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A cooperative/solo adventure board game of mystery, fear, and dark fantasy.
A cooperative/solo adventure board game of mystery, fear, and dark fantasy.
A cooperative/solo adventure board game of mystery, fear, and dark fantasy.
4,508 backers pledged $552,799 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Preston
      5 days ago

      Come join us on the Kickstarter Discord to talk about Folklore!

    2. Micah Shapiro on May 13

      Any news on the future of Folklore fiction novels? I heard Ed Greenwood won't do anymore, but that doesn't mean the novels have to end. Will there be more? I really love this universe.

    3. Greenbrier Games INC 9-time creator on May 10

      @James- Folklore: Adventure Creation Kit, Story, & Bookmark all come together as an add on

    4. Blaz
      on May 10

      Checked PM again and no demons and dark artifacts ...

    5. Missing avatar

      James Newman
      on May 10

      You would think with it being the last day of the PM there would be someone here answering questions.... but there's nobody around?

    6. Andy Nicholas [MadLad Designs] on May 10

      @Blaz: Same here. Got an email saying I need to fill in the pledge manager but I've already done it. Sent an email about it but no reply.

    7. Blaz
      on May 10

      No reply here regarding demons and dark artifacts and no answer to email...

    8. chang on May 9

      nvm found what hara is
      "Ame, Corrupted Affliction (FL40): A special jumbo-sized crossover affliction from Champions of Hara, featuring cards for both games. Includes a side quest consisting of an Off-road event and Rumor cards, as well as her affliction card for Folkore."

      here for hoping that getting Farmer and Hara is all i need to have all in this universe :)

    9. chang on May 9

      anyone here? i need help real quick
      PM closing and no sure i have all u need on the FARMER pledge.

      im a backer of the 1st KS, if i want all new stuff, would this cover it?

      what does HARA pack has? just a mini?


    10. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Olsen
      on May 9

      Should the demons and dark artifacts have shown up in the pledge manager?

    11. Missing avatar

      James Newman
      on May 9

      Hi, I have soldier pledge, filling out the PM now and cant find an add on for the Nightmare adventures?

    12. Leaf Pile Media Collaborator on May 9


      If you’re in for the Mystic Level there is nothing game content wise you are missing. It has it all. The only their thing is if you want plastic bases for each individual standee (as opposed to swapping them between creatures and afflictions as they enter play) than you may want to pick up extra plastic stands in the PM, but it is definitely not necessary.

    13. Missing avatar

      patricus on May 9


      I have gone all in for this pledge and wonder if there is anything to add?
      1 extra equipment pack or ingredients?


    14. Missing avatar

      bigwoof on May 8

      Hi @Walter, Sent you an email 😀

    15. Leaf Pile Media Collaborator on May 8


      Hey guys! A lot of shipping questions here. Just to try to hit as many as possible:

      1) All items for Folklore will ship at the same time (expansions and other products along with core game). We don't mess around with any of that two-wave nonsense.

      2) The games will not ship before July 15th. We are looking at an end of July early August time frame right now, provided boat travel goes as scheduled.

      3) The additional stories (PDF) will be sent out after the physical games are delivered.

      4) To confirm your address, log into the pledge manager:

    16. Missing avatar

      Scott Meredith on May 8

      Got the email to confirm my address, but how do I do that? Thanks

    17. E on May 8

      I found this vid:…. I'm taken care of. Thanks interweb!

    18. E on May 8

      Anyone out there get the terrain pack from the 1st KS and can tell me if it's awesome or not? I'm wondering if I really need that Book of Dark Dimensions mini. I've got some mini terrain from other KSs so I'm covered there but if it's totally awesome I may just spring for it anyhow. Thanks in advance!

    19. Kit Strong
      on May 8

      And then pay another $50-100 to have it shipped again. No thanks.

    20. Josh (no not that Josh)
      on May 7

      Rule of thumb, if you think you might change addresses? send it to a friend or relative that you know isnt moving, and you trust lol

    21. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Olsen
      on May 7

      @blaz Sent them a reminder too, but haven't heard back yet.

    22. Erik Reid
      on May 7

      I am in the same boat as Kit. Not sure when I'll have my new address.

    23. Blaz
      on May 7

      Didn't show up in pledge manager, nor in cart. Sent them a reminder.

    24. Missing avatar

      SteveO on May 7

      Just got the "confirm your address" email. Does this mean you're getting ready to ship? I won't complain about getting it earlier than expected. Just thought it odd to confirm two months early because people do move as stated by Kit Strong down there.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Olsen
      on May 7

      Did the Demons & Dark Artifacts show up on the pledge manager for returning backers? I sent an email a long time ago, and it wasn't anywhere I could find.

    26. Kit Strong
      on May 7

      Do we have an eta for deliveries? I’m moving in July and am not sure which address I should use.

    27. Kurt Temmerman
      on May 7

      When I fill in pm do I get a link for additional missions?

    28. Edward
      on May 7

      If you log back into the PM you can check.

    29. Alen Kapidzic on May 7


      I backed your project during Kickstarter campaign and I received newsletter with call to complete my pledge in order to receive my pledge. I don't remember have I done that or not. Can you please tell me where I can check that? My becker number is 3,598 .


    30. Edward
      on May 7

      Will the upgrade packs be shipped out before or at the same time as the new pledges, just not after please?

      It was the one thing that really upset me about the Gloomhaven second printing is that all new pledges got shipped before the people who made possible in the first place.

    31. Bryan McInnis on May 4

      @Jayson Yeah, this is one of my most anticipated for 2018. My wife loves playing Sword & Sorcery (managing 5 heroes), so I think this will be another really fun adventure to hit the table.

    32. Missing avatar

      Swindger on May 4

      @Preston: Yes. You can find the standees asn AddOns in Section V. As a returning backer (like me) you still need a pledge level like "farmer"

    33. Jayson Deare on May 4

      @Bryan Mcinnis when the pledge manager came around I went all in to much good stuff!

    34. Preston
      on May 4

      Is there a way for 1st edition backers to get the standees without buying another copy of the game?

    35. Bryan McInnis on May 3

      I got to laugh at myself... when I first pledged Soldier plus some for a few more items, I thought, "man this is getting deep in my pockets." Now, as of this morning, I have added on so much that I am 7 items from being all-in. Guess the Mystic Pledge would have fit my tastes after all. In all seriousness, I am glad the Pledge Manager stayed open so long to allow me to piece in the add-ons over the course of several moths. Thanks @Greenbrier and @Leaf Pile for the time... I think (smile).

    36. Robert
      on May 3

      @catfish Same question here. Not only would it be time consuming, it would also mean a great risk in damaging the minis, I think...

      Aktually no storage solution in these boxes would disappointed me quite a bit...

    37. MrFunk on May 3

      Picture from link shows two big bags of minis in the box

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Ch on May 3

      What's the shipping schedule like now that PM is about to close?

    39. Catfish on May 3

      Will the miniature box include storage trays for easy storage and access to the correct figures? Storing them in bags and trying to locate them could be a time consuming task otherwise.

    40. Paulo - Reinhard von Lohengramm on May 3

      what about the books? Can't I have only the mission book instead of purchasing the creator + mission? :\

    41. Jason Dickerson
      on May 1

      Any chance of closing it out on a Friday (5/11) instead?

    42. chang on May 1

      perfect! thx!

    43. Leaf Pile Media Collaborator on April 30


      Official closing date for the PM is going to be May 10th. We'll post a reminder with more info in a update later this week :)

    44. chang on April 30

      @jan thx; i saw that, but sadly that still doesnt answer. 1st week of may is from tomorrow to Sat.
      some people gets pay on thursday; hence can we (i) wait or are we (am i) going to notice that is close when i try ti log into my pm

    45. Missing avatar

      Jan Weber on April 30

      from the updates :
      When does the pledge manager close?

      Here is the official word: The Pledge Manager for Folklore: The Affliction 2nd printing will be open at least until the first week of May. If we are able to extend it a past that we will send out a message close to that time, but it will not close sooner than that.

    46. chang on April 30

      same here
      +1 earthorn and sam

    47. Earthorn on April 29

      I would also like to know the date that the pledge manger will close. Thanks!

    48. Sam Pynes on April 29

      Good afternoon! Quick question, when does the pledge manager end? Thank you!

    49. Paddy Heron
      on April 28

      Had to send another email for clarification Leaf - Did you receive it?

    50. Paulo - Reinhard von Lohengramm on April 27

      I really wanted more missions but paying 30$ for two things (one that I don't think I will use it) it's a bit much.. Why can't I purchase only the missions? :)

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