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Face your fear, bring your faith, fight your nightmares! Build your character and embark on a dark fantasy RPG board game adventure.
Face your fear, bring your faith, fight your nightmares! Build your character and embark on a dark fantasy RPG board game adventure.
Face your fear, bring your faith, fight your nightmares! Build your character and embark on a dark fantasy RPG board game adventure.
2,784 backers pledged $503,326 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Dominic Michaud 5 days ago

      We need more range wepaon. Witch hunter and woodsman have skill for it but not enough range weapon. We also need artefacts range weapon.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Pignat 6 days ago

      mine is... Sent on 4 november by Happyshop and normally sent back again on 14nov... I.m really not happy, and GBG silence since 2 weeks is not something I expected.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Pignat 6 days ago

      @Julio : no, you will not be the only one as I really don't kniw where

    4. Missing avatar

      Julio Carvallo 7 days ago

      Am I going to be the last one to receive its game?
      Mine is stuck in customs.. expected to be released next week...

    5. Allegra Geller
      7 days ago

      Rgc- you might try, they have offers and trades through individuals for all kinds of board games.

    6. RGC on December 4

      Does anyone know where figures from the game are being sold individually other than a couple of "eBay only" sellers? I want to get hold of another Moon Priest figure to paint as the alternate character.
      I don't have an eBay account so need to find a store or private seller somewhere.

    7. Sulucion on December 1

      can any US backer confirm if the packages were shipped out of texas?

    8. Missing avatar

      Crazygus on November 30

      Hi Walter, is someone from Greenbrier answering the posts made by Kickstarter mail system? I am trying to contact you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Ahmad Basir Omar
      on November 27

      A heavy carton and chocked full of goodies of Folklore Premier just arrived and safely received in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    10. Todd Evangelista on November 27

      Todd Evangelista
      In reviewing my finances, I think think that it would be better just to have you refund my $299 to my M/C. Thank you.

    11. Todd Evangelista on November 27

      Not sure if this is where to post this. I have not been contacted by Ship Naked at all. My info:
      Todd Evangelista
      26031 Butternut Ridge Rd.
      North Olmsted, OH 44070

    12. Leaf Pile Media on November 26


      Walter here. Apologies for the delays in the replies here in these the comments. Everyone who's sent an email in the past week will be getting a reply Monday/Tuesday, and we'll be doing our best to track down any games that are still missing

      About 28 folks (including your large order Alejandro) were delayed due to a big screw up with Happyshops, but they've got all the info on how to fix it and things should be headed your way soon (if not already on their way)! For folks with damaged or missing components, anyone who emails with their issue will absolutely get a replacement. We don't have our bags of replacement stock yet, but will get them shortly. Send photos if possible, as they assist us in beating up our manufacturer to improve quality control in the future.

      For folks who didn't complete the pledge manager in time, you should have received an email with info on how to retrieve your delayed pledge, and will do our best to get those going as soon as you've completed the form with your shipping info.

      Thanks for all your patience everyone!

    13. Alejandro Bedoya Gonzalez
      on November 25

      I don't receive my games yet. I think this is a joke, because you launch a new campaign without complete the first printing shipping.

      Please, solve this as soon as possible.

    14. HFBPereira
      on November 24

      No game yet!

    15. omaly360 on November 24

      Came here to ask about some missing pieces from my order but it seems its a common thing. Hope to hear about this soon.

    16. yardswimmer
      on November 23

      What is going on with the extra dice packs?

    17. KingMaple
      on November 23

      Still no information about missing components? Is it possible that no spares were actually produced? :/

    18. Missing avatar

      Scranley on November 22

      Pathetic sham of a company! Where's my game. You are all despicable con artists taking peoples money and not delivering a product that has been paid for. Your customer service is worthless. A response to me saying we'll send you your game when we do is bullcrap. But hey who cares, you're getting another 300k from saps like us with your 2nd printing. I guarantee this will be available retail before you ever send me my game. Oh, and have a happy Thanksgiving with my money.

    19. John Strong on November 21

      I️ was going to back the other KS as well, to buy several neoprene mats, world map, get the extra updated books and cards and such. But I️ can’t at this point. I’m not giving another dime when I️ can’t get proper updates on missing items.

    20. Missing avatar

      Scranley on November 21

      Is there no decency in your company? Look at these last posts. It's all everyone who's been screwed over. Give us our stuff. I want my game. Plain and simple. I've paid you send me my game. I'll bet you my game has not even been produced and is not even able to be shipped. Otherwise you would have sent it out by now. You are all despicable!

    21. yardswimmer
      on November 20

      Any update on the missing extra dice pack?

    22. Missing avatar

      Scranley on November 20

      Well GBG, here we are again. I've tried to message you to no resolve. Now, you make me go public. Please oh please send me my game. You have my shipping money now. Where is my game? You are abysmal in your customer service, but why should you care you've suckered another 200k+ from new backers. I've reported this to kickstarter. Don't worry I have no hope in them either. It's real simple, send me my game.

    23. John Strong on November 20

      @GBG.... I️ contacted you October 29th about my missing items. You finally got back to me on November 2nd and said it would be two weeks to receive. It’s now the 20th and I️ have received nothing. Along with no other communication, tracking, or anything. Please advise so we can get this handled. Thanks!

    24. Michael Corneau
      on November 18

      Hello! Any further updates on the Dog Might boxes?

    25. Jason "Data" Dawson
      on November 17

      i opened the ghost miniatue pack in my last game and found i had 2 telepaths and no excorcist. luckily the excorcist survived the fight.

    26. Jason Rivera on November 16

      yeah, no response from ShipNaked either. So will 2ed printing of the game be backed and shipped before the 1ed arrives?

    27. Aloysius Feng
      on November 15

      @Teresia same here, no news from Shipnaked

    28. Missing avatar

      Teresia on November 14

      Last night I actually dreamt that I received all the missing things from my pledge. No such luck in real life though, as ShipNaked have yet to reply to the complaint I registered a week ago ...

    29. Greenbrier Games INC 8-time creator on November 13

      @ Adam
      If gravity isn't cutting it, a little heat (sun, lamp, or light blow drying) will get that crease right out!

      HappyShops is the subcontractor for ShipNaked - if you are looking for info on your pledge, use this form:

      Dang - Arcanists really need both arms for their rituals. We can totally help you out, but please allow for 1-2 for email replies due to heavy volume of inquiries.

    30. Missing avatar

      Adam Dunham on November 13

      How do you get the creases out of the neoprene world map? I have it laying out and hope it does it on it's own.

    31. Missing avatar

      Julio Carvallo on November 13

      My package is still in transit to my country (Chile), and Im starting to get worried.
      With whom I have to consult?
      Initially It was supposed to be Shipnaked in the US, but my package was sent by Happyshops.
      Who I need to contact?

    32. KingMaple
      on November 12

      My (grey) Arcanist miniature has a missing arm and it wasn't in the box. Is this a common problem?

      I wrote to the given e-mail, I hope Greenbrier can help.

    33. Peter Keyser
      on November 11

      Still waiting eagerly for my game in Sweden.. Been looking fw to this for the last 2 years..

    34. Hubert Coustan
      on November 10

      Enjoying the game too, but my main complaint, even if there were some small errors (not printing an expansion Affliction card or so), is the missing part of the sword of the witch hunter (entire handgrip under the sword and hand is "missing"), as I am a figurines great fan. And no replacement.

      Missing that part of a so beautiful figurine, while if is the best in forefront/close up photo on the box (and here on the project-photo page), and the most emblematic character in the game ("witch"... hunter !), is an Affliction in itself ;*|

    35. Missing avatar

      Mikael Lerner on November 10

      How about my pledge? According to you everything was in order but I still haven't received anything...

    36. Greenbrier Games INC 8-time creator on November 10

      @Suluicon and Daniel Pagan

      I have just checked on both your accounts and can confirm that neither of you completed the pledge manager within the extended windows! Don't worry, you'll still get all your stuff. I will be in touch with each of you shortly with details on how to retrieve your pledge. Thanks for your patience.

      @Justin Hopper

      Glad you are enjoying it! If you received a broken miniature or damage component, please send us an email to let us know!

    37. Justin Hopper on November 10

      I️ revived my game a few weeks ago and finally got to play it. I’ve noticed a few minor issues with what I️ received, but overall I’m very happy with the final product and have really enjoyed playing the game. Not a lot of negative things to say, just glad it’s a lot of fun and a unique play experience.

    38. Daniel Pagan
      on November 9

      @Sulucion I received the same response a few days ago. Ship Naked said that they would inform Greenbreir and I still haven't heard anything from either company. Really poor job in communicating with us.

    39. Sulucion on November 9

      So i got a response from Shipnaked about my parcel - They are telling me that my information was never received and they believe i didn't finish the pledge manager... . If that was the case why do i have a receipt statement of paying greenbrier back in March of 2016 after the original charge in Oct 2015!! Seriously WTF.. just give me back my pledge money and i can be done... . .

    40. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      on November 9

      I am enjoying the game, but I will not spend another dollar on it. Having to pay to correct mistakes that were clearly Greenbrier's (for example the expansion character booklets) and in addition to that shipping is not the kind of support that wins my loyalty.

    41. GeneralGrundmann on November 9

      Great update for new all-in pledgers! :-)

      Of course, as an old all-in backer, I have to complain. ;-)

      We paid 300$ (shipping included) and now have to pay at least the minstrel pledge 30$ + 12$ for item cards + shipping 20$-30$, it depends where you live, for a total of 362$-372$.

      Now it's 333$ + 34$ = 367$ with all the revised material AND the additional material.

      Okay, I know all these arguments that we made this game a reality through backing it and that we got many more plastic miniatures compared to new all-in backers.

      Yes, true.

      Still... it feels like new all-in backers get the improved and complete full game at once without the risks and waiting time "we" went through.

      That's fine, I am just jealous. :-(

      Somehow I wish that there is something more for us returning all-in backers that rewards our faith in GBG and Folklore.


    42. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hockley on November 9

      Hey, UK backer. I hear there are/were troubles with the shipnaked EU hub. Any idea when it will been resolved? I still haven't had any indictation that it is being shipped.

    43. Missing avatar

      Jason Storm on November 9

      Appreciate that Walter!

    44. Greenbrier Games INC 8-time creator on November 8


      Hey guys - doing my best to get to all of your emails! Thanks for the patience.


    45. Anders Forslund on November 8

      No reply from, now mailing GNG...

    46. Missing avatar

      Julio Carvallo on November 8

      Still waiting, package in transit from Germany to Chile.
      Hope it arrived soon, otherwise it will get stuck in customs due to Xmas.
      I still believe that I'm going to be last one to get it.

    47. Brodie Todd
      on November 7

      I got mine in the post today, in Taranaki, New Zealand :)

    48. Sulucion on November 7

      No reply from anyone so far - i'm sending Shipnaked another email but without the backers being able to even see what they ordered in the pledge manager, shipnaked doesn't know anything about what you were to have.

    49. Missing avatar

      Teresia on November 7

      No, they haven't replied to my email either. Very disappointing considering they've recently been active on the 2nd printing Kickstarter ...

    50. Aloysius Feng
      on November 6

      Still no news from GBG

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