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A board game about competitive restaurant owning. Use your chef's power, cook recipes, and lead your restaurant to gastronomical glory.
A board game about competitive restaurant owning. Use your chef's power, cook recipes, and lead your restaurant to gastronomical glory.
4,191 backers pledged $305,700 to help bring this project to life.

The Pledge Manager is Open!

Posted by Gap Closer Games (Creator)

Hello to all of our aspiring chefs and gourmands!

We have some exciting news to share in this update! Read on to see what's in store!

If you're new to Kickstarter or don't know what a Pledge Manager is...

Read this! Basically, a Pledge Manager is a tool that's used to help you get your stuff! We are using BackerKit as our Pledge Manager. Through the BackerKit survey, you'll be able to:

  •  tell us where to ship your game 
  •  upgrade your pledge (e.g. from Appetizer to Deluxe, Retail to Deluxe)
  •  purchase additional copies (both Retail and Deluxe)
  •  buy add-ons such as the Bento Box and CUSTOM SLEEVES (more on that below)

***** You must fill out the BackerKit survey by May 15!*****

Check your inbox for  with the subject line "Response Needed - Get your reward for Rival Restaurants." Your email will include a unique link to the BackerKit survey. Follow the instructions on each page to complete your order. You can make changes to your order until May 15, 2019. If you misplace the email, you can use the following link to access the pledge manager as well.

Important Dates

  •  March 20: BackerKit (Pledge Manager) surveys were sent out to everyone who pledged on Kickstarter. 
  •  May 15: The BackerKit Pledge Manager will be closed. All orders will be locked and credit cards will be charged.
  •  September 1*: Your shipping address will be locked and can no longer be updated. We are still targeting October 31, 2019 as our fulfillment goal. (*This date is subject to change according to our production schedule.)

Custom Sleeves *NEW ADD-ON* (Pack of 350 for $15)

During the campaign, there were a number of questions about the size of our cards and whether or not they could be sleeved. 

In particular, there were several questions about our ingredient cards since they are not standard mini-size cards. Although you can technically still use standard US mini sleeves 1 5/8 inches x 2.5 inches (41mm x 63mm), our ingredient cards actually measure slightly smaller at 1.5 inches x 2.25 inches (38mm x 57mm). This means that there would be a thin, clear border around the edges of the cards once they are sleeved. There's also a slight chance that cards sleeved with standard US mini sleeves will not fit into the vacuum-formed insert/organizer since standard sleeves are roughly the same size as the slots in the insert. Taking all this into consideration, we made it a priority to look into making custom sleeves for all of our sleevers.

Initially, we didn't think it'd be feasible to fit custom sleeves into our original timeline. However, after talking extensively with our manufacturer and making special arrangements, we are excited to share that custom sleeves are a go! This means that your cards will fit perfectly not only into the sleeves but also into vacuum-formed plastic insert (discard tray) as well as the box organizer. They will fit perfectly into the Bento Box as well.

For those of you who don't sleeve, you don't have to do anything since the custom sleeves are completely optional add-ons. However, for those of you who do sleeve, we hope this is welcome news! Included in the add-on are 350 sleeves: 200 custom mini-card sleeves (for all ingredients) and 150 poker-size sleeves (for all recipes, action cards, and chef cards). Rival Restaurants comes with 174 mini cards and 108 poker-size cards (102 for Retail); this means that you'll have extras of both (hopefully for future expansions)!


Message us on Kickstarter! And as always, thanks again for being a backer!

Always cooking,

Gap Closer Games


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    1. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @Bartosz Krzemiński Sleeves are glossy, and measure .1mm thick (100 Microns)

    2. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @Bartosz Krzemiński Not yet, just waiting to hear back form manufacturing.

    3. Missing avatar

      Bartosz K. on

      still no info on sleeves quality ?

    4. Szepes Nóra on

      @SharPharMade it's just a protector for the game cards. For games that require a lot of shuffling, it's good to have sleeves, so the cards don't get damaged that easily. Glossy sleeves make the card shiny, but a bit harder/slippery when shuffling. Matte sleeves are stronger and it's easier to shuffle, but the card is not gonna be glossy anymore.

    5. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @Dave Nattriss: Thanks for the feedback! The "custom" component is in relation to the size of the ingredient card sleeves (Non-Standard Size).

      We are in the process of getting additional information and samples from our manufacturer, and will send out an update once we have concrete information.

      Thank you!

    6. Dave Nattriss

      Hi. It's hard to tell from this update or from the product on Backerkit, what makes these sleeves 'custom'? Do they have printed backs? Are they of a special thickness? A size that is not commonly used by the thousands of other card games in existence? Please can you explain more about this add-on product, ideally in a future update (instead of just hidden away on these comments).

    7. Omzee on

      We did it bois

    8. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @ KyariPP Credit Cards will be charged the same day the surveys close - 15th May

    9. Kyari PP

      @ creator can i check once i complete the pledge manager when will the credit card be charged? issit going to be 15th May (end of pledge manager?)

    10. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @Tom Shuman - Great feedback! We definitely wrestled a lot with the concept of using standard sized cards, and even though it's only a difference of a few mm, the smaller size makes a world of difference in gameplay. By using the smaller ingredient cards, it keeps the market board from being crowded and avoids us having to increase the market board size beyond a standard size.

    11. Jonhy *backing Kingdom Rush* on

      Pledge is done. No problem to make it ;)

    12. Missing avatar

      Tom Shuman on

      Has there been any consideration at using a standard sized card? This seems a bit silly to make custom sleeves over such a small difference (especially since the standard is larger). As somebody who sleeves my games I am happy to see you offering the option for custom sleeves but a bit frustrated that you wouldn't go the economical route and just use a standard card size.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tom Falbo on

      Custom sleeves........ yessssss

    14. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      PSA: If you are trying to Upgrade Your Pledge (From $1 to Retail/Deluxe or from Retail to Deluxe), from the main survey page (Before selecting "Get Started!) you can click the small blue print under the green button labeled "switch your pledge level". Honestly, we wish the button was bigger and more clear, as it's really easy to miss!

      If you are already past the Get Started! screen, if you select the "$1 Reward" under Your Pledge Level, then click the "Switch Pledge Levels?" button from the pop-up box, you will be able to upgrade to either Retail or Deluxe which will give you full access. Let us know if you have trouble finding it, and we can make the override for you.

    15. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @ Justin Lane If you select the "$1 Reward" under Your Pledge Level, then click the "Switch Pledge Levels?" button from the pop-up box, you will be able to upgrade to either Retail or Deluxe which will give you full access. Let us know if you have trouble finding it, and we can make the override for you.

    16. Justin Lane on

      Yeah, I'm having the same issue as Colin, the pledge manager only has the tip jar for those who backed at the $1 and there is no way to change it! also no way to update the pledge on KS either, I think you might need to re-launch the Pledge manager with the correct options.

    17. SharPharMade

      I’m sorry, but I’m curious ... what do sleeves do? As you can see, I don’t sleeve. But, is it something good thatI should start doing? Plug, one of the games, I plan on gifting as a Christmas present ... so I plan on getting just in case they sleeve. Thank You!

    18. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @ Conan - In order to access the game or add ons, make sure you first upgrade your pledge to at least Retail Edition or Deluxe Edition. Let us know if there are issues doing that.

    19. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @ F.S.P. We are waiting to hear back from our manufacturer on the exact quality of the sleeves. Thanks for asking!

    20. Conan McKegg

      There are no options in the add ons. Just a donation.

    21. F.S.P.

      Could you tell us what is the quality of sleeves (microns, glare, matte...)?

    22. Gap Closer Games Creator on

      @ Luke Schoener If (hopefully) we are at a point where we have enough expansions to overtake the original 350 sleeves, we would definitely consider making more sleeves available. Otherwise, for the time being, they are only available through the Pledge Manager, and as a bundle through the BackerKit Store.

    23. Luke Schoener on

      Are there plans to make the sleeves available outside of the pledge manager? Just asking in case enough expansions are released to occupy more than the extra ones being provided