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Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013
Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
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pledged of $1,100,000pledged of $1,100,000 goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013

Update #3: A Special Video Update From Chris Taylor

Greetings Kickstarters.

Once again, thank you for your continued support.

You may have seen some news today about Gas Powered Games and Wildman, and this video should answer your questions.

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    1. Jonathan - Member, Mutant League on

      I appreciate the transparency and hope that the kickstarter will assist with helping the company survive these rough times. I'm not all that interested in wildman, but have been a huge fan of the past GPG collection - so that is why I backed.

    2. Knight Lord Marius on

      I will be honest, Im a huge rpg fan dungeon siege was one of those games that stole my childhood, every time i would turn it on id love seing the little goblin robot beeing crushed under that name, GAS POWERED GAMES! It was great the game you guys made where good quality fun, and this must not stop here, you must press on! You have to!

      The only true tragedy in life is when you give up a dream!

    3. Missing avatar

      BARRY WHITE on

      I think its fair to say that there are huge number of gpg fans that would love to support your company.

      Here is an important point. Its not gpg that is getting such lacklustre support here..its the concept of wildman.

      Try kickstarting an rts...a pure rts and watch the difference in contributions.

    4. James H on

      Step 1 - Keep the campaign going
      Step 2 - Reap the rewards of the successful campaign
      Step 3 - re-hire the original team
      Step 4 - ????
      Step 5 - Profit
      Step 6 - Your fans love you and support your next project!!!

    5. Gary Gary on

      I've known Chris Taylor for 42 years, he is my older brother and my only brother. Some of my first memories as a child was experiencing his visions and creations of what video gaming could be long before technology would allow it. My brother has been designing game concepts since we were children. Chris is the most driven, talented and focused person I have ever come to know. He just happens to be my brother. I am overwhelmed by the support his fans are showing him in this time of need. My vote is yes and I am honoured to have this opportunity to pledge in support of what will be the most engaging and entertaining game he and his team have ever brought to life. His enduring commitment and honesty are as always inspiring and gracious. I believe in you Chris, together we can make this happen. Yes, yes ,yes.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ferenc Kasza on

      I just pledged, not only cause I like the idea behind wildman, but mostly as you guys at gaspowered games have made some really fun and memorable games in the past. We're loosing quality gamedevelopers all over the place. Please guys just stick to your guns and survive this. I'm doing my part to help, and I know others will too.

    7. Michael Lieder on

      Just backed it. Keep fighting the good fight!!

    8. Karl Swift on

      If you can deliver the game if the kickstarter's funded, then go for it. Hopefully you can hire people back. Good luck!

    9. Hugo Desautels on

      You have a good heart and really seem to treat people right!... keep going and see what happens! :) I wish you luck with all of this and everything after!

    10. Missing avatar

      Danny White on

      I say keep it going. I don't have much right now, so I could only do the $20 for now, but to see GPG shut down would be a blow to the games industry, which to me has been bleeding its innovation and fun with only small spurts of interesting things to come out. Wildman looks to be something that could be amazing, and looking back at what GPG has done, I find that I own eight of the ten games released by GPG, with a ninth one I had wanted to play but never picked up and had meant to, but I fear is not very populated anymore (Demigod)

      So, I say keep it going. Provided it keeps going, at the start of next month I'll put down a bit more, so here's to hoping this continues, and that GPG can pull up enough money and create a fantastic game.

    11. Tito Zabala on

      Don't give up! Keep it going.

    12. Dan Reid on

      i've just backed it due to the video, Chris u are clearly a good guy and i hope this gets made and i hope things work out. Still play sup com 2 with friends! LOVE IT.
      U are wise and i'm sure that u will make the right choice going forward.
      all the best for the future.

    13. MarkCef on

      When I first heard about Wildman, I was very tempted to back it. After hearing about the layoffs, I became uncertain about choosing to back it. After seeing this video, you sir, have completely swayed my decision. I definitely think you should continue with the kickstarter. Can't wait to see how the game develops and am excited for my eventual boxed collector's edition. GPG is one of my favorite companies and I hope you continue to operate and continue to pump out great games.
      TLDR: Continue!

    14. bartios on

      Please continue the campaign, i lost myself completely in SupCom1 and 2 and i think you guys are doing a great job with your games. that said i do want to ask you to stay realistic, if at the end of the campaign you don't think you can make it with the pledges don't do it.
      Good luck!

    15. stephen culotta on

      Well I can say i'm in now! Please continue with the game. It's quite apparent you a honest person and your passion for your company and employees is what will make you a success in the long. Good luck with Wildman, I really hope it's a success.

    16. Jan Henning Peters on

      I wouldn't have pledged if I didn't want the game to be made, so if you ask me, continue by all means. Also - what would be the alternative ? I don't claim to have much knowledge of all things financial, but wouldn't the $1.1m (+ x) from a hopefully successful campaign be a good step to both save the company and make the game happen ? On the other hand, what could possibly be won by not continuing the campaign ?

    17. Robin Ramkissoon on

      Please keep the Kickstarter campaign going!

      I admit I was a bit conflicted when I first heard the news, and I reached out to one of the employees that I knew for their own take on what was happening. Between that conversation and what you posted here I will say that I really appreciate your transparency on this, and especially appreciate that the layoffs, as hard as they were, were the best way to make sure employees had severance pay and not left high and dry.

      I can't offer much in the way of financial backing, but I will continue to promote this project, and I did increase my initial contribution a bit too. Here is wishing you the best and for the success of this venture!


    18. DexX on

      Honestly, MOBA/DOTA style games like this don't really interest me much, but after watching the video above I simply had to pitch in. Your raw honesty and the obvious emotional pain you are suffering after laying off your staff brought tears to my eyes. You made a terribly tough decision, and I can see and hear in the above video how terrible you feel about it.

      Well, your honesty and openness have earned you a pledge from someone who would not normally back a game in this genre. I'm also a long-time fan from the TA era, and my wife and I sank countless hours into co-op play on the original Dungeon Siege. You're one of my favourite designers, and I can tell from the above video that you're also a really decent human being.

      I hope your campaign succeeds and GPG is saved. Best of luck!

    19. Mark Heard on

      I ABSOLUTELY want this campaign to continue. Chris, I've spent quite a lot of time getting lost in the universes your company has created. There is no doubt that if you let this campaign continue and keep the updates coming that you will hit the goal needed.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mario Rizzo on

      Chris, your sincerity and honest dialogue with your employees and the community makes GPG an example that I wanted to support immediately. All of my best to you and the studio at what must be a very difficult time. I am excited about Wildman and will make sure I tell all of my friends and colleagues to support this great project. Please continue this Kickstarter if you believe it's your best avenue to get this project funded!

    21. Missing avatar

      Faark on

      Do whatever can save GPG. Reaching the goal here will tough, at best. So if you find certain funds somewhere else you should cancel it...

    22. Tomáš Tarasovič on

      Continue! Still 25 days to go, so i believe you will get your money :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Walter Leitner on

      In the past you did a fantastic job! Until you develop something like Supreme Commander or Total Anihilation instead, keep going!

    24. Nokill Bone on

      Keep going! Never give up, never surrender, you got this good sir!

    25. James Kidd on

      Keep going, past 20% and you still have 25 days to market it like crazy, only chanced upon this browsing kickstarter. Wish i could pledge more, countless hours were lost to TA as a kid

    26. Luke on

      Keep going! If you have to make a call then at least do it in a couple of weeks, by which time I hope pledges would have matured! Good luck!

    27. ET3D on

      Bryy Miller, regarding what people feel, I've been in similar situations before, and the general feeling is "do whatever you can to save the company and the project". If this includes leaving just a skeleton crew or cutting salaries to below 50% of what they were (or none for some), many people are willing to accept that, because to them it's not just a place they come to work to make money, they do something they love, and they don't want it to end.

      Hopefully this project will succeed and GPG will remain alive. I imagine that not all people will go back, but I also think that even those who don't go back will be happy that GPG is alive. If the choice is between closing the company completely or keeping this Kickstarter project alive and hoping it keeps the company alive, there's really no choice.

    28. Missing avatar

      Sacha Ligthert on

      Take the fighting chance... :)

    29. Ohverture on


      You guys have reached a quarter of your goal in a seriously small amount of time, as far as KStarters go. I've funded 17 or so KSs now, and they all start strong-ish, have a steady middle ground which looks like a slump and doesn't trend to the target, and then a strong finish. One or two go really hard out of the gate and reach funding quickly. the ONLY criticism I'd say is you need some more interim pledge levels between 20 and 1000. Small steps for extras can make such a difference when people want to contribute more but can't afford the next tier because it's 1.5 times or double their current one.

    30. Gustaf on

      Keep going! For you, for the project and for the staff! This looks like a really awesome idea and I really want to play it.

      Stay strong.

    31. Missing avatar

      Shahab Babakhani on

      Go for it! If you don't get backing you don't get backing, we won't be charged either. But if you do get backing it gives you a chance to keep Gas Powered Games going and to put out a potentially amazing game, a game that if it is a success could empower YOU to pick the games YOU want to make. Look at the success Runic has had. I want to see more PC game developers succeed on their own terms, I want someone to prove you can not only go it alone without publisher money, that you come back from the brink, and that you can release a new title with no DRM and STILL be successful.
      So please, continue with this with all you have. These projects represent the future of PC games development, these projects are where all the interesting and new games will come from.

    32. Missing avatar

      Lars Mattsson on

      Go for Broke, aka finish the game.

    33. Missing avatar

      Rabidchaos on

      Keep it going. While the trend can go either way, you do have a decent chance of pulling it off, and that's before any last minute rush. According to Kickstarter's FAQ, 82% of projects that reach 20% funding get funded. (http://www.kickstarter.com/help/faq/kickstarter%20basics) You're already past 20%, so the odds are on your side. Best of luck!

    34. Bryy Miller on

      Going for broke is what they are trying to AVOID, Arty.

    35. Marcus Körner on

      What i wonder is why I havent heard of Wildman before. Lets forget about all your financial stuff there - set aside thats a big problem. But the game setting in the "stoneage" with wildmans and these kind of art style totally rocks ass. I dont really live under a rock - but until its appearance on theverge today i havent heard of this game that i would have backed immediately.
      Maybe you should have done slightly more marketing for this campaign.

      Still hope it gets funded.

    36. Missing avatar

      ArtyD on

      Finish the game. My vote: Go for broke.

      I'm also increasing my pledge from the 45 to 500.

    37. Mark Davis on

      I just heard about this via The Verge and Polygon and came to pledge immediately. Love your previous content and hope that you can keep making stuff as GPG. Hopefully more do the same and the publicity will help make the goal possible.

    38. Missing avatar

      Crusader2k on

      Keep it going! I believe in GPG and in the Wildman project.
      I thought it would raise as fast as Project Eternity at first
      but it seems like it will take some more time, but it will succeed in the end,
      funded with more than just your Initial goal.

    39. Codipherus on

      This Kick starter isn't about wild man anymore- it's about saving gas powered games!!! Let's save them!

      Keep it going Chris!

    40. Gavin Greenwalt on

      Continue on. I have enormous respect for your commitment to your employees, even when you have to lay people off. There are a lot of studios who don't even pay the final pay check let alone overtime/comp time and severance. My boss has always said that if he were ever to miss a pay check he expects us to all stop showing up and that he would never ask us to work for free. Good for you for being honest with your people.

      TA was responsible for me learning 3D and VFX. The least I can do is support GPG in its time of need.

    41. Some Guy on

      You guys can do it! Don't listen to the Debbie Downers out there. It's not like you hadn't thought long and hard about it.

    42. Bryy Miller on

      Honestly, Chris, you're playing ball with people's lives in the WORST way. How do you think these people feel about losing their jobs over something that *may* happen? I know you're emotional about this and you felt you needed to do what you needed to do in order to keep GPG up, but maybe you should have made this Kickstarter a year ago if you saw trouble on the horizon?

      I donated because I want to help out, like any decent human being would. But this type of stuff makes me hesitant to back anything you guys do in the future. This kind of stuff only hurts Kickstarter's credibility in relation to the gaming industry.

      I wish you luck. You have 26 days left. It's quite possibly going to make it.

    43. Missing avatar

      Garin Hiebert on

      Go for it - I'll move my pledge up to the Boxed set level as my vote to push on...

    44. Missing avatar

      Soprano on

      Keep it going!

    45. Missing avatar

      Ed Iwanski on

      This must not be the end of GPG. Chris Taylor has brought me much enjoyment over the years. I have upped my pledge and hope others contribute. Please keep GPG alive and give us this game and more in the future.

    46. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      @hyperwind - You know at this point, I think transparency is the only thing that is going to result in this campaign getting funded.

      ...Transparency and a ton of information about the game ;) Which reminds me. We are less than 24 hours away from game updates!

    47. Missing avatar

      Joshua Miller on

      Cancel the game. Not worth the lively hood of others.