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Face your fear, bring your faith, fight your nightmares! Build your character and embark on a dark fantasy RPG board game adventure.
Face your fear, bring your faith, fight your nightmares! Build your character and embark on a dark fantasy RPG board game adventure.
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Australia has Taken the Lead

Posted by Greenbrier Games INC (Creator)

Hey backers,  

We’re back from GenCon. To all of you who stopped by to say hello, see the game and in general take a look at what was going on, you were really awesome (photos are down below). We loved meeting you in person! Here is The Gaming Gang’s interview with Julie about Folklore and some of our other upcoming games.    

This is a quick update - the boat headed to Australia has landed. Zach has officially sending the shipping addresses to ShipNaked so we are past the deadline of changing addresses. If you email us your new address we are unable to make those corrections anymore. That is all the shipping news we have right now. We will keep you updated as we hear more.  

Before we go, here is a quote from Charlie Theel, who was given a copy of the core game to review:  

FYI - just pre-ordered the Dark Tales expansion from your site as I'm enjoying the game quite a bit (played a couple of times now). This game completely nails the blend of RPG and board game in a way no other game has captured.  

Looking forward to hearing YOUR thoughts about the game soon.  

Thanks again,  

The Team at GBG






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    1. Missing avatar

      Brian Knowles

      Looking forward to it.

    2. Joe Crawford on

      'Australia has taken the lead' is a very misleading heading, especially considering it appears there was always a plan to wait until all packages were ready to be delivered, in all jurisdictions, before they were actually posted. This explains why the Australian packages have been languishing for weeks in a Melbourne warehouse instead of being delivered to the Kickstarters who invested their hard-earned years ago. I have a feeling this game is going to be fantastic and I have been very happy with the campaign until this completely unnecessary delivery roadblock. Not a great decision to aggravate backers right at the death...

    3. Missing avatar

      Shannon Marden on

      Any word anyone on where the shipping is? It looks like Northern Vivacity is still in Indonesia right now...How about Australia? Has anyone got their game yet?

    4. David Kerr

      Hmmm 2 weeks since it landed somewhere here in Australia.... still waiting for it.....

    5. Missing avatar

      David Makin on

      @Brian - nothing yet in my Australian mail box... :~(

    6. Greenbrier Games INC 10-time creator on


      The Dark Tales Expansion was original referred to as the Kickstarter Exclusive Pack. However, so much content got added to the box via stretch goals and post campaign development that we felt it was criminal not to give it an official title and packaging.

    7. Robert

      I am confused on what the dark tales expansion is. I don't see it listed on the Kickstarter page. Is this an additional buy or just the stretch goals package for sale?

    8. Greenbrier Games INC 10-time creator on

      @Joe - if you emailed us it was updated. If you want a "I need reassurance" email back, totally cool - just send us an email to verify your updated email.
      @Blackdeath (I feel cooler just addressing you as such) our Kickstarter exclusive stipulates on the page that "Exclusive items either are printed in very small, limited print runs so they stay rare, or are offered in a way that is different from what will appear in retail. Whatever we have left over from limited print runs will ONLY be made available at conventions, as promotions, or on our online store." So currently people can pre-order them in our store. But in the store it also states they will NOT be shipped until backers have been shipped theirs.
      @Bernie - YES!!!! Spread the word far and wide.
      @Brian - I am sure Australia agrees.

    9. Michael Moore

      From Update #54:
      Only available from Kickstarter:

      Dark Tales Expansion
      Grey Miniatures Pack
      Tan Miniatures (Alt-color)
      Colossal Dark Oak
      Player Neoprene Mat
      Oversized World Neoprene Mat
      Demons and Dark Artifacts
      Mystery Box

      I, too, am curious as to why the expansion is in the web store for pre-order.

    10. Brian Torrens on

      Australia you lucky duck! Now the wait here in Canada will be all the more painful while we begin to read comments, reviews and gameplay writeups from those lucky Aussies! Enjoy!

    11. Bernie Monsanto on

      Funny story. While at Gen Con a friend said he had found a game like Decent but without all the bullsh*t. (His words not mine.) He loved the whole idea and play of the game but that the best part was how detailed the mini's were. When I heard "detailed mini's" a thought came to my head and I asked him. "Would the name of the game be FolkLore?" He said yes. I told him him don't get it since I have the core game and all the expansion. He said too late, that he had already bought the game. So our gaming group has TWO copies of your great game. At least this way we can play the base game while the rest of the game arrives. Cant wait to play this. :)

    12. Blackdeath Miniatures

      Why not with

    13. Joe

      I moved and sent in a change of address to you guys about 6 months ago. I did get a confirmation back that my address would be updated, but I recently had another project send my package to the old address (after doing the same email update method). I know you guys are different, but it makes me nervous this could happen again.

      Is your confidence level high that you have been tracking address changes closely since the closing of the pledge manager? Thanks and sorry for being paranoid!

    14. Blackdeath Miniatures

      Dark Tales expansion includes the KS exclusive content, right? So with non KS baker could preorder them?

    15. Greenbrier Games INC 10-time creator on

      @Jason - not yet, but we are hoping to have another update on the other 3 boats very soon. Basically, when we hear, we will post.

    16. Peter "Dia Fir" Andersson

      Aaaargh! Aussies first again?
      How I envy you guys!

    17. Jason Hartloff

      Any update on the boat to the US?

    18. Jason Hartloff

      Any update on the boat to the US?