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Face your fear, bring your faith, fight your nightmares! Build your character and embark on a dark fantasy RPG board game adventure.
Face your fear, bring your faith, fight your nightmares! Build your character and embark on a dark fantasy RPG board game adventure.
2,784 backers pledged $503,326 to help bring this project to life.

Final Shipments & Second Printing

Posted by Greenbrier Games INC (Creator)

Hello friends!

As many of you have already heard, we recently announced that a second printing Kickstarter campaign for Folklore: The Affliction is on its way October 31st. We’ve got a full rundown of all the details for the reprint launch, but first a few words about shipping:

At this point, almost all packages have shipped out in the US, AU, UK and mainland EU. As of the past Monday, all packages have been shipped to the Canadian depot, and We expect any day now for those in Canada to start receiving shipping notices or pledges in the mail. Thank you for your patience everyone - we’re almost there.

*Most importantly*

If you have not received your pledge or a tracking notice yet, please contact ShipNaked at: This is true for all regions, as ShipNaked is managing fulfillment worldwide.

Alright, and now to consult the gypsies for a glimpse into the future of Folklore:

The goal of this new Kickstarter campaign is to continue to grow this community as much as possible. To do that, the second edition of Folklore: The Affliction will have its plastic miniatures packaged separately, replaced by full art cardboard standees in the core boxes. This change will allow us to make Folklore more widely available at a lower price point, with the intention of bringing the game to retail for the first time.

Though most of the actual game content unlocked in the first campaign will be available in reprint, we’re making a few changes to the general structure of the project:

(titles and cover cart subject to change)
(titles and cover cart subject to change)


First up, we have created a level specifically with you guys in mind. The minstrel tier contains two books - a printed version of the Adventure Creation Kit, and a Nightmarish new story journal, each approximately 60 pages long. The Adventure Creation has everything you need to turn Folklore into your own sandbox adventure system - create your stories, creatures, characters, afflictions, maps, and more! It also contains two full length stories. You guys have seen a WIP version of this so far, and we’ll be making the polished kit’s contents available for you guys digitally as well. The Nightmare Adventures story journal has four more full stories, packed with awesome endgame challenges. Combined, you’re looking at six adventures, not to mention the countless perilous missions you’ll undoubtedly create to destroy your friends :)

Finally the minstrel level comes with a Kickstarter exclusive embossed metal collectors coin, inlaid color on each side to replace the leader token that comes in the core game. Honestly? Even we’re a little surprised at how awesome they came out…

Next up, the change to the base game:


As stated above, the second edition of Folklore: The Affliction will not contain any plastic miniatures in the core box (or the Dark Tales expansion). The miniature box contains all of the minis previously found in the core game and Dark Tales expansion. It contains 76 miniatures in 44 unique sculpts. Those will instead be sold separately, and replaced by cardboard standees, such as the ones shown below:


The mammoth of a premier bundle will remain exclusive to the first campaign. In its place, we have “the soldier” level, which includes the plastic miniatures and Dark Tales expansion.


Though there is no all-in pledge level, almost all of the extra content will be available for folks to mix and match add-ons as they see fit. Additionally, this allows you guys, the original backers, to pick up content you might have missed the first time around.

Here is the break down:


As you can see, all the essential game content will still be available; however, the tan and grey miniature packs, as well as the player dashboards (the mystery box), will remain exclusive to the first campaign, and will not be available in the reprint Kickstarter.

Waiting for your super-deluxe-mega-awesome-ultra-premium wooden box of holding for all things Folklore? We’re so, so close. Take a look at these pics from Dog Might as they put the final touches on these beauties:




There are two final things we’d like to bring your attention to:

1: The conversation

Things are abuzz on the Folklore: The Affliction Community Facebook page. We’re encouraging all backers who feel so inclined to join the group, and share your photos and stories from the fray! Likewise, share your questions and discuss the game with us on

2: The contest

In honor of the glorious holiday approaching, we’d like to celebrate! Here’s a challenge for you guys: We want to see your best Halloween Folklore play session photos! Costumes, decorations, painted miniatures, gaming setups, adorable kid gamers - whatever you got. If you and your friends or family get together on or around Halloween to play some Folklore, snap a photo of the group and post it on the Folklore community facebook page. Whomever posts the most objectively awesome photo will receive a free Minstrel pledge in the new campaign. The only rule is the photo has to be PG.


With Samhain right around the corner, I hope you guys are fortifying your homes in defense of a fright, and settling in for an epic campaign of Folklore: The Affliction.

Talk to you soon,

Greenbrier Games


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    1. Jason Rivera on

      is there a link to the tracking info? I would love to see if my game ever left a Chinese port....

    2. Missing avatar

      Jane on

      In Japan here and still have not received tracking notice or anything from Shipnaked despite having contacted them twice already :( I wish the shipping timeline is clearer so we know which region is being shipped to when, especially with something with quite a hefty price tag as this game.

    3. JiveP

      Just received my pledge ... many boxes :-) Just a question (probably missed it in the updates) ; where do I finf the PDF for Demons & Dark artifacts?

    4. Sulucion

      Hmm kind of hard to do a Contest when I have yet to receive the game or hear anything from Shipnaked... . . Doing another KS when 1/3rd+ of your original backers have yet to see there games or be able to get them to the table is probably a bad thing, as I myself probably will Not back the next KS as i am in possession of nothing from the 1st one... poor play

    5. Missing avatar

      <insert catchy name here>

      WHAT TIME DOES IT START on the 31st?

    6. Missing avatar

      stutzj on

      Love that expanding adventure content is a priority! Stretch goal wishes: extra road events cards and rumors to be included as either an add on or in the Minstrel level pledge. Definitely would love if an extra adventure or two could be stretch goals for the same level.

    7. Missing avatar

      Raul Semoloni on

      It's not fair that I have 2 years waiting, I do not have any news yet and you are already selling another kickstarter !!!

    8. Cuddly Tiger

      I've got one "mystery box"/dashboard, and am not able (or willing) to spend enough money to have enough to be useful. Anyone want to buy it off me at cost (or trade for a Colossal Dark Oak)?

    9. Phil Geraghty on

      Please, for first edition backers...
      1.Put a single pledge level together that offers all the content you're giving new backers.
      2.Include fixed minis for the vampires and their stupid hands (at cost).
      3. Offer standees as a pledge add-on
      4. Offer all pdf content as printed media for us.

      I'll throw my money at you, happily, if you make sure I'm not punished for getting in on the first printing. I backed Premier pledge because I wanted all of it. Give me all of it please!

    10. Teowulff

      Anotyer KS on 31 october? :-s

      Why not wait until people have written some reviews of the game before launching a second one .. it's becoming a trend ..

    11. GeneralGrundmann on

      My wishlist as a returning all-in backer. :-)

      1. Minis of the woodmother, doppleganger, bat swarm and angry mob please!

      2. Printed revised rulebook and printed Demons storybook.

      3. Number 1+2 at affordable prices please. ;-)

      Best regards

    12. Kalayna Nicole

      I’m in the, “I’d love more of the mystery box” camp. I bought one so if I play with more than one person that becomes a point of contention.

      Also, several people have mentioned a revised rule book. I’ll admit I haven’t gone through mine fully yet, but if there are several changes needed, that wouldn’t be amiss.

    13. Missing avatar

      Iboga on

      Mystery box is bad - need to come up with something better counter/dashboard wise. Would like access to the standees. Need replacements for the exp. char. port. - the ones we have are printed on the wrong card stock. Please and thanks

    14. BigDaddyRoss

      You definitely should include add ons for:
      Revised rulebook
      Mystery box (only got one.....I need several more now that I know what it is)

    15. Tom Geraghty

      I'd also like to see standee sets offered as an add-on, and the player dashboards as an add-on as well.

    16. Patrick SAYET

      much things I agree with :
      1) get Mystery box as addon
      2) revised rulebook
      Would another Middara crossover be possible? Or conversion of the Hero characters to use for Folklore?

    17. Sharkey

      I second what @FILS DES LOUPS, said. A single box for the miniatures (from all expansions) with insert for them. The standees as a separate buy, and definitely more of the mystery box as I woulda bought more had I known what it was. Updated rule book with FAQ, and pdf adventures printed in the book.


      That's great news !!! As a backer from 1st edition, I would be very interested by the Adventure Creation Kit, and the Nightmarish new story journal ;-)

      But I have some more hopes with add-ons :

      1) I wish I could buy inserts to store all the figures (from all expansions) within the 2 main box

      2) I wish I could buy the standees as an add-on

      3) I wish I coul add more mystery box now that I now what they are

      4) a FAQ included with updated rules or errors corrected would be great !

      Thanks a lot :)

    19. HFBPereira

      Nice contest, but how I participate in if I haven't received my game yet?
      Answer me that.

    20. M Lawler on

      No update addressing quality control issues and you want people to back something else.. when people are still waiting for stuff too? Yeah.. okay..

    21. Missing avatar

      CK on

      Any chance of getting Dark Artifacts and Aftermath in a physical book for the minstrel pledge or as an add on? I would rather not have a PDF for those. This game is too epic for PDF's.

      also, it was noted on Boardgame geek that some of the reference material were missing key information such as where to cure certain ailments. Any chance that you can add an updated version to the minstrel pack so that we have up to date physical copies of reference cards. I don't want to have to run to my computer to check things during a game if reference card are missing information that should be there.

    22. chang on

      @Ian the adventure creator kit also include several tables which you can use to roll on tiles, types of monster to generate random encounter. and as someone below mention, it also include 2 full stories, that said they are pretty short if the example on the PDF currently online is any indication (only 3 chapter)

      1st as i said on the thread about this announcement. THANK YOU! absolutely amazing, printed adventure kit and more stories.. yes!

      now, questions:
      1. could the character sheet be modify to this version It seems the creator would be ok with that. Zee is already in touch, I think.
      2. If the character sheet are modify; could we, as preview backers, get it included on the MINSTREL PLEDGE? I get that typo and so on can happen, is the risk I take with a first KS, I normally I don't mind, but the way you guys did skill on the character skill (as well as the VITA counter, which I hope also get improve for 2E) was a miss. PS I came with a good solution for the VITA, so no worries, I wont be asking for that to be included lol
      3. are you planning to include cards for the unique characters items? I`m starting to do cards, would like no to bother much in details if you guys are doing one set, assuming would be available for us.
      4. when you say that the book would include 2 full stories, how long are these? how many chapters?


    23. Hideousprime on

      Any future thought into minis of the woodmother, doppleganger bat swarm and angry mob?

    24. Dave the Badger on

      BAH!! Now I know what the mystery box contains. Last update at least had the spoiler alert. There are still a lot of backers, that haven't received their games and mystery boxes yet, and this info could have easily been left out. Aside from that, how do you intend to ship the world map in the new KS? Having read that it's kinda f'd up, because you shipped it the way you did(I hoping mine isn't all creased), here's to hoping you've thought about doing it different this time.
      Still excited to get the game though! Mystery boxes... not that much anymore.

    25. Chris Langevin

      Will there be an option to
      1) Get a copy of the new revised rulebook ?
      2) Get a copy of the new standees ?

    26. Gashlycrumb

      +1 for the revised rulebook to be included!

    27. yardswimmer

      @GBG I am very disappointed in how you are handling the remaining orders for the US. You need to take ownership of this and make sure that your paying backers are taken care of before putting those resources on another KS campaign for the same product. I have filled out the form you linked to with Ship Naked. I expect you to follow up and get back to me on this quickly.

    28. Gavin Meakings on

      @Ian. The adventure creation kit does contain 2 full length adventures.

    29. Missing avatar

      Turbo on

      As a previous backer I would REALLY appreciate the option to select only the Nightmare Adventures book, as I'm not that enthused about making up my own adventures...unless there's some kind of randomised mission generator matrix included in the Adventure Creation Book.
      Also an add-on option for a set of the new standees may prove popular with previous backers. Definately nice to have the option to pick up add-ons missed first time around, but international shipping cost will be the primary deciding factor for me. Personally, not willing to pay lots in shipping for a few add-ons I missed first time around.

    30. Missing avatar


      Super excited about getting more content! And...any chance of a revised rulebook? Would be great to re-work some sections to eliminate confusion (see the BGG forums for examples), as well as a thorough copy edit.

    31. Missing avatar

      fred lepley

      @ Kevin - I agree %100. Not knowing what the mystery box was at the start I only got two myself and would certainly buy a couple more.

    32. Kevin Hamrick on

      Would love it if the contents of the mystery box was an add on for that next KS. I would certainly buy 3 more to have enough for each player.

    33. littlemonkey

      I think you should reconsider and have a "All In" Pledge. People like them.

    34. Brian Torrens on

      The standees may also attract a larger audience. Some people prefer the cardboard standees over miniatures (not me) but now you have an option to add in the miniatures.

    35. Missing avatar

      Eric Holweck

      Will there be stretch goals in the new campaign? More adventures would be a nice touch--maybe as PDF first, then as booklet(s) if the funding gets high enough.