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Garlic Shaker® makes peeling garlic simple and fun! Just shake it up!
Garlic Shaker® makes peeling garlic simple and fun! Just shake it up!
Garlic Shaker® makes peeling garlic simple and fun! Just shake it up!
1,303 backers pledged $50,843 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Douglas Liebert 3 days ago

      I'm with Patrick & Jerry on this one. While meeting the original guesstimate for delivery is always nice, I'd much rather have it late and done right than sooner and be substandard. Doing a project right is always worth taking the time.

    2. Missing avatar

      3 days ago

      @Garlic Shaker - I know how hard you are working and I look forward to getting a great Garlic Shaker as a result. It's obvious you are going as fast as you can without sacrificing quality. I mean what would be the point of your working this hard and putting out something substandard? That would be a waste of your time and derail your future success. Keep up the good work.

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris lee 3 days ago

      Hope this project meets the June timeline but there are just too many delays with this project to believe that the projects will arrive in time.

    4. Garlic Shaker Creator 4 days ago

      @Patrick - Thanks for the community and positivity! It's backers like you, your enthusiasm for Kickstarter, and our project that keeps us going through all the ups and downs. YOU ROCK!

    5. Patrick 6 days ago

      Are some of you on your first ever kickstarter? Some of them never even make it this far. I'm ready to get the product, but things take time. "unacceptable" isn't really in the vocabulary for a kickstarter. We gambled on a start up company, that may not even have had any clue as to how difficult it is to get this thing running. Keep up the good work @Garlic Shaker.. can not wait to use this thing pretty much every day.

    6. Garlic Shaker Creator on March 16

      @ Rachel Strassberger - We appreciate your feedback. We told the truth and will continue to every step of the way. We are always dealing with the best information, projections, and estimates we have at any given time. The process is imperfect. To answer your 1st comment. We are working on having the production model we like and are ready to mass produce it. At the moment we are working on the horn and weld lines. At the time of the campaign, we did and still do have eight prototypes that work perfectly. But going from prototype to production requires tooling which is a very difficult, complex, slow, expensive process. We have posted each step of our tooling progress in this area in our updates. Perhaps following our updates will help you understand the projects progress better.

      We also disclosed from day #1 all of the "Risks and Challenges" the project would face on the campaign page.

      Here they are again for your review:


      Injection molding is a complex process that can have unforeseen difficulties. We're fortunate to have a team of highly experienced injection molding professionals working with us, but in the event that there are problems with the injection mold, tooling, or manufacturing process our project could be set back for an unknown amount of time and delivery of our rewards could be delayed.


      If we receive support in excess of our anticipated demand, there could be delays in backers receiving their products simply because of the time, materials, and shipping required for larger orders. If demand is truly excessive, we could be forced to work with more than one manufacturing facility, which has unforeseeable time delays and costs.


      Our team has experience designing and building injection molded products. However, there are always unknowable risks in manufacturing. It is possible there are risks due to design characteristics or materials. Design errors or flaws would have to be corrected and materials issues either to due scarcity or other unknown problems could delay delivery.


      While we have suppliers with long histories in their industry, our relationships with them are new and developing. It is possible that our project could be delayed due to problems with a supplier.


      Creating the tooling to manufacture a product is expensive and requires expert knowledge to get it right. There is typically a 60 day lead times to create the mold and delays could occur. To minimize any possible delays we're working with highly experienced tooling manufacturers.


      There may be some minor design adjustments to improve the final product. Pre-production prototypes are made to test and refine the product design and performance. It affords us the ability to incorporate the best design ideas and those suggested by our experienced manufacturing partners. These possible minor changes will always intend to benefit the consumer and improve the performance and user experience of the Garlic Shaker®. We will let you know when and why they are made if this should occur.


      Mistakes can happen and the unforeseen can occur: a supplier misses a deadline, a machine breaks down, or a shipment gets lost. These are possibilities that cannot always be planned for when making a new product. It could cause delays in fulfilling orders. To minimize possible manufacturing setbacks we seek backup suppliers for each major component of the supply chain. There will no doubt be issues that arise, but we will address and inform to the best of our ability each one as they occur. We will always seek to maintain the highest level of transparency with you even when the inevitable set-backs and problems occur.

      We find the delays unacceptable too. We obviously can only work through each problem as it arises and solve it to the best of our ability as we go. We have done this every single day (and continue to do) since the campaign ended. Our current ETA is our best ETA at the moment. As soon as we have better information we will post and update it.

    7. rachel strassberger on March 16

      So I saw the update for March 2017, but you haven't given us a better ETA. I basically have ignored all the other updates because none of them say - we finally have made 1 that we like and will then mass-produce it. According to your stretch goal of $50K - (your own words) Get Rewards Sooner - Advanced Manufacturing=Faster Rewards. This was Backed 9/21/15. It is now 3/16/17 Your own stretch goal words were a lie, since the rewards were promised 1/2016, not 1/2017. You stated in your own campaign, you had designs and several prototypes that worked on. it is now 18 months after the campaign ended. i understand there have been setbacks but over a year of setbacks is pretty unacceptable. please send another update to everyone with your best ETA. At this rate, it will be Jan 2018 before we receive any of our rewards.

    8. Missing avatar

      Doug Bumgardner on March 6

      So far this has been the equivalent of booking a round trip to another galaxy. Could happen, but not in my lifetime.

    9. Garlic Shaker Creator on March 6

      @Priscilla & Chris - There is a new update, timeline, for you to track the progress of the project here:

    10. Missing avatar

      Priscilla Cruz on March 6

      Time for an update.

    11. Missing avatar

      Chris lee on February 22

      Man we're waiting a long time for this project. I hope it delivers as the wait time is ridiculous.

    12. Garlic Shaker Creator on January 26

      @Ben Johnson - We appreciate your feedback.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ben Johnson on January 26

      Waiting is annoying, but not the end of the world and I'm fine doing it if I believe in the process. I have backed many kickstarters with varying degrees of success and had some fail completely or run away with the money. My main issues are that at the $25 backer level the only difference seems to be that we'd get ours before the pre-order price and an online cookbook, which to be honest isn't much of a difference from my perspective when we were early adopters and supporters so long before the pre-orders. Also when I said on Jan 4th that there have been no updates on timeframe it was true, only updates of random parts of the process with no indication of actual timeframe and where we are in the process were mentioned until the update on Jan 5th the day after my comment. Also, I'd recommend updating your website which for some reason is promising January Shipping which is completely unrealistic and almost completely past.

      I'm in no way saying you're not trying or that it won't be successful and I wish you luck, it's just with how things were done I have lost faith. I'd rather have a refund at this point instead of getting the shaker, but if that's not possible I will just move on I suppose.

    14. Missing avatar

      on January 26

      @GarlicShaker - Thanks for the update, things are looking great! Glad to see you are going for quality - I'd much rather wait for quality then get junk a little faster!

    15. Garlic Shaker Creator on January 5

      @ Ben Johnson - We are sorry for the wait. It has taken a long time to get the product right. The risks and challenges of a new product/company are significant. They were disclosed on our campaign page, but we of course always tried to make things go faster. We just underestimated the time involved. Doing something for the 1st time is difficult because you are learning as you go. We hope you understand. Not sure what you mean by no updates because we have updated 21 times since the campaign ended. KS backers get their rewards long before our pre-orders on our site do, and KS backers recieve all kinds of addtional rewards the pre-order people don't. All of the backer money has gone into the engineering, tooling, and production so there are no refunds, but you will get your rewards. We appreciate your ongoing patience. Perhaps you don't have your updates turned on/toggled in your Kickstarter profile to get the updates? Here they are for your convenience:

    16. Garlic Shaker Creator on January 5

      @Cheryl Hour - We appreciate your feedback. The web site is only collecting pre-orders. It is not currently selling and the pre-order people get their shakers after our KS backers do. Also, The cookbook on our site is very old with only 40 recipes. The one our KS backers get is brand new and has 125+ recipes and a celebrity chef recipe. Additionally, every KS backer level of $50 or more get free shakers, printed cookbooks, etc. Pre-order our on our site get none of those addtional benefits. Pre-order just get their shaker and only after all of our KS backers get ther's first.

    17. Garlic Shaker Creator on January 5

      @Mark Crum - We do too. You will have it long before that.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ben Johnson on January 5

      I'm tired of waiting without any updates on a timeframe when it's already severely delayed and when us early backers get no benefit to being early when anyone buying them online get the same price. So how do I go about getting my money back? Can you please process my refund? If it actually ever finishes getting produced, I can just check reviews, see if it turns out any good and then order it again for the same price...

    19. Missing avatar

      Cheryl Hou on January 2

      Question - you now offer the garlic shaker on your website for $19.95, with shipping costs at $5.00 for me, after I input my location. That's $24.95, plus a free digital edition of the kitchen cookbook if an email is provided... which backers already have done.

      This means there's virtually no difference between an early backer and current buyers.

      The delays are, for me, not the annoyance as tooling and mass production can get extremely difficult and complicated. However, the lack of support for early backers defeats the whole purpose of having backers, especially since we backed this project seventeen months ago.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mark Crum on December 26

      Looking forward to giving these as Christmas gifts...2017.

    21. Garlic Shaker Creator on December 6

      @Tanya _ Thank you so much for the enthusiasm. We are as excited to move forward as you are. It has been a tough road to get here. Unfortunately, Christmas isn't going to be possible because we don't anticipate the tooling getting here in time. Additionally, we have more steps to take once it arrives, but we will kepp you and everyone posted about our progress.

    22. Tanya MsTea Thomas on December 3

      I appreciate that you responded to my request and I am confident that you will get this right. I look forward to when I can use my garlic shaker as I am a garlic fanatic and eat it all the time. LOL currently I am using a mason jar with a top. It takes a lot of effort on my part to actually peal the garlic, but it works. I am waiting with baited breath to receive my garlic shaker.. hint it would be nice to recieve them in time for Christmas. but alast. I would rather have quality than speed. <3

    23. Garlic Shaker Creator on December 2

      @Chris - Our pleasure and thanks for the question.

    24. Missing avatar

      Chris on December 2

      Thank you. That's the information people want. I'm certainly not holding you to dates as bumps in the road obviously occur. Having a picture of what you have planned is very reassuring. Thanks again.

    25. Garlic Shaker Creator on December 1

      @Jerry - Thanks! Really appreciate the positivity and encouragement. We feel the same way and are glad you agree. We hope you are happy with the results.

    26. Garlic Shaker Creator on December 1

      @Chris - We appreciate your question and will do our best to answer it with the current information we have. Our process is currently solely based upon the safe sucessful transportation of our mold. It requires a crane on both ends of the the supply chain just to load it and unload it on and off the truck. Then it must be trucked by ground to the injection molding company. We expect that process to take about two weeks from start to finish. As soon as the mold has arrived at Damar Plastics we will reverse engineer the horn off of the mold. Test the horn to make sure it sonically welds the seems properly and then make and changes to the horn (also a tool). After that, we will test the mold on the machines with a short run to make sure that the tool functions properly at speed. After that we will make any fixes or adjustements and begin mass production. We do not have dates because we do not what problems (if any) we will have in any one of those steps, but we will update as we go and the end result will be delivery.

    27. Missing avatar

      on December 1

      @Garlic Shaker - Thanks for the update, I appreciate it. It's clear you are working hard and making progress. I have every reason to expect you will deliver a great product even if it has been delayed. I'd much rather get a quality item I enjoy to use rather than something with inferior fit and finish which looks more like a beta unit than a finished product. Thanks!

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris on December 1

      Your response doesn't answer my question unless the answer is that you have no tangible plans or timeline. I would expect that you have a process that you're following with a schedule in place or a reasonable expectation of results. I've been following the updates. The generic term "tooling" seems to cover every aspect of the protect. Surely you have more info to pass on other than that.

      What comes next in the project and what step follows that (etc.) with the end result being delivery?

    29. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 30

      @Jerry - No problem. It was our pleasure.

    30. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 30

      @Chris - We have been delayed to to the complex machining of our product. Making something hourglass shaped and oval as it turns outs has been extremely difficult to do right without sacrificing the quality of the product. It took time. You can stay informed be reading the updates in our updates section here:

    31. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 30

      @Keith - We don't have any control on whether or not you recieve the updates we post. The Kickstarter platform manages all update distribution. We can only post updates on our end. Perhaps you can check to make sure our updates are toggled on. If not, you can see all of the updates in the updates section of the pages here:

    32. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 30

      @ Nicole - We are sorry you are frustrated. It has taken this long to get our tooling right. If you check the updates ssection you can see all of the pictures of progress we have made

    33. Missing avatar

      Chris on November 27

      How about an update. One with any semblance of a timeline to give us confidence that you actually have a plan or process that you're following. At least a flow that shows what steps come next.

    34. Missing avatar

      Keith on November 23

      I am also frustrated with the delays on this project -- especially since it was the first Kickstarter project I backed -- but what does concern me is that I haven't gotten an update in months. There are references below to UPDATE #16...which I never got. GS folks, please ensure I'm on distro for your updates, and I will in turn stay optimistic that the product will be ready by Christmas. Cheers.

    35. Nicole Tighe
      on November 23

      I have to say, the lack of contact and continuous delays, is VERY frustrating! Is there ANY IDEA on possible idea for delivery? This is a very frustrating project, almost as bad as the Super hero watch! I'm sure you think this just normal, however, it isn't! Actually keeping us abreast of any and all things you're at with production would be a great help.

    36. Missing avatar

      on November 17

      @Garlic Shaker - Well thanks for being a good sport and trying it out, I appreciate it! You were right but you never know until you try.

    37. Douglas Liebert on November 16

      Jerry, to make hard boiled eggs that peel easier, try steaming for 20 min. instead of boiling them.

    38. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 16

      @Jerry - As we thought, Garlic Shaker did not work for an egg. The egg didn't fit well inside, and when shaken just created a mess with the shell and the egg mixing together. It was not designed for eggs so this outcome was predictable, but we tested it for you as requested.

    39. Kathy Roper
      on November 8

      Keep up the good work. Can't wait for product.

    40. Missing avatar

      on November 8

      @GarlicShaker - Thanks for the input... but can you try it on an egg and let me know?

    41. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 7

      @Gini - Not true. KS backers get many more rewards including free shipping, printed cookbooks, multiple shakers. We understand and share your frustrations. We work everyday to make good on our promises. You may find it helpful to have a look at the updates section where you can see all of the tangible progress we have made on the project. We have posted many pics and videos that show exactly where we are with the projects progress.

    42. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 7

      @ Tanya - We completely understand your feelings. Getting this product right and making it super high quality is not easy. The Chinese crank out low quality junk very fast (our opinion). We don't want to make low quality products. The tooling takes a lot of time. We hope you are happy and find the wait worth it. We did it right for you and all of our backers.

    43. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 7

      @ Vishal - All of our claims are true and accurate. Making the tool to bring our product into production has been very difficult and time consumming. But we are almost complete. We will deliver your rewards to you.

    44. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 7

      @ Jeffery - Yes, we agree! That is why things have taken longer than we thought. We have been solving all of those problems while not compromising on quality. Beauty and functionality take time to get right. We could have lowered the quality to crank it out cheap and easy, but we want to be proud of thew product we have made and deliver the best possible rewards to our backers.

    45. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 7

      @ Ed - Hey thanks! Appreciate it!

    46. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 7

      @ Douglas! Thanks! We appreciate the positivity.

    47. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 7

      @ Jerry - We have not tested the Garlic Shaker on an egg. But it is unlikely that it would be a good solution for peeling a hard boiled egg. Garlic Shaker is designed to peel things that are much more difficult than an egg shell. It does work very well on various nuts and other vegetables. We have tested it on shelled nut like pistachios and peanuts. It peeled those nuts very well. It also peels small onions like peral onions and leeks very well also.

    48. Garlic Shaker Creator on November 7

      @ Amanda - Kickstarter backer get their rewards 1st plus all of the addtional rewards. We have multiple levels where people 3,5,7,10 Garlic Shakers for backing the project plus printed cookbooks, and free shipping. Pre-orders get none of those additional benefits or perks.

    49. Missing avatar

      on November 6

      @GarlicShaker - There's another project on KS for peeling hardboiled eggs which is basically a jar with a few dimples on the inside... so I have to ask: is the inside diameter of garlic shaker large enough to hold a hard boiled egg (ie, typical jumbo size) and if so have you tried peeling eggs with garlic shaker? (FYI - you need to add a little water so the seals need to be water tight). If you want to check out the other project it's called Negg. Getting double duty from Garlic Shaker would be great (and you'd probably sell more of them).

    50. Missing avatar

      Amanda Karr
      on November 5

      Can you please comment about the non-kickstarters being able to pre-order at the same price as the kickstarter price. If it really is the same then what's the point of having a kickstarter and providing perks to your first backers?

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