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Campaign to raise funds for my new record! Songs about disappointment & hope, guitars & bars, crime & love, Rock & Roll & America.
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Posted by Gary Sunshine (Creator)


Busy week. Spreading the word, making preparations for the record, other stuff.

Again, a very big thank you to everyone. We're almost a third of the way funded with 22 days left!

I needed and took a short break this week from thinking and overthinking every detail and turned on the recorder for a few hours. I ended up with this new song "Your Beautiful Life (Rose the Hitchhiker)". I had a few lines about Rose the Hitchhiker kicking around but never found a home for "her". Also some variation of her name being "tattooed in a heart near a grave at the corner of his chest". Not sure how or why but it kept coming up, usually when I ran out of ideas. This song was mostly improvised at first and then finessed a bit and in the last verse Rose found a home! Funny how happy it made me. Two reasons. I really like the song, kind of a nice surprise, AND Rose and the tattooed line is no longer haunting me and driving me nuts.

Still a lot of work to do, thinking of doing some Facebook Live updates with talk and songs. I'll let you know. Any and all help is absolutely welcome, appreciated and needed spreading the word. It's an all or nothing goal we have to meet and time moves pretty quickly. We're getting there!

So the song is in the running but I'm really not sure what will be included yet. Also unsure if this one might benefit from some electric guitars or not. Thinking it would. Here's the song, it's a demo but the idea's here.  Let's talk again, meet you for coffee in a few days!  Gary

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