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pledged of $1,100,000pledged of $1,100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013
Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
First created
pledged of $1,100,000pledged of $1,100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013


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    1. Felix Olschewski on

      Put that Wildwoman Artwork on the project start page right on top and the rest of money will come within hours. Sad... no, miserable even. But true. That is your demographic. So do it. Now.

    2. Missing avatar

      Brainkite on

      Awsome, this game have to come out one way or the other.

    3. Brian Caceres on

      @Timothy Shea
      I am sharing this new WILDWOMAN concept from one of the live video updates on Twitch that they have been doing. I can't take the credit for the concept art I am simply a backer like yourself just trying to promote and share all updates that are to do with Wildman as I am constantly on the main comments section And read a few posts below that someone wished GPG released WILDWOMAN. And I know a lot of information is missed because its not updated on the main page properly so I came back here to spread the news:)
      You raise a good point and it has been raised before about less bikini/sex appeal and more of a badass WILDWOMAN :) I will pass this on the the folks of GPG. But feel free to jump on the main comments section And tell GPG what you would like to see in the Wildman game as that's what we are here for. To provide feedback so that Chris Taylor can make the game we want to play
      After all , we as backers are all part of the GPG family now:)

    4. Missing avatar

      Tim Shea on

      Brian, the wildwoman concept looks really cool, and I'd love it if this made it in (the lack of character selection was my one biggest concern). However, would you consider altering the costume just a bit? I know the bikini look is common in the game industry and that with armor the costume will hopefully be alterable in-game, but judging from the wildman armor concepts, much of that will actually be based on the unarmored concept, and I'd really hate for every possible wildwoman to be required to have cleavage and a bikini (I'm not anti-cleavage, but I am anti-stereotype).
      Something as simple as making the top a sort of "wrap" and the bottom a kilt (like the wildman's) might make this character as impressive for her strength and fierce scowl as for her proportions.
      Anyway, great stuff! Thanks!

    5. Missing avatar

      Michel Thater on

      Kevin is awesome! His skills are mindblowing! How is he doing all this? He is so creative and has such cool ideas to envision things, creatures, people, environment... Hey, Kevin, do you get sleep at all at the moment? You are like a creativity machine on drugs! I am really impressed.
      I really, really hope this project makes it! GPG is such a great team and all the great people who had to go have to come back. This game has to be funded so that can happen! People, get your friends' attention to this game and make them pledge! We need more people spending money on this. GPG has to stay alive! Go and talk about this cool game project. Tell everybody you know about it! Make it happen. It's up to us!

    6. Roberto Zaragoza Gascón on

      I'd love the Sausage Factory as a secret level in the vein of Diablo's Cow Level.
      Also, release that Werewolf concept art, I'm a sucker for Werewolves.

    7. Missing avatar

      John W. on

      He inspires me to channel my graphic inspirations to the video game industry. Awesome update! My favorite one so far!

    8. Missing avatar

      Bbear on

      Kevin Pun's art for this game is great. I often dislike 'cartooney' art design in my games because it can sometimes skew towards a generic, 'Disney-character' feel. There is a bit of that here (e.g., in the square-heads of the warrior creeps above), but there's also a ton of great colors and chunky/sharp edges (e.g., in the armor on the warrior creep and the Wildman) and visceral-looking detail that moves away from 'Disney movie' and closer to modern comic books.

      Thanks for another excellent update.

      PS: You guys posted a bit of jungle art a couple weeks ago. It had a tree-ent-looking monster in it. I'd love to see that piece of art added to the higher res section, as it's been my favorite so far.

    9. James on

      Everyone please tweet @marcoarment on twitter about the kickstarter. He is an old school Total Annihilation fan and his blog has a huge following. If he covered the kickstarter on his blog, it could get momentum back on track for the last week.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michael Kolb on

      I love the grand epic nature of this game and the art style stays with that notion. I've enjoyed all the games, a little less with Demigod yet this is my lowest loved game of the bunch, which GPG has created immensely. Up before I was forced to game on a console mainly - due to the cost of upgrading a PC all the time (its greatest strength is its utter flaw) - I was almost exclusively a strategy gamer on PC. Well It all started with Dune II, RIP Westwood, and I'm still a RTS fan today - I bought and play Supreme Commander 2 on my Xbox 360 from time to time - but my genres have definitely broadened by studying games for my Game Art & Design degree. Currently I am playing Torchlight 2 on my PC and loving it as I think it carries that what we love part with the new and fun concepts to discover.

      The notion that you want to generate a new hybrid genre was one of the main reasons I backed you guys -when that specific system can be pulled off it can be immensely satisfying like Borderlands 2 being a Role-Playing Shooter. I'm sort of sick with all the others making small changes to a successfully proven formula, which thus roughly affects the entire industry. After seeing the Matt Chat interview with Chris Taylor I really wish this project sees the light of day, I can't wait to play it!

      Everything I've seen and the more I hear about it, the more I imagine... yeah I'm enjoying the imagination of this world. Chris Taylor, you know how to make games, your explanation and demonstration of Wildman is inspiring and your generosity and amiable personality is refreshing. Oh and I wanted to say one last thing, it's not "just a video game" - I understand what you meant though. This medium is huge and is worldwide now, heck even mainstream that now everyone has some form of process to interact with this entertainment. It really is a shame the publishers play that drying game with you and yes I feel you deserve my money over someone who iterates the same game every year to keep their stock holders happy.

    11. Brian Caceres on

      suasage factory should be an Easter egg ftw

    12. Rullakebab99 on

      I am looking forward to building my own sausage factory.

    13. Brian Caceres on

      Here are the rough concepts as mentioned by @BRUCE of WILDWOMAN

    14. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      We'll show the wildwoman concept again tonight. It's a reaaally rough concept, so we are waiting until we have a... more... roughed out version of her ready :)

    15. Brian Caceres on

      I'm trying to find that concept art of the WILDWOMAN. IT was shown in one of the live video streams they have everyday this week. Actually it's starting in 30 minutes

    16. Brian Caceres on


      There are concept drawings for the female character

    17. Kirk Chen on

      loving the video updates and all that you guys have been showing us. keep up the good work!

      i really want to see this project happen and be successful.

    18. Eric

      These look so awesome!!!! The GPG art team is the best in the business. The dinosaurs look sooooo good. I can't wait to battle these monsters!

    19. Super Jenius on

      I think of the Wildman as both a bad-ass and a great leader. Maybe this is already in the plans, but I think it would be cool to have some kind of battle cry ability that inspires (buffs) your troops. If you wanna be funny, start off with something that sounds like "Captain Caveman!" and eventually get to Braveheart's "FREEDOM!"

    20. Ryan ries on

      everyday it saddens me that this is not funded, seems like one of the coolest concepts i have seen in a while and the team is top notch

    21. Yourtime on

      freaking awesome update..
      come on people we need 211k the next 3 days..

    22. Juan Miguel Expósito on

      Your videos are awesome, Chris! :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Brian Harries on

      Nice video - very cool scale on the bridge painting. I like the dinosaur concepts, but I think they are a little too humanoid; if they were quadrupeds or even bipeds with a more animalistic posture I think it would look better, imo. Good luck!!!

    24. Bomoo on

      Are you ever going to show off the female player character art or potentially models? I realize the game is called WildMAN, but I'd love to see a badass D3 female barb type lady make it in there as an option at some point, and I suspect a few other folks might feel the same way.

    25. Bert Derveaux on

      Excellent update and great dino-concept art.

    26. Missing avatar

      Seb on

      Great video, really cool to see the process behind creating the concepts.

      I really hope the sausage factory makes it into the game!

    27. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Ng on

      "Oh my god"

      Nice update guys, I really like all of the concept art you've released thus far for the game!

    28. Missing avatar

      Pavel on

      awesome ending :D

    29. gandalf.nho

      Love the visuals of the dinofolk

    30. Meteor on

      Thanks so much for answering my questions, love the answers. About 1., I had asked that before knowing that mounts actually would be in the game. So if they weren't, it would kind of be a bonus for backers. I do agree though, I mainly go after stuff like that purely for my own enjoyment, so that's awesome.

      3. That's so awesome! I don't mind if it's not there at launch, as an update I would be thrilled just as much.

      4. Sounds awesome.

      5. Love that the environments can grow back, I'm a sucker for foliage of any kind.

    31. Gas Powered Games Creator on

      @Victor - PvP will come after CO-OP :)

    32. Victor A Burgos on


    33. Gas Powered Games Creator on

      @MemoryKill - Props will be destructible - the environment. IE the 'ground' and 'walls' that make the level, won't be destructible . I hope that clarifies the confusion.

    34. Bryan Bartley on

      I know it's just concept work, but the middle "hero creep" on the bottom row instantly reminded me of this

    35. MemoryKill on

      Question 5 is taken rather out of context...chris actually said there WONT be fully destructable enviroments, only the foiliage and buildings and rocks and debris and other subsequent structures shall be destructable, you wont be able to cause craters or rock slides or blow massive holes out of the land in fully fleged physx style, so in a way, saying and printing here that they are "fully" destructable is over doing it a lot, as that is NOT what chris actually said.

    36. Missing avatar

      T Huston Jr on

      great concept work. I like the feel of the game thus far. I know it is still early in development, do you have more of an idea of the technology track? It looks like a solid foundation thus far. I would like to see some of the concepts more towards the end game. Dinosaur mounts, or trained T Rex troops that push forward on the battlefield by eating smaller troops. Maybe more with the Dino theme and less technology based advancement, concentrate on what is different and unique. Advance the theme more, I do like what you have shown thus far with the advancement of your character avatar.

    37. Legacyfire on


    38. Jalister on

      It's nice to see more GPG employees with each new video. For anyone that feels like GPG doesn't have the manpower to make Wildman, I say stop worrying and back this thing.

    39. Rob Watling on

      Looking fantastic as always!

    40. Missing avatar

      ashtorak on

      nice, looking forward to the sausage factory

    41. Missing avatar

      Ronald Craft on

      Great video as usual. And, I just have to say, thumbs up for the Duffman shirt!