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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013
Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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pledged of $1,100,000pledged of $1,100,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013

Update #3: A Special Video Update From Chris Taylor

Greetings Kickstarters.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.

You may have seen some news today about Gas Powered Games and Wildman, and this video should answer your questions.

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    1. Damian Charles on

      Keep it going, i saw real emotion and i feel for you. I hope it brings in the big bucks and everyone will be re-hired and laughing at this one day.

    2. ET3D on

      I'm very sorry to hear about the layoffs. I've been several times in companies that shut down or remained with a limited crew, with limited pay or even no pay (as was the case for me when I worked on the MMORTS Ballerium). I don't see a reason to stop the project unless you think there's a way to get more money outside of Kickstarter, and that the project will take away from that effort. After all, the reason to keep a company alive at a point like this is to try to get funds to continue operating, and Kickstarter offers a chance for this.

      It looks to me like you're planning to make an effort with this Kickstarter project, which would hopefully pay off. My wife said I should back games I really want and not charity cases, but it's hard to stand aside and not do a thing, so I will probably end up making a small pledge.

      Some pledge levels below $20 might be good. If someone wants to make a token pledge without getting the game, getting something (even if it's just thanks on the website, or wallpapers or some other such things projects do) might be an incentive for the pledge to creep up.

      I really wish you all the best. I hope that this project succeeds and you end up making a good and successful game. I appreciate the candor and coming to us with the news and the request for our comments.

    3. Trojancobbler on

      Cavemen don't interest me much, but ARPGs, and/or roguelike games do. I'm always interested in a slight twist on a familiar, effective genre. The focus on offline play is a big plus for me, actually. I like playing against the environment. I do think you should keep the project going. BUT - I think you should take a day or two to clarify the minimum essentials, in your own mind or with the team who are still in contact, and make sure you have a clear narrow vision of an achievable project with a $1.1 million budget.
      If the response has been a bit soft, it might be because other people had the same trouble picturing the project as I did when I first heard about it. I noticed when the kickstarter launched, because I recognized the GPG name, but after skimming the description I was left with "hmm, it could be cool, maybe." I couldn't exactly envision how the parts would fit, but I thought I would come back and check on it again. I suspect there are thousands of gamers out there who are still waiting to be sold on this idea. So if you believe in it, and some of your team does, explain it to us until we believe too. I think a lot of us want to.
      Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

    4. Missing avatar

      Bjorn Edelenbos on

      Upped my pledge. I hope you guys reach the target and this becomes the new first step to a succesfull game company with innovative, geat games!

    5. Missing avatar

      David Patrick on

      So, I'll be honest. I'm donating the bare bones amount. While I support GPG and own every single title you have ever put out, the new title just doesn't personally "excite" me. Not like SupCom or the Dungeon Siege's prior. While I would have loved to see a kickstarter for Dungeon Siege 4, knowing you guys no longer own the rights just makes that a major let down. DS3 was NOT the Dungeon Siege we were looking for, and I think I speak for a vast majority of the buyers of that game. KEEP IT GOING. If i believe the game is going to be great, I will totally up my ante. Just, right now, I'm not too sure of the direction of this game. Keep it going though. Keep your dreams alive.

    6. Felipe Lins on

      I guess it won't hurt to give the campaign a shot...

      Even if it takes a lot of effort to do so, nowadays with economy fragile and avalanches of games being announced and launched, it's difficult to get attention from public.

      I think kickstarter is a great opportunity to be in touch with future clients, and shape your game as better as possible. Doing this would prevent a lot of failures in industry, and I believe you made the right choice coming here.

      I wish other developers, even big ones, such as Square Enix or CAPCOM would turn to the community instead of just doing it and enervating fans. Just my 2 cents.

      PS: I really felt the weight in your expression in the video. That was one of the most sincere speeches I ever watched. I'm truely moved by your situation. I'm spreading the word and made my pledge already.

      So far it's all I can do, Mr. Taylor.

    7. Missing avatar

      NukeStormMachine on

      Yeah keep it going! Don't know why anyone would say otherwise.

    8. Chris Shannon on

      Mr. Taylor, with respect, I dislike most of the game from GPG. I was dispointed with the Siege Title, which I own many of and regret buying Supreme Commander 2. Supreme Commander 1 is my favourite RTS, though. This title doesn't interest me terribly, but I back you to the hilt, sir, for your spirit. Let us ride into hell together and reap what glory there is to be had! This might fail, but atleast failure comes on your terms. Besides, how else are we supposed to get a *proper* Supreme Commander sequel?

    9. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      obvious edit (didn't mean to hit enter): I'll do my very best to make sure we get as much gameplay information out as we can. So, videos + blogs + web page + ama + forum posts + tweets.

    10. Jake Su on


    11. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      @Matthew dadgar - The moons just have not aligned yet for a proper SupCom sequel.

      Give us a few days to clear up what exactly Wildman is, and then please give us another shot to earn your trust. I'll do my very best to make sure Chris we get as much information about the gameplay as we can.

    12. Roberto Zaragoza Gascón on

      I vote "hell yes!" in keeping the Kickstarter alive until the very end. I hope to see this game, I thoroughly enjoyed Dungeon Siege and Total Annihilation and would love to see their love child come to life!!

    13. Missing avatar

      BARRY WHITE on

      Well Bruce if that is indeed true I'm sorry to hear that.
      Why wont GPG make sup com 3?
      Thats what people are screaming for!
      Thats your golden egg right there

    14. Timothy Anderson on

      Mr. Taylor,

      I enjoy your work a great deal, and I want you to make this game. I want you and your team to keep giving us great titles.

      Please, go ahead with this project. You have my support, and my admiration. And a larger contribution.

    15. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      I'm currently working for free as a volunteer. I was laid off 1/18/13.I was an Associate Engineer.

    16. Missing avatar

      BARRY WHITE on

      Shane you dont honestly believe that he has let his staff go and that they are 'voluntarily' going to see out the campaign?

      How gullible are you?

      Noone has been laid off. This is a bid to get more cash. That is the worst acting performance in history.
      I know crocodile tears when i see them.

      I just lost some respect for Chris Taylor upon seeing that video.

      However you can redeem yourself by making sup com 3.

    17. Shane Zehnder on

      Shut it down. You have no clue how to run a company, you'll only hurt the next team Kickstarter allows you to build. Let it go, Chris. You don't have what it takes. Some of your games were great, but you're done. Let your people move on to something that might ACTUALLY take care of them. You sure couldn't.

    18. Missing avatar

      BARRY WHITE on

      Sup com 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I will donate £1000 for that campaign.

      Planetary annihilation made $2m. Thats $2m that would have undoubtedly went to GPG if they had the sense to kickstart sup com 3.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark Worrall on

      I am having a tough financial situation myself, however I decided to drum up $20 to back this project. If my pledge helps people keep their job and I have to eat canned beans for a while im more then happy.

      Chris you get my applause for showing high integrity and transparency, you clearly are passionate about the project - as well as your team, they've said some really good things about you and the studio over the last few days all over the internet.

      Great thing about this is it's win-win I support a group of people who just want to work and I get to play a game in the end.


    20. Mark

      Just for clarification, I determined the base pay of about 90K from my industry for a mid-level developer (embedded market). It may be true that game developer might or might not be payed lower, but at Salary.com the based salary for a Software Engineer I is about 76K.

      I am not talking about a triple-A title as these are well into the eight figures. @Majed/@Lazar, if I based number for a entry level developer (say, software developer I, http://tinyurl.com/b2t5ke2) they make about 63K. A software developer II (http://tinyurl.com/auyqhuy) makes about 82K, which is not too far below my initial 90K. These are pay rates for the Seattle, WA area.

      We are not talking about a true indie title here. I think people see a figure of 1 million dollars and think that is a lot of money, but it really isn't. There are a lot of other expenses that gets lost in the shuffle as I pointed out in a previous post.

      As I stated, if the development teams believes in the project and understands the risks involved, then proceed. It is my firm belief it is their decision and should not be left up to the community. They are the ones with the insight and desire to make the game. I hope they proceed forward, as most do, but each team member must think of their families first and foremost before anything else.

      Anyhow, just my thought process.

    21. Missing avatar

      BARRY WHITE on

      Well my thoughts are somewhat divided.

      I honestly don't like the concept. This looks like another rpg in an extremely saturated market and despite the brilliant talents that gpg possess i have concerns that the mixture of rpg and rts wont work.
      I dislike the overdone cartoon graphics which seem to be the norm for games nowadays. I find it less immersive than other stylisations.

      That being said, i have decided to back this project. Why? Because any team that created the brilliance of sup com 1/forged alliance deserves backing.

      I do believe your company needs this project to succeed to have a future.
      However In times of economic uncertainty one should stick to what theyknow and excel at. That is rts. You are the best in the business at it.

      read the GPG forums. Read all the forums!
      GPG fans all want a sup com 3 in the vein of forged alliance. Sup com2 was a disaster. That is what we want. That will sell bucketloads and that will secure the future of your company.

      Put a kickstarter for sup com 3/forged alliance 2 and watch the $$$$$$ fly in.
      Your sincerely
      GPG fan

    22. Missing avatar

      Ken C on

      My first pledge on Kickstarter, just because it is GPG. To be honest it's not the game I am after, as it saddens me a little to see the true RTS genre being pushed aside by "action RPGs", but I will put some faith in GPG to surprise and do it right.

      Like some others have mentioned, I would have jumped all over this in a big way, if only it had been a Supcom title to blow us all away. I am dieing to see that series done fresh, with an inbuilt level of competition to rival Starcrafts 2s system. Use your knowledge of what was right and wrong with AoEO, and do a "Supreme Commander ONLINE" (at least I will dream of it)

      Anyway, best of luck and DO PUSH ON with it, and have pledged what I can for now.

    23. Richard on

      Upped my pledge. Let's keep it going!

    24. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      Some of his team are coming back in on Monday, voluntarily, to see this campaign through! (myself included)

      We are going to get new game details out! (Just hold tight) Share this out, and keep talking about this kickstarter! We can do this! But we need your help! Get out into your favorite forums and talk about us!

      Want to learn something specific about the game? Ask it here, on our forums, our Facebook page, or tweet it in! We'll try to get answers out as fast as we can - even if it means texting Chris at 4 in the morning, "Did you make Dungeon Siege 3?"

      #GPGWild @GasPoweredGames

    25. Missing avatar

      MrStrategio on

      I deeply respect the difficult decision you made. It was not easy, but in the end all of those affected by the layoff were not subjected to the risk of losing their severance. As for the decision you are faced with, it seems that the risk lies largely on us backers losing our money if you cannot deliver the game as a result of the recent layoffs. I understand that this could end up with me losing my pledge, but I want you to know that I would not regret it if it meant I gave GPG a fighting chance to go on rather than shutting down for certain. Therefore I am staying in and I hope you are too.

    26. Julio on

      I would love to see this game made, looks promising. And you need talented people to make it right, that's understandable. I say keep going if you can get the kickstarter, if not, oh well. I helped by upping my pledge as much as I could, hope you can make it.

      Good luck.

    27. Missing avatar

      Richard on


      Big hug.

    28. Michael Fong on

      I have upped my pledge, but this is kickstarter and it has only been four days! Maybe you should have a chat to other successful kickstarter projects before you post again, they have undoubtably been in the same position you find yourself in now.

    29. Sean Jordan on

      I just upped my pledge from $45 to $125 because I am that willing to stand behind my support for this project. I hope that many of the other backers can help by increasing their pledges because, c'mon, folks, we OWE it to Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games for all the wonderful times they've shown us with Total Annihilation, Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege (not to mention Age of Empires Online or Demigod, for those who have tried them!)

      Wildman looks great. It's one of those games that needs to be made. I'm all in!

    30. Missing avatar

      Matthew Perkins on

      Pledged because it's Chris Taylor and GPG. And because you sound you are trying to take care of your employees and do the right thing. Not many can claim that in any industry, much less the game industry. God speed!

    31. Missing avatar

      Majed on

      Mark, I agree it would be a challenge but... 90k for a developer? Where did you pull that figure from. From my experience games developers are generally fairly underpayed compared to the rest of the industry. And 90k is alot for even the rest of the industry.

    32. Missing avatar

      Gearoid on

      Keep going, first thing I ever kickstarted. It's a great game, keep going forward.

    33. Missing avatar

      Maarek on

      Pledged! Chris, I've been a fan of your companies games since TA...

      That said, Keep it up. Already almost 1/4 there already. Who knows? Maybe you will have to come up with stretch goals!

    34. Missing avatar

      Steven W on

      I had decided that Elite Dangerous was going to be my last backing on Kickstarter until some of the projects I had backed had actually delivered... however, I love GPG and particularly loved the SupCom games, so I can't sit back and not get involved in this one.

      Wildman looks very interesting and at a time when gamers are complaining about endless sequels, an original game like this needs to be supported and developed.

      Really unfortunate that GPG have got into this situation, but many companies have been struggling in recent years and you need to do what you can to survive and return to your past strength. Good luck.

    35. Lazar Tuovic on

      @ Mark I don't think that they are going for a super high-profile, triple-A title here (so that he would need more money than $1.000.000), and they will surely economize with the money they raise at this Kickstarter project of theirs. Also, $90.000 a year as a salary for someone working as an indie developer seems insane (not to mention that not everyone has the same amount - people earn money based on their work scope and efficiency).

      I believe that Chris, along with his GPG crew, will manage just fine with the fund-raising goal they set up in the right corner there, and based on all the hype this situation has cause I firmly believe that they may even reach up about 50% more, sealing the deal with the backers while champaigne corks fly around the office.

      Never give up Chris, your die-hard fans and community are here to support your noble cause for a better, wittier and brighter future in video game industry!

    36. Missing avatar

      Mark Something on

      You did the right thing by giving your employees the severance they deserved. To keep this project going when only reaching the stated goal "potentially wastes over a million dollars worth of people's good will" (to quote someone else) is unfair to the backers. To even vaguely imply that a survey of the people who were already willing to put money on the gamble that a product worth their money will come out is anything like a fair or reasonable way to make a decision, is ludicrous. Do the right thing: shut this down.

      And if you really have hopes that you'll get the necessary funding, make a new kickstarter for $4 million or whatever you'd actually need at this point.

    37. Mark

      As most people, I find this news a bit of shock and awe. I am in disbelief at the moment. I backed the project at the collector's edition level and do believe in Chris' work. Chris has made some of my all-time favor games with TA and Dungeon Siege I. Based upon KickTraq (http://tinyurl.com/a5roet6) Wildman is off to a lack luster start compared to some other high profile kickstarter (Planetary Annihilation and Project Eternity, both of which had about 500K within two-four days), but Wildman is tracking well below these kick starters and currently trending to reach just beyond the required pledge level.

      In reality, Chris probably needs double this for the project to be viable. To de-sensitive the subject a bit and only look at the numbers, if each developer had a salary of about 90K (this is a very modest amount) you can employ and sustain 10 people for about a year. This does not even include Chris' salary to sustain his lively-hood. In addition, this does not include all the NRE (non-reoccurring engineering) cost like the building cost, electricity, insurance for the employee, local/state taxes, and other factors. If the project was scheduled to be completed on or around March 2014, the project, in reality, could only handle a team of about five developers. Not knowing how many people were on the team or let go, it is hard to determine the exact figures.

      My co-worker was offered a position elsewhere (worked for another company at the time), but his manager asked him to stay as the company was solid and stable. Well, three months later, after the project was completed, the manager laid just about everyone off. My friend was a "bit" upset that they were lied to, but the manager said his was forced to lie by his management so the company could complete the project at the sacrifice of the employees. With that, a business unit there to make money, but should do so in an ethical manner. I have great respect for Chris in making the hard decision not to string his employees on and allow them to find employment elsewhere if they wish. I would have hoped he relayed how important the kickstarter campaign was to employees before hand.

      My thought process is based upon the above story. Chris, I know you want to keep your company going, hired good people, provide them with employment, and ultimately see the company succeed. Still, in the end, it will be you that has to live with the final decision. This decision should not be delegated to the community. Of course, those of us that have already pledge will back your project and future project since we believe in you and your vision.

      In an ethical manner, what is best for everyone involved? I direct this question to the story above. The fact of the company is hurting can't be hidden now. For those you wish to bring back, I would talk with them openly about the issues and concerns going forward. If they are willing to except the risk and see the project through completion, then proceed. This is the first step. If these key people do not wish to continue, then there is no need to continue the kickstarter project. If these key people are willing to help, then continue the project for a bit more time to see if the rate of pledge increases. If the rate of pledges do not increase showing at least twice the required pledge amount, then I say kill the project. If the company is in need of cash reserves, as we all suspect, you will need at least twice the pledge level to complete the project based upon my rough calculations.

      In the end, my best advice is think of what is best for the development team in whole. I know you are an ethical person, as evident from your video, so let that be your guide. You will hold the IP for Wildman and perhaps release the game at a later time with the right economic conditions. I do not think anyone envy's your decision.

    38. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Boshears on

      Please don't shut down all the hard work your team has put into this.. GPG games has created some of the BEST games... ever. The fact that you're even giving us this option is the reason I'm going to say continue. Continue... or every single person who backed this project, and for every extra copy... will be heartbroken. You're taking many people's favorite games, and combining them. If you're able to make this... and you do it like you know you can, you won't have money trouble until 2015.

    39. Anthony Migues on

      For god's sake chris, don't let everything be in vain. Just keep going.

    40. Bryan Bartley on

      Chris, you are a very passionate dude. I respect that you had the foresight necessary to take care of your team, but I have to ask you a very important question.

      Will meeting the Kickstarter goal be enough to produce Wildman?

      By the current funding projections, you will have to push to meet your goal, and if that is still not enough to see this game to completion, then I suggest calling the project off now.

      Thank you for your update, I wish you the best of luck into the future.

    41. Missing avatar

      Dr. Hans-Peter Merckens on

      Please keep it going. Best wishes and good luck!

    42. Darksteel on

      Keep going, without this you will not be able to produce anything new and judging from the videos and ideas I've read about Wildman, it seems like it will be a game that isn't more of the same which is exactly what the game industry needs.

    43. Missing avatar

      Tom "Snake" Berghäll on

      I would follow this man and his team to hell and back i would, im in.

    44. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      Thank you Sven, and the rest of the backers! All of us at gpg really appreciate it!

    45. Sven Raschke on

      I didn't wanna back it, but now i did. Keep on trying and good luck!

    46. David Joyce on

      I'm always hungry for new IP (as I imagine most gamers are) and this sounds like a blast!

      Don't give up.

    47. Missing avatar

      Gabriel Morin on

      I'm not sure what prompted this decision. The initial Kickstarter results (which aren't that bad), or just personal reflexion? Either way it's very commendable to put the well-being of your employees before marketing concerns or your own ambitious projects, so kudos for taking this tough but fair decision. Others in your position would just have told the employees "sorry we're bankrupt"... some recent examples come to mind.

      It kind of leaves me wondering if killing GPG like this was really worth it, and if you didn't have any other alternative... including making another publisher-funded game. How did you not have a plan B to put in action before the situation became this dire?

      Either way I want GPG to live on, so pick the members of the (probably reduced) team you wanna re-hire, and tell them you guarantee to bring them back if the Kickstarter succeeds. If I was them I'd wait the month to see what happens, even if I have to live on reduced income in the meanwhile.

    48. Doramos

      Keep going! Every game you guys/gals have made has been awesome. I expect no less from this game.