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Someone Has Died is an improvisational storytelling game set at a will arbitration.
Someone Has Died is an improvisational storytelling game set at a will arbitration.
Someone Has Died is an improvisational storytelling game set at a will arbitration.
1,712 backers pledged $52,283 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Gather Round Games Creator 2 days ago

      @Andrew Hachten -- hope you liked our last update! See you in Philly! w00t w00t!

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Hachten on November 8

      Really enjoyed playing this at Pax East. Will you guys be at Pax Unplugged?

    3. Gather Round Games Creator on November 5

      @ Mattministrator, thank you! :D To answer your question, we just posted a new update!

    4. Missing avatar

      Mattministrator on November 3

      Congratulations on your successful Kickstarter! Any news so far? A timeline, even? ;-)

    5. Connarhea on October 13

      Oh and congrats of course :)

    6. Connarhea on October 13

      I am the same as @meh and didn't realise about the expansion. Is there a way I can upgrade to it or has that ship sailed(or died)?

    7. Missing avatar

      Collin Blank on October 13

      Someone has died is live?! I can't handle this roller coaster of emotions!

    8. Missing avatar

      Christopher Zehil on October 13

      Too lazy to read it elsewhere, can you add the nsfw expansion later on?

    9. Gather Round Games Creator on October 12

      @ meh, we apologize for any confusion. We very much appreciate your support!

      @ Phil C, we're sad too, but we're also super excited that we get to produce our game at all for all of you! Thanks for your support!

    10. Missing avatar

      meh on October 12

      @phil Confusion was on my end from the different ways used to describe the ‘stretch goal’ ‘expansion’ ‘NSFW’ ‘dirty deck’.

      Expansion should have been the text used instead of dirty deck on the stretch goal graphic.

    11. Missing avatar

      Phil C on October 12

      Congrats guys. Looking forward to this. Just sad we didn't get the handbook. :(

    12. Missing avatar

      Phil C on October 12

      They did say this. Repeatedly. And in the reward description. And in the FAQ. I'm not sure what else they could have done....

    13. Missing avatar

      meh on October 12



      I believe more would have pledged for $32 if they knew $22 wasn’t including the NSFW expansion (stretch goal)!

    14. Bravely Told Games on October 12

      Congrats Gather Round Games! Well done!!!

    15. Gather Round Games Creator on October 12

      @ meh, the $22 pledge comes with the expanded base deck but not the NSFW expansion pack. The NSFW expansion pack is included at the $32 pledge level.

      @ Yatto, the June 2018 delivery date is based on estimates we've received from our manufacturer and shipping partners.

    16. Hound of Tindalos
      on October 12

      The creators died???? THEN I WANT THE WILL TO NAME ME THE EXECUTOR - I give everything to me.... waughhahahaahaha

      Likely they will come back from the dead.

      Now there is an expansion - the deceased comes back and clobbers everyone for fun

    17. Missing avatar

      meh on October 12

      Final hours left, did the creators die?!

    18. Missing avatar

      meh on October 12

      Is NSFW a stretch goal or expansion?

      Does the $22 pledge come with the stretch goals of more cards & NSFW?

    19. Missing avatar

      Yatto Leung on October 10

      This game looks fun...but is the estimated delivery time really in June, 2018?
      It's awfully long time to produce the card game and ship it out.

    20. Oregon Amy on October 9

      I love the quirky slightly twisted edge to this game! I’ve been lurking, and now finally backing. As a bonus, I really love that I can support a group of female game developers! Thanks for this campaign.

    21. Jean-Yves Steenhout on October 8

      Any chance we can purchase the NSFW deck in PnP as an addon? Or will there be no other option than the 38 USD version to get the expansion (incl shipping)?

    22. Jean-Yves Steenhout on October 8

      Never mind, this is clear from the FAQ. Sorry!

    23. Jean-Yves Steenhout on October 8


      Ok thats clear. Is the join ownership package with one or two expansion NSFW packs?


    24. Gather Round Games Creator on October 8

      @Mattministrator - Thanks for your comment. We're glad your so psyched to get your hands on the game. We do not plan on releasing the print n play before the physical game, so everyone should get access at the same time. That being said, if you just CAN'T wait, we have a prototype PNP on our page available to all. :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Mattministrator on October 6

      Wouldn‘t it be possible to allow backers of higher tiers access to the PnP files as well? This seems to have worked well in the (excellent) Santorini campaign and us “higher-level backers“ would have no reason to bemoan getting the game later than others. That aside, thanks for taking a really fun concept and turning it into reality!

    26. Gather Round Games Creator on October 6

      @Jean-Yves The expansion pack will NOT be included in the PnP. I'm going to add this to our FAQ section as it is unclear and we've gotten this question several times. As for the shipping, it is listed when you select "rest of the world" as your shipping option. We've kept it as low as possible!

      Thanks for your support!

    27. Jean-Yves Steenhout on October 6


      Sorry if it's been asked before but it wasn't clear for me from the comments below: is the expansion included in the pnp version? I know you mentioned it's in the pledges of 32 and above, but I'm not sure if that means that it is not included in the PnP. I live in Europe and I'm a bit afraid of shipping so was thinking of getting the PnP only but the expansion sounds like fun.

    28. Gather Round Games Creator on October 2

      @Muel - Hey! Thanks for your question. I don't think we will be releasing the PnP before the physical game, as it wouldn't be fair to those who invested in the physical product. However, if you'd like, we have a PNP of our prototype available on!

    29. Muel on October 2

      I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered already. When will the final P n P version be available to those who back that tier? I know it says next year but was wondering if it might be sooner. :)

    30. Gather Round Games Creator on October 2

      @Alex d'awwww thank you!

    31. 2Huskies on October 1

      Adi, Liz, and Ellie, I am amazed by your story coming together to create this wonderful game that started off as a school project. Sometimes you don't know how far you can go with a dream or idea, but you are taking every pursuit to ensure its success, and your passion and efforts are really shining through! Congratulations on this enormously successful project, and I look forward to your continued success with the remainder of this campaign and onward!

    32. Missing avatar

      Phil C on September 30

      Yes it is i agree it loses a lot of the kickstarter excitement if there is nothing to shoot for. New cards anything really would be cool

    33. Missing avatar

      Carlos on September 30

      wait are there no more stretch goals? thats unfortunate

    34. Carissa Marie
      on September 29

      Thank you!!

    35. Gather Round Games Creator on September 29

      @Carissa Yes! One copy of the expansion pack will be provided with every pledge at or over $32. So that's including the SYMPATHY PACKAGE tier!

    36. Carissa Marie
      on September 29

      Okay so because of the comments I changed to the sympathy package. That means I'll get the expansion (nsfw) right?

    37. Kenneth Scott Huntley
      on September 28

      The campaign is going great so far. Congratulations. I was hoping for more stretch goals (perhaps items for the will) but I'm just part of the peanut gallery. Keep up the great work and I'll keep telling my friends about this project.

    38. Missing avatar

      Phil C on September 27

      Previously answered that only the 32 pledge had the expansion included

    39. Daniel Chiavaroli on September 27

      Hey! #sasquatcheroticacrew from PaxWest. Does the $22 pledge level include the NSFW cards or is that only with the $32 pledge? Thanks

    40. Missing avatar

      Butterstulle on September 27

      Will I be able to upgrade to 4 copies in the pledge manager as I want o use the game for my EFL students?

    41. Gather Round Games Creator on September 26

      @Phill - We were not planning to add any more stretch goals, but thanks for your ideas and enthusiasm! As for updating your pledge after the date, we can do our best to be accommodating but cannot guarantee that we'll be able to help.

      @Chong - We do not plan on including card protectors with the game, but thank you for your support!

    42. Chong Yun Xiang on September 26

      Looking forward to receiving this. Can card protectors be included?

    43. Phill on September 26

      Also if I forget to up my pledge at the end will I be able to up it in the pledge manager? Some kickstarter's do, while some don't.

    44. Phill on September 26

      Also blank cards are meh to my group of friends. Just wasted space.

    45. Phill on September 26

      pledged a dollar as I'm currently broke and still debating (backed a lot recently) on this fun little game. Any possibility for more stretch goals? You still have a ways to go and could do some more things. The box could be magnetic, could have a linen finish, and metallic ink could be used on it and the cards.

      Maybe a second expansion pack (mythical/norse gods and creatures??)

    46. Missing avatar

      Phil C on September 26

      Yes, include blank cards as well !!

    47. Gather Round Games Creator on September 25

      @Sophia - Thank you so much! :) We had talked a bit about including blank cards, but we weren't sure if it was something that would interest people. We'd certainly consider it though if it's something people would want!

      @Dan - We've added this question to our FAQ because we've gotten this question a few times. The extra expansion pack with be a $10 add-on. Thank you for the question!

    48. Missing avatar

      Dan on September 25

      Ah, scrolled down further and noticed that this topic was already raised. So I'll just throw this in as a vote that having extra expansion packs as add-ons is a great idea :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Dan on September 25

      Might there be an option for adding on extra expansion packs by increasing pledges? For example, for a non-hypothetical person backing at the Joint Ownership level who wants an expansion for each of his games...

    50. Sophia Zhang on September 25

      Yay - Congrats! How exciting :) Just upgraded from beneficiary to sympathy tier!

      Blank backstory, identity, relationship, objection cards possible?

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