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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013
Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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pledged of $1,100,000pledged of $1,100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013

Video Update #5: Mod tools and Project Mercury

Posted by Gas Powered Games (Creator)

Greetings Kickstarters.

In today’s video, Chris Taylor gives the first public demo of our mod tools, and web platform – Project Mercury.

Leave your feedback and questions in the comments section, and we’ll try to address them in our next Q/A video update!

And for those of you who are wondering, we’ve got another video in the works, and we’ll be releasing that tomorrow afternoon! Jan 29

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    1. Brian Caceres on

      There's plenty more excitemt to come next week. With live video Q@As at 3PM with one of the engineers that's worked on Project Mercury as well as new video updates for the game each and every day talking About a specific part of the game

    2. Missing avatar

      Wholly on

      Now I can see where the excitement for this project comes from!

    3. Missing avatar

      James Fitzwater on

      Wow. That is one of the coolest things I've seen!

    4. Rhys Yorke on

      Genius. If for some reason Wildman doesn't reach its goal. You must absolutely put Project Mercury on kickstarter!

    5. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Morin on

      This reminds me a lot of

      It's entirely written in Javascript and you can edit the programs that are running on it, live. Looks like some cooperation between the two projects would be interesting since they're both web-based, and lively kernel is MIT licensed.

    6. Brian Caceres on

      @ALL Developers
      In case you guys missed it on the main comments section CHRIS TAYLOR is thinking about including Developer Access to Project Mercury in the $500 tier which already includes all Wildman game related content as well as the ability to use Project Mercury. Updates to follow very soon. Stay tuned

    7. Firestorm on

      Very cool. I'm looking forward to kicking around in the Project Mercury toolset.

    8. Missing avatar

      SniperMonkey on

      Won yourself a backer with this update.Good luck!

    9. Brian Caceres on

      It makes the game better because it allows you to create a map of your own where you and a friend can play together in unique and different styles than originally envisioned by GPG therefore breathing and giving new life to WILDMAN (REPLAY-ABILITY:D)

    10. Harry Torque on

      I'm not a developer or a coder. I'm a gamer. I'm four minutes into the video and it's just going on about HTML5.

      How is this relevant to Wildman, and how does this make the game better?

    11. Steven Lawrie on

      I doubt it Luke, because I believe the maps in SupCom2 had their pathfinding built into it
      The reason for its flow pathfinding

    12. OverRated on

      Big Question will this be able to make maps for SupCom 2 if so i would up my pledge as new maps are much needed.

      Regards Luke

    13. Ryuutei Sebastien BLANC on

      Will Project Mercury be available to install on personal servers?

    14. Missing avatar

      Elliott on

      You should take a look at emscripten ( There's a lot of "traditional" code you could run on this using that tool.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Gower on

      Seriously, I was already excited about Wildman, but this just blew my mind. You guys really have something amazing here! I'm going to keep spreading the word as much as I can.

    16. Brian Caceres on

      Welcome aboard great to have your support here - please help spread the word to other developers or people of interest in order to get this project funded because only then will we be able to get the game we want WILDMAN and developers/modders will get to play around with Project Mercury. Lets role out and crack these barriers $400K is totally doable today

    17. Ben Kim on

      Holy Spaceballs! This just blew my mind! I've been working online professionally for over 12 years and this is amazing. Maybe you should have led the Kickstarter with this? So for as excited as I am about Wildman I'm 100 times more excited about Project Mercury. Truly amazing.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ghazarian on

      Just want to chime in with the others. As a developer and a fan of HTML5/WebGL, this looks great. The toolset alone is worth supporting. I think you should really show this in a more developer oriented forum.

    19. Руслан Печников on

      Woooow this is a hell of tool! Incredible! Meeen, i want you to make all things you plan so bad, but it seems you're going down with this kickstarter thing, i mean there's no even half of a necessery sum so far, and this situation makes me very, very sad. But i hope it's not just an end of all this. There's got to be the way to put things together without begging those who simply cannot provide you with some requirements. I believe you can do it despite everything. And everything will be okay!

    20. Missing avatar

      Andreas Zweili on

      Saw a very interesting and long interview with you Chris. You're a good guy keep it up. I hope it ends well I had a lot of fun with some of your games.

    21. Alan Dang on


    22. Missing avatar

      Shahab Babakhani on

      Below I meant to type re-make.

    23. Missing avatar

      Shahab Babakhani on

      I guess its time to just re-mail Supreme Commander, as obviously people only want to back nostalgia products. Do it, rake in the cash, then make Wildman, which sounds amazing to me. I love the concepts you are playing with in this game.
      So go make the game that will get you funded, then come back and make this game.

    24. Missing avatar

      Janenkel on

      It's ... Amazing !
      As a young coder working on crappy-old environments, this tool appears to be the heaven for me xD !

    25. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      @Alexander and @Old man Bruce - We currently don't have anything spec'ed out for screen sharing, but that is a freaking awesome idea. I'll put it down on my 'feature wish-list' ;)

      @Benjamin - I'm not sure what our plans are, But I know one of our goals is to make this platform as developer friendly as we possibly can. Personally, I want to make this a developer heaven!

    26. Jeffrey Williams

      I would back a Kickstarter for Infinite Desktop.

    27. Missing avatar

      Bruce C Bjorklund on

      @ Alexander: I would like to see that too.... GPG your thoughts?

    28. Missing avatar

      Daniel Cox on

      Gas Powered Games has always had tremendous ambition when it comes to pushing the limits of what's technically possible and, as someone involved in development work, the infinite desktop made me want to get my hands on wildman even more (hell - I wouldn't mind a full blown OS that could do that!). A beautifully simple concept with the power to be - if you'll pardon the pun - a real game changer.

      Keep the faith GPG.

    29. Missing avatar

      Bruce C Bjorklund on

      Are you going to have potential for multiple characters rather then just one that you can manipulate throughout the game or at a certain level?

    30. Benjamin Stanley on

      @ Bruce Tyson Bjorklund - Are there plans for a commercial SDK?

    31. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      @Andrew- Currently, Mercury will be a standalone service in the cloud.

      With that being said, things are subject to change since it is still really early in development.

    32. Jalister on

      Lunch time, so I just watched this update. Very impressive. I want Alpha 7, Carl, Project Mercury to be my next Linux GUI. It also looks like the pledge growth is picking up pace since yesterday. Keep up with these great updates.

    33. Falkon Swiftblade on

      Hey Chris, how would Mercury work with other mod tools out there like FXAA injector used in other games that improve final renders? I assume there would be some way to use some kinda animation app in concert? Maybe a better way of asking is could this work with software like Unity?

    34. Alexander on

      collaborative screens would rock also .. a 'window' that you can share with friends that lives live on all of their infinite desktops. mind=blown

    35. Alexander on

      I would like to see this as an operating system. If you split this into a separate kick-starter I would fund it. Because its web-based it would work on my iphone, android tablet, windows pc ... all you need is a fullscreen browser.

    36. Missing avatar

      Erick Aubin on

      I loved this game already before this video, now it makes me want to go design crazy with levels and I'm not usually the kind of person that like to do that sort of thing. It looks more intuitive and natural than most other modding software I've seen. Watching this video as a programmer, it just blew my mind to have that kind of development tool and can only think of the possible ways this could be used than just normal game modding. This could almost be turned into it's own OS and I would buy it in a flash. @Phil I agree with you, this could almost be it's own Kickstarter project, but if this is the push that Wildman needs to get it into production, then go for it!

      Again everyone, please push this out to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, every social media outlet you can cause these guys make awesome games and this is something that should be brought to fruition.

      Great job to Chris and your team for 1) Developing this one of a kind game and 2) for having the foresight for something as phenomenal and groundbreaking as Project Mercury.


    37. Andrew Easter - on

      Will modding for wildman be done on the cloud.. through gpg or will it be local install of mercury?

    38. Alessandro Kellis - Obsidian Order on

      Awesome! Come on, let's spread the word about this project! I shared links, articles and the Matt Chat interview, told my friends, etc... Fingers crossed.

    39. Brian Caceres on

      share the link to this to any modders, gamers and developers.

    40. Brian Caceres on

      Agreed. This tool alone should be enough to more Than double the goal. Reason for where it stands is the lack of updates here. Hopefully this update is the beginning of a hard push from @GPG. And also we need to keep spreading the word because it would be a shame if this project didn't get funded and We didn't get to play around with Project Mercury

    41. Shane Schrupp on

      Wow, that's pretty cool. I wouldn't be surprised if you get a bunch of gamers, modders, and developers pledging just so they can get their hands on this technology. If this campaign doesn't make it I bet you could monetize Project Mercury. Like mentioned below, Unreal, Unity, etc. all started somewhere and what you have here could be used for so much more!

    42. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      That's awesome! You guys neet to push/market this more.
      That's almost worthy of its own kickstarter.
      Why the heck isn't this game 200% funded already? Awesome innovation needs to be rewarded.
      Good job guys

    43. k1DBLITZ on

      You guys should patent the "infinite zoom". Every RTS game should have that feature. It's one of those things that should be standard. I'm really surprised no one else has copied it yet....

    44. Scott Hamilton on

      @ GPG You guys need to push this more .. its beyond amazing!!!

    45. Benjamin Stanley on

      @ Gas Powered Games - If I may make a suggestion.

      Project Mercury is something that looks like it could be the next major evolution in game development. Like what the Unreal Engine was back in the late 90's. You are literally sitting on a gold mine. I really would not mind seeing more of project mercury and the Infinite desktop.

    46. theAnton on

      Wow, this is amazing! Genius at work. :)

    47. Benjamin Stanley on

      @ GPG - Are there any plans for a commercial SDK/Dev Kit for Project Mercury?

      I will be the first to say SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY if you do have such plans!