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$30,575 pledged of $40,000 goal
$30,575 pledged of $40,000 goal

To A New Beginning

Posted by Breeze Grigas


Gather around, and let's talk about fighting robots.   

In these final 24 hours, we've pulled in almost $10,000 in contributions, getting us to $30,000 from over 300 robot-loving fighters like you.

The amount of support we've received in the last few days is incredible, and though victory seems close. One of the truest forms of courage is to know when to fight another day. 

In the last 23 days, with all of your help, we’ve gotten some great feedback, gained a lot of momentum, and have already been formulating a new plan of attack. 

We move forward without fear, doubt or hesitation. 

There is a want for this game, enough to get us $30,000, and the drive inside us is nowhere near extinguished. Keep an eye on the game's Facebook and Twitter, and on this campaign's update page for news of things on the horizon. 

Tell your friends and keep banging the drums, and of course, stay in touch - Zephyr will be streaming and offering plays on Tabletop Sim right along.  This has been great, and none of it could have been done without you, the true fans. 

And of course, we want all of your insight and feedback. It's only through you and people like you that this game is gonna land in your hands, so we would love to continue to hear what to do better. 


 Warm wishes, Greenbrier Games & Zephyr Workshop

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    1. Primogenesis on

      Sorry to see that, despite the great game, it wasn't quite enough in the end.

      Now that the dust has settled, have you had a chance to reflect on what you could have done differently? As a (soon to be) fellow creator we'd love to hear your thoughts.

      Cheers, Geoff P

    2. Missing avatar

      Nick Timm on

      Hey guys. Sad to see we didn't quite make it. I have to assume that this was more a failure of outreach than it was a product failure. There is definitely a strong market of people like me who want these fast paced introductory war games, and I loved the gameplay at PAX. Keep us posted on how we can help for next time. Maybe if you can get some samples for some of your fans to buy we can demo then to some board game stores or board game meet ups and drive up some support before it becomes time for round 2!

    3. Blando

      As soon as it's time again, I'm there.

    4. Michael Epstein on

      UGH, THE FEELS ON THAT GIF! Those capture the characters' feelings PERFECTLY. I am so sorry that you guys were not successful in funding, but on the other hand, your determination and pluck inspire me to do better as well. I look forward to backing next time! FIGHT AND UNITE!