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Deja Blues is an album I've wanted to make for a long time, and to have our fans be a part of it. This is a dream come true!
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Gary Hoey

286 backers pledged $20,278 to help bring this project to life.

Gary talks about the blues! And adds new rewards!

Hey my friends and family.THANKS! I'm so stoked we are doing great, 70% funded! OMG! I added some new rewards and added signed CD's to many pledge levels to say thanks. Have a great 4th of July. be safe! New song soon...

thanks Gary, share the link, share the love!

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    1. Creator Steve Doherty on July 3, 2012

      Gary so happy things are going so well for you on this project. I just doubled my backing to take advantage of one of your new added rewards. My 13 y/o daughter is going to love the stuff. I took her to see your awesome show in Lowel last year. She plays guitar and is a huge fan. We were in line so she could get your picture autographed when the fire alarm went off and they kicked us out. She was so disappointed but this will make up for it. Can't wait for this project to be fully funded and off and running. Best of luck to you. We'll be listening!

    2. Creator Gary Hoey on July 2, 2012

      Hi Taryn and Zach and everyone.., not that you two know each other, But we all are connected through this music. thanks for the kind words, This is a fun time for me. And to get all the love and support is just amazing. I went to bed at 5AM this morning from the studio, and you wonder why I where sunglasses in the studio. lol peace for now GH

    3. Creator Zach on July 2, 2012

      That sounds awesome Gary, that slide is badass!!! Cant wait for this one.

    4. Creator Taryn Riley on July 2, 2012

      Hey Gary we believe in you and love you brother! Cant wait till this cd is released.I know its going to be awesome!!! Love Taryn