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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013
Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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pledged of $1,100,000pledged of $1,100,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013

Update #3: A Special Video Update From Chris Taylor

Greetings Kickstarters.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.

You may have seen some news today about Gas Powered Games and Wildman, and this video should answer your questions.

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    1. hyperwired on

      @Bruce thanks for the reply and not taking what I said the wrong way. Thanks to you I have increased my pledge. Hoping all the best for this Kickstarter, GPG and yourself.

    2. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      @Hyperwired: I agree, nobody knows if you are being honest these days. I promise you, that all of this, is 100% true. When Chris thought the kickstarter wouldn't do well, he made a tough decision, and then told the truth. It's a crazy story, and it's easy to go "he should have done X, or he should have done Y"

      It is 100% True. If the fans didn't get behind this campaign like they did in the past couple days, this kickstarter would have been closed down. Some of his employees (myself included) have banded together, and are volunteering our time to see this campaign through.

      I don't even care if I get my job back - I just want this game to go to market, and for gpg to live on

    3. hyperwired on

      I really dont want to be THAT guy, but there is a big elephant in the room. This is very easy to perceive as a emotional strategy for "saving" the kickstarter (only in its 4th day WTF?), and generating publicity by attaching peoples livelihoods to make backers feel guilty for not making this thing happen.

      Presumably you would of known this before the kickstarter, so claiming that you dont want to bet on people's livelihoods now is clever wording: the entire kickstarter was already a bet on their livelihoods, or rather they would of been laid off anyway.

      This angle of interpretation would be non-existent if you were more open about "betting the company" at the start of the kickstarter. But as a surprise it feels a bit disingenuous. I am not saying this is fake, but the timing of this revelation is less than ideal, and seems pre-meditated, and would probably have generated more support if it was openly revealed at the start of the campaign.

      Nevertheless, since I am a huge fan of TA and GPG, I am still considering increasing my pledge.

    4. Missing avatar

      Christian Stein on

      Make the game, it looks very good what I've seen of it.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kent McNall on

      Hey Chris I can't wait to play Wildman. I know why you made the decision you did but stay the course and get your funding. I hope everyone on this campaign that spent (too many) hours of pure enjoyment playing TA, Supcom, DS and the many great games from GPG will get their friends to join in to support you and support independent game development.

      They call them tough decisions for a reason. the very best to GPG!

    6. Missing avatar

      Felix Wolfers on

      I'm going to vote for you to continue. I appreciate your honesty with which you have communicated with us, the backers. I think that you have a project that will work and that will be fun. I may not approve of SupCom2, but Forged Alliance was a large enough success (to the extent that it's my favourite strategy game) that I consider your work worth putting money towards. I also think you are in a fairly interesting position. The timing of the game, assuming that you and Planetary Annihilation are both on schedule, means that you will not compete with each other; rather the two releases accentuate each other, by reminding people of the very good old strategy games, and then bringing them forward to today. You each have a good concept pushing the boundaries. I hope that you can evolve the genre, if you'll pardon the pun.

      Also, on the animal front - foxes, wild cats, tiger, panther, mountain lions (too many cats? oh well). I think it would be good to see categories of animals, such as cats, then different variants within that with differing abilities. Just my two pennies.

    7. Digimortal on

      As a fan of Chris' RTS work since 97 I must say that I am supporting this for 2 reasons, the first is partly that I have enjoyed their RPG titles over the years, but secondly it is to support a company that has strived to create games beyond the scope of what most studios studios would dare.

      So i hope my pledge helps get this great looking project off the ground and gives GPG the opportunity to create more grand scale RTS games down the road.

    8. Missing avatar

      Hendrick Kay on

      Chris, I literally sank many months of my life in your games. I did this with much pleasure and enjoyment and I fully intend on continuing like this with every new game you put out there.

      Keep going and give us the wildman!!

    9. Corhen on

      I was saving this for later, but im voting Yes,

      I loved SupCom, and SupCom2 was decent, while Kings and Castles looked promising, i was sad to see it disappear...

    10. Rodimus Prime on

      Please keep going Chris. I've been a fan of GPG's games for years. Even if Wildman isn't what I was hoping for in the next set of games you guys are making, I'm willing to take a chance on it .... Just because of the quality of games you've delivered in the past. And with the hope of future games that will hopefully grow from what you get out of this experience. People out in the world at large support what you do personally, and as a team/company. We want to see you succeed.

      Don't give up, ever.

    11. Shehan Salgado on

      Lets keep going, I think we can make it !
      You've made some of my favourite games to the point where I have no problem trusting in this project.

    12. Lars Woltemade on

      Keep it rolling. You already made over a quater million. Don't frighten those who haven't decide to back your projekt. Show the world your passion for that game and your people on board and the rest is easy, cause it's just money. ;-)

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Warnick on

      Continue the development of this game. I love all your pass games.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kristian on

      According to Kicktraq this is trending above its goal.

    15. Missing avatar

      pfoj on

      Please keep going!

    16. Missing avatar

      jtljtl on

      I too say "Keep it Going" because you will easily reach the 1.1 Mil.
      I mostly think it will go much further than 2 Mil.

      BTW its not a Gamble or do you yourself dont think this Game will be good enough ? I hope not.

      Ofcourse there are a few Games who didnt make it but they where from the start Doomed to Fail because of Lack of Baking but This Game easily made it over 250K in a few Days and there is no End in sight.
      So stop Questioning your decision in starting this Game and make it RL for Yourself, Your Employee and lastly for US the Bakers and the Future Buyers too.

    17. krimstar on

      Seems to me like the best thing would be to keep it running and see it through to the end. Assuming it doesn't cost you anything to keep running, you can keep it going with a chance to fail or succeed. However, if you shut it down then there is only failure. If you check kicktraq, it does imply that you have a fairly high chance of reaching the goal.
      So yeah, keep it up and hope for the best. I would also suggest going around to major game forums and discuss the game. A little advertisement will go a long way.

    18. Vincent on

      I say keep going Chris. You have made some of my favorite games and I fully support this one!

    19. Michael Trygg on

      Keep it going! Your track record more than speaks for itself as to the quality of your games, and in the coming month I think you'll see a drastic improvement in contributions to this campaign! Best of luck to both you and your staff!

    20. Peter Ståhlberg on

      Ok, I'm in for $125.
      Keep the campain going. I hope you make it.
      Onwards and upwards - UGH!

    21. Ian Sorensen on

      Keep it going Chris, wouldn't back this project if I didn't think it was worth it/

    22. Missing avatar

      PeaceMack on

      I've been supporting GPG for years, and would like to be able to do so for more years. Keep it alive.

    23. Peter Ebbesen on

      I'm not a big fan of RTS games, action-RPG games, or DOTA style games for that matter, though I have played plenty of each over the last two decades and enjoyed them somewhat, but I am a big fan of innovation, and this hybrid experiment shows the kind of outside the box thinking that is sorely lacking in many development projects these days.

      Definitely seems worthy of supporting.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Landis on

      Please keep going. This game could be the shot in the arm that your company needs, providing financial stability for your employees for years to come. Pledge doubled.

    25. Black_Hand on

      GPG is that bad off? holy s***. the only thing i kinda dislike about the project is its MOBA aspect, so ive decided to track it for a while and see. after all, for me GPG is mainly RTS games. supcom 1 and forged alliance are excellent, especially the latter one, which just blew me out of the water...and then theres TA. also FA is one of my all time favourite datadiscs (albeit stand-alone). no surprise that ive pledged for planetary annihilation immediately when i saw it. i wasnt entirely fond of neither demigod nor dungeon siege, although the latter just didnt click and was not really something that would prevent me from pledging.

    26. Dario Consolato Frazzetta on

      You need to weeks to reach the target

    27. Dario Consolato Frazzetta on

      keep it going. Life is one!

    28. Missing avatar

      Richard Whelan on

      It's developer's like these guys who aren't afraid to push the genre in new directions that deserve the support of the gaming community. Proud to back them and the game. Press on GPG!

    29. Ernie Hornak on

      Just backed, for the people more than the game. Keep it going, good luck!

    30. Yami Usagi on

      you could see the tears he was trying to hold back, keep it going!
      upped my pledge too.

    31. Missing avatar

      Tomáš Koucký on

      Keep it coming, i just upped my pledge.

    32. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      Rawr! Thanks for the support guys!

      We'll be getting game information out to you guys tomorrow, and we are going to need your help making sure your friends see it! Share this, talk about it, and get into ze forums!

    33. Missing avatar

      Zach Teters on

      I sincerely appreciate the way you handled such a brutal situation. I agree that gambling with people's livelihoods for a game inst the smart business move. All of that being said, go for it! I would love to see you and the team continue on.

    34. EJ on

      Go for it!

    35. Missing avatar

      ScoHook on

      I don't really get what the benefits of closing the campaign right now would be? Doesn't really matter, I just have backed now so I am obviously in favor of continuing the campaign.

    36. Gerard Braad on

      Btw, respect for people like Bjorklund. Hope this wasn't needed...

    37. Gerard Braad on

      Tough choices and a serious attitude; just like the company itself 'you don't give it up'.

    38. Missing avatar

      David Nielsen on

      I should add that I am disappointed that you went with a custom engine rather than an off the shelf portable solution. I means that as a Mac user I have to gamble on you not only making your goal but exceeding it to even get to play the game. Given that you are asking for more than a million, that seems a long shot.
      I will continue to say go for it though, I don't care if I get to play the game, I do however care about people keeping their jobs.

    39. Missing avatar

      Vincent van der Mast on

      I have mixed feelings about this game. just because it a GPG game i''ve backed it but i really hope it''s not going to be like supcom 2. The game has potential but i rather see that you finish K&C or make a FA2

    40. Rebecca Warren on

      Personally, I say: Go For It! You still have 26 days and you are nearly a quarter funded. I would say that you are fairly likely to make the goal if you continue. Good Luck!

    41. David on

      I'd really love to see this project completed. I hope you guys keep it going, and I wish the best of luck to the company and to all the employees during this hard time.

    42. Karl Friedrich on

      Just my 2 cents, but weren't it for a strong RPG component, I would still wish you luck, but I wouldn't be interested in the game itself. Just no big RTS fan here, dare I say ;-).

    43. Adam Hitchcock on

      I say keep it going ! You have a pretty unique idea for a game here and frankly it looks awesome. I would give more money if I could afford it :) Kickerstarter campaigns though have always been pretty slow going. They need to build steam and get its name spread before backers start jumping on board. Not to mention your goal is not stupidly high for such a great company and for a pretty large scale project. I would bet money you guys will hit your goal at the least by the end of it.
      If you don't hit your goal I will actually never play a game again !!!! :p

    44. Missing avatar

      Matthew White on

      The general vibe I'm getting from the community is they're disappointed this kickstarter isn't a large scale fantasy setting RTS. But what with the development of Planetary Annihilation I could understand your reluctance to protentially dilute the market for another large scale RTS at this time. People were really looking forward to Kings & Castles when that was announced and I understand circumstances dictated you needed a cash injection and the project had to be haulted for that reason. This project if executed well looks like it could have some potential but it needs to have something different about it to make it stand out. Despite the talk that it's some kind of hybrid I'm not at all convinced it will offer that to make it the success it needs to be.

      Chris, you make epic strategy games and my heart says that is where you should be concentrating your efforts. I think you needed to re-ignite the Kings and Castles project and put that on KickStarter. It's sufficiently different to PA that any gamers interested in RTS would pick up both. I think that's what your core community would have preferred.

      I'm not sure if this or KnC has the better financial prospects, but I get the impression more buzz and talk would be generated around the latter.

      However now you've launched this, you need to cosnider the effects of cancelling it. Remember Space Seige, how did that go for you? This game is on a similar vein it seems!

      Best wishes for the future and I hope you can make it through this difficult times.

      Matthew, UK

    45. Missing avatar

      Jonathon Steinke on

      Chris, I say go for it. You are an inspiration and a hero among the gaming community, and have my sincere respect as a person. Many of my friends are huge fans of your games, so hopefully I can get them to help back this project.

    46. Greg on

      Chris seriously you're asking if we would rather have a kick ass game or no more games at all? I think the answer is obvious. I say stop pansying around with voting and Double Down! Where is my Kings and Castles Kickstarter? If the company is going down at least let us have a chance to support a game the world so desperately need. Do it for the chickens! And stop worrying about the haters they probably don't play your games anyway.

    47. Thomas Hacquard on

      26 days to go !
      Never give up ! Never surrender !

    48. carn1x on

      Pledged as I really don't want to see GPG go under. The game itself seems a very interesting mix of genres. I was saving up for a new TV but it can wait a little longer :)