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Last year, over 2,300 gamers attended the first GaymerX -- and now its back, 3 days long and with triple the space! (◡‿◡✿)
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Support Us On Patreon For Giving Tuesday!

Posted by GaymerX (Creator)

Hey backers! It’s Giving Tuesday!!! Are you familiar with it? It’s like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but instead of being focused on mark-downs its about donating to your favorite organizations. We thought this would be a great time to let you know that last week we relaunched our Patreon!!

Y’all especially know how important crowd-funding is to us. Everything we’ve been able to do has been thanks to the support of all of you. GaymerX never could have existed without Kickstarter, and that’s help us grow into Midboss, which brought about Gaming in Color and 2064: Read Only Memories. So we wanted to make sure you all knew that we’re trying something new!

The account has existed in some form for a while, we became so inspired by the company’s presence at GX4 that we decided to hustle on making it into an active space for all of you. What does that mean exactly? Well, we’ve completely overhauled the account with new goals and rewards so that we’re giving you even more than ever before. We’ve already hit our first goal of launching a Discord just for Patreon supporters, and we’re about $20 away from doing a monthly stream with Midboss employees, plus Patrons will be the ones picking the game! We'd like to use today to get to $1000 a month, and we hope you’ll help.

You’ve done so much to support us over the years, and we’re hoping we can channel some of your generous energy into a more on-going space. We’re in our cold winter, so to speak, and the financial support we receive through Patreon will help give us that extra boost we need to keep things operating smoothly.

We’re working hard to be the best company possible for all of you, and we have a lot of cool stuff to share with you in return for your support. So please, this holiday season support your queer family over at Midboss by becoming a backer on Patreon!


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