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A Role Playing Simulation With Emergent AI
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Update 02.04.2015

Posted by Gavan Woolery (Creator)

Hi everyone!

As mentioned prior, I traveled to see family 3 weeks ago, and last week did not run an update but I did stream.  So since the last video, changes include:

  • Ability to create arbitrarily sized objects and efficiently rotate them about any axis without orientation side-effects like Gimbal lock.
  • Object to object collision, even pushing series of objects.
  • Objects fall or otherwise react when voxels below them are added or removed.
  • Ability to treat any object or NPC as a series of nested containers.
  • Ability to drill down into nested containers, place objects in and out of containers which are rendered in the world, and rearrange objects within containers.
  • Several small bug fixes and some minor refactoring.

I was loaned a pair of CastAR glasses from backer @karmacappa, and the CastAR team seems excited for Voxel Quest on CastAR. I will look into implementing some CastAR support this week.

Gabe Castro's music for Voxel Quest can be found below, and his other music can be found here.

Also please check out Moonman by @eigenbom, if you fancy roguelike/Terraria-ish games :) Only one week left!

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