe box received theirs. I just wish I had tracking info. Not sure if people in US will get one given GBG never got the tracking info from the company who sent them out. Not sure how that happens but I’m ignorant to that aspect of distribution so I’m sure it’s more complex than I think.

    34. RAJ
      5 days ago

      No tracking or parcel received...

    35. Missing avatar

      Paul Hussey 6 days ago

      I got mine in the UK this morning. Looks nice. Can't wait to get this out and start reading through the rules etc and checkout all the artwork.

    36. Victor Ahlbom 6 days ago

      Still nothing. Maybe because I got a larger tier? :/

    37. Mellekai
      6 days ago

      @Stephen: You are not alone. :)

    38. Stephen Ball 6 days ago

      Classic Happyshops experience here, I always seems to end up being one of the last ones... I should stop backing the bigger tiers of projects 😂

    39. Colette Robinson 6 days ago

      I don’t mind it. But then again I’m a sleever.

      My goods arrived today btw ;)
      Everything was packaged so carefully.

      Thank you Stephen & GBG & Aetherworks & Auspost...

    40. Missing avatar

      David Holt 6 days ago

      Having now opened some card packs I must say I'm not a real fan of this type of card stock. The cards initially stick together.
      I know this will improve over time as the card stock is similar to Legendary Encounters Alien which were the same. Those cards are fine now, just a little annoyance for the first couple of games.

    41. Driftwood Ship 6 days ago

      Nothing yet in Ohio, you are not alone

    42. Missing avatar

      Morton Shenker 6 days ago

      Nothing yet in Mississippi. Sad face.

    43. Boy Ashley
      6 days ago

      Can I get any tracking info? I emailed the company website and asked on Facebook messenger. I didn't get an email in inbox or spam folder.

    44. Missing avatar

      Stuart Day
      6 days ago

      Got mine today. The arts stunning as always. It was nice to see the unique powers for some of the Slingers. I wish they all had them.

      I’ve sadly sold mine on as I’ve still never played the core and I’m hoping it will get the attention it deserves with its new owner.

      Thank you for an amazing campaign. Now bring on Hara 😘

    45. Missing avatar

      Jacob Reed 7 days ago

      Just got mine today in Japan. Asia backers, have faith! :D @Yong Siong Oon

    46. Missing avatar

      Adam Brenton
      7 days ago

      Never mind, I saw the reply to this question below. Ah well.

    47. Missing avatar

      Adam Brenton
      7 days ago

      All my stuff arrived in Australia today. Amazing artwork, as expected.

      I’m curious though - what became of the thematic die that was meant to be in the expansion? The one included looks pretty standard to me.

    48. Mellekai
      7 days ago

      No movement around my stronghold. Germany, continue watch.

    49. Colette Robinson 7 days ago

      @David & @Mark
      The AusPost app on my phone is telling me it’s on its way!

    50. Ben on February 13

      Still nothing.

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