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A weird-western card dueling game for 2-6 players that doubles as an RPG-like, campaign driven, solo / co-op for 1-4 players.
A weird-western card dueling game for 2-6 players that doubles as an RPG-like, campaign driven, solo / co-op for 1-4 players.
A weird-western card dueling game for 2-6 players that doubles as an RPG-like, campaign driven, solo / co-op for 1-4 players.
2,514 backers pledged $150,469 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Price Lawrence
      3 days ago

      Can someone from Greenbrier contact me either here or via my kickstarter email? I have emailed them and sent a message via kickstarter trying to get my pledge sorted out but haven't received a reply yet. Thank you!

    2. Ricky Duong

      Can anyone help me organize cards into all categories in the Deluxe Box. There are many cards that I don't know which category they're in, and also when I count the number of cards in each category, some categories seems to lack some cards :(

      P/s: I have Core Game, The Northern Territory expansion, Advance Duels expansion, Character Card Pack, Legendary Item Pack & Upgraded Collector's Card Pack

    3. Leaf Pile Media Collaborator on


      Hey guys. Thanks for your patience here. I think I've checked in on all of you now so check so your kickstarter email address inboxes and I'll make sure we get your shipments resolved quickly :)

      Thanks folks!

    4. Mark of the " Ragingblood" Clan on

      I have received nothing yet for my ultimate bundle save a download link... in like April

    5. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Truax on

      I haven't received my pledge. Not sure if I did or did not do anything with a pledge manager for this campaign and the pledge manager is now closed out. Any help would be appreciated.,

    6. Drahken on

      Have not received my expansion nor shipping confirmation. Sent a message through the contact form and two emails with no reply form either.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ian Greenfield

      I still haven't received my copy in the UK yet. Should I have received it?

    8. Matt Strange

      Hello. Sent a message. Seeking a refund. Please respond.

    9. Jeremy Anderson

      Thank you very much!

    10. Leaf Pile Media Collaborator on

      @Matt, Jeremy, and Lawrence

      Hey guys! Thanks for letting me know. I’ve stepped out of the office for the evening, but I’ll check in on your accounts and be in touch with you with solutions first thing in the morning.

      Thanks guys!

    11. Jeremy Anderson

      Hrm that is disheartening.

    12. Lawrence McAlpin on

      I recall there were issues with the pledge manager at first. I used the contact form and emailed and have had no response.

    13. Jeremy Anderson

      Still waiting on my copy. How can I check my status? I have not received any email about shipping. Curious to know if I missed the pledge manager somehow.


    14. Lawrence McAlpin on

      I haven’t received my copy of the expansion either...

    15. Matt Strange

      Seen the game at my LGS however still waiting for my copy.
      Located in Australia

    16. Leaf Pile Media Collaborator on

      @ Alaverde Games, @Mark Burke, @ Aaron G, @Joseph Shumate

      I will look into your accounts now and send you an email at the address you provided.

      If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out via our contact form:

    17. Alaverde Games

      Spanish without copy jet...

    18. Mark Burke (The Chubby Meeple)

      I also have not yet received my copy of the expansion.

    19. Aaron G.

      I searched my email for the pledge manager - unsure if I got it/filled it out.

      So if I goofed, what do I do to get my pledge? I believe it was paid for.

    20. Aaron G.

      I also have not received my copy.

    21. Missing avatar

      Joseph Shumate

      I still haven't gotten mine. Meanwhile online stores got theirs months ago.

    22. Missing avatar

      Andrew Oliveira on

      What do I do if I seem to be missing a single collector's box item card. I just cracked open the game today and I DID NOT lose the card. I've been meticulous, but it just still appears to be missing.

    23. Missing avatar

      Philippe Bourdages on

      I know canadian dispatching took more time but still didn't get the pledge after so much time? Is this normal?

    24. Missing avatar

      David Holt on

      Played couple chapters then sold my entire tier 4 pledge on eBay.
      The art got me excited about backing this but wasn't as excited about the gameplay when I tried it. Shame cause waited so long to get it.

      Nothing against your work Stephen, the game just didn't do it for me.
      Still loved the art you put into this.

    25. Missing avatar

      Rebecca Truax on

      Should I have received my pledge? Thanks.

    26. Leaf Pile Media Collaborator on


      Hey folks - apologies for a bit of absence. If you’ve commented or sent an email in the last 2 weeks I’ll make sure you get a reply from me today! Thanks for your patience all :)

    27. QualityChimp on

      Hello! I ordered the core game. Should I have had this by now? I'm in the UK.

    28. Missing avatar


      hi can someone please contact me via as i have not yet received my pledge thanks

    29. Missing avatar

      Alexandre P. on

      Hi, I haven't had any news about delivery of my pledge (in France).
      I wanted to check if I filled properly my pledge manager but I can't access to it apparently.

    30. Junsheng

      I have an issue with the expansion gamebox, sent a email through the contact website ( but never got a response. :(

    31. Leaf Pile Media Collaborator on

      @John Falcon & Caroline Hodge

      Looking you guys up now in our system, will reach out via email to get you both all sorted :)

      @Dani Roanoke

      Please do you as you see fit with that extra copy. My only request: If you are going to sell it for profit, consider donating it your FLGS for their store library :)

    32. John Falcon

      I recall having issues with the pledge manager so that I am uncertain whether you have my info or not. Should we email the info or await instruction?

    33. Missing avatar

      Caroline Hodge

      I never received my copy of the expansion. When should I start worrying about that?

    34. Dani Roanoke on

      I just received my package and I'm super excited to play! (It took forever to reach me due to a long story involving several moves and a couple old roommates.)

      Anyway, I crack open the box and am very surprised to see two copies of everything, even though I only pledged for one. So, now I'm wondering what to do with the extra. Should I send it back or am I just super lucky and now I have a free copy to gift someone else? Any help appreciated.

    35. Matt Parkes

      Hi, I never received my copy of Grimslingers. I remember your Pledge Manager page having a LOT of issues when I tried to use it, but I'm sure I completed it.

      Can you please let me know the status of my shipment.

    36. Leaf Pile Media Collaborator on

      @Ken Scheuber Jr

      Email sent!

    37. Ken Scheuber Jr

      I have not received mine either. I thought i did my pledge manager but i may be in the same boat as a few others

    38. Leaf Pile Media Collaborator on

      @Roberto Ruiz

      You're in the same boat as Robert Anderson below - never filled out the pledge manager. I'm sending you an email now!

    39. Roberto Ruiz on

      My package never arrived. I thought it hasnt shipped yet

    40. Leaf Pile Media Collaborator on

      @Robert Anderson

      Just checked on your account and you never filled out the pledge manager to confirm your address/pay for shipping. I'm reaching out via email now to get it sorted out with you :)

    41. Robert Anderson

      I also have not received my copy as well. I was at my FGLS and they have copies for sell.

    42. Stephen Ball on

      @Leaf Pile Media the replacement arrived and it was the correct thing this time, all looks fine. Thanks for your help

    43. James Parsons on

      Hello there! I've yet to receive my Kickstarter copy. How do I go about fixing that? Thanks!

    44. Stephen Ball on

      @Leaf Pile Media OK I'll email my FLGS as I saw they had the base game, expansion, original duel and advanced duel in stock last week so they obviously sell the game

    45. Tom Tjarks on

      I got a notification that my order is being processed (once we got my failure to pay shipping sorted out.) Will I get a follow up email when it ships?

    46. Missing avatar

      Dan Wheaton on

      Ah ok thank you - ignore my email bump :-)

    47. Leaf Pile Media Collaborator on

      @Stephen Ball

      No need. Not your fault the warehouse folks screwed up, wouldn’t want you to take the time and effort to make up for their mistake. Please use the extra as you see fit (though if you’re going to trash it, consider donating it to a local game store!)

      @Michael Salt

      Ah jeez. If you’re unable to find a copy of the core game locally, please reach out and we’ll see what we can do!

    48. Stephen Ball on

      @Leaf Pile Media

      Just got a dispatch email for the replacement today. o you want me to send the box back?

    49. Michael Salt on

      I got my stuff in the UK last week. Only just opened it up and everything is here OK.

      I was very excited to sort everything out and start playing... until I realised that apparently I pledged for everything EXCEPT the core game. Doh! XP

    50. Adam Gough on

      @Leaf Pile Media

      Thanks for the quick response. Pledge Manager details have now been confirmed.

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