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Face your fear, bring your faith, fight your nightmares! Build your character and embark on a dark fantasy RPG board game adventure.
Face your fear, bring your faith, fight your nightmares! Build your character and embark on a dark fantasy RPG board game adventure.
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Answering Questions

Posted by Greenbrier Games INC (Creator)

Greetings on this auspicious day of Friday the 13th of October. 

It seems a perfect time to share with you the comings and goings of Folklore. As you receive your games, we have been collecting the questions that have arrived with it. Here are some answers.  

I’m in Europe, where is my game?  

We want to know this too. We have been asking for updates daily, because we don’t want anyone to miss receiving their game. Based on the information we received today from ShipNaked, the EU depot has received all product and is prepping for shipping. Once they have confirmed they will begin we will send you an update for your Kickstarter. However - There is an issue with the EU shipment as reported today from our freight forwarder. It went under inspection and now there are charges for storage and inspection.  

What happened to the Aftermath story?  

We have it! The Forsaken Temple, the Aftermath Story is a pdf. It is written by Nicholas Fife, Lore Guardian for Folklore: The Affliction at The Ed Greenwood Group, has penned this tale. Here is the link to the downloadable pdf. Be sure to look for the Folklore Series with the releases of the short story, Black Alithe, and the first full novel, The Whispering Skull, written by Ed Greenwood, coming November 3rd.  

Where is the updated list?  

Yes over the course of the campaign we added a lot of items. So many items. Sometimes those items were renamed. We are compiling a revised list of what items ended up in which packaging. This will be shared soon!  

Where is my Dog Might Box? Why weren’t they done in all that time we waited? 

Dog Might needed a final sample of all the things that their mighty box had to hold so that we could be sure it would hold all the things. It is a good thing we waited, as their sample that we showed on the Kickstarter was too small, despite the banana scale showing how large it already was. Moreover, it had to be able to hold the trays. It does. Note the Dog Might boxes are going to ship directly from their factory to you in order to expedite shipping. time. Here is their update: 

 “We have a batch of 10 in the queue right now, and the metal for the toppers is being cut as well. I expect the first batch will be ready to go inside of a few weeks. Due to the increase in size, we will have to run 3-4 separate batches to complete everything. I have an order of lumber coming in mid next week that will supply the rest of the orders. I had the footprint resized so we will be able to fit the vac pack in there.”







  Finally, we have seen some phenomenal painted minis so far. If you are willing to share with us, please email photos directly. Thanks!

The team at GBG


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    1. Mark Taylor on

      Well, its letting me comment, so obviously the Kickstarter knows I was a backer. I contacted Ship naked, and they say I'm 'not on file', so I must have never filled out the pledge manager. Since I don't remember filling anything like that out, I will just have to trust them on that one. problem here is, I used someone else's card for this, and gave them the cash, and now over a year later they certainly aren't going to remember having that extra money in their account, so I guess that means I just lost $300. Last Kickstarter I participate in. I figure I'd at least provide this update after my last comment - it sn't late, I'm just not getting one. :(
      One question though - if I was never in the Kickstarter, How come I kept getting updates about it? That was awful misleading - it made me think everything was fine.

    2. Mark Taylor on

      End of October and no game in sight - was hoping to play this with my boys for Halloween. I backed for the max. because you guys had a good rep. I'd think twice about backing another now - these shipping delays are normally unheard of in the U.S. What carrier did you guys use?

    3. Iliyan Iliev

      @Greenbrier Games INC
      Happyshops sent an e-mail with a tracking number a couple of days ago. The problem is that the tracking is still not working and when you attempt to contact Happyshops what you get is automated message that is "very" helpful:


      with the help of this link you see the status of your order. When you have got a shipping address outside of Germany please click on the other link you find in the tracking.

      Please do not answer to this message and ask your publisher when you have got further questions!

      Your Happyshops Team!

      However there is no link...

    4. M Lawler on

      Why does the Nosferatu have 2 left hands?

    5. M Lawler on

      Also.. I wanted to point out that this, from the FAQ.. is incorrect.

      What material are the miniatures?

      The miniatures are a hard 95 degrees PVC plastic that we've used in our, Zpocalypse Aftermath, Yashima, Fairytale Games: Miniatures campaign and Dragon Tides.

    6. M Lawler on

      I backed for the miniatures only.
      1. They are seemingly 28mm via the FAQ.. but truth be told, these are nowhere near 28mm. They are way too large for what I intended.
      2. The Alternate color add-on was supposed to grow with applicable stretch goals. Maybe I'm missing something but it doesn't look like the extras made it.
      3. The non-humans are about the only thing I'm going to be able to use from this. Pretty bummed out but would at least like to be able to pick up more of the ones I liked or missed out on. Are these going to be up for retail soon (and will they be available as singles?)

    7. Missing avatar

      Malerm on

      Can we have précisions ? More than a week later, where are the boxes now ? And what's the problem ? (If there is only one problem)
      I live in EU (Belgium), if you need to know.

    8. Joseph Braccia on

      Hi I have moved since I backed this game. I don't know if there was an email about address confirmation or anything. But I haven't received a traking number or anything. Can u send me a link or something to verify my address. I do t want to have to pay extra shipping if it ends up getting sent back. I'm in the US.

    9. Praetor on

      IluvatarIrmo on October 13 wrote:
      "What does the forwarding company mean with 'It went under inspection'?"

      Good question BTW, I would like t know the meaning behind this phrase as well :/

    10. Jack Hepburn Raine on

      searched everywhere for this novel cant find it to pre order anywhere yet?

    11. Michael Wescott on

      I'm in the US and still have not received and email for shipping.

    12. Kenn Hogentogler

      Who wants to play, this weekend?

    13. Mantichor

      The story download link does not work (for me).

    14. Ian short on

      @Julie, thanks for the reply. I'm not in any rush as I have a lot of other content to go through, I was just concerned that I hadn't received any acknowledgment.

    15. Missing avatar

      Terry Harrison on

      Hi any update on the Australian shipping. I am based in New Zealand and would like an update. Can I get a tracking number? Thanks

    16. Julie Ahern: Greenbrier Games

      @Ian - we have a list, but we are working on getting shipments out to everyone first, and then missing components second.

    17. Ian short on

      I was missing a ghost miniature. I sent a message through Kickstarter and again through your website but I've not heard anything back. What is the best way to notify you of missing components?

    18. Jason B on

      @ GBG- thanks for the update. Sorry for the impatience, just can't wait to play Folklore!

    19. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan

      So ... the mainland EU parcels have now been sitting in a warehouse since ... a couple of weeks? Shipping has not yet started? There is an issue?

      A year late, less than ideal communication, it's unclear what should be in the box and what not (or at least many People find it difficult to tell) ... not really a great Kickstarter experience here.

    20. IluvatarIrmo

      What does the forwarding company mean with 'It went under inspection'?

    21. Greenbrier Games INC 10-time creator on

      @Timothy - Correct. The games in the US warehouse have not been mailed world-wide to backers in South America, Canada, Asia yet. They are fulfilling the orders from that shipment now.

    22. Timothy Mann

      @GREENBRIER: It WILL be shipped? So you're telling me it hasn't even been shipped yet?!! Are you seriously kidding me?

      The level of incompetence is severly staggering on multiple fronts. Multiple years of waiting, multiple crowdfunding campaigns ran, multiple updates regarding shipping with little or vague information. I'm used to waiting on deliveries from KickStarter, but this is ridiculous - I think I won't be backing anymore projects by you.

    23. Greenbrier Games INC 10-time creator on

      @Timothy - It will be shipped from the US.

    24. S Buntenbach

      are you selling games at Spiel -before the backer get there paid stuff?

    25. Brian Torrens on

      Getting closer! Too bad it probably won't make it in time for Castlecon. Oh well.... the next big game event I will be attending will be Breakout in Toronto in March. By then I should have a good portion of the minis painted ;-)

    26. Timothy Mann

      @Greenbrier: How about Asia? More specifically, Japan? Who is doing the shipping, and where is the hub they're being sent from? How much longer are we expected to wait?

    27. Greenbrier Games INC 10-time creator on

      @Richard - We had the ones before they adjusted it one more time to ensure the vac trays fit. I will send them an email and let you know.

    28. Missing avatar

      David Holley

      don't worry, the US boxes are on the way. just got my tracking this morning telling me it was shipped on wed and will be showing up today. they're coming =)

    29. Greenbrier Games INC 10-time creator on

      @Jason - They have not finished all the US shipments. It has started, So you should hear/receive something within the week. If not, email us.

    30. Ric Tomsett

      Awesome. Can you give us the final dimensions of the Dog Might boxes please?

    31. Jason B on

      Should US backers have seen something by now?

    32. Greenbrier Games INC 10-time creator on

      @J.S.- They are in with the same shipments as the US. We have not gotten word of when they will be sent. We ask daily.

    33. Missing avatar

      J. S.

      I have one simple question. Where are we at with Canadian shipments?