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Garlic Shaker® makes peeling garlic simple and fun! Just shake it up!
Garlic Shaker® makes peeling garlic simple and fun! Just shake it up!
Garlic Shaker® makes peeling garlic simple and fun! Just shake it up!
1,303 backers pledged $50,843 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Crum 4 days ago

      @MatthewRamos. Matthew, we can see that you logged in today.... How about letting all the people that backed you know what's going on?
      A stand-up guy would do that.

    2. Missing avatar

      Mark Crum 5 days ago

      @Matthew Ramos. Matthew, you're the finance guy. You know what a fiduciary obligation is I'm sure.
      When you take $50,000 of other people's money then you have one.
      It includes telling them if you cannot live up to your business promises.

      Or you can send me my $100 back.

    3. David Allen on April 12

      The issue is that these folks, the Garlic Shaker creators, also live in the US and there are 50+ states & territorial attorneys general that would gladly take them to court. The AG of my state, Washington State, has already won a case against another KS campaign that didn't fulfill its obligation. But you folks outside the US don't have that sword over their heads. It's almost a month since they answered anyone's comments here. I'm guessing that they are done.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mark Crum on April 11

      Remember the $50,000 stretch goal? The one where you get the garlic shakers to us faster? Can we trade that for RESPONDING TO QUESTIONS?

    5. Jeffrey KM on April 11

      So, when are you ever going to get to us backers outside of the U.S.? It has been over two months since you started shipping. You really should have started shipping to everyone equally, instead of forcing those of us outside the U.S. to wait so long, especially those of us that has been so supportive during the delays.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark Crum on April 8

      It takes 10 to 20 seconds to respond,

    7. Isaac Sandaljian
      on April 7

      How is shipping going?

    8. Gary Delaney on April 6

      Good Morning,
      How goes the shipping?

    9. Missing avatar

      Gerald McWilliams on April 5

      Any international backers got their Garlic Shaker yet? Plenty of emails coming through on how to use a Garlic Shaker I don’t have yet.....

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Crum on April 1

      Have you finished the US shipping yet? It has been 2 months since shipping began.
      I have received neither shipment nor tracking details. Perhaps I got lost in the chaos?

    11. Missing avatar

      on March 31

      @Garlic Shaker - Please respond to my email. Thanks

    12. Missing avatar

      Leo Chan on March 28

      I didn't get mine either.

    13. Missing avatar

      on March 24

      @Garlic Shaker - Where are you in the shipping process? I still haven't received a tracking number or my package.

    14. Adisak Pochanayon on March 16

      OK... sent you a PM

    15. Garlic Shaker Creator on March 16

      @Adisak - PM us. We didn't see your survey had been submitted so we don't have your address etc, but we will get it all sorted out. Let's use private messaging though, so we can get the details from you instead of the comments that everyone has to read when you post.

    16. Garlic Shaker Creator on March 16

      @Cher - we just posted the link to the cookbook in the updates. You can download it now.

    17. Garlic Shaker Creator on March 16

      @Gary - No problem. Happy to Clarify.

    18. Adisak Pochanayon on March 14

      I have a US four pack. I haven't received my order yet. Did it ship already? Thanks.

    19. Missing avatar

      Cher on March 9

      Hello: I have an email from 9.15.2015 stating the following:

      You get one full color digital download garlic E-cookbook (125+ exclusive recipes). Includes signature recipe by five star Chef Joran debuted only on Kickstarter.

      When will I receive that link?

    20. Gary Delaney on March 8

      Ok cool, thank you for taking the time to clarify. Looking forward to getting my hands on the garlic shaker :-)

    21. Garlic Shaker Creator on March 7

      @Gary - If you are from one of the countries we had shipping stated to add during the campaign, then no. But we only had a few of those. We received backers from lots of countries that weren’t stated. They will have to pay shipping. We are still shipping USA right now though.

    22. Gary Delaney on March 7

      Hello garlic shaker team,
      I just read your last comment and I am concerned - I live in the UK and already paid $18 for shipping back when I backed this project; you are now suggesting that I will have to pay shipping again?

    23. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 28

      @Jeffrey KM: There are 3 people on our team working diligently to ship our 3000 Shakers. We are done with Early Birds and now shipping regular USA backers. The overseas backers are far more complicated because each package requires being weighed, and then getting the price for postage per person, per country, and then sending out a PayPal link one at a time for the shipping costs, getting those funds back and processing a single package with a customs form. It’s going to take time. We don’t have an ETA right now other then as soon as we are done with USA we will begin that lengthy complicated process.

    24. Jeffrey KM on February 25

      @Creator, I know you said after the US rewards are done, but my question was any word on when you'll get to us international backers. On your Jan 30th update, you started shipping out the rewards, first to the early birds then regulars. But no offense, you should have been shipping to all non-early birds equally since we all supported the project at the same time. It takes a lot longer for us international backers to receive our rewards than those in the states. And all of us has been waiting equally for this reward and it is not fair for the international backers to have to wait several weeks to months longer just because we aren't local. Thank you.

    25. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 22

      Jeffery KM - As soon as we complete the USA rewards.

    26. Jeffrey KM on February 21

      Hi, any word on when you'll be able to send the international backer rewards? Thanks.

    27. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 21

      @Tanya - We are so pleased you like it! It sounds like you are using it properly and having fun with it. That's really great. We hope you continue to enjoy it and your garlic for many years to come. Happy cooking!

    28. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 21

      @Justin - You don't have to dehyrate it. Garlic from the store isn't ripe or dry. It's too freshly out of the ground when delivered so when you get home it doesn't go bad in a couple days. Also, the flavor isn't mature.

    29. justin rashbaum on February 20

      You should be able to buy a garlic clove from the store and put it in the garlic shaker and have it work. None of the garlic cloves I buy are visibly wet in any sort. However, when I put it in the shaker and shake it, the garlic is wet and doesn’t peel very well at all. You shouldn’t need to dehydrate your garlic before using it. Thumbs down.

    30. Tanya MsTea Thomas on February 19

      so I received my garlic shaker set about 2 weeks ago and I am so pleased. I had to use it a few times to get the hang of it. But it performs as stated. I tried it first on some garlic that was kinda old (really and it didn't go so well. Seemed the inside was to small for the garlic to move around properly, but tried it again on some garlic that was not so old and it performed beautifully. I am so happy and it makes my quest for my love of garlic that much easier. Thank you for an excellent product. : )

    31. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 15

      @Frank Sacro - So pleased you like it. Really fired up to hear it!

    32. Missing avatar

      Frank Sacro on February 13

      It is tremendous!!!!
      You can shake it but you can’t break it. Mess is only inside the Shaker, just dump it. No more finger or table mess. Thank you

    33. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 13

      @Cruzette - We are so very pleased you love it! That's great to hear. Really fires us up.

    34. Missing avatar

      Cruzette on February 13

      I just want to thank you for delivering the Garlic Shaker. I ordered the 7-pc option for family and friends. We’ve started using it and love it! Wish you all the best.

    35. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 13

      @Lev - We responded to your private message. We are still in the process of shipping USA rewards. We have not gotten to overseas backers like yourself in the Ukraine.

    36. Lev Hembarskyi on February 13

      I have not yet sent a payment link for shipping

    37. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 9

      @Jen the Viking: No worries. Sorry you don’t like the color black.

    38. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 9

      @Fernando - We are still working to get all of the rewards shipped in the USA.

    39. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 9

      @Andy Hughes - It is likely that your garlic isn't dry enough. Most garlic from the store isn't actually ready to use. It is too fresh and not ready to use when it come from the crocery store. The thin film layer is edible, holds a lot of nutrition, and doesn't need to be removed unless you prefer it that way. The GarlicShaker was designed solely to remove the skin (outer husk as you call it). It solves that single pain point in the kitchen. Consider letting your garlic dry when you get it home from the store and don't ever store garlic in the refrigerator.

    40. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 9

      @Sunil - We are still working on the USA backers rewards.

    41. Jeffrey KM on February 8

      @Fernando, I believe only the U.S. rewards were sent. I think those of us living outside the U.S. will be sent later.

    42. Fernando Maceira Cámara on February 8

      Is there a way to know when your reward has shipped? I am a backer in Mexico City and still haven't received any confirmation. Thanks!

    43. Jen the Viking
      on February 8

      @Garlic Shaker - I know they were colors of your choosing, I was just expressing my disappointment they were all the same color.

    44. Missing avatar

      Andy Hughes on February 7

      I finally received my shaker the other day. I must say that I have never been more disappointed in a kitchen product ever. First the only way to get this to even partially work is you have to stuff it full with a whole garlic head. Will not work on just a few. Then even with a whole head I shake it for well beyond the 30 sec and maybe get 2 cloves that worked. And worked I mean it just removes the outer husk. The thin film layer around the garlic has to be hand peeled. Put them back in and try again, no luck. Worst product ever and can't believe I wasted money on this and that your marketing is so deceiving.

    45. Sunil Ramachandra
      on February 7

      I'm backer No.597 (Friends and family gift box level - buy 2 get 1 free). So far, I have not received any shipping information.

      Please provide me the tracking information, if the items pledged for is already shipped.

    46. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 7

      @ALLBACKERS - If you have any questions about your specific rewards, deliveries, or concerns please send us a private message. We are slammed trying to get all of the rewards packaged, posted and shipped. We can react much faster to private messages to address any questions or concerns than we can to the comments section. Private message include your profile and rewards level in the message. We want to ensure everyone get what they pledged for, we have never done this before so inevitably there will be things that come up and we want to resolve everything for you guys as fast as possible! Thank You!

    47. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 6

      @Terri Chauss: You at the $75 level which states colors of our choosing.

      “Pledge $75 or more

      BACKYARD PARTY BOX: (Buy 3 get 2 FREE) (Limited Supply)

      You save $50 off full retail price. Plus free shipping saving you another $30. That's $80 in total savings at this backer level. You get a set of five elegantly designed Garlic Shakers® in assorted colors of our choosing. A great gift idea. You get one full color digital download garlic E-cookbook (125+ exclusive recipes). Includes signature recipe by five star Chef Joran debuted here on Kickstarter. Insider updates, future premiums, exclusive promotions. Please invite your friends and family to back this project.

    48. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 6

      @Terri Chauss: We did not make the white ones because they looked terrible.

    49. Terri Chauss on February 6

      Hello...I was a backer for a $75.00 pledge for 5 Garlic Shakers, colors of your choice. All of the photos of Garlic Shakers I have seen are all while with various color accent rims. I received all 5 of my shakers and 2 of them are completely solid black in color. I do not like the black ones at all and feel like your promotional ads were misleading as I would not have ordered knowing that I may be receiving black ones. Am I able to return the black ones in exchange for the white ones featured in your promotions? I do not have any direct contact or mailing address for your company. Thanks

    50. Garlic Shaker Creator on February 6

      @Backers - Demo Video in the updates didn't render properly on Kickstarter. We are woking to correct the problem. We will re-post ASAP. Also, some of you who backed for multiple GarlicShakers will be getting multiple packages because of how we batched the shipping. For example, if you backed for five you will be getting one package with three and two individual packages.

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