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GaymerCon is the first gaming and tech convention with a focus on LGBT  geek culture.
GaymerX is the first gaming and tech convention with a focus on LGBTQ  geek culture.
GaymerX is the first gaming and tech convention with a focus on LGBTQ  geek culture.
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    1. Balentin Gonzales on

      If anyone doesn't have tickets yet, two friends I had going can't make it so I have 2 extra "Boss Mode VIP" passes, contact me if interested.

      Let me know ASAP as I've offered others, whoever reaches out first essentially will get them.

    2. Jamie Dutton on

      Just got my stickers today and I love them!

    3. Jen Sonja

      If anyone knows folks that would like to purchase my two badges, I am selling - I've had other things come up and would hope that someone who really wants them will put them to good use!

    4. Keith Nguyen on

      Can't wait! Is anyone dressing up?

    5. TJ Foust on

      @Kristopher- Psh. Like any of us would choke...

    6. Austin Howe on

      Wait - legit we are going to one of the most isolated non-gay areas of the city for GaymerCon?

    7. Jamie Dutton on

      Congrats on getting funded! Wish I could have pledged enough for the badge, but I should still be able to swing one by the time it rolls around.

    8. Kensuke Nakamura on

      I'm soooo excited to go! This will be my first gaming convention. I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone!

    9. Aaron Tidball on

      Kristopher, all the big gaming conventions ARE straight gamer conventions - hence the parade of paid models dressed as "cosplay" females and mega-bucks Spike & G4 sponsorships.

      Gaymer is a fun, lighthearted term we've created for ourselves and is hardly as offensive or disrespectful as your comparison suggests. Would you also protest a homecoming event for a particular university, a rally for Christian dads, or an annual francophone festival? All of these are niche groups celebrating a shared interest...

      People take pride in many aspects of their lives, and sometimes want to come together with others who share the same pride. Clearly you have a misunderstanding of what it means to be queer and proud. Perhaps you should come to our con and meet a few of us.

    10. Ian Rosenfield on

      It's over 90,000!!!

    11. Missing avatar

      Vincentur on

      Why is there the need of such a title for a convention? Would you feel offended if I was to make a "STRAIGHT gamer convention"? Maybe a lizard people convention? I don't want to make it look like I have something against homosexuals or heterosexuals for that matter, but making something like this is kind of like making a convention called "Gamers with penis convention! Come and choke on it!"

    12. Noah DeBiase on

      Congratulations on more than tripling your goal! I only wish I had heard about your project sooner, but we'll be talking you up (sadly a tad too late for Kickstarter donations) on an Artists' Internet Radio podcast next week. Rock on, GaymerCon!

    13. Andy Hopp on

      Just wanted to let everyone know that Mutha Oith Creations and Con on the Cob support the gay community and we're very excited for Gaymercon's success! Way to go!

    14. Josh Flaherty on

      We're so excited here at Queuethulu Games that you guys have done so well!

    15. Derek Knutsen on

      I don't know if this will help with your planning process, but there is a free of charge convention planner available: It was developed and is used for a small convention in St. Louis called Fear the Con (a gaming convention hosted by a podcast). The program works really well over the past couple of years it has been in use.
      Also - is there going to be a podcast track? As a podcaster (The Established Facts), it would be great to get together with other podcasts, compare notes, and do some recordings.

    16. Missing avatar

      regexp on

      Could we get confirmation that the date is set and can't be changed? This is a major problem for quite a few.

    17. Zachary Neuschuler on

      Woo! We made it to 60000!

    18. Missing avatar

      Debra Phillips on

      Since it's in San Francisco and near my b-day, I am definitely coming!

      they used to hold Yaoicon in San Francisco - it has moved to southern California now so its too long a drive and conflicts with another con i have plans to attend. You might contact them about the venue situation and see if they have any comments. When we stayed at the westin, the rooms were only comfortable to sleep in and not much else. No room to move around, no room for gamer gear! Marriott hotels are really nice about helping you get your game on - easy to connect and they'll send someone to help if there are any problems.

    19. Blake on

      This is definitely one of the better things I have spent my money on.
      One year to prepare should be enough for this South African.

    20. TJ Foust on

      This sounds amazing, and came at the perfect time to back it up :) Can't wait for GaymerCon!

    21. Mark Fielding on

      Straight and in the wrong country but I figure if its something the Westboro nutjobs want to picket its worth some of my money. Have a fun con everyone.

    22. Samuel William Mark Colville on

      Like Christine below me there, I won't be able to attend but this is SUCH a great idea that I had to help fund it. I'm so glad to have been a part of this part of LGBT and Gamer history! =D

    23. Christine Standley on

      I totally wish I could attend, but the Atlantic Ocean and most of the USA are in my way! However, that hasn't stopped me from pledging to this awesome cause. Also, I gotta have a bitrom!

    24. flit on

      It took me way too long to work out my logistical situation and pledge, but I have been very excited about this all along. I was reading about the Readercon fiasco and thinking, 'Hey, wouldn't it be nice if there were a con about stuff I liked that was explicitly an inclusive safespace?' And then I saw this Kickstarter. Thank you for making my wish come true!

    25. Missing avatar

      regexp on

      I also backed GaymerCon but I second the issue that its scheduled during the same weekend that DEF CON 21 is being held in Vegas. Please reconsider this date.

    26. Rob Wygand on

      Hey! I just backed GaymerCon because it's a great idea. Sadly, it's currently scheduled for the same weekend as DEF CON, which is somewhat problematic -- quite possibly for a number of gaymers. Hopefully the date isn't set in stone yet, because I would love to attend.

    27. GaymerX 6-time creator on

      Hello Nicole!

      Thank you for your support. We wish you could join us!

      For something a little closer to home, check out the article we had published on a german gaming site:,62758/ We hope the author accurately reflected our respect and support of the trans community when translating the interview. Cheers!

    28. Nicole Frauscher on

      Hello everyone!

      I'm really excited Gaymercon is going to happen, although as an european transgendered gamer I'm afraid there's no chance I'll be able to be there. Anyways, I hope my small donation at least helps a tiny bit to make the event even more awesome for every one of you who gets to go! :D
      With the support shown in this short anmount of time i can only hope Gaymercon will reach our shores one day as well.

      Greetings from far away Austria, have fun at the Con!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jared? on

      Hello fellow backers! As a gamer who happens to be of the heterosexual persuasion, I just want to say that my wife and I fully support this righteous endeavor! We will unable to make it out to SF for the Con, but we would love to donate our badge code to a fellow gamer in need! We hope everyone has an enjoyable time!

      Peace, love and 1UPs for all.

    30. GaymerX 6-time creator on

      Geoge Takei would be amazing..he's definately on the short list of people we'd love to have come! <3

    31. Genny Engel on

      George Takei was the first person I thought of, too. I bet he would totally love to be there. Let's all plaster his Facebook with "Come to GaymerCon"!

    32. Golden on

      Speaking of the 60k stretch goal, you're talking about George Takei right? I mean, who else in all of Geekdom embodies this culture more than he?

    33. Alexander Perkins on

      Fantastic! Thanks for responding!

    34. GaymerX 6-time creator on

      Thank you all for your support!

      @Alexander Perkins There are women involved in planning the con and we are making sure to consider not only women gaymers, but gaymers of color and the trans community too. We want the con to be as inclusive as possible and reflect the diversity in the gaming community we know is out there!

    35. Alexander Perkins on

      Hey Guys! Really excited about this project (despite the fact that I can't come...east coast problems...). I just wanted to know, are there any/many women involved in the planning and execution of the con? I think it would be a good idea to make sure that some female voices get heard when you're putting this together. It's definitely important for us gay men not to hog the power in that sense and make sure that the LBT part of our community are involved.

    36. Walt DeNatale on

      I cannot wait for my partner and I to come to this! So excited have wanted something like this for years!

    37. Yazorius on

      Unfortunately too far for me (french backer here), but by my humble participation I wish the best to your this Gaymer Convention.

    38. Missing avatar

      Anne Whittingham on

      @Seumas Thanks for your response. Everything you said definitely makes sense to me – just wanted to point it out, as I've talked to a number of my friends (of varying genders/sexual orientations), and the most common concern I heard voiced was about the name. Regardless, keep up the good work! I'll be sending well-wishes from Australia :)

    39. Anders Goodwin on

      Just thought I'd drop you a line to say that I fully support what you're doing - there's a lot of hate in the gaming/geek community, but I think and hope that things like this will change some minds. It sounds odd to say it, but I hope to see the day where something like this doesn't exist; that is, I hope the day comes where everybody is accepted as a gamer regardless of their sexual orientation (or any other classification for that matter) and there's no need for an event aimed at/designed for any given group to exist. But we're not there yet, and this is an awesome attempt at something vitally needed. Kudos!

      Also, methinks you *might* be getting a surge in donations thanks to the mention on Giant Bomb. If you haven't seen it yet, it's one of the links Patrick mentions in this article:

    40. Missing avatar

      supergtt on

      straight dude here, I'd go if I didn't live so far away. and I dig the idea of a sponsorship level. that sounds awesome. maybe stretch goal, X over, Y tickets given away, etc.

    41. Seumas Froemke on

      @korey burns
      What you're seeing is the attitude that a lot of people espouse. That you should just shut up and live your life and not make such a big deal about it. Of course, the entire reason people are compelled to advocate for themselves (or sometimes for others) is *because* some segment of society won't *let* them just shut up and live their lives. When you're forced to sit on the back of the bus because of your race or forced out of visiting your spouse in the hospital because of your orientation, or having your rights and safety otherwise jeopardized because of other differences (religion, lack thereof, nationality, etc) . . . one of your most primary options is to advocate. Make yourself and your group visible. Make people aware of the problem. Draw people's attention to it and the unfairness of it. Over time, society absorbs this information and slowly evolves. Imagine where we'd be today, if all the black activists of the 50s and 60s had just "shut up and lived their lives"?
      Granted, I'm not part of any group that is discriminated against, as far as I know. But I know a thing or two about civil rights, advocacy, and activism. And if only those people who are so hung up about people's race or sexuality or religion or nationality would shut up and let those people live their lives, then those people would gladly shut up and live their lives. Until then, things like this certainly benefit society by helping form connections between each other (and between each other, even if we aren't part of the same group).
      @Anne Whittingham
      The material makes it clear this convention is for everyone - hence the "LGBT" in the subtitle and the open invitation to people, even if they're straight. I certainly see the point you're trying to make and I know the LGBT communities are very peculiar about their nomenclature, but "gay" is generally used as a catch-all the same way "mankind" is and, more specifically, the dictionary acknowledges that it more commonly refers to a homosexual male, but not *exclusively*. So the same way we speak of "gay rights" and such, I think it's fair to refer to the con this way (mostly, because I don't know what other word you could use that would not obfuscate the fact that it's for gamers and geeks. LGBTQCon doesn't exactly roll off the tongue or make it clear that it's anything to do with games or geeks. However, I'm not gay, so I'm not about to offend anyone by telling them what they should be identified as or what they feel comfortable with, either. :)
      @Joe Com
      Oh man. I never even considered the Westboro nutjobs. I know plenty of people in SF who probably wouldn't go to the con, but would gladly stand up against those nuts on the street to drown them out, in support of our friends in the LGBT communities.
      Anyway, I'm really glad to see this project coming together. Good luck to everyone!

    42. Missing avatar

      Stella-Terra Clemens on

      I kinda wanted to get Boss Mode passes for me and my partner. Is there any way to get just two of those? 'cause it appears you can get either 1 or 3...

    43. Missing avatar

      Jack Connell on

      If I wanted the Bitrom, would you ship internationally? I live in the UK and would love a Fire Red Turing, because Turing has recently become something of a national hero, so would I have to pay an additional fee for shipping?

    44. Korey Burns on

      I love this idea! I've seen a lot of forums saying this is making it worse by making a distinction between gamers, but I'm all for niche cons. I think if cons want to tailor to a certain group they should be able to. Keep doing what you are doing and ignore the haters! Straight gamers support your efforts too :D

    45. Jess Haskins on

      I second the idea of a sponsorship level pledge. I'm in NYC and I only make it out to SF once a year for GDC, so I won't be able to attend — and I don't really need any stickers, either. But I'd love to sponsor someone else for $20.

    46. Missing avatar

      Anne Whittingham on

      Thought I'd take the time to comment though I don't normally do so. I just wanted to mention that though I am a complete supporter of creating safe and fun environments for gamers of all genders and sexual orientations, and I got the impression this was the aim of the convention from reading the purpose and watching the video, the name "GaymerCon" does leave one to believe that this is a convention for gay men and no one else.

      I know it's probably too late to change the name now, but you may want to consider how you are alienating other groups with this (albeit catchy) name. If you really are intending this to be a convention for solely gay men and their allies, then, well, that's a whole other matter...

    47. Andrew Bene on

      I'm just posting a comment before the inevitable rush of terrible bigots.

    48. Joe Com on

      I may be straight and live in Texas, but I think this is a great idea. Best of luck and have a great time.

      P.S. if you reach $50,000 you should hire a wall of Ninjas to block those "westboro" Hate Mongers out.

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