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GaymerX is the first gaming and tech convention with a focus on LGBTQ  geek culture.
GaymerX is the first gaming and tech convention with a focus on LGBTQ  geek culture.
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Update #3: Intl. Shipping, +1s, and Stretch Goals! and THANK YOU!!!

Posted by GaymerX (Creator)


This has been an amazing ride - we're over 90% to our goal at the time we're writing this (less than $2,300 away!) and the response has been overwhelming and humbling. You are all amazing folks and we're really excited that you believe in the idea and us to help make it happen.

We had some commonly asked questions, and wanted to address them before we do any more 8-bit bleep bloop dancing.

I'm from the (UK/Canada/Underworld), can I still come/order stuff?

Totally! If you'd like to have items shipped to any non-US location, please add +$5 to any order (that has deliverables). If you'd prefer to JUST pick up your badge and forgo having the badge delivered along with some stickers, you can not pay the extra five bucks and pick up your badge at the Con.

I'm a couple or I need a +1 to a package I order!

Hey, the more players the better we say! If you add +$25 to any package over $50, we will include an extra code for a badge for each multiple of $25 over the prize level (if you'd like). So if you want a Boss pack that's 120, but have a BF, pledge $145. Cool.

"GaymerCon" doesn't sound very inclusive.

GaymerCon is a play on the word Gaymer - and although we strongly believe in the Gaymer movement that is happening, we are committed to making sure that Gaymer is all inclusive of not just gays, but lesbians, trans, queer, females, males, straight, bi, and every color/creed of the queer and allied rainbow. Plus, LGBTQmerCon just didn't have that same..oomnfngh! o_o

So you've hit your goal - now what?

Hey, every good level should have a bonus, secret levels! At least, that's what 1-3 of Mario 3 taught us. Go to the white block, hold down for a few seconds, disappear behind the background, and go get that warp whistle. Levels 2 through 7? Psch. Whatever.

Anyways. We have come up with some reach goals that - with your help, we think can help make GaymerCon into something even more awesome!

35K - GAYMERCONCERT! GaymerCon will hold a GaymerConcert on Saturday night, bringing in musicians and bands that appeal greatly to the Gaymer community, for a night of drinking, dancing and socializing! Chiptune slow dance, anyone?

60-  CELEBRITY BOSS OF HONOR: GaymerCon will bring in a real awesome celebrity to be an official BOSS OF HONOR. Think of all the gay, lesbian, trans, and allied geek celebrities out there - who would YOU like to see?

Thanks again for everything..we love you. You rock. Also, HUGE thank you for the shoutouts from GLAAD, The Trevor Project, Yahoo!, IGN, Jim Sterling and Sophie Prell of Destructoid, Game Politics, Denis Farr from, SMBC Theater, SMBC Comics, Ogeeku and everyone else who has helped make this a reality. We’re (nearly) at our goal in under 4 days - can’t wait to make this happen with all of you <3.

Also! We made a little graph! Yay!

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    1. Shea Dietz on

      This is so great! Me and my boyfriend are dressing up as Fable husbands for this next year!

    2. Golden on

      @Adam I said something similar in the Project comments. I think the con should invite any number of allies, but the main "Boss of Honor" position couldn't be filled better by anyone else IMHO.

      ...and you *know* he'd be all about it (scheduling conflicts notwithstanding).

    3. Adam Lucas on

      Can we have George Takei? Pleeease? :P

    4. Missing avatar

      Stella-Terra Clemens on

      This is all very good. The only thing I would say is with the Boss of Honor thing, I would really prefer that person not be an ally. I got kinda miffed at pride this year about all of the straight people being honored just 'cause I really want for this to be about the experience of being queer and a gamer, and that's something no ally can ever fully understand. I think allies are great, but surely there is someone famous, queer and an avid gamer that we could choose... right?