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Face your fear, bring your faith, fight your nightmares! Build your character and embark on a dark fantasy RPG board game adventure.
Face your fear, bring your faith, fight your nightmares! Build your character and embark on a dark fantasy RPG board game adventure.
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Where in the world?

Posted by Greenbrier Games INC (Creator)

Hello Backers,

The arrival of you loot is eminent!

Where are the boats now?

  • AUS has been delivered (from the boat), and is awaiting shipping confirmation.
  • USA has been delivered to ShipNaked - they are unloading it will have a report in the next day or so.
  • Southampton container was pulled from the port today, so delivery should be soon.
  • Hamburg container was pulled from port also today. Delivery scheduled for 9/27, 9:00 am. We are seeing if we can deliver any sooner.

What’s going on with the Dog Might Boxes?

Behold our prototype photos sent from the new work-space!




As for spreading the word about Folklore here are some additional tidbits:

Ed Greenwood announced the release of the Folklore series at GenCon. 

Ding and Dent talked about the finer points of Folklore.


Here is the link to download the up-to-date manual, and the Adventure Creation Kit, in case you were hunting for it.

Stay tuned for more reviews to come, and give us yours!

Thank you,

The Team at GBG


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    1. Bernie Monsanto on

      @Will Awesome. Thanks for all the information. I will pass the information on to the group.

    2. Will Donovan (TFP)

      @Bernie Yes and no. Yes, you can only use it once in one way, but without taking into account the Exorcist's focus that I mentioned, and just looking at the capabilities of the item itself, it can be used ONCE in two different ways (all consumable items can only be used once unless the instruction on the card state otherwise): 1) throw the holy water and do damage to the target ( attack roll is needed for this), or 2) use in a FILLABLE weapon (such as the Exorcist's Aspergillum), which gives the weapon bonus damage for 4 uses. There are some other abilities and such that leverage holy water as well. There are 3 different types of these waters: Holy Water, Liquid Frankincense, and Oil of Exorcism.

    3. Bernie Monsanto on

      So its a "either/or" thing. Either drink the holy water OR use it four times, no matter what class you pick. Would that be correct?

    4. Will Donovan (TFP)

      @Bernie The Exorcist is a party healer for sure, but the way you are reading things seems off. If you choose the Sanctifier focus, you can consume a holy water to heal 1d6 Vita to you or your allies, divided as you choose. Can you clarify WHERE you are seeing this so I can make sure that the instructions are worded correctly? You should not be able to do it 4 times. If you use the holy water to empower a weapon, it lasts for 4 uses, but that is it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Shannon Marden on

      Once they are delivered, when will they be distributed by the shipping companies? Do we have any dates for that?

    6. Bernie Monsanto on

      A friend got this at Gen Con and we have played it twice. The first time the final boss smacked us around, real bad. (The dice really did kill us and our ghosts. lol) The second time we figured out what we did wrong and we succeeded. But we did have to discuss something. So if you could clarify something for us, that would be great?

      For the Exorcist it says something like the Exorcist can drink the holy water and heal the party for 2D6 spread among the party, right? But it also says that you can drink from the holy water 4 times. Now, we made the call that you can only heal the party for 2D6 once. Otherwise it would be a bit OP. So what would you say is the official ruling?

    7. Missing avatar

      JasonKnox on

      Sorry but I do not understand what exactly this means: "Delivery scheduled for 9/27, 9:00 am". All the orders will be shipped to backers on this day, so around like 4th Oct we will get them?

    8. Aloysius Feng

      Where will pledges from Singapore be shipped from?

    9. Missing avatar

      Ryan Crowe

      Mystery box. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Ryan Crowe

      Hmmmm. Games coming! Makes me wonder about the surprise box some of us ordered waaay back. :)

    11. Brian Torrens on

      Looks like I should have my copy in time for CastleCon on Oct 19-22. Really looking forward to playing this game and I'm sure it will draw plenty of attention at the con!

    12. Rick Koeppen on

      Excited that the game appears so close to being shipped! Kind of surprised that the Dog Might boxes are still in a prototype stage, unless that is an old picture. Still, the quality of the wood looks great.

    13. Greenbrier Games INC 10-time creator on

      @sailorpfat - I feel the urge to create a new animal companion now.
      @Matthew - Great question! We need to verify.

    14. Matthew Grove on

      Wow - that is one heavy looking box. Very thick walls. Are they 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch thick?

    15. Missing avatar


      "awaiting shipping confirmation"? It's been there for weeks. What's the confirmation being delivered by, lazy donkey?