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Selfies made easy: This iPhone flip-out mirror kickstand helps you take photos remotely
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Garett Ochs

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App, Tooling, and Packaging Progress


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Tools are being cut!


Good Afternoon Everyone!

 We hope you all had an excellent thanksgiving and are enjoying spending time with family and friends. We have taken some big steps in the production of the parts required for the mechanical side of the case and are underway with the development of the app.

 We produced over 13 different prototypes of the case assembly using Polyjet and SLA 3D printing technology and after months of trial and error we have converged on the geometry that we are having produced and cut out of P20 Tooling Steel. This mold will be formed using Electric Discharge Machining techniques like the one explained in this video:

 We have been developing this case to be extremely high quality as the tolerances of the interference fits are critical to the performance of the case and we will be pressuring our contract manufacturer to achieve the highest level of precision possible to ensure that this assembly performs as designed. Because of some setbacks in the injection molding process, which requires a significant amount of time to produce tooling and ensure the tools can produce parts that are within the specifications that we assign to them, we do not expect to have parts to distribute to backers until the end of January at the earliest. We apologize for any inconvenience this may impart on our backers. 

 These setbacks are common in this process and they are an unfortunate reality of hardware production. We are doing everything we can to mitigate any more schedule slip and have even decided to bear the burden of paying for air freight for the 500lb steel tool to be shipped from the factory. This way we can begin production of our parts in the USA 4 weeks earlier than if they were shipped by boat. 

 We appreciate your patience and we thank you for your generous support, we cannot wait to deliver this product! 


 Garett and Justin

Design Update and Manufacturing

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Good Afternoon Kickstarters!

We have been making great strides to ensure that the first CaseCam that we put into people's hands is up to our high standards of quality. Since the conceptual design changes that we announced during the kickstarter we have created 8 different HD 3D printed versions of the case and we are now working on the final details of the design prior to creating tooling for the final injection molded parts that you will be receiving!

The reason that we decided to change the design concept during the kickstarter was because when we launched we discovered that many of our supporters loved the concept but were concerned about the mirror becoming damaged as it was originally facing outwards while stowed into the case. The new design changes this, using a slider mechanism that is built into the case we are able to stow the mirror toward the case body without obstructing the camera when it is stowed.

Below is a video of the latest prototype in action. We would anticipate another week and a half to two weeks of design tweaks to ensure that the molders will be able to produce a high quality assembly. Due to all of the unanticipated design changes that have occurred it is somewhat unlikely that we will be able to ship all of our cases in the month of December but we are going to do everything that we can to attempt to stick to our original timeline and get these cases in the hands of our backers by the holiday season. 

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 Thank you very much for your support and we will be sure to increase the frequency of our updates to keep you all in the loop!


Garett and Justin

Design Improvements


Hello Backers!

We are very happy to announce that we have made some significant design improvements to CaseCam. The most notable change to the design is that the mirror is now stowed toward the phone to protect the mirror from scratches while not in use! Also, the mirror is recessed to keep it from touching the back of the iPhone when it is stowed.

Take a look at the images below and comment to let us know what you think.

 We are very happy with this new design change and we think you will be too. CaseCam is committed to creating the highest quality products possible and before we ship the first version of CaseCam in December we will ensure that the product meets our exceedingly high standards for form, function, and durability. 


Garett & Justin