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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013
Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
First created
pledged of $1,100,000pledged of $1,100,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013

Update #3: A Special Video Update From Chris Taylor

Greetings Kickstarters.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.

You may have seen some news today about Gas Powered Games and Wildman, and this video should answer your questions.

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    1. Stefan Maton on

      Hi Chris,

      I've been following you and your company ever since you started GPG. I've enjoyed all you games and I'm really confident that you can pull this off.

      I've been on and off the gaming industry as a developer for the 16/17 years, working with some of the most talented German developers. While I never had a big company of my own, I've been in the position to make tough decisions about whether or not continue the development of a game, to lay off staff, and to inform people about the possible shutdown of companies (yes, multiple times).

      So I can understand the steps you have taken, the choices you had to make, and the difficulty to let go friends, co-workers, and important staff in order to keep the company afloat and able to produce during the ongoing Kickstarter campaign. I am sure that those who have been let go understand the issues on hand and I'm more than confident that some, not all, of them will come back and continue the adventure with you.

      Heck, even I would consider it, if I could relocate ;)

      So, keep your head up, keep up the company and don't hesitate to ask for help...

      Best regards and thumbs up,

    2. Kevin B. on

      I was, and still am, a bit on the fence as to this game being something for me. But I pledged just so I could post this: (and I wont retract the pledge afterwards, don't worry ;)

      I get the impression that, after the cancellation of AoE Online, you were hoping for a Project Eternity like influx of money from Kickstarter to keep your company afloat. Unfortunately that didn't happen.

      On the other hand, I've been following this kickstarter thing for a bit, following a lot of campaigns, both those I have pledge for and those I didn't, and from the rate the pledges have been coming in these past few days, and taking into account the usual trends of a campaign I think you stand a very good chance of making your goal, though probably not much over it.

      So if you're confident that you can keep the promises you're making in the campaign and deliver a decent game with the $1 mill budget you set as a target I think you should:

      Keep it going!

    3. OverRated on

      Keep it going you'll make it though put some faith in you fans :)

      Regards OverRated

    4. Missing avatar

      ashtorak on

      Keep it going! Of course!

      I only don't really understand the video. When you would have had absolutely no money at the end of the campaign, if you wouldn't have layed off some of the staff, how could you be able to hire them back with the campaing money? I mean, I don't know how much people are left, but with only the money you would get from us you can only have a small team developing this game for a year or so. There must be more to it. If you could explain this a bit better, I might increase my pledge.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hill on

      Keep it going.

      Hang in there Chris, we believe in you and your wildman.

    6. Christoph Zürcher on

      Keep it going. I'm very positive that the campaign will be successful.

    7. William Tran on

      Keep it going! , i think you guys got a good game! and a good idea! ,so please try to keep it going!

    8. Baste Nesse Buanes on

      Totes keep it going. It looks like a great concept, and there's always the chance that it gets a boost in popularity.

    9. Dean Van Beelen on

      Keep it going.

      At the rate it's going, I think there is a good chance you'll reach the goal, and hopefully even pass it.

    10. Liam Jon Ross on

      Please keep going!

    11. Bert Derveaux on

      I funded for this project in the first place, so off course I want to see it happen.
      I hope this succeeds and GPG can get it's former employees back in service.

    12. Tim Buchalka on

      Just supported you, keep it going dude. I backed this campaign and really want you to succeed. Go for it!!

    13. Karl-Johan Sjögren on

      Keep it going, we need more games like this and I wish you all luck with it!

    14. Missing avatar

      Christian Prell on

      Keep it going, definitely. Wish you all the best!

    15. Alex North on

      Continue with the project, your company has never created a horrible game and Wildman is shaping up to be something amazing

    16. Corentin Billemont on

      Keep it going, at least for now.
      Numbers seem to be good, and even better since this message and the sad news about GPG.

    17. gandalf.nho

      Keep going with the project, like many backers here I pledged to see another great game from GPG

    18. Akryum on

      Please, Keep it going! I'd like to continue to play GPG games! And Kings and Castles!
      Upping my pledge right now!

    19. Missing avatar

      Chris Stinson on

      I believe you do your best work when you aim high. I think that success lies in commiting 100% to your goal. But, also I feel that YOU must make the decision. YOU need to trust YOUR creative vision and trust YOUR own instincts. This transition to Kickstarter crowdfunding in todays economy, I imagine to be really scary. Especially for someone who's worked in a 'traditional' manner for so long. But remember. None of us have the depth of experience in this field, that you do.

      If I'm honest this game is perhaps not one that I would back if it were done by any other developer. But I dont feel like I'm backing a game. I'm backing a company and a funding method that I really believe in, and that I want to succeed.

      I, as someone who has never developed a game, ever, not even a little bit :) I trust your judgement. Whatever you decide will be the best, most well educated choice at the time.

    20. Justin Coombs on

      I've love all your games since TA, I'd love to play anything else you make... if I wasn't so broke I'd up my pledge!

      I'd say keep on with the kickstarter I'm sure it will succeed (and hopefully we'll see Kings & Castles one day too)

    21. Heiko Klinge on

      Tough stuff, I'm really bifid: On the one hand I would probably also clutch at every possible straw to rescue my company. So I can completely understand, why you started this Kickstarter campaign. On the other hand, starting a campaign and laying off the team a few days after somehow doesn't look like good management but more like blackmailing your backers.
      But since I firmly believe that it's always better to keep on fighting than giving up, I still say: Let's try it!

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Carnel

      I think the campaign should continue but really a good or exceptional outcome to the campaign shouldn't have been assumed.

    23. RPRezo on

      I see no reason to stop the campaign. If it fails - you lose nothing. If it succeeds - everyone wins.

    24. Yacob on

      If you think that you are able to keep going and finish the game, then by all means go ahead! This is a really interesting project and I for once would like to see it finished.

    25. Missing avatar

      Daniel Lemos on

      I honestly don't think that I'm fully capable to answer that question Chris, but my gut feeling is that you guys should keep it going. You are already living the worst case scenario so keeping it live won't damage you further. Godspeed GPG!

    26. Patrick on

      Keep it going! Numbers will raise, i'm sure your campain will be successfully!

    27. Kenny Chik on

      Hi Chris,
      Please keep going for this project as I really like this game very much.
      I decide to upper my pledge from $60 to $145. Keep Going!

    28. Missing avatar

      ScarNage on

      Keep it open, Chris!!!
      GPG is one of the best developers out there and I want to see more of your crazy developer's video updates like the ones of Kings and Castles.

    29. Kevin Blank on

      Wow - this really is a tough decisicion. Not too long ago I was on the other end of such a story. It is really couragous of you, to bring this decision forward to the community. The video brought a tear to my eyes.

      I would say keep it going. I know it looks dire, especially knowing how the progress for such campaigns usually goes, but I would really hate to see you giving up, and at that point, going on and giving up really does not have that much more impact.
      Go on, try to make the best out of the situation at hand, show the community that you are strong and willing to pull this through to the end.

      Raised my pledge to 150$. I don´t have that kind of money, but knowing that with my support, there is a chance that some fellow game designer who lost their job this week may has a chance to get it back in a month, is worth it.

    30. Oliver Helyer on

      Keep it going.

      Makes no sense to pull out now.

    31. Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven on

      Chris, as someone intimately familiar with the hiring/laying off of people in games studios, I can understand some of the reasoning of why you did what you did.

      I hope you will continue this Kickstarter as I think, if everything gets funded, your studio will be less dependent on external publishers to dictate the projects you have to work for and get a more steady cash flow by being able to work on multiple projects.

    32. Allan Rodda on

      Keep it open. You'll always wonder what would have happened if you give up.

    33. Inquisitioner on

      @Dominik Dalek

      I kinda feel the same way. If he fires them and then expects them to wait an entire month for a chance to be re-hired...

    34. Dominik Dalek on

      This blackmail is a joke, right?

    35. Missing avatar

      ReijMan on

      Raised my pledge from 60 to 145.
      I'm not a gambler, but I do trust GPG's ability to deliver a great game like they've done in the past.

      And now everybody; start sharing and spreading the word!

    36. Missing avatar

      James Rivett on

      Oh and hey if i win the lottery, ill fund it myself ;)

    37. Missing avatar

      James Rivett on

      I can imagine that video was hard to do, having to sit there and tell the world you made a mistake gambling this project on public funding from kickstarter. But don't forget people are being layed off all the time around the world because of the state the world's in right now. Your not the only one.
      I say keep pushing forwards and get more people behind you. Social networking will be your best friend right now and getting everyone to talk about your project even more than they have now. The way this is trending at the moment you have a real chance of making your goal, however your somehow going to have to keep updating us letting us know how the project is going to get others to fund you.
      I'm upping my pledge, it wont be much compared to your goal, but every little bit is going to help. The concept for this game look's fantastic and i don't want to see your studio close. Let's get this project on the move again.

    38. Gaël Beaudoin on

      Tough decision is tough. Let's try, keep it going!

    39. Missing avatar

      Mark Crawford on

      Keep it going for sure! GPG is probably my favorite developer and Wildman looks like it has the potential to blow everything out of the water. If I had a million dollars I would back the whole project myself :P
      So yeah keep it going and then offer the team their jobs back (hopefully they accept) and then everything's back on track.

    40. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Gower on

      Arg, posting from a phone is hard. To finish my closing thoughts, I'll be graduating soon, and I want GPG to be around so I can send you my resume. Good luck!

      P.s. An edit button would be awesome.

    41. Mikkel Georgsen on

      @Chris - Keep it going man else everything was for nothing.

      What I do hope is that when the game is released and you become profitable again you do not put yourself in this situation again. Work with a platform like Steam etc. to figure out what the next project is and crowd source that also.

      Don't end up in a situation where the next game decides the future of the company.

    42. Quentin Westcott on

      If it means people's jobs then shut it down. If the team has a track record of working together then that's a powerful synergy that you shouldn't lose.

    43. Josh Franks on

      I would like to continue playing GPG games. Please leave the campaign up.

    44. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Gower on

      Well of course I say keep going! As soon as I found out that GPG was doing a Kickstarter I pledged. I didn't event wait to watch the video or read the description. I have played and loved every game you've done starting with Dungeon Siege.

      This game concept sounds awesome, and the bits of footage so far have looked great. I'm really excited about this game, and I believe that funding will pick up. Nobody panic.

      I want this game to succeed, and I want GPG to get back on its feet. Like someone posted earlier, I'll be graduating spoon and