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GaymerX is the first gaming and tech convention with a focus on LGBTQ  geek culture.
GaymerX is the first gaming and tech convention with a focus on LGBTQ  geek culture.
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Day 1 Update: Oh my glob. 50% in 24 hours.

Posted by GaymerX (Creator)

Today has been an extremely humbling and amazing day - the outpouring of support and love that we've gotten from the gaming community has been nothing short of amazing. Over $12K in 24 hours. We're going to need to think of reach goals!

We have gotten some good trolling on us on our IGN, Kotaku and Youtube videos (PIC1), but both expected it and we think that it helps to show just how important it is to bring these dialogues to light. 

One point that seems to be recurring since we launched that we do want to address, becuase its a semi valid point is that some people have expressed frustration in that they see this as "Segregating" the community. We think its important for us to point out that we are, in no way, trying to "remove" ourselves form the gaming community or purposely segregate ourselves. We want to create a safe space where we can queer out and be ourselves without fear of how it will be reacted to. This does not mean we can't still go to amazing conventions like PAX and E3 and all those fun awesome events. 

But more all have helped vote with your wallets that you think that something like this is important and can actually help facilitate social change as well as provide a safe spot for the LGBTQ folks who make up our amazing community.

We love you. Check out the awesome graph!!!! (PIC2) <33333  

Oh my glob.

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