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A tactical tabletop adventure set in a unique funk-fantasy world. Features both cooperative and versus gameplay.
A tactical tabletop adventure set in a unique funk-fantasy world. Features both cooperative and versus gameplay.
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Champions of Hara is an adventure board game in which 1-4 players (+2 with expansion) race to protect a dying world. Players will contain destructive energy by defeating monsters, closing rifts, and exploring the six different zones within Hara. In order to rise to the challenge, players will need to unlock new abilities and collect powerful items. Each session takes approximately 30 minutes per player.  

In versus mode, players will compete against one another in arena style combat. The winner is offered a powerful blessing by Hara’s stewards: a single wish to shape the future. However, wishes are no simple matter. In co-op mode, players will work together to overcome the fallout from the champion’s wish, facing off against corrupted foes and solving scenario based challenges.

  • Cooperative and versus scenarios 
  • Tactical combat with beautiful miniatures 
  • Unique characters with distinct resource systems 
  • Modular map changes throughout the game 
  • Multiple character progression paths

 The Champions of Hara core game contains everything you need for up to four players to start their adventure. Featuring free-for-all and team-battle versus modes alongside twelve uniquely challenging cooperative scenarios. Check back for spotlight updates on each of the six playable characters and three corrupted villains. Note that all assets shown are a work in progress, and subject to change during these final weeks of development. 



  Click here to see an album of miniature close ups and photos of prototype play sessions.

 The Chaos on Hara expansion features four more playable characters, three more corrupted villains, and eight more scenarios. Including two crossovers from the Grimslingers universe: Icarus and the Witch King. This expansion also includes translucent miniatures for Dark Rifts and Globlins - two AI controlled obstacles that will be kicking your butt in the cooperative scenarios. Certain scenarios in Chaos on Hara will also feature one-vs-many elements, where one player becomes corrupted, and must be stopped by their friends. Additionally, this expansion allows up to six players to join in the fray. 



 Looking to dig deeper into the world of Hara and get even more out of your adventure? Thanks to social and stretch goals, we've unlocked out first paid extra, which can be added on to any pledge level (instructions in the FAQ). Check back throughout the campaign for more content!



Want to see three people who have never played Hara before learn the rules live, and narrowly emerge victorious in a co-op game? Click below :)


 Newly unlocked - solo mode! Click below to watch Walter play a full run through of a WIP solo scenario, featuring Oric and Persephone. 



 Click below to check out a work in progress first draft of the rulebook.

Click here!
Click here!



"The characters play so differently it gets my mind burning... This game is great." - Tim Jennette (Meeple Core, Dice Tower)

Board to Death TV  

"Champions of Hara has lots of replay value, player interaction and interesting mechanics. We definitely think you should check it out." - Board to Death TV

Cardboard Republic

"This new version of Champions is well worth the wait. So many aspects of the game have been improved, streamlined, retooled, and rebalanced – The Champions of Hara iteration before you is vastly more worthwhile than before – and that’s saying something as the previous edition was still enjoyable in its own right." - Ryan LaFlamme (Cardboard Republic)

Bower's Game Corner

"If you're looking for a game with polish... if you're looking for a game with lots of variability...if you are looking for a game that is dripping with theme, this is the one for you." - Bower

 Twist Gaming

"I really like unique player abilities, and this took that up to 11... I loved it." -Matt


"The game, as I said before, looks fantastic—it feels like being in a comic book world, and I really love the way the various characters have their own stories and corresponding abilities... I’m always a fan of asymmetric powers, and Champions of Hara has that in spades." - Jonathan Liu

Learn to Play

"Its very unique... I love the card mechanics...Each game you play is going to give you a different experience." - Lance (Learn to Play Games) 

Undead Viking (2015)

 "This is exactly what I want from an adventure game." - Undead Viking (2015)

 We have a lot of ideas for how to grow Hara from the wonderful game that it is, to the true artifact it deserves to be. However, we can't implement these plans without your help. If the campaign exceeds its funding goal, we will proceed to unlock additional periodic upgrades.


Want to help the project grow? The best way to push Hara to new heights is by helping to share the game on social media. Clicking like, heart, share, and thumbs up on some of our pages will help bring new faces to this campaign! If you take a few moments to visit Greenbrier Games on facebook, Champions of Hara on facebook, and Champions of Hara on, we'll reward your efforts by unlocking even more awesome content for Hara.   



There is a big story to tell behind Hara. We are developing a series of graphic shorts that run parallel to the tabletop game, digging into the backgrounds and motivations that drive the playable characters in Champions of Hara. There are two chapters available for free online now, with more on their way as the world of Hara continues to grow. 

 Click here to read chapter 1.

 Click here to read chapter 2. 

 As a small business ourselves, supporting local game stores is very important to us. Retailers, please contact us directly at for information regarding our forthcoming retail special for Champions of Hara. 

This project is free of customs/VAT for backers in the US,CA, EU, and AU.

With 10 successful Kickstarters under our belt, we have learned a lot about what it takes to get our games into your hands. One of the biggest things is how variable the cost of shipping can be. As such, we will be charging shipping after this Kickstarter concludes, according to the actual costs incurred to ship to your area. We will do this through Kicktraq’s post-campaign pledge manager.  

There are two reasons we do this. First, it allows us to provide a lower rate on the actual pledge levels and structure a much tighter budget for the campaign and stretch goals since we do not have to estimate for shipping costs. Second, the funds raised for the project are 100% for the actual project itself rather than being partially inflated by shipping costs that may not be accurate.

  • USA: Average of $15 to most states.
  • CANADA: Average of $15 to most cities.
  • EUROPE: Average of $20 to most countries. 
  • OCEANIA: Average of $20 to Australia. Average of $30 to New Zealand.
  • Rest of World: Average of $40 to most countries

Unfortunately, import laws and customs have made it impossible for us to ship to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan.

The above numbers are based on regional averages, and are subject to change. These are only estimates and they may increase or decrease based on the quantity of stretch goals we unlock, final box size and weight, and also the current postal prices at the time of shipping.

 From its inception back in the beginning of 2013, Hara has been worked on by some amazing collaborators. We're so grateful for everyone who has thrown their hat in the ring on this project.

 Ian, Walter and Zim grew up with Magic cards in one hand and Spider-man comics in the other. Since they were old enough to doodle, all three dreamt of nothing but designing games, writing stories, and building unique worlds. The team met during their freshman year at Skidmore college, and out of their inexorable friendship the world of Hara was born. In their senior year, the trio took first place in the Kenneth A. Freirich Business Plan Competition, earning the funding to get Leaf Pile Media off the ground. With a little seed money on the table, the team grew to include an incredible family of artists. After the game’s successful funding on Kickstarter in 2015, Leaf Pile Media forced their way in front of a handful of professional game publishers. They could not be happier than to have found a home with Greenbrier Games.

We'd be just a spark in the void without the incredible talent that has come along with us for this journey. 


Greenbrier Games is a Massachusetts based group of vigilante game developers. By day, the team hustles full-time as engineers, copy-writers, and programmers. By night, their creative alter egos emerge, burning the midnight oil to make games. Its been amazing working with a small squad of jack-of-all-trades warriors, and it has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of their team. 

You can learn more about Greenbrier Games here.  

Look for Champions of Hara and Greenbrier games on instagram!



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Risks and challenges

As with any project produced overseas, there can be unforeseen production delays, shipping delays, and customs delays. We've learned all about (and experienced) delays and ways to manage or avoid them. We know that some delays can’t be predicted or avoided, so we do our best to plan extra room in our schedule. This way we can give you the best estimate for when we can get our game into your hands - because we want you to receive our products as much as you do!

Thank you so much for your help making our dreams a reality!

- The Greenbrier Games Team

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