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A cooperative/solo adventure board game of mystery, fear, and dark fantasy.
A cooperative/solo adventure board game of mystery, fear, and dark fantasy.
A cooperative/solo adventure board game of mystery, fear, and dark fantasy.
4,508 backers pledged $552,799 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Peter Ruscher
      8 minutes ago

      Mhhh, I Live in Hamburg, so Folklore is not far away from me. Hope to get it soon in my hands!

    2. Becki Kaze about 2 hours ago

      @ Mark: Great news.

    3. Missing avatar

      daniel m. about 13 hours ago

      Hi. Any news on Australia shipping? Haven't received any email so far

    4. Robert Lake about 15 hours ago

      It's official with the EU boat landing - we are all in the twilight zone.... More craziness is about to occur or continue until the game have been received...

      GBG please provide daily boring updates until you have completed the shipping, to save us from ourselves. The anxiety of waiting is turning people against each other...

      Oh no, I feel the urge to start complaining..... help me!!!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Adam Dunham about 16 hours ago

      @GBG When the items from this campaign ship out will we receive any tracking info? Will GBG have more expansions in the future for Folklore? Thanks and love the game.

    6. Mark Horneff
      about 17 hours ago

      Boat arrived in Hamburg 4 mins ago.

    7. Danny Shafer
      about 18 hours ago

      @GBG - Thanks for reaching out to me about my crushed base game box from the 1st campaign. I do appreciate your honesty. I retract my earlier comment, but it did serve a purpose. Thanks again for helping correct my box issue.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alex Cody about 19 hours ago

      While everyone was complaining about the promos, I just went out and got the magazines. So now I just have all of the promos.

    9. Becki Kaze about 22 hours ago

      I want to be clear that discussing a topic has nothing to do with being toxic. Insulting other people because of their opinion IS toxic.

      And I want to clarify: We are criticising GBG for their customer service. Other backers are criticising us for doing so. And these critics range from clear insults (Steven) or other titles we earn from them like we have problems with FOMO etc.

      Some people should learn how to discuss even in the INTARWEBS.

    10. I M about 22 hours ago

      I’d most love to hear that a new Kickstarter is in the works :)

    11. I M about 22 hours ago

      Some people just like things to be nice and home printed isn’t really? I think both sides have valid reasons for feeling the way they do, but we should all just move on since they have heard that there’s a section that cares and one that doesn’t and they’ll do what they will do. They’re obtainable on eBay (apparently many people that got them don’t care) but 40-60 for a small set of cards is rather expensive. I’m totally willing to pay for obscure and rare components but the juice has to be worth the squeeze. I’d much rather give 10 to the company that makes the game and reward them for their work directly. New art assets and components absolutely have value and cost. The good news is both sides love GBG and their games :)

    12. Stephan Forkel
      about 23 hours ago

      I don't care if it is a US promo or a europe promo as long as I can order it from BGG or somewhere else. Making promos available to the paying public in some other form than a PDF is possible. It is done quite a lot in fact. It is no tragedy if it is not done here, but they will lose some of their completionist customers that way.

    13. Missing avatar

      bigwoof 1 day ago

      wow. this is still going on! I wonder if the Europeans whining about US-only promos also whine about ESSEN-only promos? which also exist btw... I'm in Asia so I get neither. but that's part of the "hobby" I guess.

      promos are just that -- promos. If anybody here can honestly tell me that they don't buy any product that does region specific promo, i'm calling them a liar right now. because they should not have bought the IT product they are using to post the comment. so why the particular angst against GBG for doing exactly what *everyone else* does? do you not want them to survive?

      They are at least releasing the promos via pdf for free with a possibility of a paid card option later. That's still better than most companies.

      confused by the angst. GBG please remember that the majority don't care. But I guess you know as it's part and parcel of being in KS..

    14. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz Sarach 1 day ago

      20.08- in Hamburg, then 7 bussines days to start shipping. As far as we know there is no special list according to witch pledges will be sent so it means you will get it between 07.09- 30.09.

    15. Missing avatar

      Amketch 1 day ago

      Do we have an estimate of delivery date in Europe. In my hands not just in port?

    16. Frank Smit 1 day ago

      Sooooooo... Who is counting the days until the game will arrive at our doorstep? We are getting closer and closer to delivery!!

    17. Danny Shafer
      1 day ago

      @Steven White - You're a D!ck. My "customer experience" wasn't traumatic, it was rude of GBG's to ignore my legitimate complaint. It's not any of your business, but i'm back to get the the updated material. I spent close to $400 on the 1st campaign. That's a lot of money for damaged goods. Fanboys suck.

    18. Stephan Forkel
      1 day ago

      Sorry, but there are always at least two opinions. For me and a whole lot of people out there cards released as PDF make no sense at all. I like promos, but they should be possible to get even by people outside the US.

    19. IluvatarIrmo 1 day ago

      Long live the bloody vocal minority. #sarcasm #fomo
      Steven was one of the only people making sense. 4 cards that will be released on PDF. Problem solved. Focus on the delivery. Good thing the Facebook group for folklore isn't as toxic as this comment section...

    20. Mary McMurtrey
      2 days ago

      Except you're not discussing, you're whining. Which is irritating and unproductive.

    21. Becki Kaze 2 days ago

      @ Steven: Thank you so much. And once again you are commenting under the bar. Thank God I do not have to read your insults and comments any longer. Being happy with a game is in thing. Being unable to discuss about decisions of a publisher and opinions is the other.

    22. Missing avatar

      Steven White 2 days ago

      In fact adios. Some of you guys are that depressing and negative, I’m just not gonna read the comment section anymore. I’m looking forward to my extras for one of my favourite games. I’m excited for everyone else who like me love the theme, mechanics and sandbox feel of the game. I will back every future campaign related to this amazing game. I’d like to thank GBG for their hard work and passion. And I’d also like to thank my fellow backers who appreciate what Kickstarter is actually all about. And those of you who have pumped ideas, creativity and excitement into this comment section. As for the rest of you I do hope one day you will find contentment in something. As from what I have read read life sounds really really bad for you guys. I hope one day the dark affliction that clouds your missereble lives is defeated. Good look and I wish you all the happiness for the future.

    23. Missing avatar

      Steven White 2 days ago

      With respect. If your customer experience was so frightfully traumatic. Why then are you backed by this campaign?

    24. Danny Shafer
      2 days ago

      I backed the 1st KS. When I got my package the base game box was crushed on one corner. I emailed Greenbrier Games INC. to try to get a replacement box. They never even tried to fix my problem. They never offered to replace the box. They never answered my emails. I hope none of you run into the same problem because they don't care.

    25. Missing avatar

      Steven White 3 days ago

      Also @Becki no I am not 14...?

    26. Missing avatar

      Steven White 3 days ago

      Anyone else feel ‘triggered’ by my wanting people to stop moaning about literally nothing? Or shall we carry on talking about ways to enhance this game?

    27. Missing avatar

      Steven White 3 days ago

      Insults are covered by free speech as a matter of fact. Also I am not the one spitting my dummy out over 4 cards. Lol you guys are adorable.

    28. Carsten Chalk
      3 days ago

      Anyone know what shipping hub they are using for Canada?

    29. Christian Meier 3 days ago

      You do know that insults aren't covered by "free speech", @Steven?
      Funny how "free speed" is used by asshats all over the world as a carry-all excuse for selfish and rude behaviour.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mathiasv 3 days ago

      @Frank Smit: It was supposed to ship in Antwerp. Now it's all being transferred to Germany (I think it was Hamburg, but not sure) for packaging and distribution.

    31. Becki Kaze 3 days ago

      @ Steven: Not bad. That comment has potential to earn the "Garbage Comment Behaviour 2018" to be honest. So you are insulting people because of their opinion? How old are you? 14? Ridiculous...

    32. Missing avatar

      Steven White 3 days ago

      All good ideas *take note GBG*

    33. I M 3 days ago

      I’d like to see the next expansion dig deeper into mechanics. Expanded dungeons for bigger and more complex exploration risk/reward combat, deeper crafting (maybe even the ability to make some kind of home compound that gives you benefits as you build it up). Lots of great ways the game could expand

    34. Missing avatar

      Steven White 3 days ago

      And on that note I’m gonna go punch some werewolf losers in the face. It maybe be difficult seeing as I do t have a complete game since the GenCon promo fiasco, but I’ll try to enjoy doin it 😉 peace.

    35. Missing avatar

      Steven White 3 days ago

      ... thank you.

    36. Missing avatar

      Steven White 3 days ago

      And if I am offended that so called ‘fans’ of a franchise I am a part of are ripping it apart over something as ridiculous as 4 give away cards at a convention? Free speech is a bitch ain’t it? You people wanna flood the comments with cringe worthy moaning and childish expectations I’m gonna insult ya. It’s life not everyone agrees on everything, so if you don’t wanna be ‘offended’ I’d suggest keeping your ridiculous opinions to your self. I am quite willing to be argued with or insulted. My skin is maybe a wee bit thicker than yours?

    37. Frank Smit 3 days ago

      The boat for Europe has arrived in Belgium tonight! Wasn’t is supposed to be arriving in Germany?

    38. Becki Kaze 3 days ago

      @Steven: I am just commenting on the same subject because of you and how you call backers. And please do not tell me what I am allowed to write and what not or get a membership in the official Folklore Fanboy Association. Of course everyone is allowed to express his or her opinion especially when they are insulted by others. Reflect your behaviour a little bit. Thank you.

    39. Rod "BaKhan" Mitchell
      3 days ago

      I’d be in for a new map for sure! The islands idea sounds great! Possible new characters there too. Pirate, fisherman, naval officer... hard cover lore/story would be awesome too!

    40. Mary McMurtrey
      4 days ago

      Ooooo, I like the hardback tome of lore idea!

    41. Robert Lake 4 days ago

      More stories and locations... More encounters... I'm in..

    42. Missing avatar

      Steven White 4 days ago

      Oh yeah more locations more afflictions and maybe more characters. I’d like a big hard back tome of lore as well. Special edition rule book of sorts.

    43. Mary McMurtrey
      4 days ago

      What about an island map? Granted, I haven't been able to play Folklore just yet (waiting on my Mystic pledge to arrive!) but a big campaign based on an island or series of islands could be fun and interesting.

    44. Missing avatar

      Steven White 4 days ago

      Maybe another map to set up next to the current one double the real estate. Mind you I have the MASSIVE neoprene map so maybe that would cause more problems than it’s worth. Hahaha

    45. Missing avatar

      Steven White 4 days ago

      Totally agree!!! At last. A true folklorian! Yeah I’m in for that more tiles and maybe some minis to replace the current affliction tokens?

    46. I M 4 days ago

      A better topic would be when we can expect the next Kickstarter with more story stuff, tiles, terrain, fun campaign things etc :)

    47. Missing avatar

      <insert catchy name here>
      4 days ago

      Remember when you could go to a convention and get a promo and not offend anyone?
      1. Go to Gen-Con and get a promo.
      2. Do not go to Gen-Con and do not get a promo.

      Pretty easy right?

    48. Missing avatar

      bigwoof 4 days ago

      > But it is a FACT that a company could have avoided this mess altogether and made sure that everybody is happy.

      with the attitude being displayed here?? impossible. There would have been something else. shipping, packing, extra falangis, something.. it's a no-win situation.

      I'm, personally, glad GBG is getting the game out to more people. In the long run, it helps everyone. but hey, keep thinking about the here and now and not the "will there be enough buy-in for more expansions"? also promos are part and parcel of the way the industry works. I wonder if this outrage is also leveled at CMON, FFG, and all the other companies that do the same thing. if you are asking them to be less appealing at the largest game convention then everyone else around them, you clearly don't want them to survive.

      heck, even CTG and CityofKings do it and state that they will offer their promo cards for sale later -- both are some of the best super customer centric game companies btw. where's the outrage there? GBG is stating the cards will come later.

      also, I will state definitively, from my experience, that GBG (specifically Walter) provides excellent service and is definitely customer centric. Yes, it may take time but the outcome is what matters and Walter is excellent!

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