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GX is the gaming convention for everyone. Inclusive conversations, exciting games, and panels with a fresh perspective on gaming. #GX3
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GX3 is funded!!!!!! GaymerX is coming back in 2015!

Posted by GaymerX (Creator)

 Hey everyone! WE’RE FUNDED!

Our gratitude for supporters and backers of our third year knows no bounds.

You made it happen!! GaymerX will be returning next year thanks to YOU. We really weren't sure if the demand was there but you showed us that we were way wrong. YOU made this happen. This is YOUR accomplishment! Now it’s time to party!

Even though we have now met our funding goal, we still have over 2 days left to rally together as many supporters as we can.

Don’t forget all of the stretch goals that we really want to hit, with GX Dev and GX Talks Season 2 also on the table with this funding campaign.

Both of those are really special projects that we want to be able to accomplish, and they’re just as important to us as GX3. So please help us get there so that we can do more cool things like this!

Over the next few weeks after this funding campaign ends, we will be going into full-on planning mode for GX3 (and hopefully GX Dev!), finding and locking down our location for the end of next year as well as getting some really special Bosses of Honor ready to help make our third year something spectacular.

Already on board is the new Boss of Honor we just recently revealed: Jennifer Hale!

She’s an extremely accomplished and talented voice actress, known for her roles in the Mass Effect series, Diablo III, the Metroid Prime trilogy, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Halo 4, BioShock Infinite, Metal Gear Solid 4, and many many many more!

Please share and lets hit those stretch goals!

Other Cool Stuff!

Our queer futuristic cyberpunk adventure game Read Only Memories is coming along smoothly in its development! The biggest way to support it right now is to give us a Yes vote on our Steam Greenlight page, and add us to your Favorites and Follows! Please tell your friends, too!

Enjoy our feature documentary film on queer gamers Gaming in Color or want to see it in a theater for the first time? Come hang out with Matt Conn at the film’s screening at the Reeling32 LGBT Film Festival in Chicago, this Sunday at Chicago Filmmakers, 5pm! Get your tickets here on the event page, and also RSVP to the Facebook event as well!

Big things are coming, everyone. Stay excited. Thank you!!!

<3 GX3 & MidBoss


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