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Garlic Shaker® makes peeling garlic simple and fun! Just shake it up!
Garlic Shaker® makes peeling garlic simple and fun! Just shake it up!
Garlic Shaker® makes peeling garlic simple and fun! Just shake it up!
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    1. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Tsuneishi 2 days ago

      Why does you website say you can purchase and receive in 5 days?

    2. Jeffrey K. Mantell 7 days ago

      @Creator, that's great. Glad the testing is going well and hope you'll be able to get production going at full speed so all of us can get this great product.

    3. Garlic Shaker Creator on August 11

      @Jeffrey K. Mantell: We got it and are testing it now. It appears to be working perfectly, so we ordered the materials for production.

    4. Garlic Shaker Creator on August 11

      @Douglas Liebert: Yes! We just posted about it. We got the booster, it's working well and we've ordered the materials for production.

    5. Douglas Liebert on August 10

      Any testing on the booster yet, or are you still waiting on delivery?

    6. Jeffrey K. Mantell on July 25

      Glad that you found an affordable booster, hope the testing works our great and you can resume production.

    7. Garlic Shaker Creator on July 21

      @Jeffrey K. Mantell: Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    8. Garlic Shaker Creator on July 21

      @Kalpesh Bhatt: We are seeking a re-furnished power booster at the moment. As soon as we acquire one, we will update the ship date.

    9. Kalpesh Bhatt on July 21

      When is the estimated ship date?

    10. Jeffrey K. Mantell on July 19

      @Creator, if the don't do a lot of welding that aren't on straight surfaces, it wouldn't be cost efficient for them to get such an add-on. An articulating arm isn't cheap, especially since you need a specialize computer and robotics and if you need high percision, they can be quite pricey. A booster is probably more cost efficient for them to actually get.

    11. Garlic Shaker Creator on July 17

      @ Jeffery - We will mention your idea it to them. Thanks for the suggestion.

    12. Jeffrey K. Mantell on July 15

      I just know a little bit of different ways to bond materials together. Just too bad that the plant you are using doesn't have an articulating arm for the sonic welding head, then the shape of your shakers wouldn't have been a problem. Granted, that type of addition is slight costly for the company to own especially if they don't have much call for such welding.

    13. Garlic Shaker Creator on July 13

      @Jeffery - you sure do know your stuff about sonic welding. Well said.

    14. Jeffrey K. Mantell on July 13

      When you do sonic welding, you are not using any heat. The plastics are fused together from sonic vibration.

      When using this on a straight surface, the intensity remains the same. But when you have a surface that curves away from the sonic head, the intensity becomes less. The booster will allow to increase the intensity as the surface slowly pulls away from the sonic head.

      You are basically using sound to vibrate to pieces and that vibration causes the parts touching together to quickly heat up and fuse together. This procedure barely cause any heat damage compared to other ways that were normally used.

    15. Garlic Shaker Creator on July 12

      @Jerry - Thank you. We are sure we will get it pinned down. A power booster, to the best of our understanding from our manufacturing partner gives us the ability to increase the amount of power to the sonic welder. It would be nice if it made smoothies too!

    16. Missing avatar

      on July 11

      @Garlic Shaker - Thanks for the update, good luck getting your power booster! BTW - what the heck is a power booster? Kinda sounds like a high octane smoothie :D

    17. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 28

      @ Jeffery - The lids went great. The interior protrusions problem has been solved. Thanks for asking.

    18. Jeffrey K. Mantell on June 27

      @Creator, how was the testing and tuning for the lids? I remember before you were having problems from the sonic welding breaking off some of the interior protrusions. Were you able to correct that?

    19. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 20

      @Chris - we are waiting for more test parts before we can estimate the finish date.

    20. Missing avatar

      Chris lee on June 20

      So when is the estimated finished date?

    21. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 13

      @Stephen - We have a couple more test results we are waiting on. Then we have to buy the amount of materials we need for production which takes a few weeks to ship. We are wildly behind on this project, but you will get it. Sadly, not by July which is in two weeks.

    22. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 13

      @Jerry - Thank you for the positivity!

    23. Missing avatar

      Stephen Crespo on June 11

      @Creator ...GarlicShaker.
      thanks for the updates. for the record- i never thought you would fail.

      regarding receiving the shaker- you posted the dates in 2015- two years ago. is there an updated new time? i have a more immediate use - like this july.

      also, i would like to purchase a 2nd shaker- please advise.

      and finally- thanks for your efforts


    24. Missing avatar

      on June 11

      @Garlic Shaker - Thanks for the update, looking good! I have zero concern about this project. You keep communicating and showing progress which backers always appreciate. I know we'll lover our garlic shaker when we get it.

    25. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 10

      @Mark - Actually, we have tested the Garlic Shaker on shallots and even nuts. It works pretty well for shallots. Not as good as it works on garlic though. It also works reasonably well for some nuts like peanuts and pistachios. Again, it was not designed for that, but it does work decently.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mark Crum on June 10

      Do you think you could slap together a shallot peeler, too? ... when you get around to it. .. in your spare time?
      Thanks alot. .. those things can be just as tough.

    27. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 10

      @Jeffery - Very well said and completely accurate in out case. Thank you for sharing your insightful opinions.

    28. Jeffrey K. Mantell on June 7

      Seriously people, just let it go. I prefer no comment updates from the creator, because I want them to focus all their time and energy to production. Only time I truly want an update is, when something has gone wrong and needs rectified or something that is truly great to tell us.

      As for other things, taking things from prototype to mass production is not an easy thing to do. Also, even with the help of experts, there is still a lot of tuning to do on the equipment and other things to consider when processing for mass production.

      As for funding, yes we did give them money to go forward. But for a lot of people, they have to spend a lot of their money to get started. Just think of us as the final partners to give them the financial push to go from planning to actual production.

    29. Missing avatar

      Chris on June 7

      Just an observation: if you have the time and energr to respond to these comments, it's not a stretch to think you should have the time over the past 40 day or so to put out an update.

    30. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 7

      @David - Thank you! We will being busting our butts to make it happen for you.

    31. David Allen on June 7

      Then here's to hoping that you are successful.

      And I'll have a few gifts for Christmas 2017!

    32. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 7

      @David - Thank you for the information. But none of those issues have anything to do with us or our campaign. You have a right to be frustrated with those kind of issues. You have a right to be disappointed with our inability to deliver in a timely fashion. You have right to be upset. We are accountable for our projects problems. But we outright reject your 1st posts assertion lumping us in with those other campaigns malfeasance. We have done nothing but work our guts out to make this happen and scrimp every dollar possible to deliver.

    33. David Allen on June 7

      I have backed 29 KS projects since FEB 2012, plus 4 others, 2 that KS suspended and 2 I backed out of because I saw the handwriting on the wall; 1 was funded but never produced a product and one that produced a product with which most backers are unhappy. I am more than aware that KS is not a store. I have been really patient over the last 5 years with a number of projects that didn't come in on time. And even more forgiving when the project that we got horribly failed as a quality product that didn't live up to the promises. Your project is the first that has been this far behind in its commitment.

      Your last paragraph is in error. There have been a number of high profile scams facilitated by KS. And I have been stung by 3 so far; the largest scam being ZNAPS, which pretended to be guys from Canada, but were actually in Hong Kong and ripped folks off to the tune of US$2.6 million, plus another couple million on Indigogo.

      The attorney general of my own state, Washington, won a law suit in 2014 on behalf of my fellow citizens who were scammed by a US-based KS project.
      You may have heard of him, he has won twice in federal court against Trump's executive order travel ban.

    34. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 7

      @David - If you read the entirety of our response we have answered your question near the bottom.

    35. David Allen on June 7

      There isn't much that any of us can do, you have our money and we will have to wait no matter how long that it takes. I was drawn to this through Backers Hub. You were doing a lot to get backers, so I signed on for 3 to get 5 because I was hoping to get late Christmas 2015 Christmas gifts. I didn't even have them for Christmas 2016. You believe that you have kept your pledge of expertice and transparency, I'm inclined to feel differently.

      BTW, what happened to all the partners that you claimed to have on board in AUG 2015 so that you are down to just 2 of you doing it all?

    36. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 6

      @David - We can't speak about what other projects have or have not done. We don't know what how much money they have, human resources, experience, or how far along they were in the product development cycle. We can only speak to ours. We will attempt to answer your questions to the best of our ability.

      We are a startup with all the risks and challenges associated with a startup. All of those risk were disclosed during our campaign here:

      Risks and challenges

      Garlic Shaker® has a team with extensive manufacturing and business experience. We have worked extremely hard to ready the Garlic Shaker® for Kickstarter. We have also developed a full-scale manufacturing and fulfillment process. We will be working closely with manufacturers who have decades of experience delivering excellent products in tremendous quantities all over the world. Despite our expertise and careful planning, there are risks involved in the project. We've identified and outlined the following key risks to our project below:


      Injection molding is a complex process that can have unforeseen difficulties. We're fortunate to have a team of highly experienced injection molding professionals working with us, but in the event that there are problems with the injection mold, tooling, or manufacturing process our project could be set back for an unknown amount of time and delivery of our rewards could be delayed.


      If we receive support in excess of our anticipated demand, there could be delays in backers receiving their products simply because of the time, materials, and shipping required for larger orders. If demand is truly excessive, we could be forced to work with more than one manufacturing facility, which has unforeseeable time delays and costs.


      Our team has experience designing and building injection molded products. However, there are always unknowable risks in manufacturing. It is possible there are risks due to design characteristics or materials. Design errors or flaws would have to be corrected and materials issues either to due scarcity or other unknown problems could delay delivery.


      While we have suppliers with long histories in their industry, our relationships with them are new and developing. It is possible that our project could be delayed due to problems with a supplier.


      Creating the tooling to manufacture a product is expensive and requires expert knowledge to get it right. There is typically a 60 day lead times to create the mold and delays could occur. To minimize any possible delays we're working with highly experienced tooling manufacturers.


      There may be some minor design adjustments to improve the final product. Pre-production prototypes are made to test and refine the product design and performance. It affords us the ability to incorporate the best design ideas and those suggested by our experienced manufacturing partners. These possible minor changes will always intend to benefit the consumer and improve the performance and user experience of the Garlic Shaker®. We will let you know when and why they are made if this should occur.


      Mistakes can happen and the unforeseen can occur: a supplier misses a deadline, a machine breaks down, or a shipment gets lost. These are possibilities that cannot always be planned for when making a new product. It could cause delays in fulfilling orders. To minimize possible manufacturing setbacks we seek backup suppliers for each major component of the supply chain. There will no doubt be issues that arise, but we will address and inform to the best of our ability each one as they occur. We will always seek to maintain the highest level of transparency with you even when the inevitable set-backs and problems occur.

      Your question: "You "needed" $25,000 to bring the project to fruition, you raised $50,000, now you say it took $200,000 more and you still don't have a project?"

      Answer: Because when problems in a startup business happen they cost money and time.

      Your question: "You presented a project with 8 partners involved (you posted their photos) and now we are being told, well there are only 2 of us?"

      Answer: We had eight when we ran the KS campaign. We now have two because people cost money and there is not enough capital to support that much staff.

      We will also note that we are not just project creators, but also personally backers of other KS projects. We know that:

      1) Kickstarter is not a store.
      2) Some projects are going meet or exceed their timelines.
      3) Some are going to run into problems and be a slow grind (like us).
      4) Some are going to fail.

      We accept these risks. Perhaps you should consider evaluating whether those risks are something you are personally comfortable with or not. When companies fail it rarely means that anyone in the company did anything untoward. To date, there has been zero evidence of any KS campaign doing anything other than succeeding or failing based upon anything other than ordinary business risk.

    37. David Allen on June 6

      If my comment is such nonsense, why can complicated electronic projects with molded plastic pieces, machined aluminum chasis, circuitboards, LEDs, buttons and switches, internal formware and external iOS & Android apps, etc, which is more of a logistics nightmare, come together pretty much on time in about 6 months and your project, which is a few pieces of plastic can't come together in close to 2 years? Something doesn't seem right.

      You "needed" $25,000 to bring the project to fruition, you raised $50,000, now you say it took $200,000 more and you still don't have a project. Something doesn't seem right here.

      You presented a project with 8 partners involved (you posted their photos) and now we are being told, well there are only 2 of us and one was in hospital (truly may they get well). Something doesn't seem right.

    38. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 5

      @Amanda - Thanks for the feedback.

    39. Missing avatar

      Amanda Karr
      on June 5

      @Creator we don't forget your human, we just expect updates on a timely bases.

    40. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 3

      @Kalpesh - We don't have an update on shipping at the moment. We will have a project update next week as soon as we can meet with our manufacturing partners.

    41. Kalpesh Bhatt on June 3

      Any update on shipping?

    42. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 2

      @Mark Crum - Does Dairy Queen serve garlic? Garlic Ice cream perhaps!!! lol

    43. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 2

      @Sebastian - All of the rewards including the garlic cookbook will be sent out at the same time except the early birds that will be getting theirs first.

    44. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 2

      @Jeffery - We were told that the testing went well and the melt problem has been resolved, but we have to get over their to see it next week. The lid body mold leaked, but We are told it has been repaired and the lid tests went off really smoothly. We will have pictures and more information as soon as we can physically get over there. Should be early next week.

    45. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 2

      @Chris - We missed this months due to a medical emergency. We are sorry! There was a lot of progress made by our tooling and manufacturing partners while our team member was down, but we just weren't able to make an update from the hospital bed. All is well now and we should have substantial information over the next week.

    46. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 2

      @Tanya - Busting our butts to make it happen for you!

    47. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 2

      @Mark Crum - We feel your pain. Our garlic bread is just bread too. We originally created the GS because we wanted the product.

    48. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 2

      @Amanda - We apologize for the wait on the next update. It was not our intention to delay it. One of our key members who is managing the production process was down due to major spinal surgery. He's healed up and back in the drivers seat now. There are only two of us doing all of the work of this project, so if one falls it has an impact. It's easy to forget their are human beings working a KS project.

    49. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 2

      @Doug - We should have a big update next week. We tested the tool and the lid body tool leaked and had to be fixed. The tops came out great though.

    50. Garlic Shaker Creator on June 2

      @Gary - Prior to our KS campaign we gave our prototypes to associates of ours to give their honest opinions. We promised we would post their comments on our site after they tested the prototypes themselves. They did not receive the product in return.

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