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GX3 Bosses Of Honor Announced!

Posted by GaymerX (Creator)

A Recap Of All Of Our GX3 Bosses Of Honor!

The time has come! Your GX3 Bosses Of Honor have been announced!!

We can’t be more excited about the amazing list of people we’ve gathered up for you all. Everyone on this list is an accomplished, awesome person who will forever be a part of our GaymerX family. So welcome them aboard and come say hello at GX3!

Pay No Attention To The DLC Slot~
Pay No Attention To The DLC Slot~

Anita Sarkeesian

Anita's work as part of Feminist Frequency has made her a definitive voice on issues of gender and sexism in games, television, and online culture. Anita has been a supporter of GaymerX since our inception and has attended each of our previous conventions. We're proud to be able to now count her among our Bosses of Honor.

Antony Burch

Anthony’s writing in the Borderlands franchise brought about some very funny but also provocative characters. Plus, he is hilarious and charming. When asked how he felt about being a Boss of Honor, Anthony responded : “As someone who loves video games, fun conventions, and occasionally kissing dudes on the mouth, I am absolutely psyched to be a guest of honor at GX3.”

Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie

Ellen and John are some of the warmest, kindest people you’ll ever meet. They’ve always been extremely supportive of the GX audience. After attending in 2012, they asked to be brought back to rejoin their GaymerX family. Ellen is known for her voice work as GLaDOS and John is known as the TF2 Sniper!

Jamin Warren

Jamin is the host of the PBS Game Show and also the founder of Kill Screen. On Game Show he covers a lot of thought provoking topics in games and works to assemble them in a way that is accessible to a wide audience. He was eager to come on board and support the GX crowd and we’re excited to have him!

Jennifer Hale

Jennifer is best known as the voice of Commander Shepard and “basically everyone else in videogames.” She has been recognized as “the most prolific video game voice actor (female)” after doing voices in franchises such as Metroid Prime, Baldur’s Gate, and Metal Gear Solid. Notably, she recently voiced the role of Krem, a trans man character in BioWare's game Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Kortney Ziegler

Kortney is definitely an inspiration for all that he has done to the communities around him. We first met him at the Maven Hack For Queer Youth and his work as the founder of Trans*H4CK and BlackStarMedia has empowered a lot of marginalized people. We’re extremely proud and excited to introduce him to our community.

Naomi Clark

Naomi is a truly brilliant game designer, teacher, and an all around incredible person. Her talks have always been enlightening and provocative and she has a knack for creating a space for issues to be tackled from a lot of different angles. Her recent game, Consentacle, a game about sex with a tentacled alien, brings up a lot of thoughts and feelings about consent, working together, and equilibrium.

Natasha Allegri

Nat has helped to create a lot of characters we’ve grown to love. From her work on Adventure Time to creating the show Bee and Puppycat, her humor has always been a sort of quirky, goofy, and lovable. Not only that, but a lot of her work contains queer themes that only draw us closer to these characters.

Ricki Ortiz

As a high ranking professional fighting gamer, Ricki has impressed crowds over the years. Her use of Rufus in Street Fighter 4 made quite a splash in a sea of many Akuma players. She remains a positive influence in the fighting game scene, proving that girls can, indeed, kick butt.

Rob Jagnow

Rob has done a lot for the game industry, involved in many ways. As founder of Lazy 8 Studios, he and his team created the award games Cogs and Extrasolar. He has lent his wisdom to many GX talks and we are excited to recognize him as part of our GX family.

Robert Yang

Robert is a teacher and revolutionary in the game design field. The ways that he approaches a topic can be surprising and always bring about a wonderful outcome. His thought provoking work with recent games such as Succulent, Hurt Me Plenty, and Stick Shift do a lot to blur the lines between mechanics and narrative and invite you to awkward, funny, sexy, or just different experiences.

Will Shepherd

 Will is a Twitch streamer, a YouTuber and a charming personality. He brings so much positivity to the digital screen, even in the face of hostility and prejudice. As an awesome, energetic, and adorable Gaymer, he’ll be right at home at GX3!

Zach Wienersmith

Zach has always been a part of GX since its creation. He’s one of the major reasons that GaymerX exists and on top of drawing a page of SMBC Comics a day and reading a book a day, he somehow manages to be involved in a lot of interesting and awesome projects.

Bonus Special Cosplay Guest!!

The lovely Trixie Mattel of Rupaul’s Drag Race will be our special MC for this year’s Cosplay Pageant! If you’ve attended before you should know how exciting the pageant can be. This year will be even wilder!

2 Mello

2 Mello is an awesome guy, super supportive and helpful to the GX staff. His work on Read Only Memories has been incredibly impressive and his mashups of rap with videogame music adds a chiptune twist to some classics.

The Doubleclicks

The Doubleclicks blend funny, dorky, fun, and smart in their brilliantly performed music. They have played for countless conventions and never fail to entertain.


SAMMUS is a rapper who has fused her brand of exciting, personal, and touching hip hop with the soul of video game soundtracks, interpreting the soul of Samus Aran from Metroid with hip hop sounds for a unique, booming experience.

Super Soul Bros.

Super Soul Brothers is a talented ensemble that fuses video game classics with the styles of jazz and funk. They have been known to dig up classic or underappreciated gems from 8-64 bit eras of gaming and unleash them in a whole new format. You might fall in love with a tune before even realizing it’s from Earthbound, Mario Kart, or Sonic The Hedgehog.


But.. it's not, really. Because on top of all of these amazing, inspiring guests we will have loads more as panelists, game devs showing off their stuff, special events and who knows what else! So stay tuned, because we're trying to make this year even better than last!

Get your tickets now, they're more than halfway gone!!

And of course, bears.

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