Wildman: An "Evolutionary" Action RPG (Canceled)

by Gas Powered Games

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Sounds AWESOME.

    2. Shane Schrupp on

      Very nice. Thanks for the update!

    3. Blood Dragon on

      Love the update! I am excited about seeing this game develop. Keep up the great work, GPG!

    4. Gerard Braad on

      Steam? http://www.youtube.com/watch… "We are happy to put it where you want it. We are happy to shove this game up yo{...}... " ;-)

      Gameplay and overall feel (graphic) starts out well, but the gameplay now looks too focussed on that single Wildman. Let's see how this develops...

    5. James Baker on

      Very awesome! Chris, you're my hero. I might have to bump up my pledge to get in on the beta! :)

    6. Riggo on

      Thanks for the update!

    7. pclabtech on

      Cool, total annihilation / supreme commander with a caveman approach? That looked awesome :)

    8. Scott Paisley on

      Any chance of their being a Wild Woman that we can change to? My daughters love the idea of the game, but they're not too keen on being a Wildman :)

    9. Bruce Tyson Bjorklund on

      @Scott - There will be a wildwoman! :D

    10. Noel B on

      This is the information (as I mentioned in the comment section) that needs to be in the initial video, sadly that video peaked my interest but made me pass the first time I seen this title till you came out with this video.

      -A fan

    11. Daniel P.L. Kelly on

      Thank you for this update. I can't wait to play it. I'm much more interested in the single character than the RTS, so I'm really curious how the final gameplay ends up.

      How extensive will the character creation be? Will there be a lot of variety between player characters?

    12. Andreas Monitzer

      A more technical question: Are you planning to switch to a lowpoly model when entering a warzone?

    13. mike franchina on

      Will the Monolith from 2001 feature in this game? As an easter egg perhaps?

    14. fredgiblet on

      Interesting. OK, I'm staying in.

    15. Missing avatar

      SuperCJT on

      Looks interesting, what can we expect from the storytelling aspect? Any NPCs to interact with? Dialogue choices?

    16. Missing avatar

      GV on

      Nice update. One thing that is somewhat weird is the idea that the RTS "War Zone" area is an automated battle, with strategic upgrades. Sounds similar to the unending spawns of Demigod, which I'm not really a fan of. It is probably a good idea to keep the primary RTS mode and RPG mode separate. I did really like Spellforce1, which combined the two fairly well, and I mainly used my hero to beat everything, but the RTS mode didn't really work for me. Ideally it's going to turn out to be a Dungeon Siege solo hero runner (I don't like RPG groups too much, hehe), but with a RTS mode like supreme commander, where your RPG hero is your commander (he can still get in on the action). But hey, maybe it'll turn out to be something even better I didn't even think of.

    17. Missing avatar

      Francisco Athens on

      Applause here for the update! Just want to make a shout-out to Trailstorm Radeem (I'm glad you are on the team!) I for one would love to see a Linux port but already appreciate the news about OpenGL and DRM-Free!

    18. Stewart "Zoot" Wymer

      My favourite part of this update is how you dissed Bing as part of your presentation. Clearly you have no particular love for Microsoft products :P Bravo!

    19. Thomas on

      Very nice update. I hope there's more where that came from!

    20. gandalf.nho

      Nice gameplay video.

    21. ThomasN on

      You could do for clubs what Rise Of The Triads did for rocket launchers. You know.. many different clubs. Encountering few enemies you have the blunt club, whereas when multiple enemies appear, you SWAP TO ANOTHER CLUB, which is more swordly sharpish. And now the revelation: two different clubs AT THE SAME TIME *mindblown* :-)

    22. Philip on

      Awesome update, and if I may make a small suggestion, don't be shy with the blood! I'd personally love being awash in it after a great battle, it'd be a cool feature. Keep up the wonderful work!

    23. Missing avatar

      Scott Aldridge on

      thanks for showing the bug, it takes guts to show how the sausage is made.

    24. Christian Daigle on

      I REALLY dont like cartoonish graphics... not impressed so far. There is so many ARPG in the market who can offer a lot (PoE, GD, D3, TL2....). I need to see more from the core of the game or you'll lose my pledge. Good luck to you!

    25. David Walker on

      To be honest I think it's just a little over-stylized. Wildman's legs are tiny! Not a huge fan of the 'super-deformed' look. Don't get me wrong, this shows a lot of promise considering the stage of development :) I hope the team follows the concept art (which is awesome by the way) more closely.