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A new SRPG game with a focus on deep, strategical combat and an amazing 10+ large cast of characters.

Divine Tactics

Divine Tactics is a character driven SRPG currently in development for Windows, with a possibility of Mac, Linux and AndroidOS releases.


The game takes place in the very near future, in the greater Los Angeles Area. You control a party led by 20 year old computer science major named Marcus Woods. The game starts with Marcus browsing the servers of websites he has hacked access too. During the course of this, he gains access to a computer that has an architecture like nothing he has ever seen before. Afraid he could be getting involved in some government military project, he immediately erases all traces of his entering and ceases any further involvement. He is soon sent an email however, inviting him to take control of his future...


Divine Tactics is a combination of all the positive features of modern day SRPG's such as Fire Emblem and Super Robot Wars. The game is top down, with cut in views of battles showing two characters fighting on any given turn. 

The game features a class system with a total of 12 classes. Each class has two tiers, or ranks. After reaching a certain level, a class will rank up, evolving into a class with new abilities. All tier 1 classes can only use one weapon, however some tier 2 classes have the capability of using and mastering multiple weapons. Unique classes are special. Overlord is the title given to the main character Marcus, General are his two main companions and Doctors are the only true healing unit in the game. Each of these classes also have a rank, however their titles do not change after they rank up.

The weapon system in Divine Tactics is called the Nested Triads System. There are three categories of weapons - Guns, Physical weapons, and Magic. Within each category of weapon, there are three sub categories. For example, the types of guns are handguns, assault rifles and Sniper Rifles. Each category of weapons best another category, and each weapon within a sub category beats another weapon type within that subcategory.

The advantage to attacking a unique with a weapon advantage is more than just a statistical bonus. For example, whenever a gun user is attacked by a weapon user, regardless of how initiates the attack the gun user has the initiative. This means if a man with a mace attacks a man with a handgun, the man with the handgun will go first even though the man with the mace attacked him. Each weapon advantage over a weapon of another type has it's own unique properties, and when mastered can give you the edge in combat.

In addition to deep strategical combat, each party member that joins you in your adventure will be unique. Rather than recruiting generic units to aid you in your fight, every character that joins you will have their own story, and Marcus will be able to interact with these characters outside of combat and learn more about these individuals.

In addition to all this, within the final game there will be "cut ins" for battle that will be able to be toggled on and off. These are animations similar to Fire Emblem and Super Robot Wars in which units fight each other through animations. 


Starting around January, I will be released builds to backers who have paid into the beta version of the game. This version of the game will have a small custom story, and allow you to try the game and give input on different class and character features. (Anyone who pays 20 dollars or above will be invited to the beta.)


The amount of money to allow this project to be a reality is $3,000 dollars. At this price I will be able to afford to get a soundtrack produced for the game, as well as pay any legal fees and for workstation upgrades needed for the production and distribution of the game. This is a baseline goal however, and any amount of funds over this amount will allow for me to make the game better. Examples of what some of the things possible if enough money is made are a multiplatform release, hiring a second dedicated artist to increase the speed of production and a campaign editor that will allow you to make your own custom Divine Tactics campaigns and scenarios.

Any and all money donated to the project is greatly appreciated, thank you for your time and please enjoy Divine Tactics when it is released!

Want more?

For more information regarding Divine Tactics, visit the newly created development blog! There will be detailed post there about class specifics, weapon specifics and a more in depth look into the features of the Divine Tactics universe. You can find the development blog here

*Note for backers. The only limitations really on what you can do with a character or names are if I find that the content will cause me to infringe on copyright or offend people for no reason, it cannot be used.


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