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A fast moving board game, where players compete in an alien cooking competition, and the main ingredient is PEOPLE!
A fast moving board game, where players compete in an alien cooking competition, and the main ingredient is PEOPLE!
A fast moving board game, where players compete in an alien cooking competition, and the main ingredient is PEOPLE!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Dorsaz on

      Hello sorry but i did nt get email ?

    2. Gateway Games 2-time creator on

      @Mathieu I am SO SORRY. I'm emailing you back now to resolve this issue!

    3. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Dorsaz on

      Hello do you read us ?

    4. Missing avatar

      Mathieu Dorsaz on

      Hello i wrote you à mail because i wasn t there when it was home delivery and they give you back...

    5. Craig 'Twiggy' Rigden on

      No game and no shipping notification. Sent a message. No reply. Any ideas on when I might get this?

    6. Aaron Schulz on

      Still waiting on product replacements for my copy that was severely damaged...please. I would like to play a game I helped support. Its sad that there are all these printing errors too hopefully that can be resolved.

    7. Yves Roels

      Hello Gateway Games
      Just had a chance to play HTSM this week-end and it was loads of fun.
      We noticed some print errors which you in fact had reported - although we missed them!
      We played with 6, and it went much better than I thought with full turns being played by each.
      Loved it, really perfect on the theme, really enjoyed it.

      The rules were not very clear (we thought) on multiple master chefs being allowed to join an opponent sous-chef on a station space. Hope we played it right as we deducted this was allowed from one of the events cards...

      Some events cards were also fuzzy, especially those with IMMEDIATE and END OF GAME (+10 points at every presentation???). I will check your errata in case it's covered...

      In any case, I wanted to congratulate you for the great game and great quality material.

    8. Kate Stafford on

      I've been enjoying this game! Well done!

    9. DZero

      So I counted up all the cards to add this game to the BGG "Card Sleeve Sizes for Games" geek list and was wondering about the 24 extra cards: are those included in the retail edition or not? Specifically, the two expansions (Galactic Garnishes with 9+rules & BETH Judges with 10+rules), Judge Vason, and the two extra Events. The reason I'm asking is because both the rulebook and the box list 150 cards, and I just noticed the back says "150 Recipe Cards" when it should say 90. Also the back mentions the expansions (but doesn't include the rule cards in their counts) but not Vason and the Events, and the rulebook lists none of these.
      For anyone looking to sleeve, I used MayDay USA Chimera sleeves (MDG-7044, 59.5mm x 89mm); you'll need 2x 100 count packs, with 26 extras (but I like keeping extra in case a sleeve gets damaged, which is the whole point).

    10. Missing avatar

      Samuel Klein

      At some point, you plan on reprinting the incorrect cards, yes? So, how about creating an Errata Card Reprint Backer Interest list? Backers who would like a replacement can express as much, and be added to the list. When you reprint those cards, you can send those backers a copy. Alternatively or additionally, you could make some copies available in the BGG store.

    11. Chris Rowan

      Received in Ottawa, ON. Thanks! Looks great!

    12. Missing avatar

      Matt Gregory

      No game and no shipping notification. Also, I see that it's in stock and ready to ship from Miniature Market ...

    13. Troy on

      I have a similar issue as a few others have posted here. Just got my copy Today (Ontario Canada) and the board is in somewhat rough shape near the centre (cook Book area). How would we go about getting a replacement game board?

      Thanks! Other components etc. Look great.

    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mee on

      Ohio USA, I was told my game would ship on the 8th but still haven't the game or any tracking information.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kyle Schroer on

      Just received mine in Markham, ON, Canada.

    16. Aaron Schulz on

      My copy has arrived safely but the game board is in quite rough shape frayed where it's almost splitting who do we contact or where for replacements.

    17. Missing avatar

      Ed Hughes on

      Pennsylvania USA backer, still haven't received the game or a shipping notice.

    18. coll

      My copy arrived in Australia and I love it. Just beautiful - and the wooden meeples are awesome.However, it seems that some sort of glue dripped onto the game board and there's a small rip in it - smack bang in the middle of the board on the cook book so it's very distracting. Can you let me know how I go about ordering a replacement board please? thanks.

    19. Gateway Games 2-time creator on

      @Troy, Yes, they are being processed and sent out as of today. I'm not sure how long it will take to get them all out, but you'll get notices soon.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jack O. Herman Jr on

      Received my copy earlier this week and got a play of it in last night. Very enjoyable, and very glad to have backed this. Fun game, can't wait to show it off to others in my gaming group!

    21. Troy on

      Any update on eta for Canadian backers? Anxiously looking forward to this game.

    22. Chad Behanna

      Played my first game of it today and it was a big hit!

    23. Missing avatar

      Anthony Jaurequi on

      @John McMillen Thank you for pointing this out. I remember looking at this, but completely forgot about it between the time it was posted and when I got my copy. When I found the issue on my copy i looked at the comments and didn't see it addressed and didn't think to re visit the updates section.

      It definitely isn't a big deal. I am really enjoying this game. Well worth the money.

    24. John McMillen

      @Anthony Jaurequi check the March 30 update about that card

    25. Gateway Games 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone,
      I'm knocked on my ass with a bad cold right now, but I'll be addressing everything on Monday morning, including replacement parts and missing tracking info.
      Thanks for your patience.

    26. August Hopp on

      Everything looks great in the box, excited to get this on the table tonight and serve up some delicious courses! Will be introducing this fine cuisine to about a dozen people. �

    27. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Just got mine, I haven't played it yet, but everything is great quality and I'm excited to break it out next game night. Already hoping for some of the expansions we didn't unlock :)

    28. Michael Carrion on

      Lastly, my 2 cents, for the 2nd printing, I recommend: (1) Naming all of the Alien players - maybe with Iron Chef type of names, (2) Add more judges - and if they are Beth types, then make them help out the last player and/or hurt the first player, and (3) with the scoring markers being so little, maybe have a scoring track up to 80, and have the game end at 70 or so. When we hit 50, we are really just finishing our 3rd meal, and the game is too quick. I had a 46 point meal because of the judges I had for my second meal (entrée, plus 2 that boosted black meeple) and I picked up an immediate 10pt judge. So, game is a little bit too fast. Thanks.

    29. Michael Carrion on

      Also, still love the game, can someone use the replicator if they are at 0 points already? Wasn't specified in the rule book. I'm def going to rate this game at a 9, and if the tag team variant plays well when I try it, it'll be a 10 on BGG. Great job Gateway Games! This is the best Kickstarter worker placement since Asking for Trobils.

    30. Michael Carrion on

      Love the game. But printed on "Nyrim Aks" says +3 for every white meeple, and -3 for every white meeple. Is this a misprint? Or just me?

    31. Missing avatar

      Anthony Jaurequi on

      I just received my copy today. I am very satisfied with the quality and the gameplay. But, I have a question about the Nyrim Aks Judge card. It says immediate +3 star per boiled meat and -3 star per boiled meat. Is this a typo? What should it be?

    32. Aaron Jacobs on

      Got my copy today. No packing material around game in box. Game unharmed. Overall I'm satisfied and excited to try it out!

    33. Missing avatar

      Nathan Horn on

      Just got mine today. Read the rules and ready to serve up my fellow human beings.

    34. Melanie on

      Got my copy today! All looks good and my box had the blow up packing stuff. There is an odd roller mark / crease going diagonal through one page but I'm chalking it up to intergalactic processing and it's not taking away from reading the rules.

      Looking forward to giving this a play through this weekend!

    35. Michael Auen on

      Game arrived today in Raleigh, North Carolina. The box from Amazon was several inches too big, and had literally no packing material in it. Shipping box was crushed on the side due to lack of packing material, and the game flopped around inside the package. One corner of the game box is dinged pretty well due to packaging, but otherwise undamaged. I do understand that packaging is out of the game manufacturer's control, but I wanted to make you aware of it. Inside the actual game box, there are no moisture-absorbing packets, and my game board arrived with warping already starting. This is extremely disappointing. As cheap as silica packets are, there is no excuse not to use them in a $40 board game. The individual player boards all have marks, scuffs, and scratches on their surfaces. Not really sure why this would be. how much handling could these boards have endured between production and boxing? I am looking forward to playing the game, but I am going into with a sense of disappointment.

    36. Josh Gault

      In Texas here, no tracking info and no game yet.

    37. Tevash

      Received my copy this week in The Netherlands (EU). Thanks and I hope to play the game this weekend!

    38. Jason Exum on

      Wow, quite a fantastic intergalactic day for me - I received both my copy of How To Serve Man AND my copy of Star Wars: Rebellion! Great work, Gateway Games gang, the final product turned out beautifully. Love the insert, and the tokens are awesome. Cool art throughout. Really glad I backed this, looking forward to seeing what you guys create next.

    39. Aaron Schulz on

      @creator im sorry and would like to publicly . apologize i over reacted. I knows its your guys first KS and we cant always plan for life to happen but you guys still fulfilled product. My game seemed to be all in tact...i appreciate it and again i apologize.

    40. K Wirick

      @Gateway Games
      Copy arrived here in San Diego! On like the single rainy day we have a year, so I was a bit worried, but everything arrived in perfect condition.

      Thank you! I know its been a long haul, but looking forward to playing this :D

      (btw - there was an extra copy in my delivery.. I know i did the contest a while back, and you liked my entry, but i didn't think i won.. I hope it wasn't a mistake ^-^; I do know a good home for the extra. A good friend is a middle school teacher who just started a gaming group after school program.. this should be an excellent fit! Again, Thank You!!)

    41. Missing avatar

      Shaun S

      Beyond excited now that I have this in my possession! Great first project guys! Really nice final product

    42. Gateway Games 2-time creator on

      @ Everyone getting their games, Awesome.
      @ Michael and Andrew, Please check your PMs.
      @Aaron, I understand how you feel. We were definitely not prepared to keep up with communication while finishing the game. I like to think the addition of Jason (who is the one that has been doing the updates since December) certainly helped. I appreciate your support on "How To Serve Man" and if there are any problems with the game, let me know and we will fix them immediately.

    43. Brendan Dolan on

      Woo Hoo! Got my copy. Thanks Guys.

      @ Robert, I'm with you. I was happy with what I saw communication wise. Especially for a company that is taking their first swing that this.

    44. Aaron Schulz on

      When the project was near the target due date..(oct) not much was said oh but posts in august were made about a trip going to gencon...still nothing about the game...its no Brainer for me...i wish them luck but they wont have my support until it hits sheleves in the future.

    45. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mee on

      U.S. backer here. Was wondering when I would get my tracking number. Seeing people on here getting it two days ago but still haven't received mine.

    46. Robert Bowers

      Weird. Though it wasn't -the- most communicative project, it's still in the upper tier of how good communication was, IMHO. I'd totally back another project by this company.

      Also, my game's out for delivery today, according to MyUSPS! Yay!

    47. Aaron Schulz on

      Michael ...i got my game today...needless to say the lack of communication and terrible updates and l as te arrival for my game has ensured i will never buy back or support another project by this company. Im just waiting to open my game and something be missing or wrong.

    48. Michael Sprague

      So, the game is available on Amazon and Miniature Market.... But I haven't even gotten a tracking number, yet

    49. Matt Slone on

      Just got my tracking number! So exciting!! Congratulations on a great game guys. Best of luck on your next projects too!

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