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One former child soldier shows how he came to grips with what he witnessed under Cambodia's Khmer Rouge and what he carries with him.
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Our film has a new working title:

The Lost Child: Sayon's Journey


    1. Creator William Germano on November 10, 2011

      Hi Janet,

      Well, never give a former editor a chance to mull over a title. I spent thirty years doing this with authors!

      So if you ask me to comment on this I dive in. This title doesn't quite work, and I think it's because both halves of your equation are static, noun phrases. There's also a sense of caution in naming here that I would push hard against. The basic "plot" of the project is gripping, and I'd urge something gripping in the title. The word "Sayon" (his name) isn't meaningful in itself until the title makes it meaningful. I'm not sure you need to have it there at all, though I understand the impulse. I'm thinking of titles like "There Are No Children Here," which doesn't name a protagonist but is arrests the attention (and is a bit terrifying).

      I think I'd go for a single (not double) title, and aim to stop the reader dead in her tracks. Sayon, your protagonist, would come in through visuals and in the descriptive copy accompanying the title.

      I hope some of this might be of help --


      Bill Germano