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pledged of $1,100,000pledged of $1,100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013
Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
First created
Gas Powered GamesBy Gas Powered Games
First created
pledged of $1,100,000pledged of $1,100,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Feb 11 2013


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    1. Missing avatar

      Patrick Vinson on

      Keep going man.

      I want to play Wildman!
      And I don't want to see GPG die...

    2. Missing avatar

      Martin Schiemer on

      I absolutely believe that this should continue until the end, if only to see it through...

    3. James Abrahams on

      I love Gas powered games and eveything you've done... obviously I'd prefer for you to keep going but really I want you to just get all the money to have this backed : $1.1 million is a scary amount for a kickstarter :S

    4. Lindsay Butler on

      This isnt looking good. 11 days to go and 700k left...

    5. Missing avatar

      Fabio Capela on

      I usually only back a project when it's success is already assured, but this update made me make my pledge earlier. You are doing the right thing, and I really wish for you to succeed, specially because I truly love some of GPG games.

    6. Marcus M. on

      Wildman is the sort of crazy, possibly revolutionary, and wholly original concept you never expect to see coming from big studios. Having the veteran artisans of Gas Powered Games working on it is a dream come true.


    7. Michael Ledoux on

      Please keep up the good fight.

    8. Missing avatar

      Aaron Olmsted on

      Keep going. I really look forward to this game and I am a huge fan of all of your games, even demigod. When I heard you were on kickstarter I joined just to help you make a game you believe in. So I know it will be a good one and worth it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Joshua Pitts on

      Keep the campaign going. We can tell you are genuine to the cause and truly believe in what you are doing. Reading the initial report, and now watching your update video, I'm glad you've chosen to allow your team the venue to seek other options and could tell there was a bit more to the story than was originally announced; I hope through our support, they will come back and join you after a successful campaign.

      Rock on - looking forward to playing.

    10. Ben Lorenz on

      I was on the fence for a couple days here - after watching your plea, I just backed the project @ the 45$ level, and I'm considering even donating more above that level as the campaign gets closer to the end if we are "just that close" but not making it. REALLY hope this Kickstarter gets off the ground - looks amazing.

    11. Missing avatar

      Fabian Roessler on

      Just pledged, Music Lover Edition of course... I need soule music! :)


      Greetings from Germany

    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Wright on

      Keep it going :)

    13. Torben Andersen on

      I just pledged - I guess that tells you my stance. :)

    14. Ed Lent on

      Definitely glad you're going to keep going. Expect you'll easily get the money you're asking for and hopefully a significant percent more. I'm excited to not only see your game, but also the push for more innovative games and ideas that it might inspire! Innovation is sorely needed and I know too well how tough it can be to get the funding to do just that.

    15. Missing avatar

      James Fitzwater on

      Keep going dude! I would like to see Gas Powered Games continue!

    16. Gabriel Berube on

      I'm keeping my pledge, I simply love the idea behind the game. I have faith in you guys at GPG

    17. Matthew Robertson on

      I heard about this project a bit ago. Just saw this update from PCGamer. Its made me want to come and pledge. Lets get this thing on the road lets get it made :D!

    18. Harry Torque on

      It was good to see the other side of the coin, and that there are businessmen like you who have to make really tough decisions, which are nevertheless the right ones. There are many more like you who really care about your employees, but media doesn't report that nearly often enough.

      I voted with my wallet and pledged money. Best of fortune with the Kickstarter campaign, I'm already rallying my friends!

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    20. Kyle Conway on

      Also should add I'm super excited for the game as well, my last post seemed like I wasn't.

      I just want to see you guys continue more than anything is all. I love games, I love games a whole lot, but to see a group of people continue to be independent and make awesome games is by far the most rewarding. I'm not donating because I feel sorry for you, I'm donating because I'm getting something out of this.

    21. Kyle Conway on

      Honestly wasn't planning on pledging till this update.

      You have 45 of my dollars now Mister, you better keep on going. If this project succeeds and something still goes wrong and a game is never produced, know that I won't be mad in the least bit. I'm literally donating to keep your company going and give you and the people you obviously care about a chance to continue on with what is obviously your dream careers. If I get a game/documentary out of this then sweet, but it's a bonus.

      Best of luck man, even if you don't meet the required amount for this project you should launch a brand new project at a lower price. In the event that happens, you can count on me to pledge again.

      Again, best of luck.
      ~Kyle Conway

    22. Missing avatar

      Shen Yuechen on

      Please don't cry CT

    23. tigerpapa on

      Plz hanging on!!!
      Greetings from China

    24. Missing avatar

      GV on

      Most everyone here isn't even backing this for the game. And some are completely confused, I've see a few people mention MOBA's. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not sure how you get a MOBA out of a primarily single player game, with secondary optional co-op.

    25. Missing avatar

      samm on

      To lay the people off while still being able to pay them was a brave and in my opinion the right decision. Also, I'd definitely vote for letting the wildman campaign run and get the money in to complete it with (re-)hired team and ship it - it will be great as all the games have been since and including TA - without betting on any millions generated by the game sold in retail.

    26. Missing avatar

      Rob Marshall on

      Continue. You've made a tough but fair decision and been completely transparent about it. Amazing respect for that, you're as good a guy and leader as you are a game producer. Good luck!

    27. Roland Rácz on

      45+ and i did not for the game .. i did for U and for your team!!! I trust u make a good job , folow ur dream and save ur company and those people who`s supporting u. Im so proud about u make this video blog, u show me what i didnt see so long. A man ,A comapny whos working for us , for the gamer whos loyal to ur product and trust in the quality.
      Keep up guys!! im with u. i wish i could give u more...unfortunetly not..XD
      Im appreciate ur honest. to tell us the thruth....and be the Best!!!
      "Play Hard , Go Pro!" -

    28. Missing avatar

      Al_Caponi on

      Just pledge 125$ for that great idea!
      Go on and make it happen!
      Greetings from Germany

    29. Missing avatar

      Lars Conrad on

      Justed backed. So don't get desperate, stick to your dream, get your team back and code this piece! Good luck!

    30. Lost Goblin on

      continue and make an awesome game for us!!!

    31. Philip Harris

      The fact that this product and the company behind it is completely dependent on the success of this Kickstarter is exactly why I come here in the first place - to play whatever small part I can by supporting products that wouldn't exist without Kickstarter. Add my name to the list of people saying - "Carry on" and good luck.

    32. Missing avatar

      BARRY WHITE on

      I dont think its entirely fair to blame chris for GPG's current blight. Microsoft cancelled their contract for age of empires online support rather abruptly and i suspect that has led to this problem.
      The numbers dont look promising but i hope it makes it.

      A GPG RTS would prove a much better way of getting funds via this method though. People love GPG for your contribution to the RTS genre more than anything else.

    33. Bryy Miller on


      That's a nice sentiment, but in this situation, he kind of has to prove that he can run his company to his ex-employees. He has to prove that he can get the finances to hire them back. This isn't about Chris, and honestly, he's a part of a team. It should never just be about you.

    34. Adam Coggins on

      Chris, I've been a supporter of yours since Cavedog. You've always shown yourself to be one of the most positive and charismatic people in the games industry. You've been an inspiration to myself in my own endeavors in software development.

      Don't. You. Dare ... give up on your team, your company, your fans and most of all yourself. You made probably one of the most difficult decisions a business owner can make but I think given the circumstances you made the correct one ... or at least an understandable one. Ensuring the livelihood of your employees by guaranteeing a severance is a bold and admirable move and one that is often overlooked by a business that's in trouble.

      I am upping my pledge from $45 to $125 to help push you guys even closer to your goal. For you and your team.

      We are behind you.

    35. Denise Tomlin on

      As a former employee of 38 Studios, and having survived that studio closing debacle, I appreciate what you are trying to do to save your company. It's a hard decision to let so many people go, but it may be the difference in everyone's work actually standing a chance of seeing the light of day. At least you gave your employees a fighting chance and that is more of a gift than you may realize. Don't give up Chris, keep fighting the good fight! The game looks great already. If things don't work out though, better to be remembered as going down swinging if you ask me.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael Sechrist on

      Keep going Chris!

      I interviewed for a position at GPG a year or so ago and came away with tremendous respect for your company, culture, and how you do business. You'll reach your goal and GPG will rise again!

    37. Missing avatar

      Alexandru Cazacu on

      Hi Chris, found out today about this kickstarter via Gamespy. To tell you the truth I haven't heard about the game because the last few months I've been out of pc gaming focusing more on my PS3. That said, the game looks interesting, and the only reason I'm getting back into pc gaming is because of rpgs and strategy games. I had a look at the videos you uploaded and felt compelled to contribute, this is the first time I'm backing a project on kickstarter and really hope that you'll reach your goal. For the moment I only pledged an insignificant sum but if by February I find some spare cash around I'll pledge more. You already got this far, I don't know if keeping this campaign going is costing you money, but I would advise to keep it going, you never know what might happen. I know you guys are still a long way from reaching your goal but don't give up.

    38. Missing avatar

      David & Elizabeth Epley on

      The Epleys are behind you 100%, whatever you decide! We've upped our pledge and will post to facebook and twitter!

    39. Daniel C. Fischer on

      Go for it! I've always been a fan of your stuff, Chris.

    40. Missing avatar

      Brian on

      Thanks Derek and other comments I read. I was "extremely" hesitant about pledging for this but I decided to go in. I have enjoyed almost all games I have played from GPG and I think this one will be just as fun. However, Derek made some great points and if this doesn't work out, and Chris comes back with it remodeled, I will pledge too. And even if it doesn't match what you want it to be, just make it fun! You can always add on if needed and judging by how successful DLC has become, you've always got that option.

    41. Knight Lord Marius on

      in this life time you dont have to prove anything to any one but your self!
      So Chris prove to your self you can do this :D

    42. Missing avatar

      Zalabar on

      And just finished doing the homework I should've done beforehand... yeah, I wanna see this one become real.

    43. Missing avatar

      Zalabar on

      So, I heard this story two ways. One, incredibly cynical on your ability to deliver, and the other outlining why you chose to do this during the kickstarter.
      I know nothing about the game yet. Just finished watching the video after putting in for the 45$ level. I know that logic and reason are pretty clear on the correct action here; you don't jump onto a sinking ship. Derek below spelled out some reasons much better than I can.
      But you did right by your people, and damn if I'm gonna let that burn away without a fight.
      Play on sir, and lets see where this goes.

    44. Elecorn on

      Never give up. Never, never give up. Fight to the end no matter what. Besides, I think that's what Wildman would do.

    45. Missing avatar

      multijoe on

      Gonna have to go with Derek Smart on this one (words I never thought I would utter).

    46. Missing avatar

      Dean Peet on

      I vote continue as well.

    47. Derek Smart on

      OK, we need a voice of reason here. I'm not that voice. So take this for what it's worth because it is just plain common sense. Plus Chris solicited our comments on what we think.

      I've been doing this for a very - very - long time and made a decent living from it. In fact, it's pretty much all that I know.

      I believe that I know the industry inside & out, going all the way back to the [good] days when it was less screwed up than it is now. And I either personally know most of the key players, or are six degrees separated from them. As big as it is, we the industry, really are a niche group of players.

      And yes, I have played and owned every game that Chris has been attached to I think.

      The fact of the matter is this: the business of game development is just that, a business. So if you want to get emotionally attached to a project, you can no longer think of it as a business. Sure, nothing wrong with being passionate about your work, a product, company or whatever. But setting reasonable goals and expectations means that you stand a better chance at success. That's business.

      Money doesn't guarantee success.

      Passion doesn't guarantee success.

      Having said that, and having been a lead developer, CTO, producer etc for the better part of 22+ years and over a dozen games, I have serious concerns (notice I didn't say doubts) about the success of this campaign.

      And my guess is that Chris - and every dev I know who has actually started and funded a project to completion - too has those concerns. Which is exactly why he did what he did by honorably discharging his team (I have it on good authority that most everyone is *gone* from GPG) and reaching out to the Kickstarter backers.

      So, given the burn rate of a triple-A studio and what it takes to make a game like this, even if this campaign was fully funded *today*, I don't believe that it will be completed. At least not in the form that it was originally intended.

      Sure, GPG probably has some cash reserves need to shore up this $1.1m required to finish the game, but I can tell you right off the bat that given what it costs to make this type of game - and with Triple-A talent - unless this is a 4-6 man team (standard indie team size) working with external content (art, audio, modeling etc) providers and everyone taking a pay cut for the great good, I don't see this game being funded or completed inside of $3m; or by 03/14.

      I run two indie dev companies. One (3000AD) of which I own 100% and another (Quest Online) of which I am an investor. The former is almost $5m into a game that is now almost 3 years in development. I've had less than a dozen people working on it; including contractors who have come in done their bit and moved on. The latter has spent more than the above amount in developing & operating an MMO game that was first released in late 2009, then re-tooled and re-released in mid 2010. That game had less than sixteen people working on it.

      Go ahead, do the math. I'll wait.

      Apparently Wildman is using a custom engine. That, in and of itself, is a big problem that I'm not even going to get into. I've designed and developed custom engines from the ground up. It's NOT fun. And if you have someone else do it, you end up with more problems if the one or two people who know it, quit or get hit by a bus.

      In this day and age, I simply don't see why any game dev would want to develop a custom engine. Especially when you're on a budget, need to prototype and release quickly etc.

      Havok (who last year bought Trinigys so they could have a graphics engine to complement their pre-existing suite of middleware), Epic et all will give good terms and pricing on their engines that pretty much makes the cost virtually irrelevant. Then there's Unity4.

      Simply put, I don't see how this type of game can benefit from a custom engine when you can build - in much time and much less RISK - such a custom engine using the core of something that doesn't see you **re-inventing the wheel**.

      In fact, for my upcoming Line Of Defense game (, we are doing just that using three of Havok's engines (graphics, AI, physics) as the basis of a custom engine we build using a plethora of middleware which includes world class engines such as Silverlinging, Triton, Iggy, SpeedTree etc. So yeah, it can be done. CHEAP. And we also have access to Epic's next UE iteration for our next project due out in late 2014 or thereabouts.

      There are options.

      Though I have backed this project - and which makes me an investor of sorts - I have grave concerns about the success of this venture. Again, even if it were funded today.

      If this game were already far along (e.g. like American' McGee's game, Akaneiro, which I also back on KS), asking for $1.1m to complete it, wouldn't be that farfetched; even with announced layoffs.

      IMO, Chris should cancel the campaign, regroup, restructure things, then come back with a new plan of action that has a greater chance of success and which doesn't have the stigma now associated with the layoff of pretty much the entire GPG team that was supposed to be building this game.

      Either way, I'm in. And even if I lose my pledge due to the game not making it out, it is a small price to pay to help one of our [humble] own pave a new road. It's just the right thing to do.