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pledged of $1,100,000pledged of $1,100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013
Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
First created
pledged of $1,100,000pledged of $1,100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013


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    1. Shaun Huang on

      LoL and Minecraft don't need fancy rendering because their unique and fun gameplay is the selling point, not cutting edge gfx. People who are backing Wildman would probably put it in the same category. Please focus on gameplay and creating a high-skill cap to the game (aka difficult to master). Go Torchlight instead of Diablo 3.

    2. Digimortal on

      *Would not stretch far beyond this level of detail

    3. Digimortal on

      Looks really good, if you are planning to upgrade the effects further that will be impressive given the initial budget. I would stretch to far beyond this level of detail, and focus on core Gameplay, Replayability and Coop. Good Luck!

    4. Gas Powered Games Creator on

      @Vince Vazquez: About the best we can do is "competitive DirectX 11 lighting." There isn't a ton of radical, out-there technology in rendering; everyone implements similar models. But the rendering technique we're switching to is what's used in the Crysis and Unreal engines, and perhaps more relevantly due to the perspective, StarCraft II. It's primary benefits is that you can use more lights, more decals, and more... stuff in your game.

      You can read more here:

    5. Missing avatar

      Halen on

      Looks awesome, can't wait

    6. Vince Vazquez

      This fancy lighting you speak of.... any chance you could at least give examples of what you're shooting for here? I know GPG is a skeleton crew at the moment, so I don't expect actual tech. But could you point to other games with lighting like you want to do? Are we talking "Wind Waker HD lighting" (revealed today), or "Half Life 2 Cinematic mod" lighting? I just want to know what "fancy lighting" means for Wildman; get in the ballpark, y'know?

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin S. Carpenter on

      Why are these nearly thumbnail-sized? How about some actual pictures to look at?

    8. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Morin on

      Cute. Could we hear more about the warzone gameplay, as it's more likely to make or break the game than graphics?

      It's great that the game will look good though.

    9. Dragoonlordz on

      It's looking good so far. I imagine a lot of backers are very pleased with the updates. Just remember to keep the PR side of things going too to bring more backers in who will in turn be pleased by such updates like interviews, gaming news site articles and such on top of the updates.

    10. Missing avatar

      Bradley Whelen on

      GPG always has great artwork and graphics. Supcom still looks better than half the RTS that came out this past year! So excited to see more work. This game should be a blast!

    11. Yourtime on

      please write to the pictures that its not final graphic .. re-alpha (when even).. to make sure you dont get bad mouthed.

    12. Jalister on

      @GPG - Thanks for the response. I do hope this gets funded. Kickstarter has been a good option for several developers now.

    13. Gas Powered Games Creator on

      @Jalister: The "cloudiness" your'e referring to is due, in part, to the fire in the foreground casting a lot of light over the screen.

    14. Missing avatar

      Freddie Gleeson on

      looks great I really hope that you can complete this project and raise the funds needed

    15. Christopher James on

      Nice! Keep the updates coming, everyone. Frequent updates really help keep up the morale.

    16. Vedran Klanac on

      Yeah, that's it, absolutely awesome. I can't wait to see this game out. It so much reminds me like "back to the roots" of first Dungeon Siege, which is still for me one of the best RPGs of all times.

    17. Rullakebab99 on

      It looks really good, in my opinion. The second screenshot is a little weird, like the pic was taken with a camera from a computer screen, but overall i think it´s a good base to build on.

    18. Jalister on

      I actually like the look and lighting of the first image. The contrast, lighting, and colors look great. I know the second image is an early screenshot, but it seems to have the subtle cloudiness that Diablo 3 has. It's not enough to turn me away, but hopefully that goes away.

    19. CoLab Movement on

      Definitely like the feel and deep colors of the first one. Really am looking forward to this. Everything about it holds intrigue for me. Hope they push the "evolutionary" bit.

      Interested in seeing assets in the new engine...

    20. Missing avatar

      Leon Phillips on

      Looking GREAT! Can't wait to play it.

      As far as I'm concerned, Dungeon Siege 2 was better than any of the Diablo games by far. You took it to a whole new level.

      I'm hoping that with Wildman, you'll take it to a whole new new level!

    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Herman on

      @Steve I really like the artwork! Would a higher resolution for these images be available? Thanks!

    22. gandalf.nho

      Looks fantastic.

    23. Missing avatar

      exterm on

      This looks great. I am reminded of Dungeon Siege, and that's a good thing.

    24. Sander VdW on

      looks good, keep it up !

    25. Kristian Hållstrand on

      Lovely artwork!
      This certainly shows what good stuff you'll find in the development and art book, the poster and on the art prints. Here's a quick summary on which teers to find these goods: :
      Development and art book: digital at $45 and up (limited availability at $45, then at $60), physical at $250 and up, signed at $500 and up
      Poster: physical at $150 and up, signed at $500 and up
      Art print: physical at $150 and up, signed at $500 and up
      I hope this helps!

    26. Chris Allan on

      Looks great guys!

    27. Lars Bonnichsen on

      Simply amazin.
      Now lets get this game backed.

    28. MadWasp on

      Super Artwork!

      Keep up da great work! :D

    29. Karl Friedrich on

      @Steve: Excellent! You really have a great art style there and I feel a fantastic, organic and dark world coming in, keep up the good work.

    30. Steve Bauman on

      Wallpapers can be found here:

      @Karl Friedrich: Verticals would be a major part of the overland design. And it will be a seamless world with no loading. Or minimal loading.

    31. Samu Aapa on

      The forest environment gives me the same thrilled feeling as Warcraft 2 did 15 years ago, loving it.

    32. Luke Henderson on

      it would be great if we could get the wildman logo and character art as a wallpaper :D

    33. Tyler Janke on

      Oh and to add to my comment about increasing my pledge... Shut Up and Take more Money!!!

    34. Karl Friedrich on

      I espeically like the darkness of the forest. How about verticals -it was really great in Dungeon Siege that you ran into little valleys in the woods and up again to hills? I hope you will have bridges and walk paths on top of each other (player can path over bridge adn under bridge)?

      I also hope it will seamless, like Dungeon Siege? Caves without loading screens, open buildings with roofs fading away? Different climate area smoothly tranistioning into each other? Night and day cycle? Weather effects? Oh, really excited here, keep the good info coming.

      Cloud shadow opn terrain is always very atmospheric and of course lightning cracking, nature's a beast in the wilds ;-).

    35. Brian Caceres on

      It's looking great even at this early in its development stage - the art style I'm most definitely feeling. Great direction

    36. Tyler Janke on

      Damn you Gas Powered Games and Chris Taylor for getting me excited... Just changed a $60 pledge to a $200 pledge... This better go through I'm too excited now!!!

    37. Missing avatar

      NukeStormMachine on

      Very nice stuff. You guys need to reach out to Warcraft 3 players. I'd love to see the funding pick up the pace.

    38. Karl Friedrich on

      That's the way, excellent!

    39. Sean Jordan on

      You mean it's going to look better than THAT? Wow, GPG -- you guys aren't messing around with this game.

      I like the Torchlight-style aesthetic of this game thus far. While I'm not overly fond of cartoony graphics in my strategy games, I think Wildman is a concept that's over-the-top enough to warrant it.

    40. Lazar Tuovic on

      The screenshots look amazing, and I join up in praising the art style! These visuals, coupled with what targets to be a little revolution in the genre, will make GPG rise like a phoenix from the ashes, putting them up between the legends of game development. Full steam ahead GPG, we believe in you guys!

    41. Missing avatar

      Yuxin Ma on

      Looks amazing!!

    42. Joshua Dotson on

      looking great!!!!!!!!!! :)

    43. Alex Dickie on

      That looks really great. Can't wait to see more.

    44. pclabtech on

      I can already hear the tribal drums beating as the Wildperson explores the forest looking for resources, killing beasts, and finding a place to build his tribe.

    45. Rob Merritt on

      Even at this stage, the graphics has a sense of presence. Kudos to the lead artist(s). I love that the colors are vivid like a painting. Too many games are pushing for realism or retro.

    46. Blackstaff on

      It's great !

      Keep it going !

    47. Jordan York on

      As I said before, I love this art style! It looks amazing :D. Now give me a chance to get a piece of that art for myself :p