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Garden of Eden is a dark and provocative parable about teenage intimacy and lust. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 1, 2011.

Garden of Eden is a dark and provocative parable about teenage intimacy and lust.

Los Angeles, CA Shorts
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About this project

...Okay, here's how you play: we ask one another questions - personal questions.  Every time you answer a question honestly the other person has to remove an article of clothing.  If you lie and the other person calls you on it, then you have to remove an article of clothing.  By the time you’re both naked you’ll know pretty much everything you want to know about the other person.  The only rule is that you can’t make a sexual advance.  Once that line is crossed the game is over and you can't return to the garden.  

Wanna play?

Here is a montage we made from other films to convey the specific tone and atmosphere of Garden of Eden.

What's it about?

Jake is a good kid --an impressionable high school freshman who daydreams about Kristin Sommers (17), the hottest girl in school.  When Jake's great uncle suddenly commits suicide, Jake is left with his uncle's beautiful house featuring a majestic garden.  Upon learning that Kristin is looking for an open house to throw a party, Jake offers up his uncle's house. Kristen falls in love with the place, especially the garden, and suggests they play a game called "Garden of Eden..."   Jake happily agrees to play.  

Question by question Jake and Kristin reveal themselves to one another divulging their secrets and their bodies.  The game continues for weeks unbeknownst to Russ, Kristin's possessive boyfriend. But one day in a moment of weakness Jake and Kristin acquiesce to their true feelings for one another and "cross the line." Realizing she has no true feelings for Russ, Kristin breaks up with him and asks Jake if they can meet at the house again, wanting to start over.  But this time Russ follows them home and witnesses their intimate game.  Seething with anger and jealousy, he confronts Jake and Kristin as the film builds towards its violent climax.  

Please pledge any amount.  Whether it's $1 or $10 or $100 everything counts and is greatly appreciated.

Where Your Money Will Go:

- Paying the crew.  It sucks to work for free and it sucks even more to make your crew work for free.  These are all super-talented people and we’d love to be able to pay them!

- The Garden.  We don't want this to look like a patch of crab grass surrounded by dead trees.  And unfortunately Southern California is not filled with lush gardens and idyllic green landscapes.  Please help us get our wonderful art director Chloe Arbiture the funds she needs to create our Garden of Eden.

- Food.  We're not going for anything too fancy (the Olive Garden of Eden?), but since many people will be working for less than usual we want to feed them well and often.  A happy crew moves more efficiently and always enhances the project.    

- The climax of the film. We need to raise enough money to pay for the right stunts and special effects so the end of the film really delivers.  We're not going for Tron or T2 or anything.  Something realer and grittier.  Like Dog Day Afternoon.  Fake blood and bullet wounds.  

-Sound and Color.  After the film has been edited it needs to be soundmixed, then color-corrected.  Sounds silly but this is one of the most important stages of the process and one of the most expensive.  A soundmix makes sure that all the sound from all the different shots and angles flow together smoothly.  And the color correction makes the color and lighting from all shots in the same sequence consistent.  Anything you've ever seen on TV or in a movie theater has paid for these services...

What we already have:

- The cast

- The crew

- Locked in shooting dates from June 3rd through 9th

- The house where Jake and Kristin play the game


On the crew side, the film is being produced by Nathan Kelly (line producer) -- who just came off shooting Martin Scorsese's latest film Hugo Cabaret in London; Jordan Horowitz (executive producer), who recently won the Golden Globe for The Kids Are All Right; and Evan Silverberg (executive producer) whose company -- Underground Films -- recently produced Remember Me with Robert Pattinson.  Rounding out the team is our co-producer the lovely Carlin Daley who has produced successful commercials for companies like TOMS and Loehmann's.  We are all tremendously psyched about the project and invite you to become a part of it as well!  


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    The above + a Co-Executive Producer credit on the film (officially listed on IMDb)!
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    The above + top billing Executive Producer credit,
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