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GaymerX is the first gaming and tech convention with a focus on LGBTQ  geek culture.
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Meet GaymerX!

Hey everyone, important stuff's been going on this holiday season and we wanted to keep you posted!

Due to a recent trademarking issue, the name of the convention has been changed from "GaymerCon" to "GaymerX". The inspiration coming from a couple of our heroes. ;)

Now, we're not saying we're as cool as these guys... just that the convention will be.

Along with that, the organization running the con shall no longer be GaymerCon and is now named GaymerConnect after our site

If you haven't tried out the site yet, do so now! In it you can find fellow gaymers by distance and interests. Aside from that, Kickstarter stickers and bitroms have been sent out! Most people have gotten theirs, but if you haven't gotten them by next week then send us an email at and we can try to figure it out! 

Happy Holidays and a happy New Years!

GaymerConnect, connecting you to gaymers over the other 363 days of the year.


    1. Creator twincast: Eternally Tormented Mangy WoOS on December 28, 2012

      Well, I won't get into a rant about trademark laws (and some related issues), but I have to say GaymerX sounds terrible for a convention. If anything it sounds like a character (getting fun mental images of a gayming superhero here).