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High octane, explosion packed, arcade style SHMUP action! Fly high soldier!
High octane, explosion packed, arcade style SHMUP action! Fly high soldier!
50 backers pledged $1,155 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. David on

      Amazing to me how much this game has the feel of Cho Ren Sha 68k, a game I feel that no one really knew about but I loved. This is a true spiritual successor, i love it.

    2. Jay Shah on

      Just wanted to SAY SHIDEN ROCKz!!!! Played it, Love it. Glad I backed this! :-D

    3. Jay Shah on

      Is it just me commenting here? :-O LOL - I look forward to playing Shiden!!! Wooo!

    4. Jay Shah on


    5. Jay Shah on

      GO SHIDEN!!! ^_^ Oh YEAH! ;) :) :) :)

    6. Jay Shah on

      Alas I am too broke to afford the $100 tier, so I am left to pledge just $10 today. Wish I could add more but glad to see SHIDEN is about to BE FUNDED! Way To GO! DOMO ARIGATO GarStudios! Shiden is definitely awesome. 14 HOURS TO GO!!!! Congratz! Woot! ;-D

    7. GarStudios 3-time creator on


      JK! Thank you for the support!

    8. Hollow_Tears on

      There are not enough shmups in english so a big thank you.

    9. AbdulAziz Al-Kaboor

      Congratulations on meeting the goal!

    10. Sir Jordi

      A pixelated shmup funded!

    11. Jelly Paladin on

      Congratulations on meeting the goal! I've really been wanting to play this one, so I'm glad all the funding came together for you. =)
      (I know the page says you would have released it either way, but if nothing else it's cool that you can say you had a successful Kickstarter!)

    12. GarStudios 3-time creator on

      That's more than alright, share it as many places as you desire!

    13. Mike Dewyea on

      Hey, I shared the link to this at a forum where people love SHMUPs to try and get some more support. I hope that is alright, if not I can delete my post.

    14. Guillaume seguin on

      that song OMG so epik

    15. Missing avatar

      danbo on

      Can only do $10, good luck anyway

    16. Sir Jordi

      ok! great!
      I've just upgraded my pledge

    17. GarStudios 3-time creator on

      Yo Jordi, the game itself is almost finished. A few things being tweaked, after that work will begin on the music (the music in the video is just for the trailer, the game will contain chiptune music.)

      As for including the OST, the OST will be free to download but the $100 tier users will receive a physical version of it, so everybody gets it.

    18. Sir Jordi

      It is strange that the OST is not included in the digitals tiers..
      any update with a mockup of the music? is the music of the video a final music version (which sound odd to me, as I expected to be some kind of chiptune music..)

      Also, lack of updates are hurting the project
      can we expect some news soon? 10 days and still lot of work to do!
      go go go!

    19. Jay Shah on

      WOw that $100 tier is awfully tempting! Nice job for adding that. Let's see if I my credit card or checking account will be happy with that. ;-P I'd be happy. ;-D We'll see. ^_^

    20. Jay Shah on

      YUP! Haha ;-D Hope you reach the $1,000. Shiden looks awesome. ;->

    21. GarStudios 3-time creator on

      Thanks! All support is greatly appreciated.

    22. Jay Shah on

      Oh, actually, $40 TIER. I'd add an extra $10 to that. I need glasses. ^_^

    23. Jay Shah on

      LOL ~ I'd LOVE to see what the $1,000 tier would offer. Woooo! ;-D

      Oh really? OK. That's cool. ;-} I am really liking the promo video and images at the main page. IF I can, I will pledge for the $50 tier before this is over, I'm strapped for $$$$ this August.

    24. GarStudios 3-time creator on

      Hey Jay Shah,

      Music won't be ready until next month unfortunately, sorry!

      As for higher pledges, I don't really have much to offer. I guess for 100 dollars I could give the physical version, along with a poster.

      For 500 dollars? I guess I'd have to dedicate the game after that person hahaha.

    25. Jay Shah on

      Hi! Awesome project here. I love shooters style games like this. I might up my pledge later before this KS ends if it needs it, but where are the higher up tiers?(Like $500) LOL - That's OK. Easier to make a choice when pledging then I guess. I LIKE THAT. ;-D hehe

      How does the music score sound like for Shiden? Could we maybe hear some sample clips of it posted at this KS? If the music sounds awesome with the gameplay I'd definitey up my pledge. Just wondering - Good Luck! 13 days to reach $1,000+. I think this can ^_^

    26. GarStudios 3-time creator on

      I could do dvd releases with box art and everything if anybody is interested, I'm not sure HOW to go about making NES-styled carts so I wouldn't really be comfortable promising that.

    27. Sir Jordi

      This campaign need another push.
      Have you thought about adding a higher tier with a boxed reward NES-style? Maybe it would add nwe pledgers (or increase actual ones..)

    28. Joey Viner on

      Yaaay thx. I figured, just wanted to confirm.

    29. GarStudios 3-time creator on

      Hey Joey, the game will definitely natively support gamepad! Wouldn't be able to call it a true "shmup" without it!

    30. Joey Viner on

      I realize you say it has a "simplistic control scheme" so it wouldn't be difficult to use gamepad mapping software, but I was wondering if there's any chance of built-in gamepad support?

      Looks great either way, good luck!

    31. David Bruno on

      Backed! Was brought here from Best of luck with the campaign.

    32. Sir Jordi

      a retro style-pixelated shmup?
      I'm in!