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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013
Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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pledged of $1,100,000pledged of $1,100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013

Video Update #6: Chris Taylor Q/A

Posted by Gas Powered Games (Creator)

Greetings Kickstarters.

In this video update, Chris answers some of the most popular questions asked in the last week.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and for helping us spread the Wildman word. Every post, like, share, and tweet matters!

Didn't see your question answered? Ask again in the comment section below.

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    1. kJones on

      @Ryan Amazon doesnt prevent europeans from using its payments service, the problem lies in the fact that you need a credit card to use it and those are far less common in europe than they are in the us.

      And the large number of website backers in the rsi case stems from the fact that they started with website funding only and made it clear that community interaction would be mostly on the website anyway, not via kickstarter. Continued funding via website after the campain is definately a good option to keep some money trickling in though.

    2. Ryan Allen on

      I would also like to add that while Kickstarter has a deadline crowdfunding from your game's website is perpetual. Even if you don't secure the 1.1M by the 15th it is possible this amount could happen through the website.

    3. Ryan Allen on

      Chris let's look at Star Citizen's number:

      Star Citizen raised $7.5M

      Of that amount Kickstarter funded $2.1M while the RSI website raised a mind-blowing $5.3M. Out of the 108k backers only 34k came from Kickstarter while a much larger 74k came from the website.

      Those numbers suggest that crowdfunding is more successful on the game's website than Kickstarter. May I suggest copying Chris Robert's method and couple the Kickstarter campaign with a website campaign? Bare in mind not everyone can use Amazon. I hear Europeans can't use it. I don't know if Europeans represent a large portion of your fan base.

    4. Missing avatar

      Bruce C Bjorklund on

      @Felix Great Video... post it..great perspective

    5. Kevin Blank on

      @Felix: Yes, its a very good video, definitly should be seen by a lot of people!

    6. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      @Felix - Let me just say... Your video is awesome.

      Release it to the public!

    7. Felix Olschewski on

      Hey fellow backers,
      I've made this video for the purpose of explaining why one might want to back this project - in case this is still in question for some:
      It's not yet listed on YouTube. I'd love to hear your feedback - do you think this might help in any way? Let's help GPG with some more PR.

    8. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Boshears on

      I saw you mentioned tilesets and creating your own worlds - Is there going to be random generation of worlds? Partially random? Or is there going to be 2/3/4 maps you guys make and then ask us to make a bunch more and have us download them. Fine with all - Fan of every game you guys have made!

    9. Missing avatar

      mr48 on

      Hi Chris! Project Mercury instantly converted me from a skeptic about Wildman to a backer . I have a couple of questions regarding the development of Mercury if you dont mind:

      1) If the Wildman kickstarter campaign fails, will you still develop and release Mercury as a separate product? I ask because I would buy it in an instant.

      2) Will you be adding any sort of "windows emulator" that would run (not very resource-intensive) windows programs?

      3) Will you make Mercury available for hosting on various private servers?

      Anyways, I wanted to wish you all the best and hope GPG will be around for many years to come making more of the games we love!

    10. Missing avatar

      lee perring on

      This has to succeed! Upping my pledge again, lacking cash atm but I have put forward the paltry sum of $80. We really need a big up on the amount of backers, currently if everyone backed $80 we would be at $589,680, really need atleast 17k backers... come on guys we can do this!.

    11. Kristian Hållstrand on

      There is no shame in changing the pledge video, I know the Hero-U campaign changed theirs at least 3 times before they were pleased with it. Wildman is still high very high ranking in the "popular" list so there is potentially a lot of new viewers that can find it easily. They need to get a better view what Wildman is all about, and a little more ephasis on the powerful Mercury engine would not go amiss either. And here's a link to the perfect snack to go with Wildman, or so it says on the bag:

    12. Mike Kraus on

      @ Treatise

      1) They have said that scope would end ~ middle ages. But, certainly an expansion later could go further into history.

      2) This I don't think they've really spoken to.

      3) With all the focus on mods, I would presume that would make up a lot of it. But, I don't think they've said directly, I would presume there would be multiple difficulty levels.

    13. Tom Forsythe on

      Here's some follow-up questions:
      1. $1.1 million dollars isn't a lot of money for large game development, especially after Kickstarter fees and rewards. Can Wildman be completed with on a million dollar budget? If so, how do you plan to accomplish this?
      2. Will you be updating the video on the project home page with highlights of all the awesome update videos? I think if potential backers understood the RTS/ARPG concept better (ie: video update #4) it would help the campaign.

    14. Harry Torque on

      Good video! Follow-up questions:

      1. How far (forward?) into history are you planning to place the end-game in? Are we talking swords, flintlocks, gatling guns, or orbital bombardment?
      2. Related, how do you plan to avoid wildly inappropriate encounters. I'm sure most of us cringed in Civ when a veteran trebuchet would beat units several hundred years more advanced in technology.
      3. What is the end-game? Is it like Diablo 3, grinding ever-higher Monster Power level, or playing modded maps, or something else?

    15. Cerno B on

      Finally the pledges are picking up steam. You'll have to look at the kicktraq chart very closely but the trend is there. Also the gap between the goal and the projected goal is decreasing. If you keep delivering updates I'm sure you'll get an awesome home stretch and make it. Keep going and generate some media coverage!

    16. Missing avatar

      pantsburgh on

      Project Mercury

      This thing is so totally flexible and the way of the future!

      1 - Does the server it runs on need to be dedicated to Mercury?
      2 - Let's say Wild Man gets funded, where do you see Mercury 5 years down the road? Will you license/distribute it in some way so that people can use this for loads more stuff than just game development?
      3 - If I'm working on a project with friends, how does collaboration work? How/where do things get stored and shared?

    17. theAnton on

      I was just thinking, recently deceased Atari own the rights to Total Annihilation right?

      Here's hoping someone gets a hold of that and have the guys at GPG create a true sequel after this one. :D

    18. Mike Kraus on

      I love Travis' idea: "As well, if caves are able to be randomly selected from a pool, it would allow people to make their own and the game would select one from a pool of caves, including any community-submitted ones they've downloaded."

      That would be awesome!!

    19. Rullakebab99 on

      If you pay attention to Chris´ body language and the words he picks in this video, you can see he´s finally feeling hopeful. ^^

    20. Bill Schneider on

      So I'm still unclear on how exactly the warzones and overworld thing fit into the game togeter. I think this is a core thing in the game, I am wondering if you could expand on it and possibly do its own update to really explain and show how it works (at least on paper).

      Is is that you are wondering around the world and when you occupy a base, and choose to fight another base, do the spawned units constantly spawn and attack and you don't directly control them (DOTA style) but instead just upgrade them? Or is it RTS style where you do control them?

      What happens when you win if you do control them? Do they then all just dissapear, or run around the map with you, or what?

      If its continuous spawning, can you just spend gold to have lots of barracks or better troops and then just run off and leave them to it? Will it keep going forever if its balanced, and can you just go off exploring some more and have your guys win for you by attrition as they have a slight edge, etc?

      Or does a warzone 'lock down' the screen into this battle and you have to finish the battle before moving on? As in, you can't leave the edge, something closes in etc?

      Do you have to go round picking up the gold, loot etc in the warzone yourself, or can these be picked up by your guys (if you don't control them), or do you just get gold automatically for every kill into your resources?

      These are the kinds of questions I'd like to see get full answers.

      Thanks a lot :) And good luck!

    21. Missing avatar

      exterm on

      Correction: The videos *are* on youtube. Sharing them now.

    22. Missing avatar

      exterm on

      I upped my pledge after watching this. Please keep the updates coming. Also, it would make the information easier to share if
      - these videos where also on youtube
      - there were textual summaries of the update videos.

    23. Missing avatar

      exterm on

      Is there a text summary of these videos somewhere?

    24. croma25td on

      Hi GPG, I don't know if you have already responded to this question but I'm looking for more info about Linux/MacOS support (especially Linux). I pledged for this at 45$ level on day-one but since I'm not a Windows user I hope two things: a wine-compatible release or a native release, otherwise I can't play for what I paid (and since I love your games I'll pay even if I can't use the game, maybe at 20$ level).

    25. Missing avatar

      Travis Best on

      Just a suggestion, among the many others here. A long time ago (in a land far, far away... 2003) I worked initially as a beta tester for a small game, got promoted to a lead position and eventually we gained access to the mod tools. Despite them being in a rather buggy state at the time, we were able to implement a few things that made it into the final release. As an extension of this, *once* it gets funded, I think there would be benefit to getting the tools out there for those who are interested. I didn't see any coding within Mercury in the last video, but hopefully it works through the interface.

      Skilled community members can help flesh out the game further for whatever dollar amount the game does finish at. There are others out there that are modders would be gladly add to the game. If there's some common submission area that we could place our work a la Steam Workshop, people can vote up quality work to be added to the final product, if you so wish.

      As well, if caves are able to be randomly selected from a pool, it would allow people to make their own and the game would select one from a pool of caves, including any community-submitted ones they've downloaded. Perhaps if mobs are placed randomly, they could also be of a random type from a pool of submitted mobs. Same with items etc.

      Just because the game makes it across the finish line doesn't mean you're in this alone - the community can help flesh it out, if you let them. I understand all the NDA stuff as I'm involved with it daily through work, but I would willingly do more than just put the money for the game - I'll do everything I can to help make it the best it can be, as will others.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jody Taylor on

      Supreme Commander, loved it and still.
      Wildman sounds just like the next best thing.

      Good luck GPG, the gaming industry needs more like you not less.

      From a gamer since 1980.

    27. Henry W on

      João Paulo Kato bought up great points regarding diplomacy and economy, elements that fuse well between RPG and strategy games like Civilization. We haven't seen diplomacy really in an RTS, this could be the game that implements such a feature. Maybe the Wildman can't take down three neighboring tribes or opponents by himself, could he ally with one to take on the other two?

      This also got me thinking, as an RPG your Wildman's choices and policies (like social policies) could also have an affect upon your tribe and army. What if you play your Wildman as a good guy who promotes fairness, righteousness and a love of nature versus someone else who plays their Wildman as a bastard, a barbarian bandit lord tyrant type. Maybe that reflects on the unit "skins" or even the units and technologies you can acquire. Eventually the former would move towards looking like a legion of knights and paladins and the latter would look more like a hellish horde. Likewise a Wildman who focuses on fantasy magic and another who focuses on traditional technology could look every different from each other.

    28. Missing avatar

      Leon Phillips on

      Screw Kings & Castles... I want Wildman!!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jared Pratt on

      @Chris Taylor
      I know this will probably have to wait until we know more about the overland adventure and how warzones will tie in, but it would be cool to make modding accessible to more people by allowing the creation of warzone maps that plug into the main campaign adventure so that casual modders don't have to invest a lot of time coming up with a new overland adventure if they just want to add in a warzone for them and their friends to play. I assume there will be some random aspect to warzones to help with replayability, that would allow this to be possible.

    30. andrzej raczynski on

      where are all the billion dollar companies that need to write off a few million for taxes by donating to charity? motherfrackers :) hey warren buffet! stop chasing yet another billion and share a little with the gaming world :)

    31. João Paulo Kato on

      Like a guy below on the comments. I'm really curious about how diplomacy is going to work or if that is going to be a part of the game at all. I have a lot of questions in my mind regarding the strategy elements of the game. From what I've gathered from the updates its going to be sort of a encounter where you find the enemy "stronghold" and can decide whether or not to take it. But if you find one and decide to fight it later and end up finding another one how is that going to play out?
      I'm a Civilization fan so I can't help but wonder wheter there will be diplomacy elements like tech or item trading, maybe forging alliances, a little bit of cutthroath politics to make 1 of the other "leaders" attack each other. I'm sure you guys are focusing more on RTS and RPG but I also believe that these kind of gameplay mechanics can really fit into the exploring portion of the game.

      I'm also wondering about the game economics. What are the resources you are planning and what purpose they serve? For me this is one the games with the most fun potential I've seen in a while because it just meshes a lot of game genres I love(RTS/MOBA/RPG). Im also very excited about it because of your track record with games(loved all previous ones) and because of the modding support you guys are giving. I really believe Modding is fundamental to have a long lasting replayable experience with single player games and I can only grasp the depth of the content that is going to be developed by the community if everything goes right.

    32. Adam on

      Haha awesome update, I love the last answer... "You know where to find me." Good job CT.

    33. Missing avatar

      Bryan on

      I've been yelling at people for years complaining that hardcore gamers are killing the industry. While they go out and purchase the same game over and over again, then complain on forums that it's the same thing as last year, the guys with new and/or fresh content are struggling. THQ was the last publisher to stand by their guns. Sure they produced crud, but they also shoveled tons of money into great games like saints row and darksiders. It was time to put my money where my mouth is so I pledged as much money as I could at the moment, it's not much when compared to 1.1m but it's alot from a guy that needs to pay for rent and food while going to school, working professionally and developing an indie game in whatever time is left. I hope you guys make the most of it.

      As a side note, I've seen a lot of people who would be more than willing to back wildman if they knew what it entailed. A lot of people just don't see the game, regardless of the vids and the descriptions. I think you guys would see a big rush of support if you removed the beta edition at 10 bucks and swapped it with a "Current Build Edition" where people could play the game in it's most recent stable build. I know it probably isn't much at this point but you have to have atleast a small playable area, character dynamics and a handful of enemies. I don't know if my comment will get lost but I've tried to make it big enough to read.

    34. Missing avatar

      Cairbre O'Domhnaill on

      Chris I have been playing your games since TA. Thought it was amazing. Thanks for all the hours of entertainment you have given me. Thats why I backed your kickstarter and will back Kings and Castle too.

    35. Karl Friedrich on

      Excellent update - really enjoyed watching it!

    36. Missing avatar

      Matt Hubbard on

      Chris, I've been playing your games for years.

      To me GPG titles are solid entertainment. I really hope this works out.

      Upping my pledge.

    37. Akryum on

      Great update! Keep it going! Gogogo! :)

    38. Cerno B on

      Nice update. Now more in-game footage, even if it's only mock up. By the way, is it just me, or does the current update not show on the main page?

    39. theAnton on

      Looking good! :)

      Here's hoping I win the lottery tomorrow so I can afford to fund your game in full. :D

    40. Cipher- Weaver of lost dreams on

      I wanted to ask how you see diplomacy and questing affecting the warzones beyond loot and teck. could i avoud battles / ally if i do a particular side quest or chain of side quests(thats always cool) that sort of stuff? also please have usfull and interesting party members that makes the world credable to me. laired depth. If people want skull packing all good but offer more depth for people that want to go and find it.

    41. Kasbark on

      I like these bite-sized video updates. I really hope you make the goal! if any company deserves a few million dollars to make a game, it's GPG!

    42. Brian Caceres on

      Agreed. So lets do our part to spread the word to as many people as you know. Together we can all pull together and get this project funded.

    43. Missing avatar

      pid on

      Consider this: Wildman is a VALID product, the only reason it isn't funded yet is because not enough people know about it!

    44. Missing avatar

      pid on

      I want Wildman to succeed NAO! Consider a reddit and facebook page, do more interviews with VG sites or show them a demo and artwork. also, connect this campaign to the facebook page (on the right hand side I still read "Has not connected Facebook", must be an oversight).

    45. Legacyfire on

      So gameplay wise, will the Wildman play similar to Diablo or God of War/Darksiders? (hoping for the latter)

    46. Missing avatar

      Jared A. Thomas on

      I agree that you should probably rework the front page a bit to reflect information that you've revealed through these video interviews, ESPECIALLY when it comes to game mechanics; that's what drags us in full force and leaves us with baited breath (and in turn racks up the pledges). Everything revealed thus far looks/sounds good, looking forward what other tricks and tantalizing bits you have to give.

    47. Rob Watling on

      Another Great update :D

    48. William C Crawford on

      I finally backed after watching an hour-long video interview. Towards the end, you spent 5 minutes talking about the tech-stealing-upgrading mechanics, and that's finally what convinced me.

      So I went back to the front page of this campaign to find that info. It's barely mentioned! It's the *backbone* of the whole idea, and it get a 2-line mention out of all that text.

      You need to rework that first page to get the idea out there better. And rework that video as well.

      Don't start with "From the makers of". In most consumers' minds, that's synonymous with "We made some total shit that we want you to buy, but you liked our past stuff, so I'm sure you'll fall for it." Start with some talk about the actual game. Talk about *core* of the game.

      I know you know what an elevator pitch is because you mentioned in the video that it was too hard to write one for this. Tough shit. Write one anyhow. Your project is failing because you aren't pitching it well. Buck up and do it right.

      If you want to interview some staff and talk about their accomplishments at the end of the video, go ahead. But most of your backers will only care about *this* game.